How To Turn A Guy On In Bed - The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Any woman should have a few tricks up her sleeve to turn on a guy in bed. Apart from being confident, here are some other tips to use:

By Auntrone89
How To Turn A Guy On In Bed - The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Steps on how to turn a guy on in bed

When it comes turning on your guy in bed, there are quite a number of things that you can try out. Here are some of the steps you can use to turn him on in bed. Feel free to use them interchangeably to spice up your sex life.

1. Dirty talk will turn your guy on instantly

Guys aren't the most attentive creatures on the planet, but they try their best when in bed. That is what makes dirty talk such a turn on because it grabs their attention by showing how much of a freak you are. It takes a little bit of practice but once you get it right, then trust me, you will turn on your guy every single time he jumps in bed with you.

2. When in bed with him, don’t fake orgasms

Whatever you do, always be genuine during sex. You wouldn't lie to him in other aspects of your relationship, so why would you do so in bed?. It is such a turn on whenever a guy is on top of you and you're letting out amazing, passionate moans. It actually boosts his ego and gives him more motivation to pleasure you in bed. But if you fake it, down the drain goes your entire sex life. He won't learn how to truly make you reach climax if you keep faking it. Instead, guide him a little. When you know exactly what you want in bed, that will turn him on immensely. Men love it when women are sure of what they want. Always make him look forward to being in bed with you by genuinely enjoying sex.

3. Turn on your guy by making love like a belly dancer

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Shakira wasn’t lying when she said hips don’t lie, especially if you know a thing or two about shaking them. Any guy lying in bed ready to make love to you will get turned on by your moves. Even when you get on top of him, gyrate your waist a little bit and stare deeply into his eyes while you get naughty. You might feel awkward trying a new move at first, but it's the novelty of it all that's a turn on for him.

4. Try remodeling the bedroom to surprise your guy

When the word remodeling is mentioned, the image of a sledgehammer usually comes to mind. If that’s the case with you, then kindly scrap that thought immediately. You can simply readjust the bed, turn on or dim the lights, and make sure that your guy experiences a different sexual aura without having to take a vacation. Change the bed sheets as well as your lingerie to turn on your guy as soon as he gets naked and lays in bed with you.

5. Being horny for your guy is such a turn on

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He is your guy, for crying out loud! Make it obvious that you want him in between your thighs. And nothing turns on a guy in bed more than a woman who is horny for him. Get wet for him, direct his fingers up your skirt, then blame him for making you that way. You might not know just how much of a turn on this is for men and it will surely make your guy want you even more.

6. Be spontaneous about having sex with your guy

Is the party getting boring? Whisper into his ear that you should ditch it to have sex in the car. Getting down and dirty doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom! Once in a while, make that car trunk a bed and see him ten times more sexually attracted to you. Or take a hot shower together. You don’t need a step by step manual for this one. Let your imagination run wild and you'll turn on your man effortlessly.

7. Don’t try too hard to be sexy, just do it

Trying too hard won’t turn on your guy. It’s like taking the proverbial cow to the river and forcing it to drink. You have to make it (and him!) come naturally. Trust me, your guy will always get turned on when you look dead in his eyes whether he's on top or you are. This simple move is enough to turn him on. But if you try too hard to fake being sexy with over the top moans or ridiculous dirty talk, he will notice it and your mission to turn on your guy in bed will fail miserably. Just go with the flow, girl.

8. Be silly with your guy in bed

Many girls pretend to be perfect, and that is where they go wrong with the guy of their dreams. Talk about silly things, watch cartoons, do impressions together and just be confident in your awesomeness, and you will be the goddess in his eyes. The same will also translate to bed because guys love nothing more than to show their affection and care by making love to their women. If he loves you outside of the bed, he'll treat you like a queen in it.

9. Making the first move is such a turn on

You'll easily turn on your guy while in bed when you make the first move. Society has always put the pressure on men to make the first move and it gets boring over time. But if you take the first step, it will surprise him. And as we already know, a surprise out of nowhere is what makes sex more fun. Give it a try once in a while. It can all start by sneaking your hand suggestively around his waist or even better, squeezing his butt while hugging him. He will be turned on almost immediately and you can take full advantage. Feel free to carry out your own personal research on how to turn on your guy in bed and experiment to see what feels good for both of you.

10. Turn on your man being sexually suggestive

The good thing about being suggestive is that you leave the rest to his imagination. Lean over and whisper in his ear, telling him that you forgot to wear your underwear. Then you can sit back and watch as your words work some magic.

11. Join him in the gym, step by step

So, your man loves working out and you don’t. That's okay, couples have their differences all the time. So why don’t you surprise him one day and accompany him to the gym? Try your best, heck, struggle all the way through your session. But at the end of the day, he will appreciate it. Do this and you’ll be thankful he works on hard on his hunky muscles when he pins you against the bed or wall.

12. Being his ride or die is sexually appealing

Another one of the amazing, step by step guides to turning him on is by being with him through thick and thin. Men are usually loyal, and turned on, by women who help them through tough situations. Try this and you’ll reap the rewards. It also shows him that you are a high-quality woman.

13. Being talented is sexually appealing to men

In this step by step guide to your man’s heart, you should also consider trying to exhibit your talents. If you can sing, by all means, sing. If you can dance, dance for him. (Maybe a lap dance?) At the end of the day, he will appreciate you even more if you show your talents.

14. Your handwriting can be a turn on

Admittedly, technology has its perks. But a lot of traditional romance is being killed by technology because amazingly effective means of conveying your love are dying out. For instance, text messaging has successfully replaced love letters. Once in a while, try leaving suggestive, handwritten notes telling him where he can find you and he will crave to get there ASAP.

15. Smile as much as you can

A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body. So smile every chance you get honey, a smile has never made anyone uglier. The good thing is that he doesn't have to do anything in order to make you smile. Just make it a habit to smile at him all the time, in either a playful or sensual way, and you will most certainly enjoy the benefits that come with doing just that.

16. Hug him for a couple of moments longer

A hug is a show of affection, love, and acceptance. So, if you hug him just a little, itty bitty longer, it shows that you're craving for him. Men always want to be loved and if you can show it, then he will return the favor by not only loving you back but by making love to you in a way that will definitely blow your mind.

17. Having a caring attitude is a turn on

Ever heard the saying ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’? If not, then you ought to give it a try. It simply means that you ought to be open about your emotions and showing your love for the important people in your life. And that is very sexy in the eyes of any man.

18. Striptease for him

Just like women, men like being teased from time to time. Try investing in some tight leather outfits, hot lingerie, and insanely hot heels. Why don’t you try and see just how hard he will be by the time he makes love to you? For some reason, the sight of a woman in high heels is a natural turn on for men. Science is still out on why they act this way, but you can still enjoy your man's reaction without knowing exactly why it's happening.

19. Plan for an unexpected date

Men are used to planning everything. Why not switch things up and plan a sexy surprise date? Go for something that will make him happy and horny.

20. Moan a little

The whole point of moaning is feeding his ego from time to time. So, when he gets on top of you and starts thrusting, try your best to enjoy it. Remember, don't fake anything! Let him know what spots to hit (if he doesn’t) and have an amazing time moaning and scratching his back.


Whether you are a master at turning men on in bed or just an amateur, one thing always stands out and therefore is most important – confidence. Even if you are trying to please him for the very first time, always make sure that you believe in your sexiness. Once you do that, the rest will look flawless to him, even if you struggle to sexually massage him and whatnot. Work on your confidence first then the rest will follow. Good luck and enjoy your amazing sex life!