Tantric Sex: The Key To Powerful Orgasms.

Sexual ecstasy is the right way to touch the infinite value of life. By repeating this tantric experience, we begin to live in full potential.

By Vera Aries
Tantric Sex: The Key To Powerful Orgasms.

What is Tantric Sex?

The main meaning of the english sexual act is orgasm. If we do not get an orgasm, we feel frustrated, our partner feels guilty, and if that is more frequent, quarrels can follow. Have you heard about tantra-sex? In it, orgasm is not exactly the main goal. The essence of tantra-sex is actually to delay the act of pleasure. Deferring the main moment creates tension, increases sexual passion, increases blood flow to the brain. You never desire your partner as much as in that moment of temptation.

If you start with sex, you will miss all the emotions and sexual energy that comes from foreplay.

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In recent years, Tantra sex is very much talked about. But little is known about it. Some consider it a pinnacle of pleasures, others for a simple fabrication. Actress Heather Graham, for example, stated that tantra sex changed her life, and singer Sting said that with the help of tantra sex he managed to enjoy sex a few hours longer.

Tantra is not at all easy to understand in english, but lately, just like yoga, it hsa become the fashion. Here are included exercises for breathing and bending muscles, different sounds and creating different characters in the subconscious, rituals for creating a sacred love place, sensitive massage, meditation and sexual play with challenging poses. In order to collect enough sexual energy, which will lead them to a state of spiritual ecstasy, those who practice tantra sex make love for hours and all the time they are on the edge of orgasm.

The goal of ordinary sex is the achievement of orgasm. In Tantra there is no purpose, but an intention, a desire to connect with your partner. But not only with body but with thought, with heart and soul. The emphasis in Tantra is very important. Feel the mystique by starting to see your partner from a different angle. Admire your partner and their beauty as if there were no other man on the planet.

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It was said earlier, but it bears repeating: The ultimate pleasure is bliss, and bliss is our being. So that sexual ecstasy is the right way to touch the infinite value of life. By repeating this experience, we begin to live in full potential. You just don't get this in english sex. Tantric exercises prove useful in healthcare: menstruation becomes less painful, erections are maintained longer, and menopause is relieved. A woman can manage the orgasm, direct it to the whole body and extend it for more time. The men with tantric exercises manage to separate the appearance of orgasm from ejaculation, and thus experience long orgasms without losing energy. Continued orgasm in men and women is a superior state of physiology that awakens all the forces of the organism, integrates all aspects of a person and is the basis for multiple states of consciousness. Fulfilled sexual life strengthens immunity, deepens emotional relationships, and makes us free from trauma and resistant to stress. Fulfilled sexual life is a source of energy, enthusiasm and motivation for higher goals! For two partners who want a common life and a rise, there is no bigger and more precise method that would in practice give more bliss and admiration, and at the same time give concrete and quick results than tantric sex.

Maybe tantric sex sounds like something complicated and unattractive, but those who have tried it say they do not want to return to traditional love making. Tantric sex does not necessarily take much time, and the results can be incredible.

Create An Intimate Atmosphere.

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First you need to clear the room. Swipe, wipe dust and collect all unnecessary stuff from the ground and from the shelves. The room should be half-dark. Decorate with fruits and vegetables. This creates a sense of tenderness and sensitivity. Bring a bottle of red wine and lay out objects for which both of you are emotionally bound. When you have finished with creating the atmosphere, take a few minutes to change the energy in the room. Everyone has its own way but it is important to get rid of negative energy and invite joy, love, passion and everything else that is positive. Create your own ritual with flavored sticks, incense etc. In tantra-sex, it's not important to have sex anywhere and just satisfy the drive. In english, you have to pay attention to the tiniest details. For proper tantra-sex there is an important role to play. Plant a soft and fragrant bed, light candles, spread a few pillows and rose leaves. The main point is music. Download from the Internet music for yoga and relaxation. Pleasant sounds will relax you, both of you will feel that you are on another planet.

Exchange Sighs.

