How To Be Wiity And Funny With These Extremely Simple Steps

Being funny is not as simple as telling a joke. But the good news is, there are simple steps that you can follow to be witty and funny.

By Gerald Matiri
How To Be Wiity And Funny With These Extremely Simple Steps

How can I become witty?

Are you looking for a way to be extremely witty? There are several reasons why being witty has a lot of benefits. The witty guy gets the attention of all women at the party. Not only does he make them laugh, but he also makes people fall for him. When you are witty, it is easy to win your crush over and begin a relationship with someone that you like. This is because you are able to charm girls and influence them. When you are extremely witty, you are able to adapt to nearly every situation and turn it into something enjoyable. You can now see why being witty is one of the best things that can make your relationship succeed.

It's more than just telling jokes

You need to note that you do not have to tell some silly jokes in order to appear witty to your crush. It is about looking at a situation and making a comical but clever. It is about doing and saying something that is able to make you appear charming and earn the interest and affection of your crush. The bad thing with trying to be witty is that it doesn’t come out naturally sometimes. You will need to practice a lot. This is an important and attractive trait that will excite your crush and that is a good reason to learn this trait.

It can be a long process

Want to be a witty guy? You can't just drink a magic potion to transform your personality. One thing you need to note is that you cannot become funny and witty in a single day. This is a process and the journey itself is habit-changing, self-empowering and requires self discovery. In order to get the best results, you will need to apply these steps consistently. Once you are able to become witty, you will have a social life that is more satisfying. Here are ways in which you can become extremely witty and win your crush over.

1. Think outside the box to be witty

In order to appear clever, witty, and funny, you will need to say things that are creative and unexpected. Some people are naturally gifted with these traits. But if not, then the only way that you can do that is by thinking outside the box. You will need to develop yourself to a point where you are able to think this way. When someone asks you whether you can run to the mall so that they can send you something, change your usual response. Instead of answering with a simple yes, think for a second to see if there is a witty and funny answer that you can give. For instance, you can say something like “No!, I will not run but I will walk to the mall.” This is an answer that is both clever and funny. It will leave the people around you giggling.

2. Listen carefully to give a witty answer

In order to give a clever and witty remark, you must first be a good listener. You will need to listen carefully to what people are saying in a conversation. It will help you come up with extremely witty remarks. The problem with a majority of people is that they are poor listeners. Instead of listening to what the person is saying, they are too busy thinking of a funny and clever response. No matter the nature of the conversation is, it is always important to listen first before you can start thinking of a witty response. Once you get the full message and what it means, then you should know how to respond. Otherwise, the comeback will look odd and unnatural.

3. Be sure to be in your right emotional state

One thing that you ought to know as a guy trying to cheer up your crush is that your ability to stay funny and witty will depend on how emotionally intelligent you are. This is why one of the important things that you need to do is to manage your emotional state. When you feel relaxed and confident in a conversation, you will find all kinds of clever and funny remarks to use. One of the challenges in trying to be witty is that people usually feel too shy and nervous in social settings. This causes them to stumble, fumble, and act in an awkward way without being able to think straight. This is the reason why one of the things you should do is to try and change the state of your emotions. If you want to appear witty, avoid over concentrating on what you need to say and instead concentrate on the way you feel. When you happen to be on your right emotional state, you will appear charming and witty.

4. Don’t pressure yourself

When trying to be witty, you will need to notice that it is not necessary to pressure yourself. Being too hard on yourself will not do anything good. Funny enough, the moment you stop putting a lot of pressure on yourself to charm the people around you, that is when you start loosening up. You will become more confident and you will see your extremely witty side coming out easily. There are chances that the only reason why you are not coming out as funny, clever and witty is because you are already putting a lot of pressure on yourself. To overcome this, consider all your social conversation to be something casual and just go with the flow. This is something that you will be able to develop the moment you put practice.

5. Avoid thinking of the outcome to sound witty

Your goal should be to remain yourself. You shouldn’t even try to sound funny. It is worth noting that comedians don’t follow elaborate practices to become funny. Their comical sides come out naturally. Wit comes out best when you are able to figure out the funny side of the conversation.

6. Use common sense to be witty

One thing that you will need to realize about witty people is that they are fast in judging facts and understanding what is going on. They don’t come out silly and insensitive. They are able to find the humor in every sentence. The best way to develop your common sense is by slowing down as you process all your thoughts. Avoid responding quickly and commenting on every situation. Ensure that you take time to get the facts on what is going on and think more about these facts before reacting. As you continue practicing this, it will be easier for you to develop good judgment of the situation around you.

7. Surround yourself with intelligent friends

If you are a social butterfly, then you surely have a lot of friends. But if they're not intelligent friends, then they won't be able to help you become witty and funny. To become witty, you must be intelligent. Funny without being offensive or rude. In case you hang out with friends whose idea of fun is to laugh at other people, then it will be difficult for you to come out as witty. It is also important to note that you are the average of the 5 people that you hangout with. Therefore, if you have friends who make fun of other people, it will not be possible for you to truly become a witty person. As a guy, It is advisable to ensure that you hang out with individuals who are mature and compassionate but are able to see the humorous side of every situation. These kinds of friends will help you to become extremely clever and witty.

