15 Subtle But Definitive Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You

Men are difficult to understand when it comes to love and relationships. This article seeks to enlighten you on the signs that a man is falling in love with you.

By Dagmar Thomson
15 Subtle But Definitive Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You

15 Subtle but Definitive Signs A Man Is Falling In Love with You

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For the longest time now, men talk best through their actions. It is never a problem to a woman, until the time you decide that you want to be certain about how a man feels about you. It can be frustrating trying to figure out what his actions mean, especially if you do not know how to interpret signs of love. Most women will ask their men what they mean, however, most men will ignore or even refuse to answer you back. Therefore, the best way forward is to be keen about his body language. They may be telling you that he loves you or he might just be taking you for a ride. It may sound simple but it is not when it comes to looking for signs that he's in love with you. When a woman meets a man, she will fall in love easier than the man because most men go through a phase of emotion before concluding that they are in love. Here is a simple guide to what goes on before a man starts falling in love with a woman.

The 'I Like You' Phase

This phase has to do with the physical attraction a man feels for you. A guy might like your curvy body, the size of your breasts, or your beauty and it all depends on the person. Unlike men, women can fall in love with a guy on the first sight. A guy will take his time to figure out if he is physically attracted to you or not. If he finds himself attracted to you, then he will begin this phase.

The 'Scouting' Phase

The scouting phase is when a guy is attracted to a lot of women at the same time. Therefore, he will do his best to flirt with any of the women. If the guy notices that one of the girls is accepting his advances, then he will focus all his attention in that direction. On the other hand, if you refuse his advances, then the guy will shift his attention somewhere else without feeling any loss. In order to pass the scouting phase, the guy has to be sure that he will get something in return so that his attention will focus on you entirely.

The 'Chase' Phase

The chase phase involves being chased by a man. If the man is sure that he likes you, he will do his best to capture your attention as well. He will ensure that you are into him as much as he is into you. His intentions are to capture all your attention so that you can recognize him and see how much he feels for you. This phase is all about chasing a girl. A man will not feel any loss even if you decide to refuse his advances during this phase.

The 'Impress' Phase

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This stage involves impressing a girl. He will first try to win your attention followed by winning your heart. Most men in this stage are hardly in love, unlike most women. Their main aim is to impress you and show you that he is worthy of you. He will plan many romantic dates, give you gifts, try to say the right thing only to make you happy. He will go out of his way to impress you. During this stage, most women give in to a man’s advances. He will show you all the signs that he is in love with you, of which he may not be, just yet.

The 'Love Me Back' Phase

This phase involves a man trying his best to make you love him. He may not be in love with you but he wants you to love him first. However, most women are in love already at this stage. Therefore, a man wants to see how much you love him. This is his greatest achievement. He will show you he is a worthy partner and he wants to have a long life with you. He will show all the love signs but the bottom line is that he might not be in love just yet.

The 'Decision Making' Phase

If a person makes it to this stage, then the guy has earned your trust. It is so unfortunate, that this stage is when you start realizing that the man you thought he was is not the man he really is. Earlier on, this man was trying to impress you. He did his best to hide his true nature from you lest you run away. He will show you all the love signs but this point, the man is far from being in love with you. This is the time he starts wondering if this relationship is worth it. A guy will start observing you, your behavior, and who you really are. He will question himself if you are worth the time and effort. This is the time that he will decide how the relationship will proceed. It is so unfortunate for you since you have already fallen in love with him. A man can dismiss the relationship easily without getting hurt. Men take their time to make a lifetime decision.

The 'I Love You' Phase

This stage is the initial stage of falling in love with a man. He will become overwhelmed with love and it will be the best months of your lifetime. He will start acting jealous, he will take care of you, and he will be there for you all the time. He will portray the love signs, which will be true this time around. At this stage, most couples decide to get married and they have kids. On the other hand, a man can decide the relationship is not worth it. He can dismiss a woman because of a mere simple thing. A man can dismiss his promising relationship if he does not want to get hurt as well. Most of the time women end up being hurt. Having gone through the initial phases a man undergoes before falling in love, you should be able to tell whether he is falling for you or not. Here are simple ways that you can tell by his body language signs if he falling in love with you or not.

Signs: He's Falling in Love With You

1. He Makes You Smile When Falling In Love

It is a man’s nature to want to see his woman smile more often. He will go out of his way to make you smile all the time. This shows that he cares a lot about you. A guy will show genuine concern if his woman is not happy. If you are in such a situation and your man always makes you smile, then you should know he is falling in love with you. This body language sign means that he is deeply into you.

2. He Cares About the Small Things

If your relationship is older, couples tend to fall into a routine. A couple shares things and does things for each other. When you see your man trying his best to keep the flames burning in your relationship, this is clear body sign that he is falling in love with you. A man will do it even if he does not enjoy it. Your guy will want to see your smile every day and it is the little things that a man does that count. Do not expect him to keep spending a lot of money on you just to make you happy. The little details he does or pays attention will tell you he loves you very much.

