20 Signs That He Likes You Through Text

Want to know if a guy is showing signs that he likes you through text? The following texting habits are sure signs that he likes you!

By Isabella Trinidad
20 Signs That He Likes You Through Text

I can't tell if the guy I'm texting likes me! Help! What signs should I look for?

First of all, congratulations on finally exchanging numbers with that cute guy you've had your eye on for a while now! That's definitely an achievement. Pat yourself on the back, and get ready for the next stage of flirtation: actually texting him. Texting is a wonderfully convenient way to stay in touch with someone. It allows you to communicate anytime and anywhere, without the hassle of being stuck in a chair by the phone or in front of a computer. However, the major drawback of texting is that it can be hard to read the subtle signs being sent across. If the person you're talking to is only represented by words on a screen, you'll have to decipher their meaning without seeing their body language or hearing their voice tone change to reflect sarcasm or genuine amusement. Thus, it can be much harder to gauge if the person you're texting actually likes talking to you. Luckily, there are a number of simple signs you can look out for! While you enjoy texting your new guy, watch out for the following habits. The more of these signs he shows, the higher the chance that he likes you back!

1. He texts back right away

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This is probably the most important sign of them all. You can practically bet on the theory that a guy likes you back if he replies to your texts right away. At the very least, he really likes talking to you. Which, as we all know, is a stepping stone to liking everything about you. Quick responses mean that he's genuinely interested in having a proper conversation with you. He's making a real effort to keep the conversation flowing smoothly and doesn't want to leave you hanging (more on that later). It also shows that he's not interested in playing games. After all, it's 2017. That "strategy" where you reply to texts late on purpose to seem cool and hard to get should be dead already. Life is too short to beat around the bush, people!

2. He tells you if he can't text back right now

Similarly, a guy who likes you will avoid wasting your time. As much as he'd love to keep talking to you 24/7, he has other things to do. After all, he is a busy and complex person, and that's [presumably] why you like him. Instead of forcing you to wait an hour or so in between texts because he's multitasking, a good guy would tell you straight up, "brb, I have to go do something." He'll go to work or class or take his mom to the doctor, then come right back and hit you up with an "I'm back! What's up?" text. This sort of behavior shows great consideration for your time. Anybody who is so concerned about not wasting your time probably likes you a lot.

3. He likes hearing your stories

If a guy likes you, he'll definitely want to get to know you more. To do this, he'll need to get you to open up about anything and everything in your life. And to accomplish that, he'll have to ask questions that encourage answers longer than "maybe" or "haha." A guy definitely likes you if he not only asks for stories, but encourages you to tell them. Imagine this: he asks you about something specific, but you say to him, "I don't know...it's kind of a long story." It's a really good sign if he tells you to "fire away," "go right ahead," or any similar positive affirmations. This sort of talk signifies that he loves listening to you and is interested in picking your brain.

4. He texts you first

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Are you always waking up to a good morning text from this guy? Does he text you as soon as work is over, asking what your plans are? If yes, it's almost certain that he really likes you! If a guy is really into you, he'll fight against his initial shyness. He'll man up and start a conversation, even if it means double texting. This is a sign that he thinks you're absolutely worth talking to and your thoughts are worth hearing.

5. He likes hearing about your day

For a guy who likes you, even the little, mundane things are worth learning about. Be on the lookout for texts where he asks you what you had for lunch, what you did in class or at work, or simply, "What did you do today?" An especially sweet sign is if he remembers the plans you told him about previously. If he asks you how that overdue doctor's appointment went or how you feel now that the project you were dreading is over, awesome! Not only does this guy ask you about the ordinary things that make up your day to day life, but he does so with genuine intent to remember what you tell him. That's a clear sign he totally likes you.

