Top 25 Cute & Easy Ways To Style Your Short Hair

The major challenge with short hair is coming up daily with cute ways to style it. Here are 25 excellent styles for your hair to rock that celebrity look.

By Sylverlne Odili
Top 25 Cute & Easy Ways To Style Your Short Hair

25 Cute Ideas for Summer Short Hair

Short hairstyles are the modern day beauty signatures. From celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Ruby Rose to Kristin Steward. It leaves you looking chic and awesome all day. However, the major challenge lies in coming up with different ways to style your hair daily.

1. Good-old Pixie Cut

A slicked-down pixie is one trusted way to wear the short hair. Part by the side and apply a moderate amount of conditioner. To help keep the hair curly and in its place apply any good anti-stiffness gel.

2. The bobby pin and dry shampoo/texture spray hold

Apply a moderate amount of texture spray or dry shampoo on the short hair. You are at liberty to style in ways you want. The bobby pins aid in giving cute support and a layered texture to the hair.

3.Rough it up and pin.

This awesome short hairstyle can be achieved by either the natural way of rolling out of bed, or ruffing up curly hair with fingertips then holding with pins. You do not need much work to get this done, go with the natural flow of the roughness and you are good to go.

4. Short Pompadour Style

This is a new cute trend for short curly hair.  It is a style worn with short sides, and a puffed-up sweeping of the center hair to the back. To achieve this look, comb back the front hair alongside giving it a little pouf. Secure it in place with a pin. Add a little bling with some different kinds of wasy bobby pins or hair accessories.

5. Wasy French Knot

Do you have your bobby pins ready? Cool, let’s get started! Smooth all hair to the back into a low pony using a comb or fingertips. This sleek appearance adds to the beauty. Braid up the ponytail and fasten with cute bobby pins.

6. Elegant Wasy Crown Braids.

Crown braids are awesome with short hair because they don’t require the second overlap. To achieve this chic princess-like look, part hair into two and gently work your way down with a neat Dutch braid. Continue the process from the other half and knot together finally. To complete the process, secure the two braids together into a wasy bun using bobby pins. Have fun looking like a Grecian goddess all day!

7. Pin-up Bangs in Different Ways with the Ombre Chevron Bobby Pins

The Ombre Chevron bobby pins are specially designed to help style and curl short hair. Each pin is designed as the letter “v.” Here’s the trick, pin-up hair bangs into circular twists and holds in place using the bobby pins. The beauty lies in your creative ability to use the pins.

8. Textured Pixie

The textured pixie is quite longer and curlier than the traditional pixie cut. It is a very versatile hairstyle aimed at accentuating your personality. The brow-grazing layers add to its unique beauty. To achieve the texturized pixie look, curl your pixie with a curling wand and add some sleek pomade to help add volume and texture the hair. Now, you are ready to step out in style.

9. Cool Pony Knots

We all know that not everyone has the creativity to style their hair in different ways, nor has the time to visit a chic saloon for some girly touch. Pony knots are cool to style your short hair into awesomeness. Here’s how to get it done. Split the hair into three equal sections, roll up a ponytail in the middle, wrap up the other into a curly flip and hold using bobby pins. Brush up the sides and boom! You are ready to go.

10. Dutch Braids

A lot of people associate Dutch braids with only long hair, but in reality, it is best suited for short hair. Dutch braids may seem difficult to achieve on short hair. That’s why bobby pins are there for use in the first place. So next time you are on your way to the beach or stores, do not hold back on the braids.

11. Short Braided Pixie

Pixie on its own is an awesome hairstyle, braiding a pixie is a whole new level of awesomeness! Short hair braided pixie is a trend gradually taking roots. Check out this look on Zoe Kravitz or Ruby Rose; it’s a die for look.

Now short hair is often challenging to braid; the trick lies in volume and expertise. To braid the pixie, work it from the hair front through the ears then behind toward the back. Brush up the stranded hair, and you will look just perfect. And to go from day to night, add a few accessories with a little bling.

