10 DIY Tips To Get Bigger And Fuller Lips Naturally

Get bigger lips now. Discover makeup tricks used by the pros, learn about permanent lip plumping medical procedures and enjoy naturally plumping remedies.

By Elise Bowen
10 DIY Tips To Get Bigger And Fuller Lips Naturally

Bigger, plumper lips.


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Everyone wants to possess and to kiss those naturally plump Angelina Jolie-like lips, but unfortunately, not everyone can boast her genetics. There are several options available for achieving that perfect pucker. From serious medical procedures to at-home remedies, you can have that fuller, bigger, kissable pout you've been dreaming of. Keep reading to discover products, at-home remedies, makeup tricks, exercises (yes, that's right), and risky medical procedures that will enhance the look and size of your lips.

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Bigger lips naturally or through enhancements.

Of course, there are medical procedures available that can create the plump, fuller pout you want permanently and without using makeup. Each procedure comes with its own set of drawbacks and benefits briefly explored here. Not for you? No worries, there's more with DIY tricks and remedies - covered in detail. Professional makeup tricks will create the illusion of bigger lips and can be achieved at a lower cost while looking classy and drawing positive attention to your pout. Don't feel your artistic abilities are up to the challenge? Okay, how about this... Some of the most effective at-home treatment options are described here and may surprise you. These natural remedies can be found in most household cupboards and are relatively inexpensive and long lasting. Keep reading to learn more. There's even a bonus section at the end you won't want to miss that will keep that pout and your wallet fat.

Bigger lips permanently.

Lip enhancement procedures are available for you who are serious about permanently puffing your pout.These procedures land in three categories of lip augmentation. Dermal filler injections use hyaluronic acid to fill your lips. Fat grafting removes fat from another area of your body using liposuction and injects it into your lips. Lip implants use a silicon-based product that is implanted into your lips. Each of these procedures requires extensive training and expertise to perform. If you feel that any one of these procedures is right for you, be sure to consult your physician for a health consultation and use the link below to find a qualifying surgeon.

Dermal filler injections for bigger lips.

Dermal filler injections are also known as hyaluronic acid fillers. This is a common procedure that takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete and has little risk of side effects. Hyaluronic acid is produced by the body and this filler simulates it, allowing the lips to accept the injection typically without issues. The amount of filler injected can be controlled based the desired results. Some forms of the filler also come with lidocaine to help numb the lips and aid in less pain during recovery. Full recovery can take up to two weeks. This filler is used to help improve lip shape, structure and volume. It won't permanently enhance your lips, but it does last up to 12 months and costs around $500 to $2,000. Some minor risks include bleeding at the injection site, swelling, bruising, redness, tenderness, and reactivation of cold sores. Major risks of this procedure are itching and severe swelling and bruising lasting 10 or more days, asymmetry of lip volume and shape, infection, ulceration, scarring or stiffening of the lip, and injection into a blood vessel, causing tissue loss. It is not uncommon for this procedure to cause permanent lip shape alteration due to repeated injections. The skin can become overstretched, causing it to appear saggy with time.

Fat grafting.

Autologous fat injections or fat grafting requires specialized training on the part of the surgeon. This form of lip augmentation requires advanced experience in fat transfer procedures and uses liposuction as a source for the injected tissue. Fat is removed from one area of the body and transferred to the lips adding volume permanently. The risk of allergic reaction is nearly zero and the results can last for years. A few drawbacks include increased recovery time due to the liposuction component, increased risk of infection with the surgery, and it's possible additional injections will be required if the fat does not survive the transfer. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the second form of autologous lip augmentation is to remove the skin from another area of the body, such as C-section tissue or a facelift and place it inside the lips. This is done by removing the epidermis from the extra skin and rolling the remaining dermis like a cigar and inserting it inside the lip for permanent volume. This lip augmentation has little risk compared to other surgeries, has a short recovery time, lasts over 5 years and costs $3,000 to $6,000.

