10 Best Cute & Beautiful Hair Color Ideas For Your Curly Hair

Want to look trendy and sophisticated with your hair color? Here are 10 best cute and beautiful hair color ideas for your curly hair.

By Janani
10 Best Cute & Beautiful Hair Color Ideas For Your Curly Hair

Hair Color Ideas For Your Curly Hair

Curly hair is not always appreciated. Getting a haircut for curly hair can make no difference. It is also believed that hair coloring for curly hair doesn't come out well. That is not true. To break this misconception we have this article for you that gives you the best cute and beautiful hair color ideas for your curly hair. You will not only look amazing but will turn heads. 

Here are 10 best hair color ideas for your curly hair. 

1. Vivid Pink

If you have naturally dark colored hair then go for dark shades of pink which will work well with your hair. With a lot of pink options to choose from you can opt for these darker shades of pink. You will look confident and absolutely stunning. For a bold and beautiful look, you can try this hair color for your curly hair. It will give a natural glow to your curly hair. This hair color is trending this season. You will be able to rock your look with this hair color.

There are different styles that you can try that will make you look splendid and dazzling with this hair color. You will find that this dark shade of pink will suit your dark hair tone very well. Getting pictures of your hair will help you appreciate your hair color.

2. Rose Gold Ombre

Rose Gold Ombre can give you the best of looks. It is the perfect combination of bright, dazzling, and highlights your feminine side. If you are a natural blonde then feel free to try this rose gold hair color for your curly hair. It is outside the box and can make you look unusually cute. Rose gold ombre hair color works well with most of the skin tones. This is one of the best ideas to get a bright and warm color for your curly hair. Colors like rose gold trend all season.

Rose gold hair color blends well with your natural blonde and it can make the fading of your hair color more fun and exciting. You can try different styles for your hair to look sparkling. Getting a rose gold ombre for your curly hair can make you stand out. Get before and after pictures of your hair to know the actual effect. If you are a brunette, then you need to be careful because rose gold hair color needs bleaching which might damage your curly hair. 

3. Blonde Highlights

If you have always wanted to try having your hair blonde then you can try this hair color. With the vast range of blonde hair color ideas, you can get yourself blonde highlights to rock. You will look dazzling with this hair color. If you have dark brown hair and are worried about getting highlights, you can try this look. Getting highlights on curly hair can make your highlights stand out from your natural hair color. 

Get the blonde highlights done by a professional hairdresser for perfection. You will look natural and absolutely stunning with these blonde highlights. Your bouncy curly hair will look great when you add more styles to it. Take pictures of your hair to be awestruck by its beauty. This hair color is one of the best cute and beautiful hair color ideas for your curly hair.

4. Stunning Rainbow

Trends show proof that this rainbow hair color on your curly hair is never slowing down. Adding a lot of colors to your hair is a major craze. If you are a trendsetter and want to set a fashion statement then this hair color is definitely for you. This hair color is best suited for wavy and curly hair. It highlights the hues and adds a vibrant look to your hair. Getting the hair colored by a professional hairdresser is the best choice when it comes to coloring your hair with rainbow color. 

Rainbow hair color looks great on light colored hair when compared to dark colored hair. A light colored hair brings out the spark of the bright colors and can make you glow and get you all the attention. For coloring dark colored hair with rainbow colors you need to bleach your hair which is known to cause a lot of damage to your hair. It is vital to take proper care with rainbow colors as your hair is prone to more damage when compared to normal hair colors.

5. Pink And Peach Balayage Colors

If you wish to turn heads then you can try the pink and peach balayage. Pink and peach colors are a perfect combination of trend and style. Pink and Peach Balayage can give you a more relaxed look. With proper hair coloring experts styling tricks, you will be able to rock this style. This hair color will make you look chic and fashionable. This hair color will look great for both dark color and light color hair. You can go for warmer shades of pink and peach if you have darker skin tone. You will look simply fabulous and adorable with this cute hair color.

Getting a pink and peach balayage means you are able to get those curl locks highlighted. Pink and peach balayage can be suitable for women of all ages. With this hair coloring, you will look young and mod. You can take before and after pictures to know the difference better. There are a lot of styles that you can add to your bouncy curly pink and peach balayage that can make you look cute and beautiful.

6. Crazy Purple

Purple hair has always been loved by women. It can never go out of style as it represents luxury, power, and royalty. Even with the craze in adding multiple colors to your hair, this purple hair color is always on trend. You can add purple color to your hair that matches your personality. Bright purple colors make a bold personal statement and lighter shades show a subtle warm personality. You can express yourself better with purple colored hair. Getting purple hair for your curly hair will look great on you. 

Purple hair color is suitable for both dark colored hair and light colored hair. You will be able to rock this look! Purple hair color matches all skin tones. You can take before and after pictures to know how you rock this look. With a huge range of shades of purple available, you can experiment with your hair and know what works best on you.

7. Bright Red

If you want to look vibrant and radiant then go for red highlights. Getting a red hair color for your curly hair means you get to look on fire. This look is trendy and sophisticated. Bright colors like red will make you look sparkling and draw a lot of attention to you. If you want to set a fashion statement then you can express yourself through bright colors like red. There are a variety of shades to choose from when it comes to red. You can choose the shade that matches your hair color the best. 

The red hair color might not look the same as when the color begins to fade off. You must be prepared to pamper your dull, dry, hair that lacks luster. Red color hair is mostly preferred by women who have darker hair colors. For light color hair like blonde, this hair color might be a little too much and might not be able to pull this look.

8. Violet-Red Vibes

To get that irresistible look for your curly hair you can try violet red hair color. Getting this hair color can make you look gorgeous. This hair color is well suited for dark colored hair. It might not come out well for light colored hair. This combination of violet and red brings out the hair with a unique and radiant look. It can make your hair look perfect. The subtle color can help express your personal statement.

This fascinating hair color will look great on all skin tones. You can either dip dye your hair with violet red or balayage or just add highlights to your hair with this great color. With this hair color, you will look vibrant and confident.

9. Going Green

Going green on curly hair is the new trend for this season. With a lot of celebrities rocking this look, it is best that you try it to look alluring and appealing. Green color, when dyed to your hair, brings life and shine to your hair. You will be able to rock this look as it is practically glowing. Adding green color to your hair can make your hair sparkle and give you a chic look that even a non-celebrity will look stunning with.

Green color hair is mostly preferred by women with dark colored hair. You can style your green hair in anyway and you will still look cute and adorable. You can even add different shades of green to your hair like a gradient from light green to a darker shade of green and vice versa. You will be able to stand out with this hair color. This is one of the best and cute hair color ideas that is getting a lot of attention.

10. Adorable Galaxy

Galaxy hair is always one of the most popular trends. This hair color is breathtaking and can make you insanely gorgeous. It is better to get your hair dyed by a professional as adding galaxy colors might require some expert help. This hair color is suited for both dark and light colored hair but mostly preferred by women with dark colored hair. 

There are a number of ways in which you can style your curly locks and be awestruck with this look. Take pictures of your hair before and after styling to know how adorable you look with this hair color.

Remember this Galaxy hair ?!

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Know Your Curly Hair

Curly hair is prone to breakage and damage as the curly locks are at their weakest. Adding hair colors can cause a lot of damage to your hair. You will experience dryness, lack of shine, hair fall, split ends, and breakage of your hair. To prevent all the damage you need to take proper treatment steps for your hair. Pamper your hair with protein packs and make sure that you keep the hair nourished and healthy at all times.