12. Cotton Candy Bun Style

The cotton candy bun was associated initially with long hair but not anymore. The topknot is no longer exclusive to long hair as there are many hair accessories to help you achieve the look with short hair. To accomplish this on a short hair, you are going to need a lot of teasing, wrapping, and some hairspray.

13. Different Ways to Style Decorative Hairband

There are thousands of comfortable chic hairbands in the market to help you achieve any look you desire. Keep that pixie cut sleek and smooth all through the day by crisscrossing any desired hairband over the hair.

This will also help keep the stubborn hair strands such as in the case of pixies in place. Bejeweled hairbands add a unique princess-like look to your hair.

14. Faux Bang

A Faux bang can be created by making a side part from the frontal hairline and sweeping it across the forehead. Finish up by securing it behind the ear sing either a hairband or bobby pins.

15. Salt Spray Style.

Create a natural, easy look for your hair by making your personalized salt spray with a combination of seltzer water and a half tablespoon of sea salt. An application on the hair creates a bleach like texture.

However there different brands of salt sprays in the market from which you can choose. Or you can always make your personalized salt spray with the materials above.

16. Curling Iron.

Hair curling using a curling iron has always been a go-to source for achieving the classy way look. Curling irons are a unique way to get your hair to look the way you want. For short hair, achieving that polish look depends on hair texture and application. For those with very-tight coils, a very tiny curling iron would be best in creating that chic definition. However, if your coils are large, go for a large-barrel iron instead of the well-defined texture.

17. Natural Blow-dry Styling.

Nowadays, blow drying goes beyond mere drying of hair. Hair stylists are constantly in search of ways to style hair into a naturally chic look and yes blow drying is one of them. To style your hair through blow-drying, dry about 50 percent of the hair then let the rest air-dry. This not only cuts down the level of heat damage but will leave your hair looking all natural and wavy. This is often used in place of a salt spray or styling gel.

18. Back to Front Braid

This is usually the best braid style suitable for short hair. Since the hair is short, the typical front to back braid often leaves strands of hair scared the edges and might be hard to weave. The back to front braid is best suited for shoulder length hair. Work your way up from the back using French braid pattern, stop around the crown, wrap up the loose ends and hold with a bobby pin.

19. Pomade and Wax Styling

It is a general knowledge that pomade aids in the appearance and handling of the hair. However be careful not to weigh down the hair by applying too much pomade, hair mousse or wax. Excessive application of these can weaken the roots and even clog the pores.

20. Headband Braids.

Headband braids are excellent for achieving that flawless look. You can keep those straying bands off your face by braiding into a headband around the face. Part the hair to the right, braid along the frontal hairline by creating inverted braids. Braid to the back and hold with bobby pins.

21. Chic Bob

Look elegant on your outings rocking the short hair chic bob. To achieve this, pull off hair from the neck, French braid out a slim, chic bob by the undersides of your hair.

22. Foam Wrap-up Rollers.

Foam wrap-up rollers are used together with bobby pins to wrap-up long hair into shorter lengths. This hair accessory instantly gives you the short hair appearance.

23. Locking technique

Locking helps you hide all traces of pins and bands used in styling your hair. The technique involves hiding then strategically under hair through fastening.

24. Twisted Pompadour

Pompadour are popular hairstyles but the twisted version is a style only gifted to a few. You can spice us your styling game by opting for the unique twists. A new look won’t hurt.

25. Hair crimping.


You can opt to boost the volume of your hair by crimping layers into two equal parts. Clip up about half an inch section of your hair on both sides and crimp it out with a micro crimper. Of course, you can always opt for different crimping styles.


This has been fun so far, and these fun ideas, you will never run out of ideas to style that awesome short hair of yours again. However, you decide to waeryour new short haircut - have fun and the sky is the limit to what you can do.