25 Subtle Signs He Doesn't Like You Anymore

You've noticed lately that things just aren't the same, they just seem "off." Here are 25 signs to look for to tell that he doesn't like you anymore.

By Lindsey Ladd
25 Subtle Signs He Doesn't Like You Anymore

1. He Doesn't Initiate The Conversation Anymore

You always are the one to call. When you are together, you are the one who has to bring up any kind of conversation. These signs can be frustrating, yet we tend to ignore them. We like to make excuses and think that he's busy, has a lot on his mind, or that he's just not in that "honeymoon stage" anymore. Don't ignore this. If he is avoiding initiating conversation with you, or if he will only have conversations once you ask the questions then you need to look deeper. He may be showing you sings that he doesn't like you anymore and is moving on.

2. You Don't Hear From Him As Much Anymore

This is one of those signs that can get a bit mixed up with others. He likes to talk to you, when you're together, but the amount of time you spend hearing from him becomes less and less. He doesn't text you in the morning anymore. He doesn't even like replying to your text messages or calls. I wouldn't say that he has gone as far as not talking to you at all, but it's clear that you don't hear from him nearly as much, and it's not because you see each other every day or because he's changed jobs and doesn't have the ability to chat as much. Be sure to pay attention to when you hear from him. Who is initiating? Does he only reach out when he wants something from you? These may be clear signs that he's not that into you anymore, or that he likes someone else and is giving them his attention.

3. He Pays More Attention To His Phone Than He Does To You

This is one of my biggest pet-peeves. Some people are just ALWAYS on their phones. My boyfriend has to be connected to his phone due to work, and it drives me crazy. I get it though. However, if this is something that didn't used to be a big deal, but is starting to become one then pay close attention. Maybe he's on the phone when you're just relaxing and doing your own thing โ€” OK fine. If he's on his phone when you're out on a date, though, then you need to be careful. Pay attention to the little things. Pay attention to his facial expressions. We all do it, but if you notice that he is on his phone more and more then you may want to take a step back. He may be less interested in your relationship. He may not care so much that you feel like he's ignoring you. I have found the easiest way to see what is going on is to have a simple conversation. Bring it up, but don't be pushy. If he gets defensive about it or if he vague then it could be one of many signs that he likes someone else or isn't that into you anymore.

4. He Hasn't/ Won't Introduce You To His Friends Or Family

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You've been together for a few months now and you start to realize that he won't introduce you to friends or family. He avoids going out with friends, unless you have some that are mutual. He likes going out, he will take you on dates and does so a couple times per week, but you notice that he hasn't extended the invite to meet his friends or to go to any family functions. If you've only been together, then this may have nothing to do with whether or not his likes you. However, if it's been a few months and things are casual and he won't let you meet his friends then there may be something to be said for that. He may be questioning how much he likes you or whether he wants to make that kind of commitment and after a few months he should.

5. He Doesn't Invite You Out With His Friends Anymore

There was a time when you could go out with him and his friends or he would come out with you and your girlfriends and everything was great. He would show that he had feelings for you, you knew that he was excited about your relationship and he would show that around his friends. Lately you have noticed that you don't get invited out with them as much. He just doesn't bring it up anymore. If he goes out with his boys, it's just that โ€” boy time. You can tell he is distancing you from the other people he spends time with and if this makes you feel unsettled or like he doesn't care as much โ€” you may certainly be right.

6. He's More Interested In Other Women When You're Out Than He Is In You

I think this is one of the clearest signs that he doesn't have feelings for you anymore. If a guys takes you out and spends that time talking with other women, then he's just not that into you. He may say he likes you, but his actions are certainly showing you the opposite. Now, don't get me wrong, there is a difference between being jealous and getting upset when your guy gives anyone else the time of day. If he's outgoing and friendly and things aren't out of the ordinary when he chats with someone else at a bar then fine. However, if he is clearly more concerned about chatting with the bartender than he is with you โ€” we have a problem.

