15 Easy But Stunning Updos For Thin Hair

Prom? Wedding? We have you covered with tips and 15 easy but stunning updos perfect for thin hair that you can wear to your big event!

By Amy C
15 Easy But Stunning Updos For Thin Hair

Thin hair updos

If you have thin hair then you already know that it can be so frustrating! There is a constant battle between using too much conditioner and having greasy looking hair or not enough conditioner and your hair looking dry and brittle. And don't even get started on the fact that thin hair seems to have no volume and it is difficult to hold a hairstyle. So, how can you achieve a fabulous and easy updo for your prom, wedding, or any special occasion even when you have thin hair? Don't worry! You do not have to stress out about styling your thin hair. Read on to find tips for your thin hair and 15 easy but stunning updos that are perfect for prom, weddings, or any other special even that you will be attending.

How to test for thin hair

If you have ever been to the hair salon before, you have probably been told by a stylist what type of hair you have. If not, you can test your hair type with the strand test. The strand test requires you to pull a single strand of hair from your head. Hold the strand between your fingers. Don't feel anything? That means that you have thin, or fine, hair. So, now that you know what type of hair you are working with, let's find out more about thin hair!

Thin Hair Types

Thin hair can be either straight, curly, or wavy. And it is possible to have very thin and light feeling hair or thin and heavy feeling hair. Texture of hair can also vary. A strand of thin hair can be either coarse if large in circumference or skinny and fine. Any of these thin hair types can be a huge hassle. But don't worry, you've got this!

Thin hair problems

If you have thin hair then you already know that the struggle is real. Let's take a look at some of the struggles: 1. Cowlicks in the morning. Every morning. 2. Do not even dream of being in a 1980's big hair band. Ever. 3. Your hair doesn't seem to grow quite as quickly as everyone else's hair seems to. 4. Two words when the sun is out. Scalp sunburn. 5. Having to fix your hair approximately every ten minutes because nothing will stay put. 6. Everyday feels like a bad hair day. Rain, sun, snow. It doesn't matter what the weather is. And please, no pics. But don't lose hope! There are some amazing and easy updos that will look and work great with your thin hair!

Thin hair tricks

Before you style your easy and stunning updo, plan ahead to give your thin hair a daily boost!

Easy trick #1: Foam hair rollers

Yes they look silly, but foam hair rollers will give your thin hair definition and volume for you special event, or anything! Large hair rollers are perfect for near the crown of your head for extra lift.

Easy trick #2: Conditioner

Do not overuse conditioner! Overuse of conditioner can leave your thin hair looking greasy and weighed down.

Easy trick #3: Salt water

Spray your hair with salt water! A spritz of salt water will add texture and volume to your hair. Salt water spritz will leave your hair with a beautiful beachy wave!

Easy trick #4: Brushing

Do not brush your wet hair! If your first thought as you step out of your shower is to reach for your hair brush, stop! Allow your fine hair to air or towel dry before taking a brush to it to avoid damage. Tussle the locks with your hands for quicker hair drying.

Easy trick #5: Volumizing products

Don't forget the products to add volume! Applying a volumizing product to your fine hair roots will help give your flat hair great lift and definition.

Try these easy thin hair tricks to ensure that your hair will be in prime condition for your prom, wedding, or any other big event!

Easy and stunning loose updos for thin hair

Sometimes the most beautiful hairstyles are the styles that are the closest to our natural hairstyles. This is true even if you have thin, or fine, hair. Updos do not always have to be pinned, hair sprayed beyond reason, and tight. The best part? These loose updos are easy enough to do at home or in the salon! Let your beautiful hair down with these sophistiated but easy hairstyles.

