55 Easy & Cute Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

Are you looking for some fun and easy summer hairstyles for your long hair? Look no further because this article has 55 great options for you to try out.

By Katherine P. Haley
55 Easy & Cute Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

Summer hairstyles for long hair

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Summer is hot and humid and can often just be plain uncomfortable. The heat causes your hair to stick to your neck or just makes every different style you try not work out the way you planned. Because of this, you are probably looking for some fun and easy hairdos to try out. The hairstyles below are easy, get the hair off of your neck, and keep you from having to deal with humidity messing with your hair.

These fun summer hairstyles for long hair will make hot summer days so much more enjoyable.

Summer hairstyles for long hair: Updos

The best way to keep your hair off your neck on hot and humid days is an updo. There are so many different styles of updos that you can try out this summer; you won't believe it. These are fun and easy hairstyles for your long hair that will keep you going all day long.

1. Chunky Top-Knot

This hairstyle will do wonders to keep your long hair off of your neck on hot summer days. Simply pull up your hair, twist it into a donut-like shape on the top of your head and secure with plenty of bobby pins. 

2. Twisted Bun

A twisted bun is another updo that will keep your neck cool from your long hair on hot summer days. For this hairstyle, separate your hair into two parts. Roll each part to the back of your head, adding more hair as you go, much like a French or Dutch braid. Combine the two sections into a bun, secure with bobby pins and an elastic if needed. Load on the hairspray and go about your day.

3. Messy Top-Knot

This hairstyle is similar to the chunky top-knot above, just will a little more mess. Twist your hair into a donut shape, letting any straggling hairs be, and secure with bobby pins. No need to worry about any loose hair with this summer look.

4. Messy Bun

A messy bun is obviously similar to a messy top-knot, it just goes a little lower on your head. Pull your hair into a bun, not worrying about loose or extra strands and secure with bobby pins.

5. Braided Top-Knot

This fun and innovative hairstyle is great for any type of weather, but especially for the hottest and humid summer days. Pull your long hair into a high ponytail and braid that hair. Next, twist the braid into a top-knot. Secure with bobby pins and enjoy your look.

6. Scarf Updo

For this hairstyle, we add a small accessory. Tie a scarf around your head and have it resemble a headband. In 2 inch sections, wrap hair around the bottom half of the scarf. Secure with bobby pins and load on the hairspray.

7. Retro Pinup

This cute hairstyle gives you something different for the summer days you don't want to look like the same old same old. Pull your long hair into a ponytail, leaving a chunk the front section loose. Separate the front section into three parts. Create a curl out of each section by twisting it around your fingers and securing with a bobby pin or three. Next, make that ponytail a bun and pin down the sides using bobby pins. Add a scarf for an extra fun look.

8. Box Braid Updo

This hairstyle is easy if you already have box braids. Twist your hair into an easy and fun summer updo by gathering your hair on top of your head and securing with pins, pins, and more pins.

9. Mohawk Updo

With this fun and easy hairstyle, you can create a faux Mohawk by adding a large braid to the top of your head. Braid your hair and style it, so it sticks up. End with a ponytail or bun, which is totally up to you.

Summer hairstyles for long hair: Braids

Much like updos, braids are always a good way to go when trying to keep your long hair off of your neck on hot summer days. These hairstyles will withstand any weather, hot, humid, and even rainy.

10. French braid

A French braid is a simple hairstyle that is great for long hair. Starting at the top of your head, separate the top section of your hair into three smaller sections. As you braid, add more hair until you reach the bottom of your neck. Lastly, braid the rest of your hair and secure with an elastic.

11. Long mini braid

This is a style that you will probably have to get done in a salon, but after that, your hair is set for the whole summer.
12. Milkmaid braid

For this braid, split your hair into two sections and gather each into a pigtail. Leave a few strands in the front of your hair loose. Take each pigtail and braid them into normal, three-strand braids. Tie each braid off with an elastic. Cross the braids over each other to create a crown-like braid. Secure with bobby pins and be done.