7. He's Giving You Signs That He Only Cares About One Thing

You know what that one things is and it's not your relationship. He only cares about seeing you to be with you in bed. He doesn't take you on dates anymore. He doesn't like to come over to watch T.V. and spend time with you. It's sad to say, but this is one of the signs that a doesn't like you anymore. If your guy is only interested in this part of the relationship then he does't really care about you or being with you long term.

8. He Acts Like It's A Chore To Hear About Your Day Or Things Happening In Life

We don't like to admit this, but we've all been in relationships like this. When you are with your guy he doesn't ask you anything having to do with what really is going on in your life. When you do try to confide in him or tell him about your day, he seems annoyed or like he has something he would rather be doing. He's showing you signs that he is no longer interested in you and what's happening in your life. If your with someone who is clearly annoyed when you share things about your life and you day, then I hate to say it but he isn't really interested in you at all anymore.

9. He Doesn't Pay When You Go Out Anymore

This is a subtle but obvious sign that he doesn't like you anymore. He may not be ready to end things for whatever reason, but he sure isn't willing to invest in having a relationship with you either. Have you noticed that he is finding ways to not take you out anymore and if you do go out, you're paying for your own drinks or your own meal? Or he will suggest you just meet at the movies and that you just pick up the tickets to save time. Here's the thing, this may happen from time to time and nothing is wrong. I'm he type of women who likes paying and pulling my own weight in a relationship. However, if he has always paid and all of a sudden acts like it's inconvenient for him, beware. If this happens on a rare occasion and you haven't offered to pay or split the bill, that's one thing. If it every time you've gone out for the last few weeks it's been this way, then it's something that you may want to pay more attention to.

10. He No Longer Likes To Call You 'Babe' Or Other Cute Names

Some couples never use "pet names". They never call each other babe, honey, or any other nickname. It's never been a part of their relationship and never will be. On the other hand, if you and your guy have been using cute names and then he quits, this is one of the sure signs he doesn't like you anymore. When I want to let my boyfriend know I'm upset with him, I call him by his first name. When we fight, he knows when I'm really mad because I use his actual name. Usually it only lasts for a day or so. Then we're right back to calling each other 'Babe'. If it's only been a day, I wouldn't worry quite yet. If it's been longer and he no longer uses cute names for you, then you may want to start really paying attention to these other signs and see if any others are there as well.

11. He Seems Like He Cares More About His Previous Relationship Than His Current One

As women we never want to admit that they guy we're seeing may still have feelings for his ex. We don't want to hear about her, we don't want to hear about their relationship, and we certainly don't want to know how much he loved her. Ladies, if your man is all of a sudden talking about his ex and telling you about the feelings he had for her, beware that something else may be going on. Sometimes when they think they are saying one thing, they are really showing us another. He may think he's sharing about how much she hurt him, but if he is clearly upset about her and you can tell he misses her, then you may not be what he wants anymore. I can tell there are times my boyfriend is sharing things about his ex and their relationship and I will tell him how it sounds like he still cares about her. I'm not afraid to say this because we live together. He will then elaborate to be more specific and show how he only brought their relationship up because it was an example. He does this less and less, but it definitely made me wonder in the beginning. It's possible your guy is doing the same thing. But ask the question. If it makes you wonder, than ask. Better for you to know then to wonder if he likes you or still loves her. If he gets upset and defensive about it, well then that should tell you plenty.

12. There Are Multiple Signs That Things Are Changing In the Bedroom

Not to be too graphic, but we all know what I mean by this, right? When you first started sleeping together, it seemed like his focus in the bedroom was you. He cared how you felt, what you like and don't like, etc. Now, he only cares about one thing when you are in bed: himself. When he's done, you're done. If he's changing the way he makes love to you, then he is also showing you signs that the way he feels about you has changed as well.

