Symptoms And Signs Of Black Magic And Possession

Whether you believe in black magic or not, the truth is some kind of force exists and can affect us. What symptoms could show you're possessed? Find out below!

By Tashke
Symptoms And Signs Of Black Magic And Possession

What is black magic?

Every nation in the world has some magical rituals that are considered black magic. In general, this is not something you should deal with. You've probably heard of Voodoo, which is one of the most dangerous forms of black magic. Science has not yet confirmed its existence, but the power of black magic is not disputed. Energy is indestructible, and it can change shapes. Depending on how sensible an individual is, we can see whether that person is susceptible to the accumulation of negative energy, which is manifested as a black magic effect, or not. Everyone has been through this at one point: we do not feel comfortable while hanging out with some people. That's when a wave of bad vibrations hits us because someone, for some reasons, does not want good things for us. He's "poisoning" us with his energy, and such people are known as energy vampires. However, such things can happen to us when we are alone, too. If we are always happy, laughing and enjoying other people's company, but now we suddenly feel depressed and sad for no specific reason, maybe some higher forces have an impact here.

How does black magic work?

Black magic works the same way as the negative energy does, with the difference of performing specific rituals and chants that empower the flow of negative energy. Some spiritual efforts are made to hurt someone or to change them against their will. Although its effect is widespread, humanity still has no logical explanation of this phenomenon. Since some of the signs of black magic are similar to several psychiatric disorders, both its existence and effects are largely neglected. Most symptoms of black magic are connected to depression, anxiety or some other psychosis. On the one hand, in many parts of the world, people prefer the community to think they are under black magic possession rather than psychically ill. On the other hand, we have a modern society where black magic is treated as fiction. Either way, this kind of magic stirs up controversy. We'll describe to you some common symptoms that can show you whether you are possessed by black magic or not. Everyone can be moody sometimes, but there are several clear signs of these strange effects. When you identify even one of these, you should decide what your next step would be.

Sign 1: Symptoms of fear and anxiety

The person under the influence of black magic cannot look at other people directly in the eye. Moreover, it is difficult for them to even tolerate their own appearance in the mirror. The face of such a person is pale, almost gray and, at first glance, it seems like there is no life in him at all! His sight is 'blurred' and lost somewhere out there. It seems like a possessed person looks through you. A person who doubts a black magic possession has the constant impression that someone is standing behind his back, and he is scared of animals, closed and dark spaces, height, depth, etc. These are usually things most people are scared of, but here we are talking about specific phobias that border with psychosis lacking solid proof. A person who doubts about black magic possessions feels uncomfortable staying in one place, although he does not find valid reasons for that behavior. This feeling of fright is especially felt if the person is in the company of unfamiliar people. The fear follows the possessed person all day and night causing fear, insecurity, concern, sorrow and sadness. Although you might think that the abovementioned symptoms are more common in women, you'd better believe that men are not immune. The unreasonable anger and trembling only worsens the psychical condition of a person who goes through a black magic possession. Sometimes these people suffer from dizziness, fainting or insomnia.

Sign 2: Everything goes wrong

Somebody's energy can be destroyed by disturbing their everyday life, work and social life. Men or women doubting black magic possessions do nothing as they should. Literally everything comes out of their hands, they are always late, nothing works for them, and they are not able to organize their life. A person can identify the black magic symptoms if they are not able to do anything right and on time. They are always in a hurry even if no one is chasing them. They will notice that it's hard for them to talk. Their words lack coordination, their speech is fast, and they are constantly changing the topic of any conversation. Goodbye logic. It's difficult for them to focus, so they can easily forget what they just said a minute before. Their mood changes in seconds: if they felt eager for work a few minutes ago, they are now completely down and hate everyone around them.

You lose faith in yourself

Black magic possessions can make you lose faith in yourself; you'll be wary of every step you take. You think about not being able to do some work, giving up before you try, which starts to affect your environment, and your work performance decreases. Negative job results lead you to depression, so you fall into a vicious circle from which it is hard to get out. A person who is under the influence of black magic does not have the strength to carry out everyday tasks. They are absent from work or school, and their output is reduced. It is obvious that they can't get better and move on. No matter how hard they try to overcome this situation, if a possessed person doesn't look for professional help, it'll be even worse.

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Sign 3: Physical symptoms

When black magic enters the human body, it has the purpose to destroy it physically and is often made for causing health issues. It means that your enemies want to see you as an unhappy and sick person, not as a successful and cheerful one. Unfortunately, you have to protect yourself from such people who want to destroy your life, health and family. Somebody possessed by black magic feels long-lasting weakness and lack of strength in their body even if they do not work hard; they become dead-like, and it's hard for them to start anything new activity. This person quickly gets tired even during a short walk or doing simple things like climbing the stairs. Today, many people suffer from insomnia because of the fast and stressful way of living. However, dangerous black magic won't leave you alone either during the day or night. Anguished with nightmares and unpleasant feelings, the person exposed to black magic is exhausted, which slowly destroys them. From time to time, a possessed person starts thinking that they would like to leave everything, go somewhere without leaving a trace. In the worst case, they can think that life is meaningless and that suicide is the only way out. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek professional help and contact someone who will help you solve the black magic problem.

