20 Types Of Girls: Which One Should You Go For?

There are differen types of girls. You need to udnerstand the right one for you. Here are 20 different types that you need to know.

By Gerald Matiri
20 Types Of Girls: Which One Should You Go For?

Introducton to girl types

As a man, if you have dated 10 or 20 women, you will realize that it looks as if you dated the same woman over and over again. This is because they all seem to have the same female personality. Even if you have never dated before, you may already have an idea of the kind of girl you want. Probably you want the young and inexperienced girl or the charismatic beauty. While there are no two girls who are exactly the same, one thing that you need to realize is that it is possible to classify girls according to the types of female personality. Let us look at the top 20 types of girls and recommend to you the one suited for you the best.

1. Fashionista types of girl

Like the name suggests, this type of girl can best be described as a shopaholic. According to psychology experts, this girl has a great sense of fashion and will regularly spot the latest fashion items. She will always wear make-up. She likes wearing high heels. You will never catch her with that horrible look that most girls have when they have just gotten out of bed. When you meet this kind of girl, she is likely to dictate what you wear and to what events. She expects nothing short of the best when it comes to the kind of man she can date. The personality of this type of girl is that she is friendly and bubbly. She will always look lovely and smells nice. This is the type of girl that everybody admires. For men, they will fight to date her while the ladies will long to be like her. The disadvantage of these types of girl is that they will in most cases be selfish. When you date this kind of girl, all your friends will envy you for having such a beauty by your side. The downside of dating these types of girl is that they can be quite expensive to maintain. She will want to go for dates in the malls and fine restaurants. She will buy clothes not because she needs them, but that she wants to compete with others as far as her collections go. If you are not careful, not only will she drain your bank account but she will also infect you with her personality.

2. The motherly types of girl

People who have studied psychology say that the personality of this girl can be described as kind, gentle and strict. Like the name suggests, this the girl who is likely to be a good mother for your kids! She will be caring to your sister’s children. She will in most cases, exhibit wisdom that is beyond her look. When faced with a crisis, she will show values that impress. Not only does she like children, but she can also be a good listener. She understands the right things to say to the people around her. One advantage of these types of girls is that they will rarely care what people think of them. When you falter, she will be at hand to tell you this to your face and offer advice on what you should do. Not only will your parents love it, but she will definitely make a good parent one day. She will have everything you need in order, as she is tidy and organized. In case you aren’t ready to settle down, you would rather forget about this type of girl. She will also scold you in the same way your mother used to. She will not be the kind that your friends love to date and many of them will wonder why you date her.

3. Playgirl types of girl

According to psychology experts, this girl will appear to be perfect as she is attractive, beautiful, charming and has a great sense of humor. She is also fashionable and will leave you feeling loved. Psychology experts opine that this type of girl understands that many men are after her and will therefore play with them. She will show them love for a short period of time before dumping them. The only thing is that she will make you believe that you were the cause of the breakup. She is rarely satisfied with her partner and will always be seeking a better one. One advantage of dating this type of girl is that she will be the envy of your friends. She may not be very popular with your parents, but you will stand firm to defend her. Who doesn’t like having a girl that men treat like a trophy? Everywhere you go, men will admire her beauty as well as her bubbly personality. One thing that guys will like about her is that she is independent. The disadvantage of having this kind of girl is that your friends will see you as ignorant, as she plays around with you. She will constantly change her moods, leaving you confused. In one minute she will be happy and the next one, she will be mad at you. When she wants a favor from you, she will humble herself. When she gets what she wanted, she will forget everything to do with you. You might end up feeling used because the moment you fail to meet her expectations, she will dump you for the next guy that meets her needs. Never mind that she has been chatting with him for the past 6 months.

