30 Romantic Ways To Express Your Love Through Words & Actions

Love is very easy to express through your words and actions. Just feel that beautiful sentiment and realize how important is to tell your husband/wife/partner that you love them.

By Tanya Sinha
30 Romantic Ways To Express Your Love Through Words & Actions

Express your love to your husband/wife/partner and make them feel like the luckiest person.

Before starting the topic, I just want to ask you what is love, according to you? What do you really mean when you hear this word? Who comes to mind first? It has been said that love is such a beautiful feeling which can never be expressed in words and if you ask me I certainly agree with this. You know that when you are in love you feel on top of the world and you always try to express your feeling to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife whether you are in a long distance relationship or staying with each other. And the best part about love is that it is unconditional, you just think of giving everything to your loved ones. Some people know how to express their love and some still find it difficult to express. Don't worry about that, it's love after all and when it's true love you will find a way to express it. Let's get to the point to find out how you can express your love through words and actions to your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife in a long distance relationship and in short distance relationships, as well.

Spend time together to express your love to your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend to strengthen your relationship

In any relationship, whether you're husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend or just friends, it's really important to spend time together. By spending this time with one another you will learn each others needs, what your partner wants from you or what he or she both likes and dislikes. This is the root of any relationship that will allow it to grow into the future. So keep in mind, always find a time for your loved ones.

Express your love in words

Love is express in a more beautiful way when you put it in words. Always try to express your love verbally. In this modern era, people are more into gifting things to each other or spending money on each other. I am not saying this is wrong, this is also a part of expressing your love but when you put all your feelings into words, it's something different. Try writing a love letter to your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife and trust me love letter never goes out of fashion. Try it!

Make your relationship a priority

Never forget to give priority to your loved ones. If you are with friends, never forget your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend. Never make them feel ignored or alone. This is the thing which many of us do in today's time. Make them feel that they are important in your life and no matter what you are always there for your love. Trust me, this is the best thing to express your love and feelings to them through your words and actions.

Don't use technologies

Today people are more into their phones or laptops when they are with their loved ones. The question is why? Why are you so much involved in such things which don't have to add any value to your life. When you are with your loved ones, try to spend time with them instead of looking at your phone again and again. And also remember don't make your relationship a virtual relation. These new definitions of virtual relationships don't exist for long. So, try to spend time with them in spite of spending time with your technologies. For a long distance relationship, you don't have much of a choice, but when you use technology, use it wisely.

Don't say no to sex...here's a hint...think outside the bedroom!

For some of the people, sex is still a taboo. Understand this thing that sex is an essential part of any relationship regardless if it's husband/wife girlfriend/boyfriend, etc... to feel comfortable. Make and express your love in bed and make them realize how special you are for them. Make them feel that you love them and that's why you have taken a one step ahead to carry out your relationship.

Be passionate between the sheets in the bedroom!

When you are making love in bed, don't feel shy. Instead, be comfortable and be passionate as much as you can. This will make them feel that how much you love them. When you are in a long distance relationship and when you meet your loved ones after a long time, express your love in bed to make them realize how much you miss them and how much you miss the moments with them. Always remember, being passionate in bed is the best way to express your love.

Express your love through appreciation

Always appreciate your partner for their good quality or for the things where they helped you. Or you can say, thanks to them when they were there for you when you were in need of support or you were going through your bad phase of life. Express your appreciation them when you are among your friends or family. In this way, your loved ones will feel how much they are valuable to you and in your life.

Express your feeling of gratitude

Express your love by saying thank you them for having your loved ones in your life and how they have impacted your life in a positive way. In this way, they will feel the luckiest person in this world to be with you.

Make their favorite meal

Surprise them by making their favorite food on a particular occasion whether it's birthday or marriage anniversary or your 1 year anniversary. Make their favorite food without giving them an idea. You can also make it romantic by decorating it with flowers, candles, and the bottle of wine.

Express your love through small gestures

Small gestures are the best way to express your love. Hold their hand when you are in public or hug them when you are in bed. You can also make them feel special by leaving a "have a good day" note in their lunch box or "miss you" note. Also, you can give them a goodbye, good morning or goodnight kiss. Remember each and every minute details of them like what they are allergic to or what are the favorite series. These are the small gestures which express that you love them eternally.

Hang out with their family or friends

Always make a time for their family or friends. Make a plan to go for a dinner or to travel some other city with them. Be available when their friends or family need you, don't make an excuse. This will also show, as a person, how you are and also express that you care about their social life too.

Listen to your partner, their words and what they have to say

Always listen to your partner what they are trying to say. What they want or what they are going through. Listen to the problems they are going through in their lives and solve them politely. Never make a mistake of leaving them alone in their difficult phase of life. Also, if you have a fight over something, listen to their point. and try to resolve it even if it's not your mistake. Make them understand where things went wrong. Express your love through listening.

Express your love through gifts

Give them a surprise gift to express your love. And by gifts, I am not saying you have to bring expensive things only. You can gift them the favorite book or favorite chocolate. you can also surprise them by booking a ticket for their favorite sports or for live shows or concerts.

Be stupid or have fun

We always try to behave sophisticated or well when we are in front of our loved ones. Don't do that, instead, try to be comfortable with them. Say instance, do stupid things or pass lame jokes. Be comfortable in your pajamas instead of dressing perfectly well. You don't have to be perfect all the time, be imperfect too. Always remember when a person your imperfections, it shows how much they love you and when they don't it's better to move on with them. Express your love through your childish or cute behavior. Trust me. you are going to have fun.

Go for a long drive

Believe me, a long drive is the best way to spend your time with your loved ones. Plan a short road trip or a long trip. This way you are going to have fun all over the way and it will also express that you want to spend each and every moment and want to explore the world with them.

Stop Comparison

Never and ever compare your partner with anyone. This is the biggest mistake we do in a relationship. Always remember, people, are different from each other. Some of them have certain qualities and some of them have different qualities from them. If your partner is not good at something and your friend is good, then it's totally ok. You can make them understand them where they are going wrong. But never compare them with anyone. Every human is imperfect and that's what it makes difference. If you will stop comparing, your partner will know that you really love them and you appreciate them for what they are.

Express your love by making them feel safe with you

Express through your small actions that your partner is absolutely safe with you. Never force them to do anything against their will or never take advantage of them. Tell them that they do not need to be afraid when they are drunk or when they have committed any mistake. Tell your partner that you are always ready to help and always their to support them

Express your interest by asking lots of question

Ask your partner every little question to know them how as a person he/she is. Ask them about their hobby, what they do in their free time. Or you can ask about their interest in music, what type of music they listen. Or express your interest by asking about their childhood, how their childhood was, about their family and friends, how they grow up, ask them about their best friend. Ask them what they do before going to bed or after waking up. People just love talking about themselves so why not take the best use of it. Express your love through asking these question.

Other ways to express your love through words and actions are like:

Start having a savings account together.

Have a workout session together.

Gift them handmade gifts like a card, or photo album.

Have a morning shower together.

To know how to lift their moods is the best way to express your feelings

Give them space.

Wait for them before you start watching your favorite shows.

Tell them that you love how they smell.

Respect them for every decision they make.

Do the cuddling with them to express your feelings

Celebrate your and their success.

Express your love by exploring new things.

So, as you have read different ways to express your love, what are you waiting for. Go and express it to your loved ones that how much they mean to you, express how much they are important in your life and express your true love to them.



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