Paul Pelosi Wiki: Everything To Know About Nancy Pelosi's Husband

Meet Paul Pelosi, information and details on Nancy Pelosi husband

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Paul Pelosi Wiki: Everything To Know About Nancy Pelosi's Husband

Meet Paul Pelosi, the darling husband of Nancy Pelosi and businessman who owns the Financial Leasing Services Inc. You'll get to know everything about him here.

About Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi's Husband

Paul Pelosi was born in the U.S. city of San Francisco, California on April 15, 1940, bringing his age to 78 this year. His tertiary education began at Georgetown University where he obtained his Bachelor's degree in Foreign Service before proceeding later for a further study at Stern School of Business located in New York City. Paul Pelosi also attended Harvard Business School, the third university at which he would learn.

By profession, Paul Pelosi is a businessman who deals in real estate investments. Paul Pelosi owns a real estate investment based in San Francisco known as Financial Leasing Services Inc., which consults for different companies and individuals. At a time, Paul Pelosi was also the owner of a football team known as Sacramento Mountain Lions playing in the United Football League. As a businessman and philanthropist, Paul Pelosi has conquered as it were, a lot of grounds in his profession.

He and his wife, Nancy Pelosi, are both politicians. He belongs to the U.S. Democratic Party and was a notable supporter of the former U.S. President, Barack Obama. Currently, Paul Pelosi switches his base between San Francisco and Washington apparently because of his wife's political career that requires that she spends more time in Washington. Paul Pelosi spends most of his time in San Francisco where his business is based but travels to Washington regularly to meet his wife.

Family Life Of Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi's Husband

Paul Pelosi is the husband of the Baltimore-born U.S. politician, Nancy Pelosi (née D'Alesandro) who made history by becoming the first woman to lead a political party in the U.S. Congress. She was a former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Paul Pelosi and his wife got married on the 7th of September, 1963 at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore, Maryland. That means their marriage would be clocking 55 years this September as the couple is still solidly together. They are blessed with five children named Nancy (now Corinne), Christine, Jacqueline, Paul, and Alexandra. All their children are married, and some have children of their own. Paul Pelosi is currently a grandfather of eight. Pelosi has a brother named Ron, who is a successful American businessman based in San Francisco. Currently, Ron Pelosi is the board of trustees chairman of the Pacific Corporate Group.

Paul Pelosi's Net Worth

This subject is still in the court of public opinion as the exact net worth of this wealthy American businessman is yet to be formally revealed. There are sources putting his net worth to be over a $100 million while some say Paul Pelosi's net worth is far more than that. Be that as it may, one thing is very clear and that is the fact that Paul Pelosi is a big-time millionaire. His wife too ranks among the wealthiest female politician in the U.S. In fact, in 2005 Forbes ranked her as the 38th most influential woman in the world. The various investments in the name of Paul Pelosi leave nothing to doubt about his wealth as we shall soon be beaming our searchlight on some of them for you to get the full gist. The couple's net worth in total may not be less than $300 million.

Some Facts To Know About Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi's Husband

Paul Pelosi, the brother of Ron Pelosi and a successful American businessman has some very important things about him that you would want to know. Some of the facts would have to do with his profession and relationship with his wife. They are briefly discussed below.

1. Facts About Paul Pelosi's Business Exploits

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As already stated, one major business Nancy Pelosi's husband is known for is Financial Leasing Services Inc. in San Francisco, California. Although Paul, Ron Pelosi's brother travels at least a week away from San Francisco every month to unite with his wife in Washington, the couple has a vineyard in California that is estimated to worth between $5 million to $25 million.

Los Angeles Times once brought out a release that Paul Pelosi and his wife has a joint property in California that rakes in some $15 thousand to $50 thousand every year. Also, in California's town of Norden, the couple also owns another property that fetches them about $50,000 in rent. Still, on Paul Pelosi's profession which is business, the Financial Leasing Services Inc. owner has investments with Apple, Facebook, and Walt Disney. His investment in a team in the United Football League which existed between 2009 and 2012 was also up to $10 million.

