Controlling Your Sleep: How To Have Good Dreams At Night

Whenever we go to sleep, we expect to have good dreams and a goodnight's sleep. Here is how you can achieve this by following the practices mentioned.

By Dagmar Thomson
Controlling Your Sleep: How To Have Good Dreams At Night

Controlling Your Sleep: How to Have Good Dreams at Night

When you go to sleep, you spend over three hours dreaming. While nobody knows what dreams are, some people perceive dreams as the experiences that you have had throughout the day. At times, a person can wake up and not remember what his or her dreams were about. Other times you can wake up sweating because of bad dreams. There are people who keep on having the same dreams every now and then. This is the mystery of dreams. As you sleep, you go through two phases of sleep transition. These transitions are rapid eye movement sleep and non-rapid eye movement sleep. These phases interchange after 90 minutes. During the rapid eye movement sleep, you experience all sorts of dreams. Some dreams such as nightmares can affect the quality of a good night's sleep. During the non-rapid eye movement sleep, your body starts to repair its tissues and builds the bones, and at the same time, the muscles undergo repair. Therefore, it is important to control your sleep by following these tips.

1. Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Keeping a consistent bedtime routine will enable you to experience good dreams, thus a good night's sleep. The better the sleep you have at night, the less likely you are to have bad dreams. Observe what you do before going to bed since it can affect your sleep. Therefore, avoid watching horror movies, and try to relax your mind as well as your body. You can try to be positive by counting your blessings before heading to bed. You can also ensure that your bedroom is clean since it will enhance body relaxation. If your body relaxes, you will be able to control your sleep and have good dreams.

2. Consume the Right Food to Have Good Dreams

During the night, avoid consuming food that can make you restless while you are sleeping. Examples of such food are spicy foods, foods high in fats, foods that contain a lot of water such as watermelons, alcohol, caffeine, and food that you are allergic to. You should further ensure you consume your dinner two hours before heading to bed. Make sure you do not eat too much since you can lose your beauty sleep. To have good dreams and a better night sleep, you should consume foods that are rich in tryptophan, magnesium, calcium, and B6. These examples of minerals and vitamins help to generate the melatonin hormone, which is responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle. The melatonin hormone wears off in the morning, therefore, helping you to stay alert the whole day. Examples of food that are rich in tryptophan are dairy products, poultry, seafood, nuts, legumes, fruits, grains, and vegetables. In case you need a midnight snack, eat something that can be digested easily to avoid disrupting your dreams. Foods that take long to digest cause bad dreams such as nightmares and a restless night.

3. Play Good Sounds as You Sleep

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Many are the times that you experience bad dreams. You dream that you are in a burning building and you wake up abruptly only to find out that it was your alarm ringing. When you sleep, a slim window lets sound get through to your brain. However, the sound should be moderate enough to hear it while you sleep. If you want to have better dreams, then you should consider listening to good sounds such as ocean sounds. In the morning, you will probably remember having dreams that are related to the ocean.

Here are some videos you can get from youtube to play when you are about to sleep:

4. Avoid Sleeping In a Prone Position

If you are used to having sex dreams while you sleep, chances are, you have been sleeping in a prone position. This is due to the breathing patterns while sleeping on your stomach. You can try to sleep on your back. However, this position will promote sleep paralysis. It will also help to keep your neck aligned to your spine. You might snore but ensure you put your head in the midline position. Remember, sleeping on your stomach will not give you good soothing dreams, nor will you have better sleep unless you want to have lacy dreams. Sleeping in that prone position is not considered the best position to sleep in; you will only be lucky because you will not snore. In order to have good dreams, ensure you sleep in the right and most comfortable position.

5. Designate Your Bedroom for Sleeping

In order to have better dreams and a good night sleep, you should redecorate your bedroom. Make sure that the bedroom appears to be peaceful and comfortable. Examples of ways you can designate your bedroom to have a good sleep are buying a comfortable mattress; ensure the room temperature is cool, and the window drapes should block the window well. By feeling safe, soothed, and comfortable, you will be able to relax. This enhances a good sleep by having better dreams. By doing this you will have control of your sleep.

