3 Easy & Fast Steps To Lose Up To 20 Pounds In Just 1 Month

Summer's around the corner and you've pondered the goal to lose a few pounds in a month. Well, before you get to your workout, let's discuss your plan.

By MJ Faublas
3 Easy & Fast Steps To Lose Up To 20 Pounds In Just 1 Month

Your Body: Lose the Pounds Now

So, you've stared at your body in the mirror every day for months now. You're not sure how the weight came on, but are sure it has to go. Summer is one month away and you've taken so many before pictures, you are now ready for the afterglow. So, how do you first motivate yourself to take action, secondly, stay active in order to lose weight, and thirdly, keep the pounds off in order to enjoy your new body?

Weight loss is not easy, and it's clear that the food we consume is not enabling a healthy weight. We find ourselves snacking in the middle of the night, running to a fastfood restaurant in order to fulfill emotional needs, and finally, when all else fail, we make up excuses for our poor eating habits. In a society that prides itself on oversizing everything, how do we not get bored with the healthy food we must consume to stay at our desired weight while maintaining a conscious idea of what it means to be healthy and of good weight. 

Losing a few pounds won't change so much as keeping a positive view of our bodies and minds. One thing to keeping a positive body image is understanding that weight loss is not a quick fix. Weight loss should be an internal decision we all make in order to prolong our lives and maintain our self-esteem. Weight loss should also be a desired end goal when we're sure, that is all that's needed to improve ourselves. In other words, weight loss should never be done for the fulfillment of another's needs, desires, or to make another like us. We should only desire weight loss because it is something that will make us all happy with ourselves. 

So, let's begin with the mirror.

One Month....One Mirror...Lose It

You wake up early in the morning and look at yourself, what do you see? For most people suffering from weight issues, we see what we imagine in the mirror versus what's actually there. For example, key body areas are important to focus on when beginning a diet plan for weight loss. The mirror, unfortunately, does not lie, but we must first open our eyes to actually see what's there.
Let's discuss your mirror image:
If you stand in front of the mirror, do you smile at yourself, frown, or get angry? Believe it or not, your emotional response to your image plays a great role in your weight loss plan, diet, and ability to keep up with a workout regime. If you are smiling at yourself, is it condescending? Being honest with your emotions towards your body image is important in understanding how important weight loss is for you. You might've started this journey with a month weight loss plan in mind, but before you step on that treadmill, put on those jogging pants, or purchase that app; you must first be real and honest with yourself with how you see your body.

Remember, the mirror does not lie, and so in order to meet that goal of weight loss within one month, you must be honest with yourself and open your eyes.

How to Lose those Pounds in One Month?

If you're honest with yourself, you know you can lose those last 20 pounds in one month. But the truth is, most of us are never honest with ourselves. So, let's discover ourselves in the following questions:

1. Do you feel a diet will help with your self-image?
2. What does diet really mean to you?
3. How important to do feel diet is to weight loss?
4. If you place yourself on a diet, do you feel you will keep it up for more then one month?
5. What's your post weight-loss plan?
6. Do you feel you'll be able to keep up the body, weight, and happiness after the weight loss?
7. Have you taken your before and after pics?
8. Do you have a workout plan?
9. How important do you feel workout plans are to weight loss?
10. According to you, which is most important, diet or workout?
11. Do you like veggies?
12. How about fruits?
13. In one month, you lose all the weight, what now?
14. How do you see your life once you lose the weight?
15. Are you dedicated to losing the pounds?

These questions if answered correctly will be the blueprint for your workout plan. As you answer the questions, you will see where you are weak, strong, and ignorant. For one, weight loss requires more than workout plans and diet. Before you go further, let's discuss each key factor of weight loss.

Diet: To Lose Pounds in One Month

Clearly, there are millions of diets out there. But what exactly is a diet? According to Webster, a diet is defined as the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. But with modern society, diets have turned into temporary fixes to weight issues that prove to not be long-term oriented. From the water diet, the starvation diet, juice diet, Atkins diet, Jenny Craig, and the millions of other diets out there, it is unlikely that once the adrenaline passes you will keep up with the diet.

Diets are temporary to long-term weight loss plans. What we eat is important to consider, however, diets only focus on how much we eat. If you're someone who has never measured a meal or even thought about it, it will be hard to keep up with diets once the excitement has passed. The importance of a diet is not what it follows (low-carbs, low-fat, etc.); but how successful you feel you will be once you begin it.

