200 Crazy Truth Or Dare Questions For Adults To Turn Up The Party

Having a party sounds fun, but how can you liven things up until the party lasts? Here are 200 truth and crazy dares for adults you should definitely try!

By Neko Yama
200 Crazy Truth Or Dare Questions For Adults To Turn Up The Party

The Truth or Dare Game

Whenever we are at parties, we try a lot of different entertainments with other people so we can liven things up. Depending on what kind of party, it could be board games, ghost storytelling, movie marathon, or just drinking until dawn—you name it! But there is one game that would definitely be enjoyed by a lot of people especially the wild types and that is the Truth or Dare game. It has a lot of varieties actually—there is truth or dares that are casual and truth or dares for teenagers. But if you want to aim for more than just being funny, the dirty truth or dares is recommended for you. Some might think this game is not at all good, not funny, or it’s just meant to cause havoc because you just ask questions about love or one dares people to do stupid things, right? We have to admit it’s pretty childish sometimes but it also lets you experience to be free because you will get to do things you would not even think doing. Or you’ll only get to do them after drinking alcohol. Also, the dares might only be your chance to bond and make a move on your crush! So, for one night, why not release your inner bad side and just enjoy?

Even Truth or Dare For Adults Have Limitations

Truth or dare for adults aims to create funny, embarrassing moments. It is a fun way to know more about a person. However, there are still limitations when playing this game. Firstly, you should not take advantage of it to find out sensitive and personal secrets some participants prefer to hide. If they are uncomfortable to answer a question, let it go. Second, it’s unavoidable that there will be couples among the participants so when we give out dirty dares to them, let it be exclusive only to their partners. Truth or dare is a good way to have fun with friends, not to destroy romantic relationships. Third, the dares should be hilarious but perfectly harmless. For example, daring someone to hurt another participant physically is way over the limitations. The game aims for you to bond with friends, not create feuds among people.

Why Should You Play the Game?

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Some people will say that Truth or Dare is a childish game because you only dare each other to play dirty tricks. That may be true but it actually all depends on the participants if they want to go beyond the usual normal dares or if they want to be dirty. As long as the participants are good and have agreed with the rules, and as long as they’re not going to involve people outside the game, it’s really okay. The game is not just actually about daring each other to do stupid things as Truth or Dare can be played by all people of ages. The question and dares will only have to vary on what age the participants are. The good thing about playing this game for the participants is that each will have their chance to go out of their comfort zone as they will do things they never dare doing before. For couples, it can form bonds and intimacy with each other more. Children and teens will have the opportunity to be funny around their acquaintances and friends. For families, it’s a chance to learn about each other’s lives and for parents to find out more about their children’s likes and dislikes. Truth or Dare is really an enjoyable game that will surely leave good memories.

Oops! Maybe The Adults Truth or Dare Is Not For You!

We have to admit that Truth or Dare is not for everyone to play. Before you decide to join in, consider these things first. If you are a good or clean type of person who thinks you have a reputation to live up to, it’s recommended for you to keep away from playing Truth or Dare especially the adults’ version as the game aims to create hilariously embarrassing moments. It’s unavoidable to keep your composure. Also, if you have a lot of personal secrets, it’s suggested that you think twice too before joining in. Of course, there are limitations to what questions are only allowed, but if you’re not a sharing type of person even with your likes and dislikes, you’ll just feel uncomfortable the whole game. Lastly, if you are sensitive and the type who over thinks, then the game is definitely not for you. For example, if you asked your partner a question that touches on a personal topic for you, and his answer is not what you wanted to hear or what you expected, you’ll just get upset, and you could possibly put your relationship at risk.

The Rules of the Game

So how do you play Truth or Dare? It is very simple really! Each person has to choose whether he likes to do dirty dares or answer a question truthfully. With three or more people sitting around each other, spin-the-bottle will be the method to choose who’s going to be the participant. However, if the dares are not accomplished, the rest of the participants have the right to decide what penalty you’ll have. For example, if you did not complete the dares given to you, you will not be allowed to talk until the next round finishes. Truth or Dare is not really enjoyable and funny if a participant always chooses “truth” so you and your friends can decide if there will only be a limited amount of “truth” for one person. It could be 3-5 truth per participant.

Let's Play Truth or Dare for Adults!

The considerations and rules and have been laid. So what are we waiting for? It’s time to play the game. Here, we have divided the questions and dares in categories. There are ones which are for dating couples, married couples; even the single participants will feel welcome, of course! So get a sheet of paper and list down these good and funny dares and question ideas for your next party with your friends!

Questions And Dares for Adults: New Couples

If there are new couples joining in the game, this set of dares and questions will be perfect for them to take away that awkwardness in their relationship as they can build a good and strong connection with these.