6. Keep a Sleep Diary to Promote Good Dreams

Keeping a sleep diary will help you to keep track of your dreams as well as your sleep. You should write down what kind of dreams you are experiencing every night, how long you take before falling asleep, and how many times you wake up at night. These are examples of the activities that will enable you to keep track of your sleep pattern. You should further compare the kind of dreams you are experiencing to see if they are related. You never know, perhaps your dreams are connected in one way or another. By taking control of your sleep, you will be able to have better dreams and you will sleep well.

7. Exercise

Exercising every day will help you in every aspect of your life, and that includes your sleeping pattern. Exercising and sleep go hand in hand. High-intensity exercise requires the body to sleep hence the body recovers well and you will have good dreams. Therefore, the more you exercise the more your body will need to sleep, leading to recovery. You can plan to exercise in the morning to improve your mood or four hours before bedtime. This will help you to control your sleep; hence, you will sleep better and have good dreams. Remember, if you exercise an hour before your bedtime, you will be unable to sleep.

8. Relax and Wind Down Slowly

We all know sleep is not an off-on switch. Therefore, you should give your body some time to move from an active phase to an inactive phase. You can achieve this by setting a timer on your watch an hour before going to bed. Divide your time as follows. • During the first 15-20 minutes, prepare yourself for tomorrow by packing what you will need the following day. Ensure you set aside the clothes that you will wear the following day. • The next 15-20 minutes, take some time to brush your teeth, clean your face and anything else that you do to maintain your personal hygiene. • The last 15- 20 minutes, you should lie in bed and try to relax as much as possible. You can read a book using a small book light. If you follow these tips, you will have better dreams and you will be able to sleep throughout the night.

9. Switch off Any Bright Light in the Bedroom

Light acts as a signal that travels through your closed eyelids into your brain to wake up. A small glow from your tablet, laptop, or even a smartphone can disrupt your dreams. Therefore, make sure you use drapes curtains to close your window well and eliminate any little light that might keep you awake. If you keep your bedroom dark when you sleep with better luck, you will have better dreams.

10. Take a Late Bath

After a long day at work, you should prepare a warm bath to help you have good dreams. A warm, relaxing bath can remove the day’s stress, hence beckoning for sleep. Use some essential oils to moisturize your skin for better relaxation. Examples of essential oils that you can add to help moisturize your skin as well as relax your body are lavender, herbal among others. Ensure you get control of your sleep by washing away stress.

11. Stop Smoking

Cigarettes contain a stimulant called nicotine. This stimulant keeps all smokers awake at night. Smokers barely have dreams since they are awake most of the time. Studies have shown that smokers do not have good sleep. Therefore, they never get enough rest at night. When you become a smoker, you will experience sleep withdrawals and don't forget sleep apnea. This can promote lack of sleep. Remember, if you quit smoking, you will lack sleep for about three days, and afterward, you will be able to experience sweet dreams. Therefore, quit smoking and you will be able to have a good night rest that will promote good dreams.

12. Review Your Medication

Taking high blood pressure medicine as well as antidepressants such as SSRIs can cause insomnia. It is unfortunate that these medicines are supposed to make your day good but at night, they can be your worst nightmare. You will experience insomnia and at times, you might have bad dreams. Make sure you talk to your doctor to switch your medication to a better brand since each type of brand affects your brain differently. With better luck, you might have good dreams. Another pill that can affect your dreams is B6. Taking B6 can make you have lucid dreams. Therefore, if you want to have vivid dreams, stick to the right amount of dosage daily. Remember not to consume too much of B6 since it can cause nerve damage. Vitamin B6 is used as a co-factor by our bodies to change the amino acids that we consume into neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters affect our dreams.

13. Check the Position of Your Pillow

While you sleep, make sure you prop your head well using the pillow. You should align your neck and your spine in a straight line to avoid cramps and aches that can disrupt your dreams. Purchase a pillow that will let you sleep in an aligned position and you will be able to have good dreams and enough rest in the morning. An average human being is supposed to have 8 hours of night rest. However, most people are unable to sleep that much. This can be attributed to different causes that lead to lack of good night rest. Examples of such causes are the diet you consume, a stressful day at work, the medication you are taking, among others. Nevertheless, following the pointers mentioned above, you will have better luck at experiencing good dreams, thus a good night's sleep.