Why He Suddenly Stopped Texting You And What To Do

Why He Suddenly Stopped Texting You And Advice on What To Do Next. There is advice for all types of situations like going out with your friends!

By Annabel Crystal
Why He Suddenly Stopped Texting You And What To Do

There are many reasons why he may be suddenly not texting you any longer

There are many reasons why he may be suddenly not texting you any longer, and disappears, however, the number one, most likely, reason why he stopped texting you is because he is no longer interested and has moved on. This truth is very difficult to swallow and accept but the best thing you can do for yourself is to move on quickly, just as he so easily has! Unfortunately, the truth is, men have a very small attention span, it’s due to the way they were raised, it’s technically not their fault. There is a larger social issue contributing to his behavior, and trust me, it has nothing to do with you! You are perfect just the way you are. So what you can do to move on quickly, is to move on, find someone else, and if you can’t find someone else, call a girl friend! Keeping yourself busy is a great strategy for keeping yourself mentally healthy. Coming up for reasons why he stopped talking is very unhealthy, so avoid this at all costs by reminding yourself how wonderful and perfect you are.

Why he suddenly stopped texting you after a few dates

The number two, most likely reason why he may have suddenly stopped texting you and disappeared after a few awesome dates is because he is probably dating multiple women at the same time and you lost his attention. The meaning behind this is men have very short attention spans when it comes to dating, because they are much more simpler in their strategies and rules than women. If a woman doesn't meet one of his two or three criteria (women usually have 20 criteria’s) then they immediately move on. They also aren’t as in a hurry as women so they are more carefree and not as serious about dating. Women generally feel like they are on a time crunch due to pregnancy and think that they need to prove themselves to men. The truth is, if you are overly confident, the man should feel the need to impress you! There are no rules to dating except the subliminal ones that society has put in place. There is more meaning to dating than currently exists. Trust, that is a good thing. Some men are not interested in long term relationships, so make sure you ask the hard questions during date one. This is one of many good rules. If you are interested in a long term relationship, and not interested in just sleeping around, or a one night stand, stick to your guns! If your date is hinting at sleeping together very early on, then he is most likely just interested in sleeping with you. If he can tell you are looking for a relationship, he might just move on. And again, TRUST, a good thing if he does move on.

Why he suddenly stopped texting you after a few months of dating

The number three most likely reason why he may have stopped suddenly texting you and disappeared after a few months of dating is because your guy either found someone else or he has decided he doesn’t want to take it to the next level. Men are fairly quick decision makers when it comes to deciding who to make as their girlfriend or move it even further to engagement. Men love the chase. If he feels like he is no longer chasing you or the excitement is gone, he may look elsewhere. Or, he may have known very early on that you weren't the one but needed to keep you around for temporary companionship. He may have even been simultaneously dating multiple women during this time! Men are very good at hiding things and unless you peek through their phones or follow them, you will probably never find out what else they are doing on the side. Men think they need to keep multiple women around because they find it harder to be alone. It also feels more like a game to them and they are more inclined to want to brag about this to their friends. I would consider this a win win situation. If he decides to leave you earlier as opposed to later, you may not be so invested in him. But as most women latch on fairly quickly, it is best to also work hard to move on quickly. Go on a new date immediately after he has moved on, even post some new happy photos on social media and make sure to ignore everything he does. There are so many reasons and rules as to why, so just ask another guy for advice!

Why he suddenly stopped texting you after a few years of dating

He may suddenly stopped texting you and disappeared after a few years of dating if he doesn't have the courage to tell you to your face that he doesn’t want to take it to the next level, which would be engagement. It could be possible that you aren’t a good match for one another. Unfortunately, there are some terrible people out there who will keep you around longer than necessary, as a long term partner or companion, with no intention of taking it further. They may even lie about wanting to take it further so that you don’t leave them. These are usually tactics of a narcissist who needs to see their image in their person they are dating. If you don’t fit the bill perfectly, they will look elsewhere. If he suddenly stops texting you, move on quickly, call your friends and plan a vacation. It is too easy to sulk and think that you are the problem they moved on. You are better off with someone else.

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Why he suddenly stopped texting you after a vacation getaway

Your guy may suddenly stop texting you and disappeared after a vacation getaway because he may think that you two are not compatible while being together long term. Some men seem to think that a vacation is a make it or break it situation. If you are both able to compromise and have an easy flowing vacation he may stick around longer. But if you are both butting heads and having a difficult time enjoying one another, he may leave. Some men actually pre-plan leaving after a vacation. There are some terrible men out there who want to be accompanied by a beautiful female during vacation, but with no intention of dating her after the vacation is over. Beware of these men! They move fast and they are very charming! If you are the type of female that takes advantage of these vacations for your own benefit, then go for it! It’s just as much of a good time for you as it is for them. But if you are the type that gets attached very quickly, take care of your mental health by not getting close to them and allowing them to hurt you. 

Why he suddenly stopped texting you after a serious conversation

Your guy may suddenly stop text you after a serious conversation and disappeared about a topic going on in his life or about the relationship itself. Some men need time to think and will disappear fairly quickly in order to do so. Men cannot handle emotions as well as women because they were not raised to do so as well. Therefore, they need more time to think and process the situation. Some men also may not want to make an immediate decision so they just need a few days away in silence. This doesn't necessarily mean he will not come back or text back soon, but it means he needs to think. If he doesn’t eventually come back that means he decided it was best to move on. I always recommend to also move on quickly in the event that your man moves on. Or, instead of moving on, and if you are strong enough, call your girlfriends and take advantage of me time and friendship time. Take lots of time for self-care - bubble baths, massages, facials - and remember that you are worth it.

Why he suddenly stopped texting you after meeting his friends

Your guy may be easily persuaded by their friends and will suddenly stop texting you and has disappeared. These type of men are mostly narcissist and only want to be with a woman that fulfills the image of themselves that they want to portray. These men are usually not looking for any meaning in the relationship. If their friends do not find you stereotypically attractive or fun (which is incredibly immature and superficial) they may tell your man and he may take that into consideration. The issue with this is a societal one - there are no exact rules, but beauty in our society is held in high regard. Finding and discovering beauty and meaning underneath the surface layer is not applauded in society, but it is more powerful. So if your man decides to not see you anymore after you meet his friends, than good riddance.

Why he suddenly stopped texting you after meeting his parents

There are so many reasons why your guy may have suddenly stopped texting you and disappears, after you meet his parents, and this is a touchy subject. There are so many reasons why a parent may not think you are perfect for their child - religious, political, racial etc. Unfortunately, most baby-boomers were raised with these high ideals and cannot think outside the box. It is possible you said something wrong as the dinner table, or came off either too cold or too emotional. You can’t please everyone, but some parents have incredibly high standards. It is possible that there is someone else that his parents have in mind for him. If your man has suddenly stopped texting you because his parents do not think you are good for their child than you most likely do not want to even be around these people. Negative thoughts and emotions from others can be very mentally draining so consider this a blessing. Continue to find someone who’s parents will love and accept you just the way you are, no questions asked.



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