Tantric Sex 101: Everything About Getting Hands Free Orgasm

Learn how to attain this mystical experience of hands free orgasm

By Michele
Tantric Sex 101: Everything About Getting Hands Free Orgasm

The word Tantric comes from Tantra, which has been extracted from ancient Sanskrit (the classical language of Indians and the liturgical language of Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism). Tanta means to 'expand' or 'to accumulate energy'.  According to the doctrine of tantra, there are several rituals, meditation manners and mantras that help in connecting with you, others and even the universe. It is a very vast concept.

Here, we are going to discuss Tantric Sex, which is all about developing personal insight, as it surpasses the common sexual practices. Tantric sex provokes deep, spontaneous, intimate and meditative sex.  In this read, I will share in detail Tantric Sex 101: Everything about getting Hands Free Orgasm. I hope you will find it interesting and learn a lot from it. 

What Is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is all about awakening the spiritual and physical side of your existence. Practicing tantric sex in the right manner will help you understand your body and determine, what is pleasure some for it. 

As there is a deep connection developed, with your existence, during tantric sex it results in an extremely strong and satisfactory orgasm.  Tantric sex was introduced by Hindus and it is a thousand years old practice. It is very slow, but strong, a form of sex that helps develop a mind to body connection and increases the level of intimacy that ultimately leads to powerful orgasms. It goes for both singles and couples anyone, who wants to experience the hands' free orgasm.

Tantric sex is best for anyone, who wants to reboot his/her sexual life and explore new ways of making and appreciating love. I will make it simple for you, quick sex is just like take a takeaway while tantric sex is a full-fledged meal – prepared with love and much more delicious that you can enjoy in peace. Let’s take it further and explore different ways of getting involved in tantric sex.

15 Tips to Become Good in Tantric Sex

According to the tantric experts, putting effort and time into sex will help reach an intense and a higher level of ecstasy and who doesn’t want it? Here, I will share effective tips that, with consistency and proper method, will make you extremely good in tantric sex.

1. Set up the Environment

It is the very first step for a nice tantric sex session. You need to set up a sacred place by placing scented candles, maybe a good red wine and some luxurious bedding. Your lighting needs to be warm. Just keep some water by your side.

2. Play Some Music

Sound waves play a crucial role in developing our mood. So select a simple, meditating soundtrack or you can play tantric sex music in the background. Yes, that’s how you get in the mood. The music needs to be played at a very low volume. Choose a soundtrack that is of several minutes – above half an hour o an hour at least. Over the internet especially YouTube, you can find several music videos of tantric sex. Just choose a track that is appealing for your ears. Binaural beats are the best, as they help get horny, slowly but surely.

3. You Need to be Comfortable

Now that you have set up your surroundings, you need to check yourself too. Make sure that you are wearing a comfortable outfit, for beginners, it is recommended to practice tantric sex with clothes on. But if you even prefer going all naked it’s all right. Just check your locks. To be honest there is another level of pleasure in getting dressed to undress.

4. Get Connected

It is to be noted that tantric sex can be performed solo or with your partner. Better if you try and blend in with your partner. Here, we will focus on achieving orgasm but without using hands. Okay so sit in front of each other and stare directly into each other’s eyes for a meaningful time. It needs to be a few minutes at least. This helps in creating a sinking sensation between the couple, which is important for tantric sex. After that, you must synchronize your breathing pattern, as it will further help in getting connected. 

5. You Need to Be All Relaxed

Do not worry about staring for too long or developing a perfect breathing pattern. Focus on staying relaxed so that your muscles can get lose and do their job. During this process, you will come across different emotions and thoughts, but do not let them disturb your concentration. Maintain a strong and deep focus. Any sort of disturbance, happening outside the room, will not let you attain the required focus and depth, essential for tantric sex.

6. Notice and Accept Your Feelings

Once you are all relaxed, your emotions will start surfacing. Some might be related to this new sexual experience of yours. Just breathe out any tension or negative thought that comes in your way. Continue doing so and you will be feeling all light as a feather within some time. All it requiresisattentiveness and devotion. By recognizing your feelings and getting rid of the unwanted ones, your existence throws positive vibes everywhere. It is one of the most important elements of setting up a meaningful spiritual connection for a hands-free orgasm.

7. Start Thinking about Your Fantasies

It doesn't matter if you are doing it solo or with your partner, you need to go deep in the thoughts of having sex that includes your fantasies. As your mind is clear, it will help a lot in staying concentrated and getting horny with each minute that passes by.

8. Take Help

There are several hands-free vibrators and similar toys that, you can purchase from any adult store. Just place them at the right spot and let your thoughts do the job for you. In the same manner dry humping, without any penetration, if you are doing it with your partner, can also help reach an intense orgasm. You can even straddle any stuffed toy or a pillow. Isn't it kinky?

9. Erotic Hypnosis May Be?

Erotic hypnosis is a nice way for enjoying the best hands-free tantric sex. Just choose a professional hypnotist, who will tie your hands and force your mind to visualize fantasies and experience climax through mind control.

10. Control Your Orgasms

Partners need to have complete control over their orgasms. While reaching a climax, both need to stop and let the body feel the intensity. After a short pause, once again try and reach the climax. This is an integral part of tantric sex that couples can only perfect through practice and control. Do not even try using your hands at all. And the same technique goes for individuals.

11. Reach the Peak

After a few climax withdrawals, you need to slow down your breathing and focus on reaching the final orgasm. Do not breathe like you have been doing intense cardio. Relax your belly area and take slow yet systematic deep breaths into your lower area (stomach). This tip helps in having an intense and longer-lasting orgasm.

12. Sleep Sexy

Before sleeping you need to think, nothing else, but about your wild fantasies and sex. These thoughts certainly rewind during your dream and lead to an orgasm. One of the best hands frees tantric sex experience!

13. Do Not Ever Give Up

Tantric sex is safe and recommended for couples or individuals, who want to add spice to their sex life. Make sure that you try a new environment with privacy and peace guaranteed and even include some interesting tantric sex positions (for couples).

14. Do Experiment

If there is something that you enjoy during sex like sex toys, food sex, etc. You can incorporate them into your tantric sex. It is all about making it more indulgent and pleasurable for you.  So, do not worry if, you go a little aside from the main theme.

15. Change the Game

Once you will know how to achieve orgasm without using your hands it will help in overcoming different sexual problems. It all starts with the mind. If it's strong then your game is ultimately strong too. It will require a lot of practice to direct your sexual powers to reach climax.

Any Safety to Watch Out For

Generally, there is no safety precaution recommended for tantric sex, but if you include something of your own you need to be careful

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Sexual ecstasy is the right way to touch the infinite value of life. By repeating this tantric experience, we begin to live in full potential.


Tantric sex, without any doubt, is the best technique for bringing back the charm in your sex life. It helps in developing sexual power, confidence, and stamina. All of these aspects help a couple or an individual develop a better understanding of their sexual desires. And without any doubt, it helps in strengthening the emotional and mental connection too. So go tantric, all hands-free! What are you waiting for?