Top 10 Important Rules For Dating A Younger Woman

Just like as is the case with any type of relationship, dating a younger woman has its fair share of problems. Here are ten tips on how to overcome them in your relationship.

By Auntrone89
Top 10 Important Rules For Dating A Younger Woman

Tips on dating a younger woman

Truth be told, dating a much younger woman than yourself comes with its fair share of problems. Thankfully, most of these problems can either be taken care of effectively or even better, ignored. For you to handle these problems flawlessly without worry, you’ll start by fine-tuning your perspective about your relationship. For you to be able to do this, you’ll have to train your mind to only focus on the advantages of dating a younger woman and not the drawbacks. This can only be achieved by training your mind to sieve out information and to deciding what to take with a grain of salt and what to not. At the end of the day, people will always talk negatively simply because most people have negative vibes. Therefore, you should never allow some baseless cheap talk to take away your happiness at any given moment. Without further ado, here are some professional tips on how to effectively date a much younger woman without any fuss.

1. Dating a younger woman? Expect judgment.

If Curate’s Egg Hypothesis is anything to go by, then dating a younger woman will most certainly come with its fair share of disadvantages. And one such problems will including constant judgment from people around you. Even though most of them won’t be vocal about it, at least a fair share of the people you bump into will view you as a dirty old man. If this ever happens to you, you have no reason to worry. Just because the good book forbids people from judging doesn’t mean they won’t judge. Some might go to the extent of mistaking you for her dad or uncle. Therefore, whenever they stare each time you and your younger woman walk by, kill them with the constant smiles on your faces. Choose to ignore them and move on with your lives simply because their thoughts are absolutely none of your business. You, therefore, have to learn how to ignore judgment since it is among the rules of your relationship if it is going to succeed. Once you do that, you can proceed with the other tips that will help you enjoy dating a younger woman. If you are having problems with ignoring judgment, visit YouTube and learn so much more on how to handle this. You’ll find a good number of suggestions on videos that’ll come in handy.

2. When dating a younger woman, learn to relax.

The truth is, you’ll never stop raising eyebrows whenever you’re dating a younger woman. Therefore, it’s important for you to learn the art of staying calm. That’s the only way you are going to have a good time dating your beautiful, younger woman. Make a habit of reminding each other that the world will always judge you whether you do good or not. Therefore, letting it get to your head will only suck the joy out of your life. You can dedicate some time to learn how to stay chilled and focus on what matters the most - your happiness. This will also be important because, at some point, you’ll have to meet her parents. When that time comes, remember to stay as chilled and as focused as you possibly can. Also, remember to portray the image that dating a younger woman isn’t as much of a big deal as society makes it look like. If you believe in this, then winning them over while you are at it will be as easy as a walk in the park.

3. Don’t act like her sugar daddy.

When dating a younger woman, always remember to be her lover and not her sugar daddy. The label “sugar daddy”, as we’ve all come to know, is conspicuously shunned by society. Therefore, if you want the younger woman you are dating to be happy and comfortable around you, then get act like her boyfriend and not her “blesser”. Dating a younger woman has its problems, advantages, and disadvantages all in equal measure. But don’t let the “sugar daddy” title people are calling you behind your back ruin everything for you. Despite the age difference, it’s never that difficult to make her feel as though she is dating a real man. And whenever the age difference thingy comes up, I would advise you to immediately brush it off and focus on having fun-filled conversations that will make her laugh. And whenever she feels a little uncomfortable about the age difference, don’t forget to reassure her. She needs to know that as long as you are there, she has absolutely nothing to worry about.

4. Keep up with your younger woman.

The first rule of dating a younger woman is making sure you are ready to catch up. This is because she has a lot of energy, just like you were when you were her age. As a result of this, her life will always revolve around partying and having a good time on a general scale. This will automatically translate to you having to look for ways to keep up. I am not saying you start wearing skinny jeans or smoking pot, hell no! What I am saying is, taking her to the club once in a while wouldn’t hurt even a single bit. Showing the young woman whom you are dating that you have a rare but fun side will turn her on. And that’s what makes such relationships fun. Again, feel free to look for tips and suggestions online that’ll help you step up your dating game. Don’t be afraid to bend or break the rules once in a while because your younger woman will love you for it. Again, don’t overdo it and end up losing yourself like most mature men end up doing, unfortunately.

