How To Style Your Own Lob Or Long Bob In 5 Different Ways

This offers you different ways to style your hair with and without heat, along with the products that you should use to achieve these lob and bob looks.

By Chelsea S
How To Style Your Own Lob Or Long Bob In 5 Different Ways

What is a lob?

The long bob is a haircut that works for pretty much everyone. It always looks great no matter who rocks it, and that's the reason why they've become so prevalent today. A lob is essentially the longer version of a bob haircut, and are a just slightly longer than the mob haircut. Rather than going with a major chop, you can keep your hair at medium length, and still have that bob effect. Lobs typically fall to your shoulders, but they can be a little bit above or a little bit below. Lobs are a lot more versatile, and you have more freedom when it comes to styling your hair. There are three different types of long bobs. There's the blunt lob, which is completely uniform all around, the long layered lob, which is cut with chin length layers, and the choppy lob, which has wispy ends. A lob can be cut in different ways, like asymmetrical, a-line, and inverted. An asymmetrical cut is when one side is cut shorter than the other. There is no uniformity. The A-line cut is when the back of the hair is cut shorter than the front of the hair, and the front of the hair gradually gets longer. The inverted is just like the A-line cut, except the back is cut in layers, and is more rounded than the back of an A-line cut.

Before you style

Some of the styles may require that you curl or tease your hair in some way, so be sure to have hairspray or lightweight mousse on hand. Don't forget to evenly distribute the mousse, by using a comb or brush to apply the mousse through your hair. Some styles may require that you not dry or brush your hair so be sure to read carefully. Remember, whether you have an A-line, asymmetrical, or inverted lob cut, or if you have wavy, straight, or curly hair, all of these styles are still achievable. They may require some extra work, but it'll be worth it to have a style that you feel comfortable in. Don't feel obligated to follow these steps to a tee. If your hair gets crunchy after using spray or mousse, don't use it. Or find a mousse/hairspray that leaves your hair feeling soft. Don't worry if you can't find the specific products linked below. They're just suggestions. You can use whatever you can find at your local store. The biggest tip I have is don't get discouraged! Very rarely do we try out a new hairstyle and it comes out exactly the way we had intended the first time. Don't worry. Practice is key, so if you can't get it right the first time, it's okay.

Tips for making the style your own

Know what works for your face before you try it. A lot of times when trying a new style, we hate it because it doesn't look right on us. It makes us look a certain way. Know what works for your face shape. If you have a round or square shaped face, a wavy style with a part down the middle may work best for you. If you have a long face, bangs work really well to help it appear shorter. Heart and oval-shaped faces take well to side parts. Remember highlights and balayage work really well to add texture and movement to lob cuts. Changing the overall color of your hair will help bring the lob cut into its own. If you have a warm skin tone, you want to complement that with a cool color, such as a silvery blonde or champagne. Or, if you want to go darker, try a brunette or a dark red. If you have a darker skin tone, go with a hair color that is either darker than your skin or lighter — highlights give an added depth.

Curling your lob

Tools needed to style

3/4 to 1 inch curling wand or curling iron Lightweight hairspray

Perfect Heat Curling Iron | Ulta Beauty
Elnett Satin Strong Hold Hairspray For Hairstyling - L'Oréal Paris


To achieve this look, you can use a 3/4 to 1-inch curling wand. Make sure you section your hair in 3, with one section on the left side of your head, one section being the middle, and one on the right. Since you'll be doing a heavy part, one side of your head will have a heavier section. On the side with the heavier section, you're going to want to use the wand to curl the hair towards your face. The section on the opposite side of this will be curled away from your face. Spray your hair with a lightweight hairspray, and you're ready to go!


When you're done, use your fingers and very gently comb through your hair, to separate the curls a little bit. You can also take a little bit of a shine serum mixed with a water-based pomade, and gently rub that through your hair for texture. This is completely optional. If you're using a curling iron, be sure to get the hair in the clamp. You do not want straight ends for this look. This look is especially cute on asymmetrical and inverted lobs.