13. Fishtail braid

Starting near the bottom of your head, near your neck, split your hair into two sections. Twist them over each other. Now, add a small strand of hair by each side as you go down. Tie off with an elastic. This is a great summer look for long hair. 

14. Braided Pigtails

These can be normal braids, Dutch or French. Split your hair down the middle with an even part. Braid each side in the style of your choosing. Secure with an elastic and love this cool and comfortable hairstyle.

15. French side braid

This summer hairstyle involves braiding your hair to the side. Starting at the top, separate your hair into three sections, then start braiding, adding more hair as you go. Braid at an angle, so you braid lays over your shoulder.

16. Braided headband

This hairstyle takes a section of your hair and crosses the braid over your head like a headband. Starting near your ear, begin a French or Dutch braid, keeping your hair close to your hairline. Secure the end with bobby pins and add some hairspray for an extra effect. 

17. Side Braid

Take a section of your hair near the front of your hairline, braid it back and secure it with bobby pins, letting the rest of your hair go free. This is a great and easy summer style. 

18. Crown Braid

This braid is similar to a milkmaid braid but leaves out any loose hair hanging in front. Separate the hair into two sections. Braid up from the back on the right side, and braid down from the top on the left side. Tuck the ends into the braids and secure them with bobby pins and hairspray.

19. Combo Braid (small to big)

Add several small braids to your hair and them combine them into one, larger braid. This is a great summer hairstyle for long hair.

20. Goddess Braid

This style is similar to a milkmaid and crown braid; your part is just in a different location. Instead of separating your hair down the middle, go to the side. Braid in one direction from one side and the other direction for the other side. Secure with bobby pins.

21. Dutch Braid

This is similar to a french braid, but instead of braiding over, you braid under. Follow the directions for a French braid, switch them for this fun and easy summer hairstyle for long hair.

22. Ladder braid

Grab a small section from the top of your hair and split it into three equal sections. Bring the bottom strand over the middle and then the top strand over the middle. Repeat until done.

23. Loose braid

This can be any type of braid but is the perfect one for lazy summer days. Braid your hair like normal and don't be afraid to leave some hairs loose. You can even achieve this by loosening some strands yourself.

Summer hairstyles for long hair: Ponytails

Ponytails are great updos for summer hairstyles. Ponytails look great with long hair and are just so easy to do.

24. Retro pony

For this summer hairstyle, pull your hair into a normal ponytail, leaving a piece of hair loose to wrap around your elastic. For this style, the higher your hair, the better.

25. Loose, low ponytail

Gather your hair together near the bottom of your neck and tie loosely with an elastic. Leave a few loose strands around your head, and you'll look great for any weather.

26. Curly Ponytail

This is a simple hairstyle — just curl your hair and throw it up into a ponytail. This look is elegant without it keeping your neck hot in humid weather. 

27. Ponytail Braid

Pull your hair into a high ponytail and then braid it to the tips. This summer look is easy and fun for your hair.

28. High Ponytail

Pull your natural hair into a high ponytail and rock that look. This is easy and elongates your features in the best way possible.

29. Messy Ponytail Braid

Pull your hair into a high ponytail and braid to the tips. Leave some strands of hair loose and even loosen the ponytail braid. This summer hairstyle is to die for.

30. Dutch Braid Ponytail

At the top of your head, separate that section of hair into three smaller sections. Do a Dutch braid until you reach the back of your head and pull the rest of your long hair into a ponytail. This can be straight, wavy, or curly.

31. Box Braid Ponytail

This again works best if you already have box braids. Pull into a ponytail and feel the cool air on your neck.

32. Mohawk Braid Ponytail

Add a large braid to the top of your head, making sure it sticks up and creates a faux mohawk look. Pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail. This is a rocking hairstyle that will keep you cool and make you look cool in all types of weather.