5. Treat the younger woman you are dating with respect.

When dating a younger woman, aspire to come off as her boyfriend and not her daddy. She doesn't want a daddy anyway because she already has one at home. You can be her boyfriend by being there for her both physically and emotionally. Also, don’t forget to send her surprise gifts. Hold her hand while taking a stroll and yes, take her out on romantic dates as often as possible. It doesn’t matter how busy you are. If you love her, you’ll make the time. What really matters is you being there for her through thick and thin, through the problems and the through the disadvantages. Just don’t act her age but yours - I’ll get that in a jiffy. Just be her boyfriend and at the same time mature enough to give her valuable advice.

6. Don’t go dating a younger woman just for sex.

Be very careful when dating a younger woman because she’ll automatically hate you the moment she suspects you are dating her for sex. Therefore, taking sex off the table will make sure you aren’t coming off as a sex-maniac. Also, it would help you a great deal when you list things you and the younger woman you are dating can enjoy besides the mind-blowing sex. Some of the things you can end up engaging in apart from sex may include impressive conversations, companionship, as well as intelligent conversations. I’d, therefore, advise you to stick to these and only make sex the icing on the already delicious, metaphorical cake that you are blessed to call a relationship. If you have friends who’ve dated younger women before, feel free to fish for tips and pointers. Remember, two heads are always better than one. Therefore, go out of your way and make inquisitions in a bid to make your relationship a tad more interesting. Don’t forget to bend or even break a couple of rules if you have to. Just don’t go way too far because you might end up ruining everything in the process.

7. Word of advise: Act your age.

When dating a much younger woman, it is pretty easy for you to get carried away. And in the process of being “caught in the moment”, you might start acting childish in the name of trying to fit in. I am not saying that trying to fit in is a bad thing, but acting like a little boy sure is. In this case, try as much as you can to fit in without overstretching your limits. For instance, you can’t be binge drinking and club hopping every other day just because you want to feel young again. The fact is, the younger woman is dating you because she’s tired of dating childish dudes. Therefore, acting your age is bound to give your relationship a major boost. Also, learn to tolerate her childishness while giving her guidance whenever the need arises but if acting childish is your best idea of fitting in, then the initial attraction your younger woman had for you will diminish.

8. Learn to give the younger woman you’re dating space.

Like I said earlier, dating a younger woman comes with its fair share of disadvantages. Therefore, you shouldn’t allow clinginess to add to your list of problems. And the only way of doing so is by allowing your younger woman live her life as free as a bird. Doing this will not only show her that you are mature but also that you’re busy doing other important things. And that’s how you make her feel much more attraction towards you. Thankfully, you can never run out of suggestions especially when you have experienced friends. This might also be a good time to engage in a hobby or two that you never quite had the time to enjoy. In short, keeping busy is one of the most important rules one needs to observe in a bid to keep your relationship interesting. Hitting the gym and painting while allowing your younger woman have her freedom can also be a good idea.

9. When dating a younger woman, be honest

One of the most important tips for keeping your relationship going especially when dating a younger woman is by being honest. If there is something about her that you don’t like, then be honest about it. If you can’t make something happen, hold her hands, look her dead in her beautiful eyes and tell her. She might be disappointed by in the end, she will respect you for it.

10. Keep the relationship between the two of you

Among the many problems and disadvantages of dating a younger woman is that people will talk. Some will pretend to care so they can learn as much juice as possible about your relationship so as to keep the gossip mill going. For that matter, I would advise you to keep the relationship between the two of you and never care about what the world thinks about you.

In Conclusion

The Thing is, you can never run out of suggestions, rules, and tips on how to make your relationship work. Therefore, make sure you and your younger woman are living your lives despite everything people are saying behind your back. Face the challenges together and remember to love one another despite all the challenges that life decides to throw your way.