10 Key Secrets To Deal With Being Called Ugly & Less Attractive

Do you at times think you are ugly or do people say you are unattractive? Worry no more. Here are ways in which you can effectively deal with being ugly.

By Dagmar Thomson
10 Key Secrets To Deal With Being Called Ugly & Less Attractive

10 Key Secrets to Deal with Being Called Ugly and Less Attractive

It is a nerve-striking ordeal when one is being called ugly. You will start wondering if this is true. You will worry and start seeing how unattractive you are. If you experience these feelings, you will hate yourself and might not be able to deal with it. However, what matters is what you think about yourself. What other people say about you does not count. Do not judge yourself harshly if you are called ugly or if you are shown how unattractive you look. Find ways to respond to their hateful remarks. Do not let yourself experience anger, low self-esteem, and hate towards yourself. Focus on your inner beauty. Furthermore, being attractive is part of the beauty. If you are having a rough time dealing with it, seek help from a therapist or a close adult. Being ugly and unattractive has its pros and cons.


• Since you cannot change your less attractive looks, you will work on developing your personality to become appealing. • You will never experience unwanted advances, which can be irritating. • You will always be faithful to your husband or wife. Everybody seeks a faithful partner. • Being ugly does not mean that you have no hidden talent. Most people will appreciate you more if you surprise them with your perfected talent or skill.


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• Unattractive children are being bullied more in schools. • Less attractive infants receive less attention than the attractive ones. • If you are ugly, you will deal with a hard dating life. • At work, if there is an ugly person his or her comments will be given less credibility. • As a less attractive person, you will deal with cruelty and hateful remarks from people around you. Here are ways in which you can deal with being called ugly and unattractive:

1. Deal with Your Anger by Standing Up For Yourself

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If you are called ugly or unattractive, chances are, you will experience anger. Do not let it overwhelm you. Deal with the hateful remarks in a mature way. If you are unable to cope with it, practice inhaling and exhaling. Lengthen each breath as you breathe in and out. This is best done if you breathe in and out from your belly. Count each breath as you breathe in and out. This will help you to relax and your emotions will get back in control. Once you are calm, you can respond confidently. Let the person know that his or her hateful remark does not change who you are. Stand up for yourself and do not back down even if you are attacked again. Remember the key thing is to be confident and not let your anger control you.

2. Give a Deaf Ear

When you give a deaf ear to nasty comments made about you, then you have control over the situation. However, being angry after someone has commented something hateful about you will be giving that person power over the situation. Learn to ignore the hateful comments. This will help you gain control over your life and your happiness respectively. Again, you will be able to deal with anything thrown at you. Learning to give a deaf ear against the ugly remarks maybe harder than you think; therefore, it will require your patience and a lot of practice. You will also have to work on convincing yourself that you are a beautiful soul no matter what people say. Remember, being attractive is part of the beauty hence work on improving your character.

3. Change Their Ugly Remarks into Statements or Humor

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When you are called ugly or unattractive because of a feature you have, do not let the comment affect you negatively. Instead, work on changing their rude remarks into statements. For example, you can respond that you have big eyes but looks are not everything. With such a positive remark, the person will see that you are comfortable with your looks. The other way that can make your mood lighten up is by using humor. Humor is the best method to use to relieve tension in a difficult situation. However, do not use humor to insult someone back. If you use it in the right way, the other person will get the message that his or her remarks are not affecting you. In return, the other person will back off.

4. Value Your Opinion More

Letting other people’s opinions affect you shows how little you value yourself. Learn to prioritize the way you see yourself above anyone else. Many people have their own opinion about you, but above all else, your opinion is what matters most. Do not let anyone make you feel ugly or less of a person. Hold on to your own opinion. People will notice that what they say about you does not affect you. You will gain their respect. Therefore, nobody will ever pick on you again.

5. Exercise

Taking care of your body is a great way to make you feel good about yourself. Exercise helps to brighten someone’s mood. Being called ugly countless times can make you lose your self-esteem. This may be because you are overweight or your dressing code is not fashionable. It is high time that you did a makeover. Enroll in a gym for an aerobic session. Sweat it out and at the end of the day, you will start feeling the change. Buy the newest trending clothes and add a deodorant to the shopping list to ensure that you smell nice. Maintain your personal hygiene by showering regularly and brushing your teeth often. Take your time to make your hair neat and beautiful every morning. Ensure that you change your personal outlook. Wear clothes that fit you well. Chose a personal style that reflects the person you are. This will make you feel good about yourself. Take charge and change things that can be changed.

6. Apply Confidence

Being called ugly many times can lead to losing self-confidence. You might forget what confidence feels like. You may also feel that you cannot be confident around people. If you are in this stage, the first step to recovery is to act as if you are confident. Keep up the act until you make it. Change your opinion and start seeing yourself as confident. A confident person attracts people from afar. Therefore, change your attitude and your manner of talking. This will reflect to other people that you are confident. Their nasty remarks will not bring you down as well. They will back off and the nasty comments will end. If anybody tries to bring you down, hold your head up high and stand up for yourself.

7. Accept Being Called Ugly

We all know that ugliness is not the absence of the beauty. It is in its own self a beautiful thing. Nobody can tell what pretty, ugly or beautiful is. A person’s appearance is attached to their identity and self-esteem. However, when you recognize a person’s appearance, it helps to distinguish the difference between people. Being called ugly should not put you down. You should build your self-confidence and self-acceptance. Accept your imperfection and move on. This will help you to cope with being called ugly. Furthermore, if one person sees you as ugly, someone else does not see you as such. Assure yourself that you are beautiful in your own way. Make sure you have positive thoughts throughout. It may be harder than you think, but fake it until you believe it. With time, you will become optimistic and nothing will dampen your mood. If people find you ugly, find a niche that will make you outshine everyone else.

8. Lean on Your True Friends

True friends will not tease you or make nasty comments about you. If your friends make hateful comments about you, then you should consider otherwise. A true friend will always have your back no matter what. Ensure that you choose your friends wisely. Be around friends who make you feel good about yourself. Be with those who treat you with respect and those that are able to see who you are and not what you look like. True friends should build your confidence as the person you are. Your looks should not matter to them but your personality is what they should look at. Do not choose cool friends who will bring you down just to be seen among the beauties.

9. Seek Help

Boosting one’s confidence is a tough thing. It is not as easy as you would think especially if you are being bullied countless times. Being able to jump back to being a confident person once again requires a strong personality. If you are struggling to deal with your self-esteem, depressions, and anxiety, ensure that you seek help from a professional therapist. A therapist can help you build your self-esteem back. You can find a good therapist by getting a recommendation from your physician. You can also call your insurance provider for guidance on finding a good professional therapist. Alternatively, you can do something that makes you feel good about yourself and worry less. Since you cannot change your appearance, come up with a hobby that will calm you and help you deal with it. Whenever a person calls you ugly, refuse to wallow in self- pity. Indulge in a hobby that will make you feel good about yourself. Hence, you will cope with your situation just fine. To stop worrying, indulge in activities such as listening to music, cooking, reading, and painting to mention but a few.

10. Find a Confidant

If you are in need of sound advice, you can talk to your parents, a teacher, a spiritual leader, or a coach. They can give you guidance and even help you to deal with the person who is bullying you. Never fear or worry talking to your parents or whoever you chose to confide in. You will be surprised how understanding they can be. They will give you advice on how to handle the situation and cope with it according to their own experience. Trying to reject your ugly nature is as if you have never existed. Therefore, embrace your appearance and accept yourself as you are. Everybody is unique in his or her own way. Finding a niche will help you gain confidence. Moreover, let your appealing nature do the talking.