20 Important Signs Your Broken Relationship Is Worth Saving

Some relationships last for just one season while others are for meant for lifetime. Get to know if your broken relationship is worth saving here.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
20 Important Signs Your Broken Relationship Is Worth Saving

Some Relationships Are Actually Worth Saving

It can be very painful to see your significant other behave in such a manner that negates the love that they profess for you. Initially, in your anger, you may want to have nothing to do with them any longer. To make matters worse, they may not show any remorse for the supposed wrong you feel they have done to you and for this, you just want to part ways with them. Did you know, however, that some relationships are worth fighting for?! While it's true that no human being is indispensable, it is also true that certain individuals are one in a million. This means you won't find that special someone sitting around twiddling their thumbs just waiting for a relationship to happen. No is perfect and no relationship is perfect, and there is someone out there for everyone. As it is, everyone keeps striving for perfection and the couples that you see flourishing are certainly far from perfect. There relationships are doing well because they have learned to accept each other's faults. If you can't see past the flaws of your partner, you may need to call it quits with a person you care so much about. Before you make a decision, however, you should consider the consequences of your actions. Fighting to save a relationship doesn't make you weak, in fact, it makes you stronger because you have the ability to let go of something that isn't working out for you. Some relationships are actually worth fighting for while some are not.

How To Know If Your Broken Relationship Is Worth Saving

Let's considering 20 signs which will help you decide whether or not you should make the effort to reconcile with your partner. Here, your gender has nothing to do with saving your relationship you just have to act before things completely fall apart. Here are the signs that tell you if your relationship is worth fighting for. You don't have to see all of them before you know if your relationship is worth saving or not. Just reading a few of them should help you decide.

1. Unwillingness To Notice Other Prospects

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You claim to have broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you aren't willing to consider another option? It's a sign your significant other is your world. They represent all you can ever think about in a partner and if they aren't the one standing next to you and holding you tight, it's hard to think of someone else doing the same. Fighting to get your love back is only the best decision to make if this represents how you feel even after a breakup. You're probably not going to enjoy life with someone else if you choose to ignore this sign.

2. An Injury To Your Ex Is An Injury To You

If you know within yourself that if anything should happen to your ex, it's as good as though it has happened to you as well. Shouldn't that make you do something about the relationship? It's a clear sign that you are still in love with that person and that maybe you're relationship is worth saving. Set aside your pride reach out to them. Forget about who is right and who is wrong because if you care for one another, none of the above should matter. Standing in the shadows when you have these feelings may cause your relationship to slip right out of your hand so be sure to act both quickly and carefully.

3. Your Spirit Keeps Telling You That You've Lost Something

You know that feeling when you have when you’re fighting with someone but you still miss them even when you might be annoyed with them? Does it hurt that they'e stopped talking to you? This is your inner human that recognizes a virtue in that person which is greater than your differences. If they aren't worth your time or attention they should leave your mind the moment you say good-bye to them. The fact that you're feeling a huge sense of loss means they aren't just a person to let go of just because of a mere misunderstanding. This means you need to get your act together and put your efforts into motion in order to save your relationship. The earlier you try to save your relationship, the better off you'll be in the end.

4. It Doesn't Feel Good To Seek Revenge

The relationship is worth saving if you consider revenge to not be an no option once your relationship has come to an end. In fact, let's say you are already married and if you don't feel like taking your spouse to court and you're not willing to claim what may be yours, it means you still consider your spouse someone you hold close to your heart. Don't hold back any longer because saving your relationship or marriage is the next line of action you should consider taking. A partner you feel so good about is one you don't want to try to get back at but at the same time, the feeling should be mutual. If it's not, then the relationship might not be worth saving.

5. Sometimes You Feel You've Taken Things Too Far

There are always two sides to every coin. The first side being the fact that you are very mad at your boyfriend or girlfriend. The flip side happens to be the fact that you're always careful so as to not say or do something that would completely ruin your chances of a possible reconciliation in the future. If you and your significant other are already apart and your gut keeps telling you that things wouldn't have gone this bad if you hadn't been so adamant then maybe there is still hope for the love the two of you once shared. In any of these scenarios, the message is clear. You contributed to your broken relationship and if you would bury your pride and admit your fault, your partner could soon be yours again. In such situations, your relationship is worth saving.

6. You Still Respect Your Ex, Regardless

That broken relationship is worth saving if you still respect your partner regardless of what they might have done to you. That is, you don't consider whatever might have happened between the two of you as a reason to disrespect them anyway then that's a big sign it's a worthy cause to get things working between the two of you once again. Respect is one big telltale sign of love and even more so when the respect is mutual. So, if you know or can discern that your partner also has some bit of respect for you just as you do for them, then why stand back and watch things slip away? It's worth fighting to save such a relationship.

7. They Are Still Physically Attractive To You

You see, when you are sincerely done with a person, no matter how attractive they may be, they cease to be attractive to you anymore. Your mind doesn't see them for who they are any longer and so, even if everyone is claiming that they might be attractive, you don't see them a such anymore. However, if your partner still turns you on despite the fact that you are not on good terms, that's a big sign you have to do everything possible to save the relationship. It means you still love with them and have not written them out of your mind.

8. Somehow, They Still Manage To Make You Smile

Let's say you have a boyfriend that you've parted ways with due to one reason or another but somehow, when you see each other, he still manages to make you smile or laugh. When this happens it means there is still some degree of attraction between the two of you. True love makes partners see even something special even when one might be crying. A man or a woman that is not worth being with would not make you smile. If you happen to be missing that smile and you can't get it out of your head, then this is a sure sign that your relationship might be worth saving.