8. Admit that there are things you don’t know

This is definitely an important thing to do while learning to be witty. You need to admit that there are things that you don’t know and lack knowledge on. A lot of people think that they know everything and this makes them appear like a know-it-all. They are unable to welcome new perspectives because they're too caught up in themselves. When you accept that there are things that you do not know, then you take the first step towards learning. It is always advisable to approach life with that “I am ready to learn" attitude. The more you are able to embrace learning, the more it will be possible for you to mold yourself into a guy who is quite intelligent and is capable of being witty.

Wisdom can make you clever

Wisdom is as a result of experience and opening up to new perspectives and ideas. Make sure that you look at different experiences with an open mind. If you don't know something, then why be embarrassed to ask about it? Ask questions and be curious. What is it that you learn from that experience? Is there something that you can take from an experience to better your life? One thing that you will realize is that as you become wiser, it will be possible to see a perspective that other people can’t see.

9. Work on your personal growth

Witty people are always striving to make themselves better. They always developing their talent and working towards any aspirations and dreams that they have in life. Working on your personal growth will expand your knowledge and experiences. It is all about constantly learning and improving. Doing this will help you become a smart and witty person that your friends will always love to be around.

10. Understand body language

You should bear in mind that your body language is also as important as your words when trying to become witty. Just like it is possible to come out ignorant by using your body language even before you can say a word, the same way it is possible to show your witty side using only your body language. Therefore, how witty you are verbally may not matter a lot as long as you are sending a message that contradicts your body language. This way, you make your words meaningless. There are lots of people who don’t understand their body language. Others don’t even know that body language matters. Your hand gestures, body posture, and your facial expression will have an effect on how people understand your message.

11. Consider what makes people laugh

You cannot be witty if you cannot make your friends laugh. Therefore, you need to start understanding the things that people find humorous. There are many people out there who think that know what is humorous. But the moment you listen to their conversation, you realize that they are not funny at all. Instead of making people laugh, all they manage to do is to offend other people or turn them off. If you ever find yourself offending people while trying to be funny, then it may be necessary for you to reconsider your idea of humor.

People have different types of humor

It is also worth noting that what one group of people finds humorous may not necessary be humorous to another group. This is the reason why it is important to be witty even as you seek to make people laugh. Majority of appreciate wit. This doesn’t involve making jokes at the expense of someone. Neither it is about acting in a silly way. You don’t have to do something specifically to make the people laugh. You need to see the comical side of every situation and look for an intelligent way of pointing it out. It may be good to look out for randomness, consider the random things that line up in one way or the other that your friends find humorous. Using comparison can also be a good way of coming out clever and witty. You can compare your friend to something that he is familiar with to make him laugh. For instance, if he loves taking one too many, you can advise him that it is unhealthy to drink like a Mercedes Benz. Once you are able to see the things that people find humorous, it will be possible for you to spot the details in a situation that are funny. You can then use these to bring out your wit.

12. Be social to become witty

In case you are searching for a way to sound witty, then you should take every opportunity to socialize with the highest number of people possible. Take a close look at how differently people interact. Pay close attention to the behavior of your friends and other people around you. You will notice a lot of things like the things that people find funny. This process will go a long way in building your social skills. If you are socially awkward, it might affect your ability to become witty around others. It will be difficult for people to see your witty side if you're uncomfortable to open up. Go out there and engage in conversations. Meet different types of people and see what they find funny. It will be easier for you to become humorous.

13. Think the things to say

There are many times that we say things to please other people. We try to discuss a topic that we think will interest our friends. Know that you don't need to please your friends at all times in order to become witty. Use your own ideas and share them. First, you should begin with the things that you find amusing. In case you think that other people will find it amusing, you can share the humor with them. If you are aiming to deliver comedy in a professional way, you will need to also amuse yourself. The moment you are able to find something delightful and amusing is when you will be able to bring out the humor.

14. Consider the audience and timing

You will also need to consider your audience if you want them to appreciate your humorous side. Remember that you don’t have to always sound funny. People should not also expect you to be funny at all times. If you find yourself in a situation where you are trying to be funny, you will need to slow down as you try to deliver your punch line. Anything that feels forced will not be funny.

15. Add some humor and comedy to your life to be witty

If you want to be extremely witty, then you gotta learn from the experts. Take time to watch standup comedy. Listen to amusing podcasts. Read through humorous book. There are many funny materials out there so check them out. This may also give you an opportunity to copy a joke by an established comedy act. While repeating someone else’s joke may not be the best option, it may save your day especially when all your efforts to sound funny seems to hit a dead end. You'll surely be seen as the funny guy among your friends if you add humor into your daily life. They will want to hangout with you and you can be assured that you will attract the attention of every girl that you like.

Show your witty side

By following these steps, you can definitely unleash your witty and funny side. Remember, allow yourself to naturally develop and enhance these traits. Don't force it, or else you'll seem too pretentious. Each person has a fun side, so just channel that energy and embrace your witty side.