30 Of The Best Celebrity Short Hairstyles You Need To See

With a team of hair and makeup professionals, celebrities tend to have the best styles. Check out these 30 celebrity short hairstyles for the summer!

By Daina
 30 Of The Best Celebrity Short Hairstyles You Need To See

Celebrity Short Hairstyles Perfect For the Summer

The summer heat is hitting, which is a perfect time for haircuts, specifically hairstyles with short hair. The worst feeling is going outside and instantly feeling that swampy hair on the back of your neck. Short hair allows for the breezy feeling which keeps you cool on the warmest of days. 

It's no surprise that celebrity women get their hair chopped off every once in a while. Being in the limelight all the time must get hot, so female celebrities have it right when they go for short bobbed coiffures. 

Some short hairstyles are cute and girly, while other celebrity women go for spunky and fiery. There are many ways to get short haircuts, and these female celebrities keep it varied!

Celebrities With Short Bob Haircuts

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Cameron Diaz is no newcomer to the celebrities' scene. She has starred in hits such as Charlie's Angels, In Her Shoes, Bad Teacher, and The Mask. Her big smile and infectious laugh have awed audiences for over two decades. She is currently married to Good Charlotte's Benji Madden. 

Ms. Diaz is one of the few celebrities that can do both comedy and drama, be both an angel and a villain, and pull off a short, layered bob haircut. I love the part of the hairstyle and the swoop of the layers. I've brought pictures of Cameron's hair into hairdressers many a time and asked for a similar hairstyle!

Michelle Obama (right) is the most former First Lady of the country. Married to Barack Obama, Michelle used her time in the White House to better lives of children by initiating a healthy eating and exercise campaign to combat childhood obesity. Michelle was also known for her amazing style (and her arms...have you actually ever seen her bare arms? Arm day goals!)

One of the favorites of her hairstyles includes this straight bob. No layers required with her perfectly-tamed hair! Here, she has a simple part that does not require dramatic layers. She looks elegant with this bobbed hair cut.

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Emma Stone is known for her roles in Superbad, Easy A, The Amazing Spider-Man, and, most recently, La La Land. She is also known for her red locks and precious smile. 

Although she has been seen with both long lock and a short 'do, she rocks the red bob! There is a slight angle to the hair line, but she keeps it simple and that's all she needs to do!

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The spotlight is a family affair for Maggie Gyllenhaal. Both her and her brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, have been working in Hollywood since their teen years (even starring in some movies together!). Maggie has been in Mona Lisa Smile, The Dark Knight, and Donnie Darko

Usually donning brunette or red hair, Maggie once went blonde and bobbed for this fun look for female celebrities. Her hairstyle looks elegant and classic, while giving her a breath of freshness to her life. Look how happy and energetic she looks with the bobbed hairstyle!

Daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece to the rest of the Baldwin brothers, Hailey Baldwin is best known for her modeling. Recently, Hailey has hit news sites as rumors are budding of a romance between her and Justin Bieber after her supposed split with singer Shawn Mendes. 

Hailey often is seen with a pink bobbed hairstyle. However, for this red carpet photo op, she ditched the pink for beautiful blonde hair with darker roots. She kept the bob straight and added texture with the waves. A perfect fiery bob to match the red, spicy dress!

Saoirse Ronan's name may not sound familiar, but she, like many of these celebrity women, has been in the Hollywood scene for much of her short life. By 24 years of age, Saoirse has starred in The Lovely Bones, The Host, and the 2017 blockbuster, Lady Bird. 

In the latter of the listed movies, Saoirse rocks a red-dyed hairstyle, resembling her character's independence. In the photo above, she is one of the few female celebrities that show her natural color and she's rocking it bob-style! 

Celebrities With Sleek Crops

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One of the most controversial female celebrities to have come out of the Disney Channel, Miley Cyrus has certainly made her own name for herself (and it is not Hannah Montana!). This singer and actress got her talent from her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and she began acting on the Disney Channel in 2006. After Hannah Montana, Miley completely changed her appearance and began using Instagram to show she was not a Disney child anymore! After her questionable pictures and choices in outfits (I'm looking at you, 2013 VMAs), Miley has recently begun to dress more modestly, post more wholesome pictures on Instagram (ignore Easter photo shoot), and return to her country roots in her new album, Malibu. And we are all thankful for this recent change!

However, one of the great things that came out of "mid-life crisis" Miley was her short, blonde sleek bob. She rocked every second of this short hairstyle and her fans loved the new Miley! Since her recent change, Miley has kept the blonde and let her roots grow out (very symbolic, no?), giving her two-tone hair. But the sleek bob will always be elegant and stylish in my eyes!


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Michelle Williams began her acting career on Dawson's Creek and has been everywhere and back and then starred as Charity Barnum in 2017's The Greatest Showman. She has given a great name to celebrity women role models and should be more recognized for her good nature and amazing style. 

In my opinion, Michelle is the goddess of short hair. I've seen her with long hair, but I honestly prefer her with this sleek, platinum bob style. 


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Rihanna, or self-proclaimed "Ri-ri" is known for her singer-songwriter career (however, she did give acting a try on Bring It On: All Or Nothing, where she played herself, but we won't talk about that as one of her accomplishments). Rihanna has been hitting top charts for over a decade. She is also not one of the celebrity women who has one iconic look--Ri-ri has many iconic looks, which most of them revolve around her hair. 

Rihanna's hair seems to change faster than I can change a Netflix show (but that might have to do with the Comcast internet "speed"). In this look, Rihanna steps it up with an overarching sleek bob. To get this look, put your side part as far as you can possibly put it, sweep your hair over, and have all your professional hair stylists do the rest. 