13. He Is Showing Signs That He Doesn't Like Or Isn't Interested In Intimacy With You Anymore

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Some men are different than the rest. Some men don't want to be intimate with a women if he doesn't love her or even if he doesn't like her anymore. They just don't bother. If you and your guy go from being together and intimate on a regular basis to not at all, then you need to look at the rest of your relationship. It may be time to ask some questions. I believe that the way a man is or isn't intimate with the women he's with is one of the main signs of how he truly feels about her. This doesn't always have to be in the bedroom either. You know your relationship better than I do. You know how he likes to show this and where things stand in this area for the two of you. Be honest and take a true look at how he shows he cares about you in the past and the way things were on an intimate level. If this has changed drastically all of a sudden, you may want to prepare yourself.

14. He's Giving Signs That He's Not Excited To See You Anymore

Men don't giggle when they're excited. They don't scream or sequel either. They show they're excited to see us and be around us much differently then women. They may show us they care and are excited to see us by the way they smile at us, or by giving us their full attention when they're with us. Men who are interested and excited about a relationship are maintaining eye contact throughout a conversation and aren't looking at their phone or the T.V. They make it a point to talk with us rather than watch the game or check their phone to see what their friends posted on Facebook. If your guy isn't paying attention to you and isn't more excited to see you then to see who just sent him a text, then you may need to start looking for other signs that he may not like you anymore.

15. It Seems Like Forever Between Dates

You have been seeing each other now for a few months and to start you would go out every weekend and see each other when you could during the week. Then, it becomes every other weekend. Next thing you know, he can't see you for a few weeks because he has so much going on. Does this sound familiar? If this sounds strangely familiar to what you're currently experiencing, he may not necessarily be busy. He just may not care enough anymore to make the effort to see you. If a guy likes you, he'll give you his time. If he's not giving you his time anymore, he probably doesn't like you anymore.

16. Work Is An Easy Excuse

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Work is a priority. I understand that. I like a man who is loyal to his job and has a strong work ethic. However, if work is becoming more and more of an excuse as to why he can't come over or why he has to cancel on you completely, then he may be showing other signs as well that he doesn't like you anymore. There are times that projects are due or there are other deadlines that need to be meant. But if it's becoming more and more of an excuse for him to let you down and not keep his commitments to you, then beware. It's hard to ask a man to choose you over work. However, it's also an easy excuse for them to use to not have to see you. If this is something that happens regularly, then do yourself a favor and take a look at other possible signs that might be there as well.

17. He Is Giving You Signs That He Doesn't Want To Go Out Anymore, He Rather Stay In

Some men have a hard time telling you they don't like you. And it may be that they like you as a person, they just don't want a real relationship with you. If they guy your with never wants to go out anymore, then he could be showing you that he doesn't like you as much anymore. This may seem silly, but if you usually go out and have drinks after work on Friday for Happy Hour, and now he just wants to meet at his place to watch T.V. Then he isn't that into you. He may like you as a person. He may think that you're cool to be around. Slowly, however, he's putting you in the friend zone. I suggest you ask him to meet you somewhere. When he tells you for the third week in a row that he just wants to "stay in", ask him to meet you somewhere new. Ask if he rather go out Saturday instead. Subtly push back a little bit and see what he does. If he's not interested in taking you out anymore, then he's not interested in you either.

18. He Doesn't Like To Initiate Physical Contact Anymore

I'm a firm believer that everything in a relationship should be mutual. Communication, intimacy, and simple physical contact. If he isn't reaching for your hand anymore, ask yourself 'Why?'. If he never leans in for the kiss, and you are always initiating it, ask yourself 'Why?'. I don't know about you, but I want to be with a man that likes and cares about me so much that he wants to touch my leg, hold my hand or will lean over for a small kiss regularly. If I'm always the one initiating that contact, then I start to wonder why that is. I can't help but wonder if he still likes me. If a man likes you, he wants to be near you, if he doesn't then he pulls away.