4. The nerd types of girl

Psychology experts believe that this is a girl that can only be termed as the genius. Not only does she understand every topic under the sun but she is always carrying the latest John Grisham 1,000-page novel. She may not give much attention to fashion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she hates fashion. Not only is she kind, but she puts her study before anything else. In most cases, these types of girls have big dreams and she will feel down when she doesn’t do well in her studies. The good thing with this type of girl is that she is not difficult to tune as long as you know the right moves. She is not interested in having another nerd and so all she need is a guy who will tickle her bones. She will be the darling of your parents because she is well-mannered, bright and decent. All indications show that her future is bright. Not only is she royal, but she has an intellectual reasoning that will support your career with passion. One drawback of this kind of girl is that she will be a bit boring and she won’t be very popular with your friend. She isn’t the kind who spends her time watching movies. Your friends may even find it hard to get a topic to discuss with her. Since she is conservative, you can’t afford to be spontaneous while around her. She shows little interest in sports and she doesn’t like the fact that you are addicted to games, which she may consider a waste of time.

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5. The innocent types of girl

This type of female personality is the one who believes in nearly everything .She may not be in a position to realize other people’s hidden agenda. Her cute personality is what causes people to fall in love with her. She acts kind to the people she meet. This is despite the fact that some people will tend to abuse her. She isn’t fast in coming up with a new concept and this is what makes her unique. This type of girl has many friends who seek to protect her from the sharks that are trying to use her. There are several benefits of dating this female personality. You, your friends and parents will consider her to be a sweetheart. She is also a pure and positive person, who is not polluted by the world. She will keenly listen to your problems. She is also kind, gently and bubbly. The main drawback of this type of girl is that she doesn’t pick up new concepts first. Before she understands what you are trying to say, you will need to repeat the instructions at least three times. The fact that she is so innocent can also prove negative. You will feel as if she is not the kind of mature and intellectual person you need to discuss things with.

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6. Prom types of girl

Psychology experts say that this female personality is good at everything. Not only are these types of girls beautiful and social, but they are also lovely, friendly and charismatic. She is able to do nearly everything under the sun; right from sports, academics to music. She is not only kind, but she can be a cynosure at all social events. Every person understands her name as well as her social reputation. The fact that she is attractive and has all other good qualities makes guys queue for her. When you are with this girl, not only will your friends be left dying will envy but your parents will also be proud of your choice. Everybody will tell you that you made the right choice for a girl. Everybody will know her name as well as her reputation. However, the disadvantage of having this type of girl is that she is not the right choice for people with low self-esteem. You might end up feeling as if you are being accused by the public of having this girl. At times, you may feel as if she deserves someone better than you. You can end up feeling frustrated dating her, as she will take away your pride. The fact that she is kind to other guys can leave you feeling jealous.

7. Feminine type of girl

It can be a bit challenging describing this kind of a girl. This is due to the fact that most guys have different explanations on the feminine girls. She prefers wearing skirts rather than trousers. In fact, she prefers those old-fashioned types of dresses. She loves the nude colors and also has a soft spot. The lady is a bit sensitive, but she is also gentle and kind. Not only is she great in cooking but she prefers tea rather than coffee. The girl is usually pretty, sweet and a bit quiet. This type of girl will make you the envy of your friend. She will also receive a lot of love from your friends. She is not only kind, but takes time to listen to every complaint that you may have. She is always ready to cook for you some delicious meals and will not bother you to pick her at night. The only con is that she is not so enthusiastic about swimming, yoga or other sports. She is keen on her look and is not a fan of camping, hiking or skiing. This means that if you are a lover of outdoor adventure, it can be difficult to touch base with her. She prefers to sit down and have a great conversation.

8. Adventurous type of girl

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This is a girl who loves what few other girls love. Not only is she sporty, but she prefers an outdoor date. Some of her favorite activities include camping, fishing or hiking. She shows little care of her dressing and she has no problem in making her hands dirty. You might notice that most of her friends are males instead of females. It can be fun having this kind of girl and she bonds well with guys. Your friends will find her cool. There are high chances that she has lots of knowledge about games. She will join you for the sporting events and will not mind having dinner at KFC instead of other fine-dining restaurants. She will rarely spend time doing make-up and will not keep you waiting for 30 minutes. One of the cons of dating this kind of woman is that you might feel as if you are dating a man. You will feel like you would be better off dating a woman who wears a skirt and puts on high heels, rather than the shorts and sandals. Even when you are expecting a delicious meal from her, she may not have the time to cook for you. The fact that many of her friends are male may leave you feeling jealous. It is hard to please her using those romantic moves and this is why it is necessary to use your creativity in order to win her over.