Summer hairstyles for long hair: Wavy and curly

While pulling your hair up into an assortment of updos may keep you cool from the hot and humid weather, sometimes you just want to show off your long hair in the summer months. For this reason, here are a few ways to wear your long hair down in the summer. You will love these hairstyles.

33. Waves

These can be natural or can be created by braiding wet hair the night before and letting it dry. Make sure to use some hairspray to keep them nice all day long. This is an easy and lovely hairstyle for long hair in the summer.

34. Soft curls

Use rollers or gently curl your hair with a curling iron. Figure out the best way for you, and rock these soft and shiny curls. 

35. Beach waves

Similar to regular wavy hair, beach waves can be achieved by braiding the night before, but there are also many products that you can spray on your hair to get them to dry in nice, natural waves. This hairstyle is easy and fun.

36. Pulled-Back Natural Curls

Take those natural curls and pull them back into a low ponytail. This hairstyle is easy and shows off your natural look.

37. Air Dried Curls

When your hair is wet, put in some rollers or twist them with bobby pins and let your hair dry overnight with this easy hairstyle

38. Pinned back waves

Take your waves and instead of letting them hang naturally, pin back some of your hair. This can be achieved by just pulling back a couple of strands or braided back some hair.

39. Box Braids

Let your box braids flow freely. They look great and you know you got them done for a reason--to make you look awesome!

40. Curled

Curl your hair with a curling iron, leave be or style in any way you want. Long hair looks great in curled hairstyles.

41. Side curls

Curl your hair with a curling iron and then pull to the side and secure with an elastic or with bobby pins. This will keep your neck cool while also showing off your beautiful long hair.

Summer hairstyles for long hair: Add some color

Maybe you just want to change your hair up for the summer. You're out of school or starting a new job or even just still at a job you've been at for years. Wherever you are in life, your long hairstyle needs a little change for the summer.

42. Streak of hair color

Add some color to your hair. A streak of pink, purple, or blue. Add it to the side, in multiple streaks, or under your hair. No matter what, this hairstyle is different and fun for your long hair.

43. Color your whole head

Maybe you don't want to color just part of your hair; you want to color it all! That's so fun. Pastel colors are really in this summer, but you can go any color you want. Your long hair will look great in pink, purple, blue, or anything really.

Other hairstyles for long hair

These hairstyles didn't quite fit with any other categories, but they are still a great choice for your long hair in the summer.

44. Bangs

Get some bangs! Make your summer style a little different.

45. Exposed Bobby Pins

This hairstyle involves pinning your long hair back while making the bobby pins the star of the show by pinning them creatively, like making an X or two.

46. Pinned Front Hair Back

Take strands from both sides of your long hair and pin them back to show off your tanned summer face.

47. Tousled Low Bun

This updo or more like a low-do. Pull your hair into a messy low bun and look at how cute your long hair looks like this.

48. Half-Up Half-Down Top-Knot

Pull the hair at the top of your head into a neat bun, leaving the rest of your hair loose. This is a great summer style.

49. Slicked Back

Slick your hair back and get it away from your face. This involves product typically for a summer look that stays put.

50. Side Swept

Pull half of your hair over to the other side and secure with bobby pins or an elastic.

51. Sleek and Straight

Straighten your hair and keep it looking clean and natural.

52. Half-Up Ponytail

Like the half-up bun, pull half of your long hair up into a ponytail and leave the rest of it free.

53. Side Braid

Take a strand of hair and braid it on the side, pulling it away from your face.

54. Twisted Knot Pigtails

Twist your hair into a low bun on each side of your head. It is a great summer look for long hair.

55. Side Do

Curl or braid your hair so that it stays on one side of your head. This is an easy and fun summer look.

General tips

Hairspray is always a good idea, but if your hair is prone to fizziness, invest in some anti-frizz serum. It works wonders for long hair. Also, depending on hair type, always brush your hair before getting into any of these styles to make it a bit easier.

Before you go...

Have fun with all of these hairstyles for long hair. From updos to colored hair, there are many options here for you to try out and have fun with.