Easy updos #1: Undo updo

While you may have thin hair, it may still be very heavy or dense. Having heave and thin hair means that it is difficult to get your hair ties or pins to stay in for long before they slide out. Having to readjust your ponytail all of the time is not what you want to spend your time doing. The solution is to the an easy to do undo updo! The undo updo is perfect for thin hair, especially if it is heavy, because it is loosly styled but still very classy. Sweeping your hair to one side and styling into a loose side braid or French roll will ad volume to your thin hair. You also will not have to worry about a lot of pins or hair ties slipping out of your hair throughout your event. Adding a little curl to your hair before and after styling will ensure that all of those loose ends look as beautiful as the rest of your style. Stop worrying about losing hair ties and pins all night with the asy undo updo. Add a little curl to complete the perfect beautiful updo.

Easy updos #2: Beach hair

Beach hair, don't care! Adding waves to your thin hair is a great way to add volume to your style. Once you have added waves, weave a small section of the ack of your hair and secure it with a gorgeous clip. You can also add flowers that match the colors of your special event. Beach hair doesn't only have to be for the beach. With a few accessories and a little weaving of your hair, beach hair can be perfect for even the dressiest occasion!

Easy updos #3: Elegant ponytail

Ponytails are perfect for washing your face, working out, or a Netflix night. But done correctly, an easy ponytail can also be one of the most perfect hairstyles to updo your thin hair! There are many classy twists that you can add into your ponytail to make it unique. Experiment with adding braids or various accessories. Comfortable, easy, and works great for fine hair. A classic ponytail updo with a twist made to look elegant.

Easy updos #4: Half updo

The half updo is a great choice for a thin hair updo. You know what styles work best for your hair, and this style allows you to be creative by pulling back and styling your hair your own way! Add curls or waves to give your hair extra volume and complete the look. Whether you part you hair in the middle or to one side, the half updo can work for you. After parting your hair, braid or twist several sections together until the meet together in the back. Sections can be secured with pins if needed. Flowers can be added throughout the braid or twist for a personal touch. Keep your hair natural looking and get creative at the same time. The half updo is a stylish and easy way to wear your hair to your special event without having to spend a lot of time and money at the salon!

Easy updos #5: Side chignon

The side chignon is a very popular style updo for weddings, prom, and other dressy event. It can be kept loose and is perfect for thin hair because it adds dimension and tends to hold up well to a night of dinner and dancing. The side chignon is easy enough to do at home but will leave you with a salon styled look. Add accessories to your hair to really dress it up and you are all ready to go!

Easy updos #6: Elegant boho

The elegant boho hairstyle has been around for a long time, but never seems to lose its classiness. You hae seen the look in movies about princesses from long ago and in photos or movies from the 1960's. The elegant boho hairstyle is truly timeless. But besides being timeless, it is as simple to accomplish as it looks! Waves or curls, a little hair spray, a salt water spritz, and you are ready to go!

Easy and stunning buns and braids updos for thin hair

If you Google images of the stunning Aubrey Hepburn you will often find the old Hollywoods actress with her hair in buns that are so classically coordinated with her beautiful ball gowns. Buns and braids are the most classic type of updos for fine hair, or really any type of hair. They are also one of the mot comfortable hairstyles to wear while dressed up and dancing the night away at your prom or wedding. Wearing your hair in a bun or braids will allow you to show off your gorgeous face, neck, and shoulder area to give you a sexy, yet classic, look for your special event.

Easy updos #7: Braid updo

One of the main problems with thin hair is that you lack volume. You may feel that every hairstyle looks flat on you compared to those with thicker hair. Once way to overcome this obstacle is to use a braid to add dimension to your look. This is the perfect way to add volume and sophistication to your updo. A crown (or sometimes referred to as halo) braid can be started at either the top of your head and go down towards your neck or start at the base of your neck and go up towards your crown. You can also choose a regular braid, Dutch braid, loose braid, tight braid, or whatever works best for you! The back can be styled into a knot, bun, or any other style that you love. Adding a crown or halo braid to your formal updo is an easy way to add volume and dimension to your style for thin hair.