9. Ambitious types of girls

These types of girls are usually the leader in every relationship. They will not only take the wheel, but will also put priority on their work as compared to anything else. This girl usually has great dream and some people may find her to be obnoxious, mean and selfish. Not only is she hardworking, but she also has very few friends. When you are her friend, she will have very high expectations of you and she might even try befriending you in a way that she finds beneficial to her. She has high dreams and has no room for failure. Not only is this kind of girl very professional, but there are many things that you can be proud of in her. She is quite independent and is always ready to do things for herself. This type of girl will help you becomes more professional in the way you do things. She will maintain a high bar for your success. The main disadvantage of dating this kind of girl is that it can be difficult to maintain her. She will rarely submit to the leadership you are offering her as she is an alpha tigress. These types of girls will pin very high expectations on the things you do. She might not give priority to your things and she cares less of what people think of her. This girl will rarely open up and you may find it quite difficult to gain her trust. You will find that she graduated from college in three years and immediately went to medicine school without even taking a vacation. It will be difficult for you to match her achievements. Psychology experts say that the ironical thing is that she is won by the normal guy in the street rather than the alpha male. You will find her dating a teacher, artist or scientist. She will rarely fight you unless you are interested in power play. In order to win her, you will need to show self-confidence, goals and sexual drive! However, you don’t have to be the tiger in bed or hunk in order to win her.

10. Low self-esteem types of girls

Psychology experts say that these types of girls are usually multitalented. She will have good looks, but this is not something that she seems to notice or use to her advantage. Since she is kind of shy, she rarely believes that she can be better like other girls. This type of female personality thinks that she can’t get whatever she longs for and has little or nothing to offer. You need to keep constantly reassuring her that you love her. One of the pros of dating this type of girl is that she can be quite decent. She will also truly love you and will always be honest. She doesn’t trust her skills and you will need to keep convincing her that that she is good. She will have negative thoughts and this may prove depressing, especially if you are her kind too.

11. The neighbor's grass is greener type of girl

According to psychology experts, these types of girls love everything perfect. They can be quite selfish. She might not have any negative motives in her rant, but she can also be quite annoying. This type of female personality feels jealous when she finds someone with a better boyfriend, better job or even a better life. It can be quite difficult spending time with this kind of girl, particularly since she is never pleased with anything she has. While she may spend a lot of time comparing you with her ex, she is usually very loyal and will mean no harm when doing so. All she wants is for you to become a better person. She will keep motivating you. Her main con is that she will compare you a lot with others and constantly throw tantrums. If she doesn’t think you are the kind of person she needs, she will suggest many areas where you need to change. One single mistake and she will forget everything good that you ever did for her. She will remind you why her ex would never do that to her.

12. Possessive types of girls

This female personality will want to know everything from what you took for your breakfast to every activity you engaged in the whole day. She will feel jealousy first. She likes crying and will try to look helpless. Her goal is to ensure that you feel bad and therefore work towards meeting her need. She can be dependent and clingy and will work hard towards limiting your freedom. One pro of this type of girl is that she doesn’t mind telling everyone she meets how much she loves you. She is also very good in meeting your needs. She will work hard towards doing that. She will share your experiences with her friends and mostly for bad reasons. One of the cons of this type of girl is that she will rarely give you any freedom. She will cry if you leave her at home to go and watch a soccer match. Every five minutes, she will send you a text. She will also call you before she can go to bed. She is not happy when she sees you with female friends and she can be quite sensitive. You can hardly get along with this kind of girl if you don’t like being held in a love prison.

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13. Regular girl

These are girls who like conforming to the norms in the local environment. She will dress like everyone else in the crowd. She also has a similar view with most of her friends. If you are trying to date this type of girl, you will need to find out what her friends like with regard to books, movies, music et al. Use this knowledge to chat with her.