It's quite unfortunate that Paul Pelosi's investment in the Sacramento Mountain Lions football team didn't pay off as records show that Ron Pelosi's brother lost up to $5 million in the deal. One other investment that shot up the net worth of Paul Pelosi was with one real estate company in California by the name Russell Ranch LLC. That increased his wealth up to $4 million. Although his wife is hugely into politics, Paul Pelosi hasn't deviated from his profession. He has stayed glued to business even though he often supports his wife's political ambitions.

2. As A Politician's Husband, Paul Pelosi Struggled To Keep A Low Profile

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Paul Pelosi revealed sometimes in 2004 that he doesn't want to be seen as being involved in the world of politics and would rather face his profession. This is coming from him as an attempt to dispel some public sentiments that the Financial Leasing Services Inc. owner may be using his wealth to sponsor his wife, Nancy Pelosi's political career.

However, it was more than obvious that Paul Pelosi helped his wife raise money for her 1986 campaign when she was seeking to represent California's 5th District in the House of Representatives. That was Nancy Pelosi's first competitive political outing.

Clint Reilly who was the campaign consultant to Nancy Pelosi that year testifies to how much influence Paul Pelosi wielded in seeing the dream of his wife come through. He would often be on the campaign ground and meetings to lend his support. And where Nancy could not be present physically, Paul Pelosi would often stand and speak for her. That made the campaign consultant describe him as a perfect surrogate for his wife.

3. Paul And Nancy Pelosi Had 5 Children In 6 Years

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Who are Paul and Nancy's five children, and what they are up to? In the order of their birth, the names of the children are Nancy "Corinne," Christine, Jacqueline, Paul, and Alexandra. Nancy Corinne Pelosi is a graduate of the Mount Vernon College and currently sits as the director of group sales at Fairmont Hotel located in San Jose, California. She is married to Theodore Jeffrey Prowda who is the son of the renowned Theodore J. Prowda of Sherrill, New York. Christine Pelosi who is the second daughter of Paul Pelosi is an American political strategist and author who was born on May 5, 1966.

Her husband, Peter Kaufman, is an Emmy Awards Nominee and they had their wedding in San Francisco on February 16, 2008. The couple has a daughter by the name Isabella who was given birth to in 2009. Christine Pelosi, an author, and political strategist is well-read. She had her Bachelor's degree from Georgetown University where she like her dad studied Foreign Service. After this, she proceeded to the University of California Hastings College of the Law to obtain degrees in law. Jacqueline, the third daughter of Nancy and Paul Pelosi, graduated from Georgetown University and is the promotions coordinator at Gourmet magazine in New York Magazine. She is married to Michael Terence Kenneally, who was her sweetheart in college.

The marriage took place in June 1993 when Jacqueline was 25 years old. Paul Pelosi Jr., the only son of the couple, was born on January 23, 1969, and like her sister, Jacqueline, attended the Georgetown University and works as a Senior Adviser at Oroplata Resources, Inc. He is experienced in advising upcoming and established companies on a wide range of issues relating to investments and business establishment. The last child who happens to be a daughter, that is, Alexandria Pelosi was born on October 5, 1970.

She is by far the most popular of them all as she is into documentary making and has accompanied her mother, Nancy Pelosi, on various political outings. Earlier before going into making documentaries, she had worked for the NBC as a producer. Alexandria got married to Michiel Vos in 2005, and the couple is blessed with two children. Alexandria named her first child, a boy, after her father, Paul Pelosi.

4. Paul Pelosi Is Younger Than Nancy Pelosi His Wife

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This may sound incredible, but it's true. Paul Pelosi, the President of Financial Leasing Services Inc., is some days younger than his wife. While Nancy was born on March 26, 1940, Paul Pelosi was given birth to on April 14, 1940. So, if you do the calculations well, the wife is older than Paul Pelosi her husband by 19 days! That's amazing, isn't it? If not for records, you wouldn't be able to notice any age difference between the couple. And it doesn't appear as Nancy thinks about the figures in relating to her husband.

Nancy Pelosi loves and respects her husband, and she has a 55-year solid marriage without divorce with him as proof. This fact needs to be stressed to counter the erroneous belief in some quarters that husbands must always be older than their wives. Paul Pelosi has been able to demonstrate that age means little when issues of love are at stake. The maturity and fidelity displayed by the pair are in all honesty worthy of emulation.