6. He wants to compare star signs

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Astrology has experienced a huge rise in popularity lately. No longer confined to a small box in your daily newspaper's entertainment section, people are now taking their zodiac signs super seriously – as in, so seriously it's become quite common to interpret not just your own birth chart (a diagram of showing the positions of the planets in the sky at the time you were born), but those of everybody around as well. As you can imagine, this much more detailed foray into astrology is ideal for determining compatibility. Certain signs are said to have certain levels of compatibility with others. Additionally, comparing birth charts analyzes the way you and your chosen partner communicate, express your love and energy, and many more things that are necessary to know in a relationship. So if a guy you're texting asks you what your zodiac sign is, it's safe to guess that he's planning to run a basic compatibility test on one of the many astrology sites out there. However, if the two of you start talking oh-so casually about the exact times you were born, you best believe he seriously likes you.

7. He texts you whenever something big happens to him

This is an awesome and very clear sign that he likes you, for two very important reasons. Firstly, he wants to impress you. If he texts you about how pleased his boss was with his big pitch or that he was able to bench press or squat a ridiculously heavy weight, take it as a good thing. It means he wants you to know what he's achieved, and, like a puppy fetching your slippers, wants you to approve of what he's accomplished. Secondly, he wants to include you in his life. If a guy likes you, he wants you to know what's going on with him. Obviously, there's nothing better to share with you than the highest points of his life. So if you've got this guy constantly texting you little updates about his high scores in homework or games he won with his friends, keep him! He surely cares about you and likes you a lot.

8. He tells you to text him when you have news

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On a related note, a guy who likes you will definitely want to know all about what you're up to. This can be seen in texts asking you if you aced an exam or how your latest gym session went. He's just curious about how his favorite girl is doing! Don't be shy or afraid to brag about your achievements to this guy. He already likes you, so he won't see it as being boastful. He's just going to add everything you tell him to a list of why you're so amazing.

9. He texts you even if he feels down

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At the other end of the spectrum, there are those inevitable road blocks in life. No one can fully avoid these, and a few are bound to crop and throw you for a loop every so often. If the guy you're texting isn't afraid to sigh and complain about the little problems, take it as a good sign. This is a clear signal that he not only is comfortable talking to you, but he likes and trusts you enough to bring up sensitive topics that he may not mention to other people. Take this as an opportunity to forge a deeper bond with him. Encourage your guy vent to you about what's annoying or bothering him. Whether you offer some sage advice or simply are present as a shoulder for him to cry on, he will truly appreciate your presence. In turn, he will continue to like you even more for being so compassionate and understanding.

10. He wants you to text him if you're having a bad day

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A guy who really, truly likes you won't be afraid to show his concern for you. This doesn't just cover how you triumph in life, but also the points when you stumble and fall. It may feel scary to open up to someone you aren't even dating yet, but it's a good way to get to know each other. If the guy you're texting asks you what's wrong, take it as a sign to go right ahead and cry to him. It's important for somebody who likes you to see what how you truly behave during rough patches in your life. And if this guy really does like you, he'll make an effort to support and cheer you on with sweet, encouraging words.

11. You have a secret language of signs and emojis

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One upside of texting is that you can compensate for lack of verbal and physical cues by substituting emojis! A friendly laughing emoji, for example, can take a "haha" from sarcastic to sincere. Use these liberally throughout your texts for some added fun, and get creative. If you and the guy you're texting can already communicate simply by exchanging emojis, that's a really great sign! It means you're already in tune to each other's emotions. Also, it shows that the two of you are in that comfortable stage of teasing each other. Just start dating already, please. He likes you so much; it's so obvious.