Remember, with diets, it's important to know that the focus is long-term eating habits. You are what you eat, unfortunately, and even more importantly, your weight depends on the amount of food you consume. Diets work as long as we keep up with them, but there is something else that diets do; they deprive us of the actual joy that comes with the relationship kept with food. So, let's discuss your relationship with food now.

Food: Key to Lose Pounds in One Month

O, dearest food, how we've shared a romantic relationship that has evolved over the years. Yes, that is you, and that is how you once thought of food, prior to the desire to lose some pounds in the next month. Like we spoke about earlier, the mirror stop lying to you and you simply can't take it. So you've taken the initiative to make a plan to lose those unwanted pounds in as soon as one month. Be it 5, 10, 20 pounds that are weighing you down, you need to know you can and will accomplish this goal of yours.

But before we discuss your future success, let's discuss FOOD. Our pal during those late nights, our movie buddy, our traveling companion, dearest food. Food is that one thing we all run to in order to comfort ourselves. Food, as fun as it is can become a dangerous obsession that can result in poor health, obesity, and even loss of life. Food is important to nutrition and the maintenance of weight loss, but without the proper education, food can be abused.

So, let's discuss food and the need for proper nutrition. According to the FDA, an average person should consume 2,000 calories per day to maintain their weight, while consuming 1500 calories daily to lose on average one pound per week. The decrease in caloric intake allows the body to adjust and lose those unwanted pounds to bring about the weight loss results we all desire. But just focusing on calories is not enough. We must also focus on the types of food we intake.

For daily maintenance, the average person should intake about 300g of carbs on a 2000 caloric diet, resulting in 45% of your daily nutrition and 900 total of your calorie balance. Your fat intake should be about 20-35% of your daily caloric intake resulting in about 400-700 calories. Your protein intake will result in a total of 65g, becoming 10-35% of your daily nutrition, while resulting in 200-700 calories. Of course, you should increase and decrease each portion as you reach your desired weight. And most importantly, at the start of your diet, you might want to increase the protein intake while decreasing carbs, as protein, decreases your appetite, resulting in a lower caloric intake and more rapid weight loss.

Get ready for immediate before and after results from your new meal changes.


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Workout: To Lose Pounds in One Month

Workout plans are probably the easiest part of losing weight. Workout plans are important and a key to keeping up your weight loss plan and could be critical depending on your body shape. The most important thing regarding workout plans is discovering which plan you enjoy most and how it affects your body. When it comes to workout plans, you've probably heard cardio, cardio, cardio. However, let me surprise you.

Over the years, many women have found that weightlifting has a great after result than simple cardio. Actually, the more you lift, the more you lose. But keep in mind, your scale may not show such results, however, you will find that after much dedication, your body will change and you'll be one step closer to that after photo. Those pounds fall off faster with weight lifting and your strength and endurance increases.


Your Body Type: Getting to that After Shot

Your body type is important when trying to lose pounds. Yes, one month seems a bit extreme, but it can be done. Your body type is something you might've never thought about, but your body type does affect your weight loss and how you actually lose those pounds. There are three body types and depending on yours, losing those pounds can be difficult. Let's discuss:

1. Endomorph:
The endomorph body type appears larger, accumulates heavier fat, and has little muscle definition. Those with the endomorph body type appear blocky, have thick rib cages, wider joints, hips, and short limbs. The skeleton of an endomorph is large, with low muscle definition. Endomorph body types have difficulty losing weight and must try many workout plans prior to finding the right one. The downside of being an endomorph is keeping your motivation high while working on losing those pounds.

2. Mesomorph
The mesomorph body type displays an appearance related to the other two body types. It is easy for the mesomorph builds muscle definition quickly, has larger bone structure, and low body fat percentages. The mesomorph has a narrow waist, thinner joints, long and round muscle bellies, and find that workout plans with weight lifting is most beneficial.

3. Ectomorph 
The Ectomorph body type sis the average person, with skinny appearances, high metabolisms, and has the ability to eat endlessly with absolutely no weight gain. The ectomorph body type is probably not reading this article, so I will not elaborate, because you get the point.

As you can see, your body type plays one of the largest roles in losing those pounds. To lose pounds, and in one month, you must realize your body type, and build on this with a plan that stimulates your motivation for weight loss.

3 Easy & Fast Ways to Lose 20 Pounds in One Month

Alright, I've lectured you enough, let's get to the point. 

