35 Simple Halloween Costumes For Women: Last Minute DIY Ideas

Use these ideas for women to make easy Halloween costumes at the last minute! These are simple solutions to turn to if you end up procrastinating on your costume!

By Nicole Muir
35 Simple Halloween Costumes For Women: Last Minute DIY Ideas

Simple, Easy and Cute Costumes for Women

So you forgot next week was Halloween... the costume stores are all sold out of the best costumes and there is not time to order any online! What do you do? You DIY your costume! Yes, do it yourself! These costumes don't need to take hours and hours to complete. Don't get me wrong, when looking for ideas there are amazing DIY costumes, but truthfully I don't have the time or skill to create some of those beautiful and intricate designs for one night.

Give yourself a budget and a time frame

Let yourself write down all your Halloween costume ideas for starters. Next, allow yourself a budget for supplies. Some of these easy costumes won't even require a budget since you may have everything you need in your closet already! Allow yourself an hour or so to complete your Halloween costume. Have fun crafting, but also don't let yourself stress over these easy Halloween costumes. If you have fun and have more time, spruce them up and make them unique as well! You will turn heads with these easy Halloween costumes. You may even stand out from the typical costumes women wear that are found at Halloween party stores.

35 easy and cute halloween ideas for women

1. Dress up as a school girl

This is a fun one that probably will only require you to purchase some cheap glasses. Make this look unique with cute high socks and a nice blouse.

2. Be a Gum-ball Dispenser

This is such a colorful and fun Halloween costume idea! Simply use colorful pom-poms from your local craft store, an old shirt and a hot glue gun. You can even spruce it up by using balloons for the gumballs instead.

3. Dress up as a cute kitty cat this halloween

This one doesn't need much explanation as I am sure at one point or another we have all dressed up as a cat. Change it up by doing your make-up to stand out or add high heels to the look. All you need are ears and a sleek black shirt, skirt and tights.

5. Dress up as a chicken!

You read that right, chicken! This costume idea is unique for sure and super easy! All you need is a white t-shirt, red cardboard cut out for the head piece, white feathers for the bottoms and cheap yellow kitchen gloves for the feet.

6. If life gives you lemons...

A simple an easy costume for women who just don't have time to DIY anything else. This is a cute idea that just requires a white outfit and a bag of lemons!

7. DIY an emoji halloween costume

Make your own emoji shirt by painting a yellow shirt and pairing it with black pants. There are so many emoji's to choose from so this is an easy costume to get creative with that won't break the bank!

8. Argh... Cute women pirate costumes

There are so many ways to dress up as a pirate that the sky is the limit with your options! Make it a simple costume or add more pieces to fit your style.

9. DIY a cute Ms. Pac man costume

How simple and easy is this halloween costume idea! You just need a long black shirt or dress. Cut out pieces of felt for the Ms. Pac man game parts or paint them on!

10. Where's Waldo?

Red beanie, striped red sweatshirt and glasses? That is all there is to this Halloween costume! You can probably find these at your local thrift store or even use red duct tape as the stripes on a white sweater!

11. DIY a cute and easy jellybean halloween costume

How unique is this fun idea for women! You just need some sort of cellophane bag to fashion as the body and fill with small colored balloons. The finishing touch is easy, just print off the Jelly Belly logo and tape it on the front of the bag!

12. Make yourself into a pineapple

You just need a large yellow shirt and sharpie or paint to add the triangle shapes. 10 minutes and your cute halloween costume is complete. This doesn't need to be just for women but your kids, boyfriend or husband as well!

13. Dress up as your favorite drink shop, Starbucks!

Make this Halloween costume as simple or complicated as you want. Stick to a coffee cup or turn yourself into a sweet frappuccino.

14. Dress up as a monster from Monsters Inc.

Use a green shirt or blue shirt you already have and draw on the eyeball and mouth! This halloween costume idea couldn't be simpler!

15. Dress up as a robber

Paint your mask on your face with face paint and wear all black. You can make this halloween costume more detailed by buying a black face mask and other accessories or keep it simple.

16. Dress up as your favorite sports team

You probably already have your favorite sports team shirt. If not, borrow one from a friend and your outfit is complete.

17. Represent women with fashion this halloween

Dress in your most high-end and sophisticated outfit. You can turn this costume idea into your favorite fashion guru or celebrity as well!

18. Be a Hershey's Kiss

Grab everyone's attention by dressing as a sweet treat! Use aluminum foil to wrap your body like a Hershey Kiss. To make the hat simply use paint to add Hershey's to the banner. So Cute!

19. Dress up as a hippie

20. Turn yourself into a troll for halloween

Use a cheap headband and add tool to the top. Stick with just the head piece or expand to a cute outfit as well. This can be an all pink outfit you have in your closet to keep it budget friendly.

21. Dress up as a skeleton

Make this costume by cutting open a white t-shirt in the pieces of a skeleton and pair a black shirt underneath. Turn this costume into a more detailed one with the make-up and hair style you choose.

22. Dress up as a cute devil

All you need for this outfit is the red tutu, black dress, horns and pitchfork.

23. Be an artist

24. Dress up as Netflix

Wear a long red shirt and add the words "Netflix" to the front. This costume is fun, simple and easy!

25. DIY yourself into a cloud

Glue pillow stuffing to a white outfit and adorn with accessories of your choice. You can make this into a rain cloud by adding rain drops as well.

26. Salt and Pepper

Use a white shirt and paint "S" on it for salt and a black shirt with "P" on it for pepper. You can be the salt while a friend or your significant other dresses up as pepper.

27. Be a giant post it note

Cover yourself in post-it notes from head to toe. For extra security you can tape them or glue them onto your outfit. This is an easy outfit that only costs a few dollars!

28. Dress up as a guy for Halloween

29. DIY a cute Ice Cream cone costume

Find a cute white dress you can add colored stripes to. For a more obvious ice cream cone look make your cone as a hat out of felt or cardboard.

30. DIY a watermelon shirt

31. Dress up as one of the M&M's

This costume idea is such a cute way you can dress up with your friends. You can make your own shirts and tutu's. You can also add suspenders, colored hair extensions and fun socks to customize the costume.

32. DIY an easy ghost halloween costume

33. Don't dress up at all...

This costume idea is simple, no costume. Use a white shirt and write on it with phrases like "costume loading," or "costume not found."

34. Dress up as a bubble bath

Use white balloons as the bubbles and add a shower cap. You probably have the shower cap in your bathroom so this is a cheap and easy costume that will only take minutes to DIY.

35. DIY a cute scarecrow costume

This costume can be completed with a flannel, overalls or jeans, a hat and hay from your local craft store. Be sure to add cute make your costume more unique.

Have fun DIY'ing your own easy and cute Halloween costume!

Now go have a blast crafting your costume! You don't have to save these ideas for Halloween, use them for any themed party you get invited to. You won't ever have to decline a costume party again because you don't have something to wear!