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5. Paul Pelosi And His Wife Once Participated In Many Initial Public Offerings

This revelation was made in 2011 by "60 Minutes" when it broadcast details about Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi's participation in IPO despite the fact that they both had access to some insider's information. The documentary revealed a particular scenario in which, Nancy and Paul Pelosi benefitted from an IP offering coming from Visa just about the same time the U.S. Congress was still deliberating on the credit card industry. According to 60 Minutes, the total Initial Public Offering which Nancy and Paul Pelosi participated in was 8. However, it should be clarified that although this issue was raised and broadcast on air, it wasn't illegal as at the time the couple participated in it because by then, members of Congress were not affected by the Insider Trading Laws. It was only in 2012 that the Congress passed an Act called STOCK (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) which prohibited members of Congress from insider trading.

6. Paul Pelosi's Wife Is America's Highest Congressional Rank Female Politician

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Can Paul Pelosi's story be ever complete without mentioning his wife, Nancy Pelosi? Certainly not. The woman has risen to a level of prominence and respect in America's politics that no other woman has ever attained. Nancy, Paul Pelosi's heartthrob, was U.S. 52nd Speaker, House of Representatives between 2007 and 2011. This is a position that has never been attained by any other female in U.S. history. And as she left the position, she has been voted in time after time to represent San Francisco in the Congress. To date, Nancy Pelosi still serves as a Congresswoman specifically as the Minority Leader. She is a Democrat and staunch supporter of Hilary Clinton, the Democrat's Presidential candidate in 2015 who also is a female. 

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You can't just take it away from this woman; she is articulate and bold at the same time. According to a CNN report, Nancy Pelosi set another record this year, February 7 by delivering what it calls the longest speech on the House floor. The House Historian records that Paul Pelosi's wife spoke continuously for more than 8 hours just to oppose a bill that sought to prevent a government shutdown by lifting spending caps. Her point was that that bill could not be supported because it didn't put immigration into consideration. That was a 78-year-old woman! Obviously, she isn't a pushover. No doubt, she must have been a great support for her husband, Paul Pelosi, and a motivator to their five children. It is not clear if Nancy hopes to extend her stay at the Congress in the next election.

Paul Has An Elder Brother Called Ron Pelosi

The Pelosi's in San Francisco are two. The second is Ron Pelosi who is the elder brother of Paul Pelosi and by inference, brother-in-law to Nancy Pelosi. He was born on November 2, 1934. He, like his brother, Paul Pelosi, is also a businessman. Ron has been married twice with his first wife divorced in 1977. He has also lost two of his children named Caroline and Cynthia Pelosi. Ron had his studies in American History from Standford University and currently serves among other roles as a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Final Submission

There you have everything that is available to know about this American gentle but giant businessman, Paul Pelosi. His life till now reflects one of hard work, good luck, and maturity. Maturity because it is not easy to be married for over 50 years. Even his elder brother, Ron Pelosi, divorced once. It's almost like divorce and affluence or fame are siblings. However, Paul Pelosi as with some too, has set an exception to this norm. Yes, good luck because he found himself being raised by parents who had enough silver spoons to feed him and his brother. Paul Pelosi and his brother had the best of education and enough capital to start their businesses. Hard work, however, seems to have been the reason for Paul Pelosi's handsome net worth and brilliant successes. If Paul Pelosi had been lazy or average in his thinking, he would probably not have been this rich.

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Till date, he and his wife still invest in a lot of businesses. Paul Pelosi's children are doing fine in each of their chosen fields, and that again bears witness to the cordial relationship between Paul Pelosi and his wife. The warm environment they were raised assisted them a lot. At age 78, it's still surprising where Paul Pelosi and his wife get their energy from. They are still agile, and as earlier mentioned, even Nancy can still talk for as long as 8 hours on a stretch!

One can only wish the couple well as they enjoy the evening period of their lives. It's sure that their children and grandchildren are proud of them. Paul Pelosi's only son should, however, be prepared to fit into the shoes his father is about to drop. The manner in which Paul Pelosi has been able to manage his family is worth commending, and one can only hope again that his children would replicate the same. Nancy's political career would probably have been disrupted if her relationship with her husband, Paul Pelosi, had hit the wall.

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