David Rysdahl Wiki: Everything To Know About Zazie Beetz's Boyfriend

get to know more about David Rysdahl who is the boyfriend of Zazie Beetz. Below are facts about him that you never knew and his net worth.

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David Rysdahl Wiki: Everything To Know About Zazie Beetz's Boyfriend

David Rysdahl: Zazie Beetz’s boyfriend, a writer and actor

We all love Zazie Beetz and can’t get enough of him. The actress has stolen hearts all over the world including that of her boyfriend, David Rysdahl. It’s basically hard work and performing to her best that has elevated her in regards to fame. Beetz’s boyfriend, Rysdahl is also working on his way up and they hope to be a power couple someday and have some beautiful kids playing in their garden. But they have dedicated themselves to acting and their projects have been the talk of the town. Many people are still wondering how she got the amazing guy as a boyfriend, but let’s say that some people are just lucky. Rysdahl is also talented just like Beetz and he is reaping big on the film industry. David Rysdahl was born in New Ulm and his natives really adore and support him. He is the son of Dr. Scott and Gigi Rysdahl. His parents are actually his biggest fans and they have been supportive all the way. They noticed that Zazzie Beetz's boyfriend and their son, Rysdahl was an actor when he was very young. The first time they noticed that the boy had that talent was when he recited a poem titled “The Cremation of Sam McGee” in a fundraiser event. The actor was cast as Cain in the “Children of Eden” play while in 7th Grade. Rysdahl would then appear in a play every year in the years he was in New Ulm Cathedral High School. Rysdahl graduated from high school in 2005 and joined St. Olaf College. Before he had thoughts of becoming a doctor like his father and in college, he studied Chemistry and English but still found some time to take part in the theater. Beetz’s boyfriend was uncertain about pursuing an acting career because professional acting looked like a dream he couldn’t achieve, but he still went on performing in 2009, he got a role in “Hamlet” as Laertes and the actor described it as the best moment of his life. After the Shakespeare festival came to an end, he was convinced to try his luck in professional acting and he went to New York City. He has starred or written movies like “That’s Not Us”, “Black Swell”, ”The Revival”, “The Cure”, and “Dead Pigs.”

Zazie Beetz talks about her boyfriend, David Rysdahl

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Some of the celebrities don’t like letting everyone one into their private lives. They love keeping the media away and avoid all the publicity and attention. One of them is the Atlanta actress who will be starring on “Deadpool 2”, Zazie Beetz. The actress doesn’t like to influence her personal life, but Beetz has a great fan following that might want to know about her love life. One of the issues that fans are discussing a lot is who she is dating. Well, people, Beetz has a boyfriend as we said before, and he David Rysdahl. One of the people who have been so supportive of Beetz’s long journey is her boyfriend, Rysdahl. However, the actress has not been vocal about her partner and affair but she has been found with him for so many times and many believe that they are actually a couple. Beetz has shared countless photos of her and Rysdahl and that is enough proof that there is chemistry between them. The fans who have followed her on IG aren’t convinced otherwise. The first photo of the two was shared in August 2016 and Beetz wrote on the caption, “Me and bb boy.” David Rysdahl has also posted photos of him and his queen, Beetz and captioned some lovey-dovey comments. That’s proof enough that they are in something serious, but there are no rumors of them wanting to get married. Zazie has a successful career and her salary must be very excellent which means that her net worth might be in a million.

Facts to know about the actor

He is also talented in writing

Beetz’s boyfriend, Rysdahl, plans to shoot a film based on a script that he wrote in the New Ulm area. David’s movie is a dark comedy about a troubled father who has a 12-year-old daughter who fakes her cancer for profit. According to Rysdahl, the film will have a tone similar to “Black Swell.” The actor revealed plans to work on the film with his girlfriend, Beetz.

His partner, Beetz is a feminist and activist


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If you scroll down Zazie’s Instagram, you will realize that she makes women proud of who they are. The actress usually advocated for women rights and also black culture. She has posted many photos of her campaign on her social media accounts and she seems she is not going to stop doing something right. She also loves Maya Angelou and even used some of her quotes on her IG.

His net worth

According to Net Worth Post, David Rysdahl has a net worth of $700,000. He has made his net worth from his roles and contributions to “That’s Not Us”, “Black Swell”, ”The Revival”, “The Cure”, and “Dead Pigs.”

Murder mystery

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David Rysdahl’s fans are surely excited about his progress and having a love of one of the highest rising actresses in Hollywood at the moment. He is lucky, and that’s just a start.