Lip implants.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery recommends finding a highly trained surgeon to discuss your candidacy for permanent lip implants. Individuals with active oral herpes, diabetes, lupus, blood clotting issues, or individuals who smoke, are not appropriate for lip augmentation procedures. These implants are made of soft, pliable silicone rubber or biodegradable material. The procedure can take up to 30 minutes to complete and leave little to no scarring as tiny incisions are made in the corners of the mouth for implant insertion. Recovery time can take up to three days, the implants will last for years, providing permanent results, and cost you between $2,000 to $4,000. Risks include possible infection and bleeding after surgery. As with any permanent implant, if there is an issue that arises at any time, the implant will have to be removed surgically.

Find a Cosmetic Surgeon in Your Area | American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

Pro makeup tricks for a naturally fuller pout.

Cosmetic surgery isn't for everyone. In fact, in order to be considered a viable candidate for any surgical lip augmentation, you have to be very healthy. In addition, not everyone is willing to take on the risks involved with these somewhat invasive procedures. The good news is, you don't have to. There are makeup tricks that will help you achieve that desired pout naturally. These makeup techniques offer all the appearance without the risk of permanently altering your lips through invasive procedures. Follow these five makeup tricks used by the pros to get the pouty pucker you're looking for.

1. Apply concealer to lips.

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Your lips have a natural tone to them. They may be a light or dark pink, or a light or dark brown. In order to enhance the appearance of your pout, you want to create a neutral palette by applying a thin layer of base or concealer to your lips. This not only creates a blank canvas for when you add contour and shape, it also helps to enhance the true color of your liner and lipstick after it is applied. The base or concealer should match the tone of foundation you use.

2. Contouring.

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To contour your look, begin by dabbing a tiny bit of highlighter to your top lip accenting your cupid's bow. This is the center of the upper lip that dips down and adding a highlighter will help to accentuate shape and fullness. Next, dab a tiny amount of bronzer right under the center of your lower lip. This will enhance the apparent size of your lower lip. Keep the bronzer close to your lip and think of it as painting a shadow right under the fattest part of your lower lip. This will make your lower lip appear even bigger.

3. Add lip liner.

Lip liner isn't just for lining the lips anymore, which can make them seem smaller. You want your liner to be creamy enough to act as a full lip cover. Look for a liner that is only one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. Start by outlining your lips in order to accentuate overall shape, and then color them in using the same liner until your lips have been completely filled in. For a bit of a boost color a little lighter in the center of your lower lip. This technique does require the use of a liner that will glide easily and leave behind a smooth, rich hue. Keep reading for a liner you will love.

4. Gloss it up.

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Now that you have neutralized your canvas, defined your lip shape, and applied your first layer of color, it's time to add some zing. Grab your favorite brand of lipgloss in two shades. The first shade is the darker shade and you're going to apply it all over your lips. This color should match your liner. The second color should be a shade or two lighter than the liner and be applied only to the center of your upper and lower lips. Blend the lighter shade gradually, from the center, into the darker shade. The lighter color will highlight the biggest and fattest points of your pout, causing them to appear even bigger and fatter. This technique will make your lips look luscious and large.

5. For a matte finish.

A glossy finish isn't always right for everyone or for every situation. Sometimes a matte finish is exactly what you need to complete your look. Don't worry - you can use the same technique with this finish. Here is a trick if you prefer a matte finish. First, match your lip liner and lipstick colors and apply as previously described. Remember, that after you define the shape of your lips, you need to continue to color them in with the lip liner. For a boost, keep the liner a bit lighter in the center of the lower lip and add the lipstick to your full lips. Next, draw a line down the center of your upper and lower lip using a white liner. Once your line has been drawn, simply dab until blended with lipstick to achieve the same illusion of a larger pucker. The center of your lips should be a shade or two lighter than the outer portions of your lips. Practicing new makeup techniques is exciting and can enhance your look - whether you are going for classic, sexy or professional. Beauty isn't only skin deep, is it? Read on for more amazing tips that will make you shine from the inside, out.