9. You Still Count Their Success As Yours

When you hear that your significant other succeeds and you jump up in ecstasy not minding the row between you, it's a wakeup call for you. Your relationship with them might not be over just yet and you must not allowed it to go down the drain. Saving your relationship from total collapse is the right way to go. We seldom become excited when people we don't know or care little about succeed. An expression of joy for your partner's success is a sign that your heart still sees them as a part of you. Rather than standing back and allowing your own to slip away from your hands, make a concerted effort to get them back.

10. There Are Still Some Things You Like About Your Partner

Ideally, before we let go of a relationship, it must be, because, we don't see any desirable quality in that person any longer or that the demerits of being with that person far outweigh the merits of being with them. However, where you find yourself loving some attributes in your partner, perhaps even those you consider hard to come by, you shouldn't hesitate to do everything within your power to rescue the relationship from total collapse.

11. Both Of You Share Core Values And Beliefs

If your partner shares the same heritage, beliefs, and values with you then you should know that your relationship with them is worth saving. For instance, if they are of the same faith as you, or if they see what you see as right, or even if your beliefs on some issues similar, no amount of fighting should make you let them go without some effort on your part. In most cases, the quality you even look for before going into a relationship includes but not limited to the similarity in core values and beliefs. This singular point carries so much weight that if you are sure you are on the same page on it, it is enough a reason to want to keep your relationship.

12. You Are Still Able To Decipher Their Mood

Our state of mind at any particular point in time represents our mood. In most cases, apart from ourselves, only someone who is very close to our hearts can tell or know what our mood is. If despite the fighting between you and your boyfriend, you are still able to know what his state of mind is and how he is feeling, it shows that somehow, a part of you still wants to be with him. The same can be true for him as well. No matter how tense the situation between you may currently be, that's an indisputable sign that saving your relationship would be a worthy cause.

13. Your Challenges Aren't Localized

Yes, your broken relationship is worth saving if the things causing difficulty between you and your significant other are not specific to your relationship. Oftentimes, partners erroneously believe that a better life is out there with someone else but that's not usually the case. And you know what? Only a few challenges (if any at all) are new. Many couples have passed through and are still passing through the challenges that are almost tearing your relationship apart and somehow, they've survived. Just a bit of perseverance may be all you need to get things working again.

14. Your Relationship With Your Ex Gave You Freedom

No matter how bad things may currently appear to be between you and your partner, one point you should examine before you allow thing get out of hand is this: Were you able to pursue your set goals while the two of you were on good terms? That is, do you think the relationship is making you explore several things you would have loved to? If so, such a relationship is worth saving and fighting for. Maybe you can try something new, together. Some activities are best shared by two people, even more so by two people how happen to be in love with one another.

15. Your Partner Is Willing To Make Things Work Again

Most times, the singular factor you need to decide whether to call it quits or continue in a relationship is their readiness to make things work. As soon as you know or can see this in your partner, you have no excuse but to swinging into action to save your relationship from a total breakdown.

16. It's Hard For You To Forget All The Good Memories

Are you finding it hard to erase the good times you've had with your partner from your mind? It may be a sign they have made an impressionable mark on you. Such relationships should not be allowed to just go away because of a little misunderstanding. The fact that you are finding the good memories hard to erase from your mind means that even during those moments when you weren't on good terms. The good news is however, that their love has still found a spot in your heart. Otherwise, it would have been easy for you to forget about them.

17. You Have Both Invested In The Relationship

Of course, where your investment is, there your mind should be. How can you stay and watch a relationship you have invested your time, money, and other resources collapse in your very eyes without fighting to save it? It wouldn't be a right decision to allow this to happen. You wanted it to work and that was why you invested so heavily in it in the first place. Unless there is a genuine reason to watch things fall apart, it would be in your best interest to get your relationship back on track.

18. You Can't Think Of Anyone Else To Parent Your Children

Your relationship is indeed worth saving if the thought of someone else except your significant other taking care ofyour children scares you. This means you have resolved voluntarily within yourself to make them your husband or wife as the case may be. This particular sign depicts love and commitment. For you to have arrived at this state of mind, you must have taken a lot of things into considerations. Such consideration should, therefore, spur you to give your relationship everything it takes to work.

19. You Have A Feeling That Things Can Still Be Better

As you go through turbulent times with your significant other, chances are that your inner gut keeps telling you that things can still work out. Why not listen to yourself? There is something about an inner voice that speaks to us on most issues and decisions of life. It is our refusal to listen to it that brings us to regrets in most cases. Your partner may be annoying and seemingly irresponsible today but if your gut keeps telling to hold on, it means the relationship is worth saving.

20. You Need To Be Ready To Give This Everything It Takes

This has to do with your personal resolve now and if you're ready to pay the price to rescue your relationship, what it means is that to you, the relationship is worth saving. If by your estimate, the relationship is not worth keeping or saving, you wouldn't be ready to make any personal sacrifice to save it. As such, if you are ready to pay the price, let nothing keep you back.


It's almost impossible to have a relationship in which partners do not have issues. There is bound to be a challenge every now and then. That challenge can become so fierce that partners have to decide whether to stab the relationship to death or rescue it from the fire. In coming to the conclusion of whether a relationship is worth saving or not, several things may have to be considered. We have taken the time to examine 20 of them in this piece. If at least 6 of these points resonate with you, your relationship is sincerely worth saving. It would be nice if you could take the bull by its horn and resolve whatever the issue is you might be having As noted in the piece, the ideal relationship only exists in our imaginations. In practice, partners would have to manage and accommodate each other. Take the right step now to save your relationship so you don't have to regret later your decision later.



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