Symptoms of addiction

At some point in time, every one of us may come to crack under the pressure. We are all prone to vices, but everything depends on our self-control and mental strength. However, through drinks and foods, a lot of black magic rituals can be performed, and then you are facing a complete possession because this is how black magic enters your body directly. Perhaps this sounds banal, but besides being logical, it is considered one of the easiest ways for someone to put a spell on you. People who are influenced by black magic have all the symptoms of addiction - mood swings, denial, crisis, etc. For example, alcohol is easily accessible, so it is the most common way for using black magic on people with problems when they found themselves in a difficult situation.

Sign 4: There's no sight of love

Love magic is about attracting or separating an individual from the partner they truly love. This is a very risky form of magic. Its actions affect the consciousness and feelings of a person against their will. There are many ways that you can notice this kind of black magic, and, depending on that, keep up with your behavior. You notice that suddenly someone to whom you were totally indifferent recently attracts you. You cannot think of anything else except for her (or him). Besides, you feel a desire for love as soon as you think of this person. You may even have started a relationship with that person even if you did not plan to do so. These signs are not difficult to identify, especially if you are known as a friendly, loving person. The purpose of black magic is to capture you, to make you a human shell - an individual with no feelings, attitude or opinion. If you were crazy in love and now you are king of loneliness, there is high chance's that you are experiencing a possession.

You fight your closest ones

Everyone tells you that you have changed a lot and you also do not feel like your usual self. If you are under the effects of black magic performed for love reasons, you won't notice your partner's many disadvantages. On the contrary, you think everybody is wrong and you don't see clear signs of your mood and behavior changing. Every day you wonder why your friends aren't thrilled with your choice because your partner is a marvelous and unique person. Obviously, people don't share your opinion. That's why you become aggressive, upset and afraid of everybody. Simply, that person has become the center of your world. In any case - you are constantly accompanied by some internal unrest. You react violently to critical comments about a loved one. Moreover, you feel very happy near him/her regardless of the many difficulties and problems that he/she brings with him. However, you are sometimes dissatisfied with his (or her) behavior, and you are very upset about it.

Neglecting love

You may notice that nothing is happening in your love life. Generally speaking, you are disappointed with love, and you think the worst things about the opposite sex. You reject every opportunity for closeness but hate the feeling of solitude. Something strange is happening with you, and you are aware of that, but you simply do not want to share your feelings with anyone because you think it will tie you up. Perhaps, you even broke up with your loved one. Now you feel enormous hostility towards him despite there not being any real reasons for that. Black magic affects your thinking, and if you notice that your behavior and mood changes drastically, there is a great chance you are under a possession spell. To be understood, black magic does not completely "wash your brain" - you are aware that something is happening but can't do anything about it. You feel that someone is controlling you, but you are powerless. Maybe you neglect these symptoms, so you link them with other things like psychic problems, stress, etc.

What to do if you discover black magic symptoms

It is logical that the first advice is to seek professional help when identifying some of the symptoms of black magic. It can be a two-edged sword. It is good for you to know one of the central principles of black magic: if magic does not show its impact (good protection or energy stronger than spells), the effect returns multiple times to the person who cast this magic. It is imperative to seek help as soon as you see the first symptoms of possession. As long as the black magic affects you, the consequences will be more dangerous. Your life, relationships with others and your everyday functioning are disrupted by the black magic. It takes some time for black magic to start working, and it also takes a lot of time, and above all, the desire and the will to cure a possessed person. If you act as soon as you notice mood changes or other symptoms, you may stop it before you get hurt in any way.

Protection from black magic and its symptoms

If you identify one of the abovementioned signs, it does not mean that you are under the influence of black magic. It is important that symptoms are detected at the very beginning while black magic still has not affected the most important segments of one's life. It is possible for the situation to be solved after a while, but the consequences might remain. Do not be neurotic and relate every failure or negative event to black magic. However, if some things are repeated without any logical explanation, you cannot doubt the effects of a possession. Black magic will make you feel psychically and physically exhausted most of the time. Unfortunately, although we are now living in the 21st century, people are still dealing with such things, which are highly represented even in the urban world. When it comes to people who can perform black magic, it can be anybody - a former partner, an envious colleague, maybe even some stranger who just want to hurt you for no specific reason.

Amulets and faith

The ways to protect yourself are diverse, but first and foremost, faith is crucial. Then, it is useful to make some amulet to defend yourself against negative impacts. You can protect yourself and your working and living space. As we said, you need to believe what you are doing. This way, the universe will direct positive energy towards you, and you will become immune to the negative influence of black magic. In addition, you can also learn some mantras to use whenever you feel the need for them. By doing this, you invite good forces to help and protect you against black magic and its symptoms. Be always positive and hang out with people who make you happy. Sometimes it is enough for the negative energy surrounding one person to pass onto you to make you feel bad. In this state, you are the most vulnerable to the impact of black magic.

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Why do people hurt each other with black magic?

It has always been a question of how and why one man harms another human being. Since the beginning of humanity, bad and sinful people envy good people: an older man was jealous of a younger one, and an unhappy person hated a happy one. Envy is manifested in different forms, beginning with jealousy and anger through tinny mischiefs, and in the end, with evil intentions and negative actions against someone. Over time and throughout the years, black magic does not get weaker. On the contrary, it gets even stronger. Sometimes, it can affect several generations of a family, both male or female members, elders, and kids. Black magic doesn't have a goal: it destroys everything. To identify the signs of a black magic possession, it is crucial to know how it can be cast on you and the symptoms following it. First of all, black magic rituals change the soul, and the affected person gets sick and suffers in many ways. Energy is our central driving force, and if it is taken away from us, we begin shutting down. The life of a possessed person slowly fades, and they remain empty.