Questions for Truth

1. What do you fear the most in a relationship? 2. What was your funniest date? 3. What thing is a major turn off for you in a partner? 4. Do you have a weird habit? 5. For you, what is the perfect first day for couples? 6. How many kids do you want to have? 7. What is your most embarrassing moment in life? 8. Do you have a childhood nickname? 9. What is your favorite movie? 10. Can you tell me your worst date ever? 11. Would you ever consider being a nudist? 12. What is your dream job? 13. What country would you like to live in if you’ll to choose? 14. If you were trapped on an island for days, what would you take with you? 15. What is your guilty pleasure? 16. Do you believe in love at first sight? 17. Is there something in your past that you would like to come clean with? 18. If you could change something in your body, what would it be? 19. How did you know you were in love with me? 20. What is your best talent?

Dares for New Couples

So now that you found out about the things you want to know about your new partner, why not see him/her in crazy actions? Try out these good dares to see just how funny he/she is! 21. Imitate your favorite celebrity 22. Close your eyes and try to send a blind text to any person 23. Get a broom and dance tango with it 24. Do a stand-up comedy for 3 minutes 25. Do a break dance 26. Make up a story about the item in your right 27. Sing the alphabet without moving your lips at all 28. Do an impression of the president 29. Say the first word that comes to your mind right now 30. Call the pizzeria and order 300 Hawaiian pizzas 31. Get on all fours and act like my dog until your next turn 32. Act like you don’t understand your own language until your next turn 33. Use only sign language until the next round 34. Go to the neighbor’s house and ask for a banana 35. Make a poem for your partner 36. Use only the letters of your partner’s name to describe her/him 37. Rap about your relationship with your partner 38. Use only your elbows to make your partner a sandwich 39. Pour syrup on your partner and eat it off them 40. Bite your partner’s lips

Questions and Dares for Adults: Hot and Dirty

Surely there will be someone in the group that would want to heat things up. These questions and dares will be perfect for the single participants to know more about their crushes’ likes and dislikes. It could also be their chance to make a move on them. Of course, these will also be good for the married and dating couples in the bunch! Make a list of these sexy and hot truth or dare questions for adults.

Hot and Sexy Questions For Truth

41. Can you tell me about your best sexual experience? 42. What is the longest time you’ve given someone head/you’ve received head? 43. Would you consider doing a threesome? 44. What is your opinion about having sex in groups? 45. Would you watch your partner have sex with someone else? 46. Did you ever have multiple partners at one time? 47. How do you orgasm? 48. What parts of your body do you like to be kissed? 49. Would you ever consider doing anal sex? 50. What is the longest time you’ve gone without sex?

Hot and Dirty Dares

The questions might heat things up and make some participants bite their lips but if the level of spice is not still enough, try out these hot and dirty dares to be able to see your crush in sexy action! 51. Get on the table and do a striptease dance 52. Using your tongue, tie a cherry stem 53. With clothes on, get on top of your partner and start riding 54. With only your underwear, twerk in front of everybody 55. Lick your partner (or to another single participant if you’re single) from their neck all the way to their underwear 56. Suck on your partner’s (or single-to-single participant) belly button for a minute 57. Suck on your partner’s nipple for a minute (not recommended for single participants) 58. Unwrap a piece of candy in your mouth 59. Putting a wrapped piece of candy in your mouth, unwrap it with your partner (or single-to-single participant) 60. Take off your partner’s underwear using only your teeth (not recommended for single participants)

Questions and Dares for Adults: Married Couples

Are you married now? Even so, do you know your husband or wife very well? Or do you still have something you want to know about him/her? This set of questions and dares is perfect for the newly married couples to get to know each other. The dares can also bring intimacy and strong bond with each other. But hey! Don’t use game questions to bring up marriage issues or to come clean about something. You don’t want the whole world to find out exactly what’s going on in your relationship. Ask harmless but clean and relevant questions.

Questions for Married Couples

61. What was your first impression of your partner? 62. When did you realize that you were in love with your husband/wife? 63. Who is your favorite in-law? 64. Who is your least favorite in-law? 65. How many children do you want to have? 66. Have you ever considered marrying somebody else? 67. How many relationships were you involved in before your husband/wife? 68. Does your partner have a habit you find annoying? 69. What is the most romantic thing your husband/wife has ever done for you? 70. What is your most favorite thing about your partner?

