16 Effective Ways To Get A Guy To Like You Again

Is your guy upset with you? Did you part ways in sour manner? Here are some effective ways that you must try to get a guy to like you again:

By Vasudha
16 Effective Ways To Get A Guy To Like You Again

Put In Your All To Make Him Like You Again

A happy and smooth relationship is something that we all dream of - a relationship where both people share a great bond and love for each other. But it all goes fine till we face some really big fight, which can take any relation to the verge of a break-up - where your partner eventually stops liking you. Getting your guy to like you again after a heated conversation or nasty fight can be quite a task. If you think mere texting or calling him back will make him like you again, you might be mistaken. Sometimes it is not that easy. Just like one has to try quite hard before starting a relation or friendship, getting your guy to like you again after a fight or misunderstanding can needs a lot of effort. There are some basic reasons as to why your guy is not interested in you again. Sometimes it may happen that your guy is simply falling out of emotion. However, in other cases, people tend to avoid each other for a few other reasons as well. Your guy might avoid you as he is afraid of similar arguments and dis-agreements again in the future. Also sometimes the fights leave a bitter impression in our heart and mind, so deep that we all tend to take harsh and severe decisions, which we often regret later. Thus, it can also happen that your guy has stopped liking you again simply out of his stubbornness. But anyone can hardly hold on to bitter emotions towards their loved ones for long. We all need love and expect more and more of it from your loved ones, especially during the time of crisis or fight. We all expect our loved ones to make up for the hard feelings and get back again as if nothing has happened. We all need that extra bit of pampering and care. We all want to feel needed and given importance, time and again. So you must keep in mind that if he did like you before, it is also unusual to fall out fast for him too. So buckle up your shoelaces and put in all your efforts to get the guy you like back again. So here are some effective ways to get a guy to like you again, which you must try:

1. Try Finding The Root Cause Of The fight

Before continuing with or beginning to solve a problem, it is essential to find the root cause so that the solution can be amicably found. Only then you can prepare yourself better and make your guy like you again. It will not only help you solve the issue for the time being and make him like you, but also work as a guide to avoid future fights.

2. Admit Your Mistakes

It is as important to accept the mistakes as to identify them. Accepting your mistakes to yourself will give you clarity as to how you should act on certain issues. It will also make your heart and brain remember the ‘don’t’ of your relation. Only then you can have a positive outlook for the future and move towards getting back together again.

3. See It Through His Eyes

You two might have different perspectives for the same situation, but that is not something strange. Every human being has his or her own views and everyone thinks that he or she is correct in his or her place. So it is very important to understand and respect your guy’s views even if it doesn’t match with yours or you don’t like it. Only then you can work towards regaining your guy’s interest and getting him to like you again.

4. 'Space' Is The Word

After a fight or argument, we all need some ‘me’ time to ponder over the matter and get things clear to ourselves. Give your guy that time. Do not nag him or go on talking to him thinking that it will make your guy like you back faster. It will only worsen the issue. Allow him to miss you. Allow him to understand that your presence is much more important than the fight. It will make him feel that you are mature enough to understand and face the difficulties of life. Men love to confide in mature girls. So give him space as this will surely make your guy like you again. Meanwhile, prepare yourself for the next acts.

5. Explain Your Behavior To The Guy

It often happens that our thoughts are not expressed well through our actions. In that case, people tend to misunderstand us and that leads to more disagreements. So explain the reasons behind your acts to your guy in the simplest manner. It will help you get him back fast again and resolve the differences.

6. Talk To Your Guy In Person


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Sure we are living in a world of social media and latest technology, but the human touch is still somewhere necessary; especially if it is the matter of the heart. Try meeting and talking to your guy in person and not over the phone or text. Your urge to see him will make him feel important. He will surely like you for giving him your time. He will be interested again in getting back after seeing your genuine expressions.

7. Apologize To Your Guy

Admitting your mistakes and saying sorry is always a good idea. It brings out your honesty, which will help you cement your relationship. However, be careful to draw the line between apologizing and pleasing your guy. Do not go on saying sorry again and again. Say it once, but say it genuinely.

8. Tell Him You Want to Get Back Again

9. Be Yourself To Make Him Like You

The best thing to do after a fight while talking to your guy again is being yourself. Do not start to act strangely or in a completely new way, just to please him or to put your point across. Be the normal you. Be the reason that made him initially like you and he will be back with you again.

10. Get Flirty Again

A guy can hardly hold back when a girl is flirting with him, especially if he ever liked that girl. So flirting is a great way to get back with your guy again. However, be cautious not to overdo it. Keep it subtle. He is bound to grow interested and will like you again.

11. Relive Your Special Moments

Relieving the moments that brought you guys closer is a very effective way to get back together again. The past moments will spark things up between you both and make you people get along again!The fact that you remember and value the happy moments of togetherness will surely make him like you again.

12. Plan A Surprise Trip

While hanging out together, do not ask him where he wants to go again and again. Instead, plan a picnic lunch to his favorite countryside park or show up with tickets for an adventure park. A sudden gush of happiness helps to erase the bitter feelings from the heart. Also, an adrenalin rush is a great way to get close again. Be his support. Your interest in his liking will surely build a positive impact in his heart and make him like you again, fast.

13. Try Putting Things Behind You

When things start getting a little better, talk to him in a manner as if nothing had happened. Do not bring up the incident of the fight again and again. In short, make things easy between you two. It will help him to forget it and like you again.

14. He Might Take Time To Like You Back

Different people take different amount of time to heal and to get back again. So keep calm and have patience. Do not push him hard. Assure him that he can take all the time he wants. Meanwhile, try to understand him better. This will not only make him like you again, but also strengthen your bond.

15. Let Him Pour His Heart Out

Once you are done with all the admitting and apologizing, allow him to do the same. Let him talk to you. Trust me, even your guy has a lot to say. Listen to him with an open heart. Trust his feelings and he will start to like you again. Make him feel comfortable; ensure he feels that his thoughts are the most important thing for you.

16. Show Faith In Him

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It is very important to show to your guy that you are as interested in him even now, as you were earlier. Tell him that you see both of you guys together in future and want to work towards achieving it. Show him your love, affection and faith. Your trust will definitely make him like you again.

Don't Give Up In Love So Easily

Falling out of a relationship that was once closest to your heart can be a very painful situation. It can tear you apart to see that your loved one is no more bothered about you. The same person, to whom you meant the world, is not even interested in your life. The fear of losing your guy often makes you do things that you do not find right or would not have done otherwise. Beware of this. The fear that your guy will never like you again can make you feel helpless and often put you in depression. But do not worry so much. Just follow the above tips and you are surely going to get your guy like you back again fast. However, keep in mind; it is equally important to maintain a healthy relationship to get your guy to like you once again. When your guy does not like you back, even after trying again and again, do not get disheartened. It is very much possible that the issue is something else. It may be a matter of fact that your guy does like you, but he is going through certain thoughts or influences, which are making him believe that he does not. Or maybe he is too stressed out with other issues in life. Do not lose hope. Give your relation some time and love; things will just fall into place.