At-home solutions for fuller lips naturally.

Remedies from home can be cost-effective and fun to try, but more importantly, these remedies will enhance your skin's health. Here are some options to add to your facial cleansing and makeup routines that can help make your lips bigger naturally and safely. These home remedies are simple and comprise ingredients that can be purchased in nearly any grocery store. Use them to enhance the appearance of your lips without leaving home, and without permanently altering the natural shape of your lips.

6. Lip care.

Taking care of your lips is more than applying makeup or lip gloss. Proper care and hygiene will keep your lips from flaking, drying out, cracking and developing fine lines. Dehydrated lips can make your lip color flake and collect in the lines of your lips. To maintain a healthy pout, follow these easy, at-home treatments. Exfoliate your lips once a week to get rid of dead skin cells and to stimulate the growth of new skin cells. A simple way to exfoliate your lips is to use warm water to soften the skin and then gently rub your lips with a washcloth. For a deeper exfoliation, mix some sugar and lemon juice together for a sugar scrub. Beware of any cuts in your lips as lemon juice will burn. You can also coat your lips with coconut oil, let it sit for five minutes and gently brush your lips with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Hydrating your pucker is vital to healthy looking lips. Keeping your lips hydrated is simple enough to do at home by applying Vitamin E or honey to your pout and letting it sit for up to 20 minutes prior to removing- or just licking it off. It's delicious, too.

7. It's the balm.

Exfoliating and hydrating are essential to lip health and youthfulness, but so is maintaining that hydrated smile. Maintaining hydration can be achieved with this home-made lip balm: 1 Tablespoon coconut oil 1/3 Tablespoon cocoa butter 20 Drops sweet almond oil Mix ingredients together over mild heat to soften the coconut oil and cocoa butter and place in your container of choice. You can use a small jar or tin can for a cute and compact way to carry your home-made lip balm. Feel free to be creative and add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil. This will enhance the flavor of the balm and act as a mild lip plumper.

8. No biting.

When your lips get dry it is common to bite the excess skin off of your lips. Biting your lips can damage the tissue and even permanently alter their shape. When you find that pout drying out, try exfoliating and hydrating your skin instead.

9. Avoid the fine lines.

Repetitive lip movements and age can create fine lines on and around the mouth. An effective treatment is aloe vera. Applying aloe vera to the skin can help improve the appearance of fine lines due to the antioxidant-rich properties of the plant. Also, because the lips are a muscle, exercising them can keep them healthy looking, increase blood-flow and help them to develop into a fuller pout that is bigger naturally. Try whistling or simply contracting the muscles of your lips for a few minutes a day.

10. Plumping essentials.

Making your lips bigger without the use of fillers couldn't be easier than it is with essential oils. Dabbing either cinnamon or peppermint essential oil to your lips will naturally enhance blood flow and stimulate capillaries making your lips swell and deepen in color. Beware to not get any of these potent oils near your eyes. These oils will cause a burning sensation or tingle on your lips and become extremely painful in the eyes and nose. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after application, and apply oil using a q-tip. For a less potent use of these essential oils, add them to your home-made lip balm or some coconut oil prior to putting on your makeup.

Bonus: Products for naturally fuller lips.

YSL Glossy Stain Plump Up

Enriched with hyaluronic acid, this gloss offers an instant lift that can last up to 6 hours. This product will make your lips look fuller without adding a lot of tint.

Buxom Full-On Lipstick

This product is a hydrating, plumping lip liner and lipstick all-in-one. This matte finisher is infused with vitamins A, C, and E and comes in several shade options.

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm

Easy to carry, this balm will plump your lips with peppermint oil making them fuller without the risks of a filler.

There are many products available if you want your lips to appear bigger and fuller without the use of medical procedures. However, if you feel that lip augmentation is best for you, remember to search for the most qualified surgeon in order to reduce the likelihood of infection and misshapen lips. To get bigger, fuller lips naturally, follow these 10 DIY tips.

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