Dares for Married Couples

Okay, so just because you’re already married doesn’t mean you have to play dirty dares with your spouse. Pretty sure, you still want to show everybody else the respect that you have for each other and that the intimacy between you is private, right? So try out these harmless, clean, and cute dares for married couples. 71. Kiss your spouse on your favorite part of his/her body 72. Imitate your favorite in-law 73. Imitate your least favorite in-law 74. Sing you and your spouse’s love theme song 75. Imitate your spouse 76. Eat a chocolate biscuit with your spouse 77. Say something that you know only your spouse would understand 78. Whisper something in your partner’s ear that will make everybody else turned on 79. Give your spouse a massage 80. Take off your spouse’s shirt with your teeth

Questions and Dares for Adults: For the Quiet Ones

Who said Truth or Dare is only enjoyable when it’s hot and sexy? It could also be funny when everyone just wants to act crazy too! There will be instances that among the group, there are participants who are not okay with the over-the-limit dares and questions or they just joined in for the sole purpose of having fun and not to flirt. So with a bunch of this type of people, clean, harmless, and almost for-kids questions and dares are definitely perfect for them.

Usual Questions to Ask

81. What is your favorite color? 82. What is your favorite animal and why? 83. What food do you like the most and why? 84. What was your favorite school subject? 85. Who was your favorite teacher in college and why? 86. What is your favorite song and why? 87. Who’s your favorite celebrity and why? 88. What is the title of your favorite TV show? 89. What was your first pet’s name and what first pet did you have? 90. What is the size of your shoe?

Crazy and Funny Dares

Believe it or not, the best Truth or Dare game is when you see your friends acting silly especially the ones that are quiet and very gentle. Don’t you think it’s time for them to show their crazy side to everyone? Try out these crazy but harmless and clean funny dares and laugh the night out!


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91. Do the silliest dance you can ever think of 92. Imitate an old lady or an old man 93. Spin around 10 times and try to walk in a straight line after 94. Do 10 jumping jacks and 10 pushups 95. Recite the alphabet in 1 minute 96. Don’t blink and smile for 1 minute 97. Hold your breath for 10 seconds 98. Cluck like a chicken for a while minute 99. Jump like crazy until it’s your turn again 100. Close your eyes and don’t talk until it’s your turn again

Questions and Dares for Adults: College Kids

During our college days, surely there were a lot of good memories that happened, right? Well, this set of questions and dares is the perfect opportunity to find out about your friends’ university days or even friends who are currently attending university. College kids are just one of the craziest and boldest people around, and you might want to hear about their funny adventures and what’s going on in their minds.

Questions For College Kids

101. How many people have you dated on campus? 102. What is your real GPA? 103. Have you ever considered joining a frat on campus? 104. During the first day of your freshman year, what did you do? 105. Would you consider having sex with your professor? If so, who is it? 106. Have you ever get drunk so much while drinking with your college friends? 107. What is the craziest thing you have ever done in university? 108. Can you name the best roommate you have ever had and why is he/she the best? 109. What is the most frustrating experience you’ve ever had in college? 110. Have you had sex anywhere on the campus? If not, would you consider doing it? 111. What is the most amount of shots you’ve ever had? 112. Did you ever steal from your mom or dad to buy alcohol? 113. Have you ever wet the bed for being too drunk? 114. Have you ever had sex with your roommate? 115. How many times have you skipped classes? 116. Have you ever woke up with a stranger in your bed? 117. Would you consider doing an orgy with your roommates? 118. How many fights have you been involved in at university? 119. What is the longest you’ve gone without sleeping? 120. Have you ever stolen from your roommate?

College Kids Crazy Dares

College kids are very bold people because they know just how to have fun. Whatever you order them to do, they are more than willing to do it. Using these dares for them, prepare to laugh out loud and see your college friends’ craziest sides. 121. Take a shot 122. Take a shot off of the person to your left 123. Run in the streets wearing only your underwear 124. Slap the person to your right on the booty 125. Swallow a whole raw egg 126. Eat a dry pack of noodles 127. Brush the teeth of the person to your right 128. With you full clothes on, take a shower 129. Speak like Tony Montana until your next turn 130. Give a same-gender player among the bunch a hickie 131. Let another participant lick a full circle around your face 132. Eat soap 133. Close your eyes and eat whatever you can grab in the fridge 134. Lick someone’s foot 135. Lick the wall for 1 minute 136. Chug a whole beer for 10 seconds 137. Play with your nipples in front of everybody 138. Clean the toilet 139. Email your professor and tell them you love them 140. Send a nude photo to one of your exes

Questions and Dares for Adults: Family Members

Truth or Dare is not a game just for friends. Although it’s funnier when played by people the same age as you, it could also be a game for families too! It is going to be the perfect opportunity to bond with the whole family. Parents will have the chance to get to know their children better, and siblings will form a much closer relationship with each other. Of course, as it’s going to be played by the whole family, the questions should be harmless, clean, relevant, and is not too personal. There should be fun involved, but the formality should be kept since there are age gaps among the participants.

Questions for the Whole Family

141. What is the most annoying thing that mom does? 142. What is the most annoying thing that dad does? 143. How many times have you snuck anyone into the house? 144. How many times have you snuck out of the house? 145. What is the best and worst dish mom makes? 146. If you could get the chance to change something in the house rules, what would it be? 147. Would you rather be a dog or a cat? 148. What is the funniest thing grandfather ever said? 149. If you could get rid of one household chore, what would it be? 150. What is your favorite cartoon show/TV drama to watch?

