What Is Considered Cheating In A Relationship?

What do you consider cheating in a relationship? People are growing apart because of unfaithful partners. Read the article and find out more!

By Tashke
What Is Considered Cheating In A Relationship?

Cheating in a relationship/marriage

These days, cheating has gotten to a higher level than ever before. People have been cheating over the years, and it is all because of the society which, now, gives people more freedom to be unfaithful to their partners. Different people consider various things as cheating. Sometimes, to be honest, they do not feel guilty. People who are unfaithful usually blame it all on their partners or have various excuses, like alcohol, etc. Being cheated on is not fun at all; it hurts like someone is stabbing you, especially if that person was so close to you. And then, everything is gone. Years of love can be destroyed in a second. Now, let's talk about some things that are obviously considered cheating in a relationship.

WARNING... Potential over-sharing (of an intimate nature) coming up in this post... My husband and I have always had a fantastic sex life. Whilst not necessarily being 'at it like rabbits' every day of the week, it's always been regular, adventurous and enjoyable from both sides. Since his affair, it hasn't felt as easy or natural. Believe it or not, that's not because of the images in my head of him and her, it's actually the pressure he is putting on himself. He is trying so hard to make everything perfect for me that he beats himself up any time things don't go as planned. That includes sex. This has occasionally caused some 'performance anxiety' (if you know what I mean 😜) and every time it happens, he panics even more and worries about losing me. I've tried my best to not put any pressure on him and make out like it really doesn't matter, but my self-confidence is not exactly at its best right now. My brain tells me it's his worry / anxiety that's causing it but my cripplingly low self-esteem wonders 'Does he not fancy me anymore?' I'm trying to be patient and understanding but it's really bad timing when the thing I need most in the world right now is to feel sexy / wanted. Has anybody else been in this position? #affair #gettingoveranaffair #cheatinghusband #otherwoman #betrayal #Lies #SexAfterAnAffair #ErectileDysfunction #marriage

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"It was just a kiss" kind of cheating

In every relationship, your other half, boyfriend or girlfriend, can have a night out with friends, talk to other people, and have some kind of freedom. Of course, you would expect them not to be flirty with others and stay loyal to you. But that is not the case. All of a sudden, people are telling you that they saw your loved one being so close to someone else and that is not you. Maybe you won't believe them, but that tiny bead of doubt is growing inside you. There could be some truth to those rumors; if that happens, don't let him fool you with him being drunk or his friends made him do that, etc..

He doesn't consider flirting as cheating

First of all, you would try to talk to your partner but, eventually, you would get "Are you insane? I would never cheat on you!" as an answer. Or, some people would go even further. If you hear something like "It was just a kiss, we were joking", you really should reconsider your relationship. If it was "just a kiss", what's next? If you go over this, we won't tell you that you're insane. But clearly, you are considered as a subordinate in your relationship. Flirting with another person is just the first step, then it would be "just a kiss", and in no time, your love would be over, which means you'll suffer. That's what happens when you tolerate your partner's flirting.

Giving compliments to another person

Some people are skilled with words and know how to use them. It's always nice to get a compliment, and you probably feel good saying kind things to someone. Still, there must be a line between what is considered being polite and what's flirting. If you notice that your partner does not save his words when he compliments other people, it's a form of cheating. Especially if he doesn't say nice things to you as often. Maybe he does it unconsciously, but you will not feel comfortable when he praises his colleague's dress or how she smells nice. Accusations and insults will not take you anywhere. Instead, make it clear to your partner what you are bothered about, state the situation, and tell him how you feel about it. If he understands your suggestion, your relationship may have a future. However, if your partner continues to behave like you do not exist, it may be better to end your relationship on time, so you won't get hurt when he'll start cheating on you. And excessive flattery and open flirting can lead to it.

Is that cheating when he's not over his ex?

It can be cheating in many ways, and a psychological scam is something that hurts a lot. If you want to be with a person who has nearly broken up a long-term relationship, you will probably have doubts that your loved one still has feelings for his ex-partner. It's not easy to be a "patch". In "fresh" relationships, it can happen that your partner mentions his ex-lover, or remembers some pleasant memories. Even if he says negative things about her, you know that he's still thinking about her. Even if it doesn't look like that, that is cheating. It's quite possible that your partner remains in contact with his ex-girlfriend, especially if your relationship has just begun, and their breakup happened recently. If you feel that something is not right, you are probably not wrong about it. Maybe you will think that you're not good enough for your partner and that you can't replace his ex-lover. You are probably thinking about it because you see that your partner still lives in the past. There are two possibilities. If you believe your relationship has a future, and your partner wants the same, help him get over his ex-lover. Otherwise, if you don't have patience, end this relationship with no future, and move one.

