DIY Guide: How To Dye Your Hair White Blonde At Home

Have your heart set on white blonde shade of hair? Here is an easy DIY guide on how to dye your hair white blonde at home.

By Amanda Palmer
DIY Guide: How To Dye Your Hair White Blonde At Home

White blonde hair

Finding someone with natural white blonde hair is rare. White blond hair appears almost silvery and has a certain mysterious aura about it. Many of our childhood stories have beautiful princess and queens having luscious long silvery hair. 

If you want to rekindle your childhood fantasies and sport white blonde hair yourself; we have all the information you need. A woman with sparkling platinum hair oozes of mystery and awe, and people remember her wherever she goes.

Platinum blonde is one of the coolest summer trends. Although Marilyn Monroe is the first celebrity who comes to our minds with the mention of platinum blonde, it was Daenerys Targaryen who brought the trend back with a bang.

So come along and color your long tresses with white blonde color at home easily with our DIY guide. 

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Tips before you dye your hair

Before plunging into action, here are a few tips you must know. Bleach or dye is very harmful to your hair, and so you must know that this process is high maintenance. White blonde hair looks glamorous and stunning but it can one of the hardest looks to maintain. If possible, buy ammonia-free hair dye to avoid damage to your hair. Ammonia makes the hair dry and brittle, and these days, many experts recommend ammonia and paraben free products to enhance the luster of hair. 

To dye your hair white blonde, you will have to expose it to peroxide bleach which can be very harmful to your roots. You need to go in for a deep conditioning treatment after and before you dye your hair. There are plenty of home remedies to condition damaged hair which might be useful if you do not want to spend on costly spa treatments. If you have recently dyed your hair, then you need to allow to rest it a bit before going on to dye it again. 

To apply any color of dye to the hair is a long-term transformation as you have to wait until new hair grows from your roots or you will have to chop off your hair short. Maintenance is also really high and time-consuming as you wil have to keep re-doing the new hair as it grows from the roots. The dye process could also be very drastic, and you might not like it at all, so it is better to consider any important events that are coming up. 

You also need to think about your wardrobe before getting yourself a complete transformation. Fuchsia pink with white blonde hair will give you a barbie doll look and unless you totally like that look, you could consider buying some other colors which will complement your white blonde hair. 

To go white blonde or platinum for a naturally blonde person is quite easy but even a brunette or a redhead can go white blonde. There is no limitation to white blonde hair dye with different skin tones or hair color. Anyone can pull it off really well. 

Before starting the process, make sure you condition and re-condition your hair with plenty of protective oils and nourishing hair masks to avoid dry and damaged hair later. 

White blond haired woman also need to change their makeup. Bleached hair can make the skin appear very pale. You need to apply a warmer foundation base and try on different lipstick colors to see which suits you the best. 

This process is too time-consuming, and as it requires you to bleach your hair from the tips right to your scalp, it might burn a little. Also remember, if you have decided to get your hair white blonde just because your favorite celebrity rocks the look, you need to re-think on your decision. Celebrities have multiple hair stylists working on them night and day. As you plan to do this at home, be prepared to touch up your growing roots every 2 to 3 weeks. This can be a costly hair transformation. 

After you have dyed your hair at home, you can consider getting a haircut for a contemporary look. Leave it longer than your collarbone and consider getting some bangs. 

Bleach your hair white

So let's begin.

First, you need to bleach your hair and only then can you coat your hair with a desired lighter color. Bleaching will strip the natural color out, and it will make your hair as light as possible. Hair bleach is different from hair dye. Many women get a blonde hair dye on their natural color, and they do not get their desired results. To dye naturally blonde hair into a darker shade might not require bleaching. 

After the initial bleaching, your hair can turn out slightly orange to pale yellow depending on your natural shade. If you get a pale yellow color after bleaching, then you are good to start with dying, but if you ended up in a dark orange shade after bleaching, you need to give rest to your hair for a week and then bleach it again. 

There are some bleaches available in the market with toners. These toners strip the color better, and you might not need to bleach it again. Toners help to get the hair as white as possible. 

To bleach your hair at home, follow the instructions on the packet. You need to leave the bleach on until you get a very light shade of blonde or white. Do not leave the bleach longer than an hour as it gets inactive after that. Then cover your now bleached hair with a plastic bag, as this prevents the heat from escaping thereby speeding up the process. 

Some hairdressers advise to apply bleach for 20 minutes and then remove it and apply a fresh coat. This will fasten the process and give better results. You can try this if you want to do it professionally and if you have lots of patience. 

Dye your hair in light blonde color for platinum blonde look

This step is only for those who wish to dye their hair platinum blonde. For those who want to go in for full white/silver hair can skip this step and go on to the next one. 

After the initial bleaching process, if you have patience and time, let your hair rest a bit and then dye it after a week or a few days. In between condition your hair properly.

After the base bleach process is over, dye your hair with light blonde color, which will give you the perfect platinum blonde color desired.

Make sure you buy an ammonia-free light blonde color to avoid any damage to your hair. 

Remove extra dye with Purple Toner

A purple toner will not dye your hair purple! A purple toner is in fact a toner that will remove all the traces of yellow blonde. Even if you dye your hair a cool greyish shade or a light ash blonde, you will need a purple toner to get the ideal shade more inclined towards white.

You have to apply the purple toner a few times till you get the ideal shade. To get the perfect white blonde shade, you will need a purple toner to get it right.

Special Effects, Manic Panic, and Directions are companies producing naturally extracted hair dyes. Most of their dyes are vegetable-based and ammonia free. 

Rinse off with a shampoo

To retain your white blonde color, you will have to buy special conditioners and shampoos made especially for color treated hair.
Ideal ones are those who are a little bluish or purple tint. These will further tone out your color and ensure that your hair does not turn brassy on regular washing. Also, use a different after-shampoo conditioner to detangle your hair and make them soft.

After bleach care

Lastly, you need to rinse off with a mixture of distilled white vinegar and cold water for a beautiful sheen. The vinegar also helps the toner stay put for longer. 

So, you have saved thousands and successfully dyed your hair white blonde at home. Your hair is pure white as snow now, and you will surely turn heads when you head out from your door tomorrow!!

But before starting the process, you must know about some essential after-care tips for your hair:

* After bleaching and dying, your hair becomes very dry and thirsty. It will need a lot of conditioning treatment. 

* You need to use your specialized toner shampoo regularly for the maintenance of your hair color. 

* You will need to re-dye your roots every two to three weeks depending upon your hair growth. This white blonde effect can last up to three to four months with proper care. 

* Bleach and dyes rip off essential pigments, oils and proteins from the hair strands and your hair will end up looking weak and damaged. Go in for intense conditioning treatments to restore the lost moisture and oils in your hair.

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For any reason, you are unhappy with the new look; then you can consider growing your hair naturally back again or going in for a darker dye color after a few months. It is not advisable to re-dye immediately as it will severely damage your hair and leave it weak and brittle. You can cover your hair with a scarf or wear a hat until your hair grows back to its original shade. You can also apply henna which will give your hair a natural and long-lasting red color and also is completely herbal and chemical-free. 

However, you decide to channel your inner "Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons" or whatever new look you are going for; have fun and use the above DIY guide helped you to dye your hair white blonde.