19. He Won't Make Future Plans With You Anymore

There was a time where you and your man would make plans together. You would talk about the vacation you want to take next summer, or you would talk about the hypothetical "someday". You and your guy would make plans that would let you know that he still saw himself with you in that situation or on that vacation. Well, now that has changed. You notice lately that he doesn't like to talk about anything having to do with the future. He avoids conversations that involve any type of talk about the future or that hypothetical "someday". If your man truly has feelings for you, then he will talk about the future and make plans with you, even if he isn't fully ready for a commitment. If he doesn't have feelings for you or just isn't that into you anymore, then he won't. Plain and simple.

20. He Likes To Keep Conversation Superficial

It's pretty well known that women typically like to talk and have conversation and men don't. However, men who are invested in you and your relationship show they care about your feelings and about you by having conversations with you. Whether it be about your day, things happening in life, or superficial topics โ€” if they like you, they listen. On the other hand, if you try to talk to him and he avoids anything other than the superficial, you may have a problem on your hands. I understand that guys don't like to talk but when they care about a women they know this is an important part about getting to know her. When they don't like a women anymore, they begin to checkout and they do so by keeping the conversation light and superficial.

21. He Avoids Going Certain Places With You

He takes you out. You go on dates and that hasn't really changed. As far as you are concerned, things seem pretty "normal". However, is he avoiding certain places these days? Do you suggest a place you used to frequent and now he tells you he doesn't want to go there anymore? Do you notice that he only wants to go to certain places and will always keep suggestions limited to those locations? If your with a guy who won't take you to a certain bar or restaurant on a date, you may need to take another look at your relationship. Think of it this way, a man who has real feelings for a women he's with won't avoid taking her anywhere. A man who is hiding something or doesn't really like her much, he keeps the places he's willing to take her to a select few.

22. He Doesn't Like To Spend The Night Anymore

Whether your relationship is new or not, if you are with a guy and you have started spending the night with one another then this could be one of the signs to pay attention to. If you and the man your with spend the night together frequently and now he always suggest that he have to leave before bed, or that he has to be up too early for you to stay, you may need to start questioning the feelings he has for you. I understand that there are times where it's just better to stay at your own place. I understand there are circumstances that might come up and I'm not saying that you should always spend the night with one another. However, if you're at the point in your relationship where you regularly spend the night together and then this abruptly stops, you might want to take another look at the status of your relationship.

23. He Cancels On You Last Minute

You're in the middle of making dinner. He's going to come over after he finishes up with his day and you two are going to have a date night in. All of a sudden he calls you and has to cancel. He gives a vague reason as to why, so you're left alone now with a dinner for two. A few nights later, you have plans to meet after dinner to go see that movie you've been waiting to see. He calls you about an hour before you're supposed to meet and says, "Something's come up." This has been going on now for a few weeks and it seems like he's canceling last minute more and more. You don't ask many questions because you know he's busy with work and he has other things going on. Don't make excuses for him. If he likes you, he'll want to see you. If he cancels and doesn't try to make it up to you, he doesn't really have feelings for you.

24. He's Answering His Phone Or Replying To Text Messages When You're In Bed Together

Not many things have changed in your relationship, but you notice one big thing lately. You have began to notice that when you're in bed together he always makes it a point to check his phone when it rings or if he gets a notification. He once left his ringer on silent, but now he keeps it on when you're in bed together and the moment he hears it, he grabs it. This is a problem. This may be one of the only signs you notice, but it's a big one. If you're guy is more interested in his phone while you're in bed together than he is in you, he doesn't care about you. If he says he does, then you have the right to point this out and find out why he seems to care more about his phone than your relationship.

25. You Just Have That "Feeling" And Have Found Too Many Of These Signs To Be True

As women we all know what that "gut feeling" feels like. We also know that it's rarely wrong. You have been noticing little things lately and in your gut you know there isn't something right. He may not have feelings for you, and he is showing you that he doesn't like you anymore โ€” at least not as much as he used to. Go with your gut. Listen to your gut. If you've found that some of these signs are true for your relationship, then listen to your gut. He may not like you anymore. It's O.K. You deserve someone who has real feelings for you. Go find him!



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