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14. Hopefully romantic

This kind of personality can be somehow considered as old-fashioned; there are still many girls out there who are waiting for Mr. Right. The goal of this kind of a girl is to have a relationship that lasts long. This is the reason why she is extremely feminine and sincere. This female personality longs for a man who is romantic, sweet and patient. One thing that these girls love is the emotional security and strength. One pro of this girl is that she is satisfied with having just one man as her source sexual gratification and emotional fulfillment. She can also make a perfect wife, as she will never cheat on her hubby.

15. The cynic

When this type of girl meets a man, she will rarely fall for him fast. From, the start, she will assume that the guy is a jerk. The man will be required to prove otherwise. This is because she has been heartbroken in the past and she is not ready to allow this to happen at any other time. Before this girl allows you into her space, she will want you to prove that you are worthy.

16. Serial dater

This is the type of girl who feels that she can get any man she wants because she is special. She is always finding something special in a man to make her long for him. She will date a totally boring man because of his good job. She won’t mind dating that guy who isn’t smart if she finds him fun. Many of her friends find her weird and will accuse her of not having any standards, but she doesn’t care. She thinks that her friends are just jealous of her because men love her.

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17. The arty Hipster

This type of girl is stylish and exciting. She has love for the intellectuals and nerds. She also has an interest in culture. If you are the kind who likes learning about music and arts, this is the type of girl that you should go for. However, if you start hitting on her because you are cool, she will ignore you as she doesn’t find you interesting. She doesn’t keep her bed very clean and doesn’t care about that!

18. Intimacy junkie

This female personality can be termed as the easy type. She is addicted to sex and she gives the best kiss in the world. Not only is the kiss intense but it is also very connecting. If you are the kind of man who is not a very good communicator, she will always be there to help. She will make you feel good at first. She is connected to you as well as your feelings. If you are the analytical kind of man, you will find yourself easily ensnared by her web. At first, you will get excited about getting her but you will need a lot of talk to know what the relationship means. This may cause explosion of the relationship! She is very good in the bedroom and will try out things that leave you scared. If you want to excite her, you should tell her that you are ready to do it. If you don’t meet her bedroom need, she will leave you for the other dude who is able to match her expectations in the bedroom. Therefore, if you are to date and maintain her, you will need to up your game in the bedroom. When she is single but horny, she will be on the lookout for a dude to meet her sexual needs. She may go to a night club, gym or even volunteer in search of the man to do the job. However, deep inside her, she wants to be with the right guy.

19. The desperate girl

She is similar to the serial-dater, as she will try out every kind of man. The only difference is that she does so because she has become tired of dating and she doesn’t want to end up alone. She feels that she needs to be with someone right now. She tries too hard and this only causes her to get the wrong dudes. She tries to force things and is obsessed with having a man. She may be desperate for a baby to an extent where she doesn’t mind the guy who will give her one. All she needs is someone with some good DNA and a good job and she is ready to get knocked up.

20. Keeper type of girl

This female personality seems to be a combination of all types of girls. She is funny, kind and attractive. This girl is also committed and loyal. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also very supportive. You will find that this girl is the kind that you would like to get married to. She will be loved by your parents as well as your friend. She will make those occasional mistakes, but she will always apologize for she is not afraid to accept her mistakes. She is not a gold-digger. All that she needs is a small family car and a cozy three-bedroom house. If you grew up in a traditional family home, this is the kind of girl for you. If you grew up in a home where domestic chaos was the order of the day, you will like this woman as she provides a stable home. The only con of this type of girl is that she will leave you smitten. When she says she will not be going to work, you should trust her words. If you are a career-minded man, you would be happy with her as she will give you room to focus on your work while she takes care of the domestic part. However, she may leave you financially stressed and it may be hard to convince her to find a job.

Final thought on types of girls

While every girl is special and uniquely made, with their own personality traits, psychology experts have determined that it is possible to categorize women according to their female personalities. Each of the above types of women has their own female personalities that make them unique in their desires and the method they use to get whatever they want.