No heat waves

Tools needed



-Wash and dry your hair, making sure that you're leaving it slightly damp. -Spray your hair with the hairspray, and scrunch up your hair at the same time. -Shake your hair out gently, and set with a light layer of hairspray.


Be sure not to brush your hair. This is crucial to this method. If you're concerned about tangles, you can brush before you wash your hair or use your fingers and detangle in the shower. Gently wash your hair to avoid tangles. This would look really cute on asymmetrical cut lobs or inverted lobs.

Lived-in wavy


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Tools needed to style

Heat styling product or protectant for your hair type Curling wand Texturizing spray

Perfect Defense | Hair Care | Moroccanoil
Perfect Heat Curling Iron | Ulta Beauty
Drybar 'Triple Sec' 3-in-1 Texturizer | Nordstrom


This look is all about texture. When you dry your hair, do not use a brush. Add your heat styling product or protectant spray, and rough dry your hair, meaning dry it in a messy, unstructured way. This is critical to getting that lived-in wavy look. Section your hair in two, pulling up one half of your hair and leaving the other half down. For thicker hair, you may have to pull up your hair into three or more sections, to curl each section individually. Curl each section using the clamp rather than wrapping your hair around the wand and inching the curling iron the ends of your hair. When you reach the ends, lightly drag the iron, creating straighter ends. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to break up the curls, then add your texturizing spray. When you're all done, you can part your hair whichever way feels right for you, but a middle part is the typical way to style the lived-in wavy look.


If you feel you can't curl every part of your hair accurately, you can buy a sea salt spray and use it to help with the wavy look. This look is perfect for the classing lob cut or the A-line cut.

The swoop on an inverted lob

Tools needed to style

1.5 inch curling iron Dry shampoo Styling cream

Hot Tools® | Flat Irons | 1" Black Gold XL Salon Flat Iron Professional Beauty Products
HAIR BY SAM McKNIGHT | Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo, 250ml | NET-A-PORTER.COM
Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel Nourishing and Protective | VIOLET GREY


You want to create loose ringlets, but without curling the roots and without curling the ends of the hair. Divide your hair into 1-inch sections and curl it up in alternating directions. Avoid using the clamp on the ends. Allow all your hair to cool fully before moving onto the next step. Curl the sections near your face away from your face, to get the same look in the picture. Take your dry shampoo and spray the roots of your hair. Be sure to hold the spray 12 inches away from your head. Make sure you go section by section rather than just spraying all of your hair all at once. Slowly layer the spray into your hair but be sure to avoid spraying the ends. Use your hands to gently massage your roots and scrunch up your hair, making the curls of your inverted lob look effortless. Take your styling cream and rub it between your palms, then take your fingers and comb your hair back into place. Use the leftover product on your hands to smooth the ends of your hair.


If you have processed, curly, or dry hair, use a texture spray with oil rather than a dry shampoo. If you have curly hair, use an anti-humidity spray to keep your hair from frizzing. This look also looks great on A-line cut lobs.

No heat beach waves

Tools needed for style

Comb or pick Brush Texturizing spray or mousse Elastic hair tie


Start on damp hair. Use your brush and brush thoroughly. Take the texturizing spray or mousse apply it to your hair. Take your brush and brush the product through your hair, ensuring even distribution. Take your comb or pick, and make a part down the middle of your hair. French braid each side of your hair from root to tip. Put the elastic on the bottom to make sure the braids don't unravel. You want to put the elastic about one inch from the end, making sure the ends are straight. This is really cute on asymmetrical lobs.


The damp style is best if you're doing your hair in the morning. You can wait for the braids to dry while you're doing your makeup or taking care of anything else. If you want to do this the night before and let the braids sit to set the waves, you can leave your hair wet, but not dripping wet.



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