12. He can notice signs that you're not in a good mood

Look, there are going to be times when you can't be bothered to reply to texts. Maybe you're in a bad mood after a hard day. Maybe you're just too drained. These negative emotions will reflect upon your texting style, making your messages short and snappy. Your emoji usage will dry up, and you may find yourself using periods more at the end of your texts. A guy who really likes you will be able to pick up on these subtle hints. This is because he's hyperaware of your behavior, and anything that falls outside of that normal range will immediately set off alarm bells in his head. He likes you, so he'll be concerned about you. Don't get miffed if he asks you what's wrong. You may be sharing lots of details about your life with him, but nobody is psychic. Simply tell him what's bothering you. Or, if you're really not in the mood to talk, let him know you'll get back to him when you're feeling better. A guy who likes you will understand your reasons for keeping it to to yourself first, and will make himself available when you're ready to open up to him.

13. He texts you random things that make you laugh

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Funny is the new sexy. If a guy is regularly texting you jokes, memes, or hilarious anecdotes from his day, it's definitely a sign that he likes you! He's showing that he cares enough about you that he wants to make you laugh. Furthermore, if he can always get you to laugh, that's a sign that you two have compatible humor. This is a super important quality to have if you plan to date him in the future.

14. He likes your [bad] puns

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Not everybody is blessed with the gift to entertain everybody in whatever room they're in. If you're not one of those lucky people who can come up with jokes as easily as they breathe, it's all right. A guy who likes you will forgive you for your corny sense of humor. Even if you make the cheesiest, most cringe-worthy, incredibly eye-rolling puns, he'll laugh with you, not at you. Somebody who really likes you will appreciate your humor as another wonderfully unique part of your personality.

15. He shows these signs and reactions when you text him first

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If you really like this guy, you can't just sit back and wait for his texts to arrive. You need to take the initiative and show that you're interested in him too! And one of the best ways to do this is, of course, to text him first. You can gauge his feelings towards you when he first replies to your conversation starter. Does he text back with a lot of exclamation points or an enthusiastic looking emoji? If yes, this is a good sign. It definitely means he's happy to hear from you. Further into the conversation, keep analyzing his texts. Does he provide substantial answers to your questions that are longer than one word? Does he ask you questions of his own? These are all sure signs that he likes talking to you. If he regularly has these texting habits, no matter the time or situation, you can be pretty certain that this guy likes you already.

16. He texts you just because he feels like it

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Yes, it's important to share both the good and the bad with someone you like. But we often forget that the little things are just as important too. One of the clearest signs that a guy likes you is if he texts you out of nowhere saying that he saw something and immediately thought of you. This behavior shows that you easily pop up in his mind, he likes you enough to tell you what he's thinking and that he wants you to know he thinks about you. These random texts are so sweet and really count as solid evidence that he likes you.

17. He texts you every day

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No matter how hectic his life can get, a guy who likes you will always make an effort to text you. He may not have hours to spare, but just a quick check-in to see what you're up to is enough to brighten his day. You're obviously already a highlight in his life, and he wants to keep you in it.

18. He has special signs or a nickname for you in his contact list

It's a real sign of closeness if you and the guy you regularly text have silly or unique nicknames for each other based on inside jokes. It's especially telling if this guy has your number saved in his contact list under that nickname, with some matching emojis if they fit. Having nicknames is a sign of a very strong bond. And if you've cultivated this deep feeling for each other already, chances are, his feelings for you are more romantic than platonic.

19. He likes calling sometimes to hear your voice

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Texting is a great way to jumpstart getting to know each other. When a guy really likes you though, he'll want to take it to the next level by using a phone what it was really made for: making calls. This is a great sign that your relationship with a guy is progressing from mere flirtation to something more serious. Calling means that he wants to seriously commit to a lengthy conversation with you. While you can multitask as you text somebody, calling makes you focus only on the person you're talking to. Since this guy wants to focus on talking to you, he most probably really likes you!

20. He says he likes talking to you

Sometimes, there's no need for signs at all. If a guy says directly that he likes talking to you, you can start to guess that he actually likes you too. Think of it like a mini or warm up confession. He's admitting something to you that he wouldn't normally tell people. Even if it's a seemingly small thing for you, it's a big deal for him. It's sort of like practice for the real deal: when this guy that you've been texting finally admits that he likes you.