His privacy is forbbiden for you

Having intimate relations with another person is a clear sign of an unfaithful partner, so if you have solid proof that your loved one is cheating on you, don't waste your time to stay in a relationship with no love and respect. There are many signs of a cheating partner who is having a parallel relationship. First and foremost, he does not want to have sex with you. There is no chemistry between the two of you; you can feel the change in his attitude. Your relationship is more of a friendship. Maybe he has some work issues or problems with his family? But he still takes care of his look, wearing fancy clothes, perfumes, and spends more time outside. You feel something is wrong, but he won't talk about it. A cheating partner won't give you access to his phone or computer. Let's get this straight - everyone should have some kind of freedom in a relationship, which considers privacy and time for something more than being with a partner 24/7. But if your loved one hides his phone or takes it with him all the time (even when he takes a bath), that's suspicious.

Is a platonic relationship considered as cheating?

Many people agree that an emotional scam is more painful than a physical one. When feelings are involved, this way of cheating is much more difficult to overcome. When someone cheated on you physically, this may have happened once or never (we will not talk about whether to forgive a scam or not, it's an individual thing). However, when a partner starts to feel something for another person, it is a matter of time before he starts cheating on you. Women are more sensitive to emotional cheating. When a woman feels that emotions of loved ones fade, she feels betrayed. Once the romantic feelings disappear, these can hardly come back, and that's why women consider the emotional fraud more tragic than men. Also, many studies have shown that women rarely forgive this kind of cheating.

Signs of emotional cheating

Although this is an individual matter and it depends on what kind of relationship or marriage it was, the first sign is that your partner clams up. When you notice that he is no longer talking to you, that he does not confide in you and that his thoughts are somewhere else, it is possible that a third person may be involved in your relationship. The second sign is the lack of intimacy. Here we are not just talking about sexual relations, but also about hugging, kissing for good night, holding your hand while you are walking, etc. Subconsciously, the partner makes it clear that his emotions are directed to the other side. When love begins to fade, you can try to save it, only if both of you are willing. However, when your partner starts to have emotions towards someone new, you should know that your relationship or marriage is nearing an end.

Close friendship considered as cheating?

Your partner is getting close to someone new, and you can clearly see it, but he doesn't tell you about his "new friend". You can see his mood change when that person is around, which probably means something is going on between them. Should you consider it cheating when he hides friends from you? Yes, you should! If your partner doesn't tell you details about his new friendship or doesn't want to introduce you to his new lady friend, maybe it's because it's something more than just "being a friend" - another version of emotional cheating. You will often catch your loved one talking to this person about his passions, dreams, goals, and thoughts. Mostly, behind your back. Why is he hiding? Think about what his game of playing hide & seek with a new friend means.

Social networks can lead to cheating

How many times have you heard someone ruin a relationship because of evidence of cheating on Facebook or Instagram? For those who are married or in a serious relationship, the option of easy and fast communication poses a serious threat. Social networks offer many possibilities for cheating. Text messages have been replaced by private chats. In the virtual world, you can be someone else, fulfill your fantasies, etc. The online cheating can be short-term fun, but often it turns into something more. It's easy to notice this kind of cheating. Just pay attention to how your partner behaves while he's online. If he jiggles all the time, types very fast or looks around all the time, he hides something for sure. If your partner turns off chat when you're with him, there is a high chance that your relationship is threatened by online cheating.

How to deal with a cheating partner

Depending on how much you care about a relationship or marriage, reconsider whether you will forgive the cheating. An honest conversation can solve many things, but do not allow yourself to be a backup option for your partner. A cheating person can change his behavior, but you have to be convinced that his intentions are honest. If you forgive a scam, you will always suspect, and you have to deal with it. Be aware that if cheating happens once, it can happen again. There's a proverb saying - fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. So think about carefully what you consider cheating.



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