Step One: Get Real about Weight Loss

So, now that you've done all the reading, you have to get real. You can get real by first taking a long hard look at your body. Get nude, begin with your shoulders, work your way down your chest, belly, thighs. Now turn around and look back at your butt, and now your legs. What do you see? Be honest. Where is your fat accumulated? Figure this out, and you will be able to better understand the plan ahead.

Remember that mirror section. Well, getting real requires a mirror, your beautiful body, and your goal in mind. If your plan is to lose more then 30 pounds you must keep in mind that requires a dedication of about five pounds per week to reach your month-end result. Getting real requires you to be frank and honest with yourself. 

When you are real with yourself, you will begin to see your body's truth and begin to establish the proper regime to lose those pounds by the end of the month.

We are truly creatures of habit. What we do daily helps form these habits. I used to not be a breakfast person. Why? Because I just didn’t eat breakfast, I “was hungry.” . . The truth was that I had trained my body to not eat in the morning, by not feeding it breakfast! When I decided that I wanted to see my healthiness for me and my family, the number one thing I consistently found was to eat breakfast! It gives you energy, helps you eat well throughout the rest of the day, jumpstarts your metabolism, aids in weight loss, the list goes on! . . So how did I become a breakfast person? Simply started to eat breakfast every single day! It really as simple as that! Start small, no need for a huge gourmet breakfast, but start! Work to create this healthy habit and I promise, it will be one that sticks! #healthyhabits

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Step Two: Clean Your Fridge & Pantry

Sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but you knew where this was leading to after reading food section of this article. So, let's do it, let's clean out your fridge. For the past few years, those pounds have not accumulated due to your love for fruits and veggies. We don't put on excessive weight (pounds) because we are eating correctly. Weight gain only becomes a problem for those who don't eat right. 

So let's clean out that fridge and pantry. Throw away all the food with excessive sugar, fat, carbs, etc. Yes, that means all that frozen, processed food must be thrown out. When you rid yourself of the temptation, you will begin to acknowledge your priorities and get one step closer to meeting your goals. Once you disregard your home of all sugar, fat, and processed foods, now it's time to grocery shop for weight loss. Remember, if it doesn't grow from the earth, it won't help you lose those pounds in one month.

Step Three: Exercise to Lose Pounds

Finally, you will lose those pounds in one month with exercise. Remember, your body type is prevalent in the choosing of your workout plan. You must understand your body type in order to choose the correct workout regime for sustainable weight loss and be ready to keep those pounds off with weight lifting. 

Exercise is important but is might not be the only thing needed to lose weight. In order to lose the weight and get to that after picture, you must be willing to exercise through it all. That means rain, snow, sleet, hail, the exercise is what's important. You will not lose the pounds until you realize this. Eating correctly will result in some weight loss, but in order to lose the proper pounds and reshape your body, exercise (the right type of exercise) is important for your results.

- m i x - i t - u p - m o n d a y - Mix it up this Monday by adding some side plank holds into your workout today. BENEFITS: 1. Strengthens abdominal and back muscles. 2. It also targets and works out your glutes and adductors. 3. Since it requires you to balance on one arm, it strengthens your shoulders, wrists and arms. 4. Improves your balance. REMEMBER: if you don’t regularly workout or know your form, you need to start with modified versions and work your way up, so you avoid injury. . . Want tips on how to do these types of exercises and others? Or to get in shape with correct form? >>>Check out Focus Athletic’s small group training for you and 2-3 of your friends! . . Get individualized attention with workouts catered to you and your friends needs, abilities, desires and goals. COME IN FOR A FREE SESSION WITH YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS AND OR LOVED ONES TODAY! #FocusAthletics #PersonalTraining #MixitUpMonday #MixItUp #Fitness #PersonalTrainer #NewportBeach #TrainHard #GetFit #GetStrong #Fit #Exercise #Exercises #Plank #Core #Abs #Balance #FitGirls #FitnessLife #FitnessMotivation #Workout #Health #FitnessPhotography #HealthyLife #HealthyLifestyle #HealthAndFitness #HealthAndWellness #Tone #Girls

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One Month...A Few Pounds...You Got This

So now you're empowered, you not only decided to lose the pounds, but you have the information required to follow through. Remember, weight loss is a mind game. You must put your mind over your pounds (haha). The more comfortable you are with weight loss, the faster you will lose the pounds. Weight loss is a personal journey and in order to lose the pounds, you must realize that happiness being the end goal will get you faster results. So good luck!



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