3. He Focuses More on You and Less on Sex If He Is Falling For You

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The initial intention for a man is to have sex with you. However, when a man starts focusing more on you, his body language is letting you know that he is falling in love with you. You do not have to worry that something is wrong with you. This is his way of letting you know that he cares and he wants to know more about you. When a man starts finding out everything about your past, he keeps questioning you about every detail about yourself, it shows he is falling in love. On the other hand, if a man is not interested in you and he only seeks sex all the time, it is time to let go and move on with your life. Such signs are crucial to look out for if you want to get married.

4. Supporting You Is One Sign of Love

A man who loves you will be on your side no matter what. It will not matter to him that you are on the wrong or right side, he will show his support. Your man will stand by you and he will not wait to see that you are hurt. Your guy may not tell you as often as you would like that he loves you, but his body language will let you know that he is falling in love with you. Look out for such love signs if you are wondering if your man is worth keeping.

5. Complimenting You Is One of the Love Signs

It is known that a man hardly pays attention to small details about a woman and he will hardly acknowledge a small change. Such signs will let you know that your man is not interested in you. However, a man who is falling in love with you will notice small details about you. He will be keen to notice any change whether it is in the house or even on you. A man who is falling in love with you will not tire to compliment you. His body language is a sure way to let you know that you have found someone worth keeping. Even when the relationship grows older, your man will still notice the small details.

6. He Is Jealous When You Are Around another Man

As the relationship gets older, couples become more attached to each other. A man who is falling in love with a woman, will use his body language to tell you how he feels. He will become jealous when you are around other men. This is just one of the signs that he is falling in love with you or he has already fallen for you. He does not want to share you with anybody else. Men are jealous creatures. They like showing off but that does not mean he wants to share you. A man will be cautious about his woman more and more. He will protect what is his. A man who portrays such signs is a man worth loving. On the other hand, a man who takes it out on you because you are receiving a lot of attention from other men does not love you. Therefore, you should not continue with such a toxic relationship. It does not matter how older your relationship is. Such violent signs should be taken seriously. You deserve a man who trusts you and supports you fully.

7. A Man in Love Will Have a Future Talk

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Most men do not know how to communicate verbally. However, if he is falling in love with you, he will start by first talking about your future together. If he uses the word “we” while referring to the future, such signs show commitment. He may not tell you directly but his body language will let you know he loves you or he intends to have a future with you. However, if the man you are dating avoids talking of the future with you in it, then you should rethink about staying in the relationship. This man does not love you and he is there to waste your time. You should be alert for such signs least you commit to the wrong person.

8. Being Introduced to His Family Is One of the Love Signs

A man who is falling in love will take his future wife to meet his mother. He will only do so if he wants blessings from his parents to marry you. However, if a man derails taking a woman home, he may not be in love. He might not tell you much, but such signs will let you know of his intentions to marry you.

9. He Shows You Off To His Friends

A man who loves a woman will show off to the people in his life. He will let every person know that you are important to him and you should be treated as his first lady. A man who is falling in love will make it a big deal to every person. Such signs are his way of showing that he is falling in love. However, if his body language tells you otherwise, then the person is not in love with you yet.

10. He Is Always Eager To See You

A man who is falling in love will do it slowly. He undergoes different phases before falling in love. He will first start noticing little details about you, and you will catch him looking at you with a wonder in his face. He will always smile at you when you land your eyes on him. Therefore, if the person is falling for you, he will always be eager to see you. The look of anticipation is one of the signs that he loves you.

11. A Man Falling in Love Will Communicate

A man who is falling in love with you will genuinely tell you so. However, this may not be true in some cases. So rest assured that if your man tells you that he loves you then it is true. Of course, if the relationship is older than six months or so, there will be other signs to let you know that he means what he says.

12. He Spends Most of His Time with You

A man who is falling in love will want to spend most of his free time with you. He will willingly tell you he wants to come over. He will always be the first to contact you and to plan dates and romantic picnics. On the other hand, if the person you are with is always missing in action then you should rethink about your commitment. Other sure signs that the man is not into you are; you are always the first person to contact him, you are the first person to plan dates, and you are more concerned about him than he is of you.

13. He Values Your Suggestions

When a man you are dating values your input, this is his way of telling you he loves you. You will first notice that he asks for your suggestion. He will further apply your suggestions. His body language is telling you he respects you and cares for you. You should look out for such signs to be sure that you have found a life partner.

14. He Only Has Eyes for You

This is the first body language a man shows when he is falling in love because men have a wandering eye. They are easily attracted physically by women even though they are married or in a steady relationship. However, a man who is falling in love will have his eyes only for you. He will not date other women even if the relationship is older. He will remain true to his word.

15. He Has a Love Look

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One of the many signs that a man is falling in love is by having a love look in his eyes. It may be harder for you to notice, but your friends will definitely see it. A man falling in love will give you a longing glance that says plenty. He will also maintain eye contact longer while talking to you. He will further look at you even when you are not looking at him. At times, couples who are falling in love with each other can communicate with their eyes only. The signs that a man is falling in love with you cannot be forced. Therefore, when a man is falling in love with you, it will be obvious. Nowadays, men have mastered ways of faking love but they cannot fake all the love signs. Hence, be alert not to end up with the wrong person. Love is meant to be enjoyed and the older we become the sweeter it becomes.



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