Dares for the Whole Family

Because it’s the family members who are the participants in the game, the dares’ sole purpose should only be for fun. Avoid daring your family members to hurt and be dirty with each other and don’t think up of dares that are going to be too much embarrassing. 151. Put peanut butter or jam on your nose and try to lick it off 152. Do a headstand 153. For the next three rounds, stand on only one leg 154. Cross your eyes and try to walk around the living room for a 30 seconds 155. Imitate your favorite relative and let the others guess who it is 156. Act like the family pet until your next turn 157. Until your turn, you must follow whatever the person to your right says 158. Cluck and walk like a chicken for 1 minute 159. Do an impression of Donald Duck 160. Spin around for 10 seconds and run out the mailbox and back

Questions and Dares for Teenagers

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Truth or Dare is a game perfect as well for teenagers as people in this age loves to chat and share things with each other. Watch out though because teenagers are a little sensitive to personal stuff so the limitation rule must be totally applied. Here are the perfect questions to ask to find out what a teenager thinks! However, you could use this set to older crowds too.

Questions for Teens

161. Can you name your best looking teacher you ever had? 162. Have you cheated on a test before? What subject? 163. Who is your first crush at school? 164. Can you name the most annoying person for you? 165. Have you ever played a prank on your teacher? Who? 166. Did you ever lie to your parents on what you’re up to after school? 167. Have you ever blamed your siblings for something that you’ve done? 168. What college or university do you plan to enroll in? 169. Are you still a virgin? If so, who are you going to give it to? 170. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?

Dares for Teens

Because we’re talking about teenagers here, it’s best if the dares we give out to them are not totally dirty, flirty, and would not corrupt their clean and innocent minds. Let them go out of their comfort zone and use crazy dares instead that would let them have fun. 171. With powder in your hand, gently smack the person to your left on the cheek 172. For the next two rounds, do a handstand on the wall 173. Hug and kiss a pillow until it’s your turn again 174. Cluck and dance like a chicken outside for 1 minute 175. Eat three spoonfuls of mayonnaise 176. Post a Facebook status using only your elbows 177. Text your crush and tell him/her how much you like them 178. Email your teacher about how your day went 179. Smell pepper and try not to sneeze 180. Ask your crush out on a date

Truth or Dare for the Wild Singles!

We have so many Truth or Dare to couples that we forget the single participants! They have the right to spice things up too. They actually have a bigger advantage because they’re not involved in a romantic relationship so they can be wild for as long as they want. But there are still limitations of course! Be dirty and sexy only to other single participants and leave the couples out of the heat.

Questions to Turn Up the Heat for the Singles

181. Can you tell me your favorite part of my body? 182. If you could do whatever you want to me, what would it be? 183. Can you tell me what you’d like for me to do to you? 184. Have I ever given you an orgasm? 185. Would you consider me giving you head/giving me head? 186. Would you have sex with me? 187. Would you consider having me as a girlfriend/boyfriend? 188. Do you sometimes imagine me naked? 189. Would you eat me/let me eat you? 190. Would you do anal with me?

Wildest Dares for Wildest Singles

Okay, you might get surprised with these dares, but this set is mainly for the bunch who aims to have the wildest experience. We recommend though that these should be done by wild, single people so as not to ruin any relationships. 191. Give me head until I finish 192. Put on a sexy song and do a lap dance on one of the fellow single participants 193. Give another single participant a hickey on the chest 194. Finger yourself until you finish while an opposite gender records you 195. Jack off until you finish while an opposite gender records you 196. (For men) Eat another single participant’s booty 197. (For women) Ride a single male participant for 3 minutes. There’s a penalty if you go longer 198. (For men) Doggy style a single female participant for 3 minutes. There’s a penalty if you go longer. 199. Make someone else finish without touching them 200. Go to heaven with another participant for a whole 5 minutes

Have Fun!

Truth or Dare is really a fun game to play at parties because the possibilities are just endless. It’s true that sometimes, it creates havoc and end up with the players being mischievous but it will still depend on the participants on how they’re going to play it. As long as the circle will not play harmful pranks, and the participants have all agreed to the rules set by the bunch, it’s okay, and it surely will be fun! Another good thing about playing Truth or Dare is that you won’t have to buy expensive things to enjoy it. It is good enough with just a piece of paper to list down the questions and dares, and of course, your family and friends! However, never forget the limitations you have to consider before playing it so as not to ruin any relationships! So what are you waiting for? List down these Truth or Dare sets we provided for you and call on your family and friends and play! Rest assured you will be creating the best embarrassing but hilarious memories with other people and your day will be full of excitement and fun!



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