Easy updos #8: Low bun

A low bun works perfect for fine hair if you have trouble getting pins and hair ties to stay in place. Because a low bun is sitting at the bottom of your hairline, there is less chance for hair ties and pins to slip. After pulling hair into a loose low bun, you can divide the bun in half to create a fun wave bun. This is a unique twist to the classic bun. Accessorize with matching flowers, crystals, or clips to match your outfit. This hairstyle also works great with wedding veils.

Easy updos #9: Top bun

The top bun is a classic and does not need much introduction. It works great with most hair types, including thin or fine hair. Worn either tight or loose, the top bun can be dressed up to look very elegant. The top bun is a timeless style that can be appropriate for many different occasions. It is a perfect updo because it is very easy to do on your own in no time at all!

Easy updos #10: Fishtail braid

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Pressed for time on your big day? Whether it is typing up loose ends or averting disasters, the day of the big even always feels stressful! Don't panic! You can still have a gorgeous updo that is quick and easy while looking like you spent the day in the salon! The fishtail braid is a twist on the regular braid. While the fishtail braid looks complicated, it really is not much different from a regular braid. This look can be especially great for long hair. And because you only need one hair tie (and maybe a few pins), you don't have to worry about fixing your hair all day or night!

Easy updos #11: Dutch milkmaid

Gorgeous and easy, the Dutch milkmaid braid hairstyle is perfect for your special occasion. The Dutch braid is also sometimes called the reverse French braid because the strands of hair cross under each other rather than over. Merging two loose Dutch braids to circle around the crown of your head will allow your thin hair to stay in place. Give the loose stands a little curl to frame your face and you will be picture perfect for your wedding, prom, or special event!

Easy updos #12: Low knot

Similar to the low bun, the low knot is perfect for those that have trouble getting hair ties and pins to stay in place. Incredibly simple, this style can be done at home with minimum tools needed. This style can also allow you to be creative and perhaps wrap the know with a braided or twisted section of hair. Flowers and other accessories can be easily added to make a simple yet elegant impact on your big day.

Easy and stunning short updos for thin hair

If your hair is thin you may have decided that the best solution is to get a short hair cut. Short hair of all types is very trendy currently. This style is perfect for the convenience of everyday, but can you still style it into a formal updo? The answer is yes! Dont worry, you can style your short hair for you wedding, prom, or special event too!

Easy and stunning updo #13: The headband

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Sometimes all you need are a few accessories. Adding a headband and styling your hair around it can make a huge impact for your big day. After choosing your headband, experiment with different hairstyles that work with your face shape so that you will know how you want it on your special day. Curls or simply styling with gel are all possibilities for integrating your headband into your elegant updo hairstyle.

Easy and stunning updo #14: Under braid

The under braid is a stunning look for short hair. The updo look is quite simple to achieve and works great for thin hair. A very, very loose braid, the under braid is done around the underside of the hair. This works great for short hair because it is natural enough to not be fussy, but still classy enough to wear for any special occasion. Let the natural waves and flow of your hair guide the under braid before fastening with pins. You can, of course, add accessories to dress up the look. Or, keep it simple for a more classic look.

Easy and stunning updo #15: Mini Dutch braid

If you have a pixie haircut for your thin hair, you may think that a Dutch braid is nearly impossible. Good news! It can be done! A mini Dutch braid may be just what you need to dress up your hairstyle. While the thickness and length of your mini Dutch braid will depend on your hair, this gorgeous hairstyle will look great with any outfit. Braid a ribbon or flowers through it to dress up your look even more.

Look beautiful, feel beautiful

As many of you are aware, thin or fine hair can be a real pain. While it can be a minor annoyance most days, having thin hair can be a major disaster when you need an easy and elegant updo for your prom, wedding, or any special occasion. Don't let the stress of your thin hair get in the way of your big day! Using these tips and 15 easy and stunning updo styles, find the one that works the best for your thin hair. Quit fussing with your fine hair and instead spend your time focusing on your special event.