Sending Telepathic Love and Connection to Your LDR Partner

Learn how to send telepathic messages to someone you love

By Fred S.
Sending Telepathic Love and Connection to Your LDR Partner

In life, there’s nothing else that matters more than our loved ones. Having them healthy and happy around us, seeing them smile and prosper, is one of the biggest joys to live for. However, distance can be the biggest villain when it comes to enjoying these aspects to the fullest.

Distance sends lovers far away from each other, cutting off the ability to see each other in person, laugh, talk, and celebrate love together. However, that doesn’t faze the true life partners, love still prevails! If the circumstances don’t allow you to physically be with your significant other, you can still send them your love energy through a unique channel; called telepathy. In this article, we’ll learn more about this mysterious unseen medium of communication – so keep reading!

What are Telepathic Messages?

Telepathy is a channel of communication that doesn’t require material means to convey messages or energy. Fortunately, all of us are naturally capable of sending and receiving messages successfully telepathically, but there are some requisites to fulfill in order to fully unlock this ability. Firstly, sharing true love between you and the recipient strengthens your chances a lot, as it helps your emotional connection with them immensely.

You’d be surprised to find out that telepathy has been used for millennia as a source of communication that connects mind-to-mind. People have shared messages, vibes, and feelings through immaterial means for centuries, especially back when communication sources weren’t readily available.

Purity of Intent

Love is a noble feeling and translates into the noblest form of energy, which is able to heal and help anyone out in hard times. However, before you read and follow the steps to send telepathic messages, your will and intent should be in the right place.

If you’re willing to send love energy to a particular person, make sure your interests aren’t to achieve something else out of it other than communicating your feelings. You must have the best interest at heart for the recipient, as having malicious goals like readings minds to gather hidden information, will hardly get you anywhere.

Without inner sincerity, telepathy cannot even begin to occur. Seeking any kind of personal gain out of your telepathic attempts will take out the sincerity from your practice, and you’d hence only be wasting your time. Besides that, make sure that the person you’re trying to send love energy to would be happy to accept it – as you can simply not force love. As much as you try, just like you can’t force someone to get loving feelings from you in person, you can’t do so through telepathy.

In conclusion, you can only have positive intentions in mind to gain success in telepathy. Moreover, the recipient should be a person who loves you back and longs your company from afar, as telepathy requires a mutual connection. The love you send has to be pure and unconditional, which is also true for all forms of love in any case.  

10 Steps to Sending a Telepathic Connection or Message

1. Find a clean, calm, and quiet place to sit (or lie down) peacefully. You’ll have to get into a meditative state, and you can use a couch, bed, or a floor mat for this.

2. Allow your body and mind to fully relax. You could perform a quick session of meditation to help you get into a state that telepathy requires.

3. Start to inhale slowly, hold it, and exhale slowly, relaxing a couple of seconds with empty lungs before inhaling again. You could use a counting technique which includes counting to 4 as you inhale, hold it, and count to 4 as you let it out. This harmonizes your state of mind and gets you into a more positive feel.

4. Now, close your eyes and focus on the recipient of your telepathic message. Picture physical appearance details of them very closely and place them before you in your head, as if they’re right there with you.
5. Then, channel your focus on the sincerest emotions you feel for this particular person. Visit the love, care, depth, and all wavelengths of the feelings you have for them. Feel it beautifully taking over all of you, and imagine as if you’re entering all of this energy in your heart.

6. Repeat the positive and loving message you have for them in your head, again and again. You don’t have to be vocal, just repeat it within yourself for them with complete focus.
7. After you’ve repeated the message you have for them enough times, start focusing your attention back on the love within you. Focus on that part of your heart that longs to give love and kindness specifically to the person you’re trying to reach, and celebrate it inside – almost as if you’re smiling internally.

8. Deeply imagine yourself drawing all of this love that you have for the recipient to the central location of your heart. Filling it up to the fullest and let it overflow and radiate outside.
9. Now, imagine a direct cord stretching out from the source of your love to the person you want to direct it to, and vividly imagine pouring it out to them in abundance to their third eye. Envision it so deeply that it becomes real within you.

10. Focus on the depth of the love you’re sending, and allow it to journey ever so smoothly through this cord. Let your loving energy disperse any blockages and make your emotions flow through like honey. Once you’ve reached this step, continue this flow for at least 10 minutes, and sense them receiving it. Who knows, if you’re doing it at night time, you might even pop into their dream!

All of us are capable of sending these signals to the ones we love with the natural power of our minds alone. Just like any other technique or skill, you can learn and develop it with time and practice.

How to Feel the Connection as The Receiving Party

Not only does telepathy allow connected individuals to read each other’s minds, but also enables them to send energy or love signals. Just the way our wireless technologies work flawlessly today, we’re inertly capable of sending thoughts and love to another person without being personally in conversation with them. No matter how far they are, telepathic communication knows no bounds.

If the sender of these signals is successful, the receiver would think more often about the sender, and even become more responsive to the associated feelings. They might not even know that someone is sending them telepathic messages, but they’ll have the sender on their mind more frequently, without even knowing why!

Here are the steps to feel the telepathic connection more clearly on the receiving end;

1. Be aware of how you generally get psychic messages. Some see it as a visual pictorial flash, some hear the sender’s voice, and some people even notice the sender’s scent in their room.

Once you become aware of the means you get psychic messages through, you get into a better position to spot telepathic messages when they arrive.

3. In many cases, receivers get telepathic messages in their dreams, while their analytical and logic-oriented left brain is fast asleep. Keep a dream journal to take note of every detail of your dreams to be more aware of the telepathic symbolism in them.

4. You must believe in telepathic possibilities for them to work well with you as the recipient. Often, we tend to ignore or disregard signals thinking it’s impossible or unlikely, but it’s crucial to pay attention to them.  

Acknowledging the Telepathic Love and Connection

We’ve all had those weird instances where a certain person pops into your mind, and the next second you get a text or call from them. While it works in subtle ways like that, it’s the telepathic connection that makes these wildly intriguing possibilities come to life. 

The next time something like this randomly occurs in relation to your long-distance lover, pay closer attention to it and acknowledge these magical instances of emotional connection. Think about it, if WiFi or Bluetooth technologies can convey gigabytes of information per second wirelessly, why can’t our minds do the same?

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The love we feel within us for our life partner is an incredible unseen energy that has immense transformational and healing capabilities. It’s one of the purest emotions that we feel like humans, and it’s abundant all around us. To channel it telepathically, we have to provide it the amount of focus and attention it deserves, to access magical possibilities. Practice and keep trying until you successfully express your love to that person wirelessly. All the best!