Sharing sighs is the first exercise in tantra-sex. So, you stand next to each other, you take air and pass it on to your partner through your mouth. Your partner should do the same. It was believed that in this way the partners were truly introduced, not only outwardly, but inwardly, listening to the rhythm of the soul.

Look In The Eyes.

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Although you think it's simple, try and see that your eyes will close by themself. A true intimate connection occurs with the gaze. One such session and you will see how much you will feel your partner closer. Eyes never lie, maybe that's why we close our eyes when something is not OK. So, you start touching each other and all the time you should look into your partner's eyes. The less you feel shame from the touch of action, the more you can connect with your partner. This is perhaps the biggest appeal of Tantra-sex: a deeper, more fulfilled connection with the person you are with.

Go Slowly.

Although you may be tempted to move on to the main, restrain yourself. Believe that the experience will be greater. Slowly kiss yourself, touch your partner on every part of their body, examine the parts that you have never before paid attention to. Let your partner do the same. You are only finished when you have kissed each other from head to toe.

Tantra Sex Is A Whole Philosophy.

Tantra-sex isn't just sex: it's a whole philosophy. It is a combination of meditation and yoga, which, by delaying orgasm as long as possible, has as its purpose to create the orgasm of your dreams. It is worth trying to make good conditions: romantic atmosphere, scented candles, quiet music, soft and delicate linens and a row of other things that relax. The most important is the foreplay. We do not have to neglect the external factors mentioned above, and during the act we should try to use meditation, to harmonize the breathing and movement of the bodies. The use of yoga in translation means slow movements.

Tantra Sex: Yoga+Meditation.

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Tantra sex is actually a combination of yoga and meditation in the act of joining the bodies. This originates from the ancient ways of Hindu and Buddhist culture, and its goal is to enable partners to feel the most loved. At the core of this skill is the delay of male ejaculation for the purpose of prolonged enjoyment. But do not be afraid. You'll experience your orgasm, only much later. In fact, the goal is for men to delay their orgasm in order for women to enjoy more. Conventional sex has its start and an average of 13 minutes. However, women have shown that this time is about 20 minutes. Tantra sex starts when partners mutually undress their wardrobe slowly and calmly. During sex, a special way of slow breathing is also used, because rapid breathing accelerates the process to orgasm. After that act, the partners can shower together. This is a great time to unwind and reconnect with your regular selves. Don't forget to get dressed, afterwards!

Tantric Sex In Action.

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Tantric sex has its roots in Hinduistic ways of making love, and one of its foundational secrets is how to touch each other intimately and skillfully. This type of sex guides our feelings and affects how we feel sex at a completely different level. Echoes in the Eastern world are a series of exercises that are used to delay and concentrate on sexual energy, so that later it explodes when we wish. To experience ideal sexual pleasure, try to practice the next five stages:

First Phase.

Sit face-to-face and start kissing with circular movements. After a gentle lull, pause, then continue for another five minutes. During this phase you are not allowed to touch nipples and genitals.

Second Phase.

Lie in the posture of a scoop - you both lie on the side so that the man lies behind the woman. Enjoy the closeness of your body and have fun, but do not start with sexual intercourse yet.

Third Phase.

At this stage starts the best part of the game. You start to touch the nipples and genitals. Make light and circular movements, but do not hurry.

Fourth Phase.

Now you are concentrating solely on lying and massaging the genitals. Enjoy one another for at least half an hour. Try to control sexual energy and excitement. Take a break of five minutes during the massage.

Fifth Phase.

After the break, will be followed the final phase in which you will finally join the partner. Sex itself is easy, filled with touches and peace, regardless of the fact that sexuality itself is very strong.

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Why Try Tantric Sex?

Tantric experts believe that you can experience real ecstasy by investing a little time and effort in making love. And you would obviously be paid off, because this kind of making love fans are some of the biggest stars of today. Tom Hanks and Sting are just some of the most satisfied lovers of this type of sex. Even Tom Hanks' wife, Trudy Steiler, has once said that her husband can make love for up to 5 hours uninterruptedly.

So, let's have some fun and enjoy in trying this kind of making love.



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