Celebrities with Short Pixies

call me the purple teletubby ok 💜

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Katy Perry, known for her spunky and teen-beloved songs, has been playing with style, color, and limits since she hit the music scene. Her concerts always include surprises and extraordinary show pieces (trust me, it is NOT just her standing on stage and singing). Her song, "Firework", is a well-played song around this time of year (I wonder why...). 

This hairstyle Katy has been wearing for some time now completely resembles her personality: spunky, young, fresh, and full of surprises. The short hair cut plays off the idea of a bowlcut, but gives it a girly and fun spin. 

As much as she would like to not be known for it and as much as she has tried to make a different name for herself, Emma Watson has always and will always be Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series in our hearts. Since she finished with Harry Potter, she has starred in movies such as Perks of Being a Wallflower and Beauty and the Beast (the live-action one, where they tried to convince the audience that a girl with a British accent was actually from France). Emma has also been a huge feminist supporter. 

No wonder Emma Watson went with a short pixie cut, a hair cut that was first made famous by women in the 1920s as part of their independence from men and when the amendment passed to allow women the right to vote. Celebrity women now will often get the pixie cut as part of the feminist movement (and because it's super cute, especially on Emma!).

Anne Hathaway has come a long way since her role as Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo in The Princess Diaries. She has starred in both serious and fun, light-hearted roles since then and continues to make a huge name for herself, most recently starring in Ocean's 8

Anne Hathway first got this pixie cut when she starred in Les Miserables. The hairstyle resembled the hardships of women, especially her character who cut her hair to sell for money after losing her job. However, she looks stunning with the hairstyle on stage receiving an Oscar that she won for that same movie in 2012. 

Halle Berry has been gracing screens with her beauty for decades. She is the Catwoman we grew up fawning over. She has also been a great role model and a wonderful mom. 

Halle Berry had made this her iconic hairstyle. However, don't look now, but she's had long hair for a while now (I know, I didn't want to believe it either!). 

One day, Lenny Kravitz had a daughter and she became a red carpet beauty! Zoe Kravitz allows her natural beauty to show through whenever she is on the red carpet, making sure her cute freckles and perfect bone structure is available for all to admire. Both of her parents are black celebrities themselves (her mother was an actress and her father is a musician). She is also one of the few black celebrities to be the face of Alexis Bittar's jewelry collection. 

Zoe must have had the same idea when choosing to get this very short pixie hairstyle. She has very little hair to get in the way of her natural beauty, but her hair color is also very complimentary of her complexion. 

Celebrities with Short Layered Curly Hair

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Charlize Theron is one of the many South African celebrities that you would have never known were actually South African celebrities. Other South African celebrities include Pretty Little Liars star, Sasha Pieterse; The Mummy star, Arnold Vosloo; and Glee star after season 4, Dean Geyer. I'm sure Charlize, along with the other South African celebrities, make this small country proud. 

Charlize, one of the South African celebrities, keeps things fresh and classic with her curly bob (but seriously, are you sure she is one of the South African celebrities? Because she looks like she could be Marilyn Monroe with this cute blonde curly hair bob!)

Melora Hardin is best known as Jan in The Office. Her Instagram bio is also very Jan-ish for fans of the show: "Emmy nominated actor, singer, songwriter, director, and dancer". This is something all of the fans can hear her say. 

Ms. Hardin's short wavy bob is perfect for her oval face shape. The layered waves give the hair volume and texture, which is just what she needs to look young and youthfuil. 

Olivia Wlde began her acting career on TV shows, The OC and House. She also has modeling experience and it's easy to see why! Her eyes are just as bright as her smile and her makeup/hair always seems perfect. 

Olivia's curly short bob is layered and textured, which gives her narrow face more shape. The sideswept bangs also draw more attention to her beautiful eyes!

Kim Kardashian is famous for...well...many people are unsure. What is for sure is that Kim is a fashion and style icon. She has a makeup line called KKW Beauty. Besides her makeup, her hair is always on point 

Although this may not be a real bob, Kim's "faux bob"  has perfect curly hair to give her an elegant and classic look. Much different than her usual sleeked ponytail, Kim is rocking the short hairstyle!

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Brittany Snow is one of the fun-loving, cute celebrities you'd love to be friends with. She has done it all--did a voice gig and started her singing career for Happy Feet, was a victim in the thriller Prom Night, and did some 60s villian dancing in Hairspray. 

Ms. Snow goes for a natural hair tone in this layered wavy short bob. Again, the curly hair and layers do well for her small facial features, as they give her face some shape. 

This makes me miss being a hardcore brunette 👩🏻

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Although she's done more, Lucy Hale is known as Aria from Pretty Little Liars. Little do many people know, Lucy has also sparked a country singing career. She is one of those celebrities that might just be a triple threat (we just have yet to see the dancing talent)! She is still very young, so it would be interesting to see where else she will take her career! 

Her brunette wavy bobbed hair is perfect for her skin tone and red lipstick. She has since changed her hair color to a much lighter shade, but this look will always be classic.

Celebrities With Asymmetrical Bobbed Hair

Jennifer Lawrence seemed to become America's sweetheart over night. Her career sparked from her role in The Hunger Games and it has only gotten better since then. She is one of the most relatable, quirky, and honest celebrities of our generation. 

Her hair makes her no exception. The platinum color and asymmetrical, layered hairstyle is perfectly quirky and elongates her round face shape. 


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Jennifer Lawrence seemed to have replaced Rachel McAdams as America's sweetheart, because it seems like only yesterday Rachel was starring in Mean Girls and rocked every girl's world when she starred in The Notebook. Like other sweetheart celebrities, Rachel is relatable and cute--her style is both elegant and comfortable. 

Rachel's short asymmetical bobbed hair looks like a hairstyle your sister or best friend would have. The hairstyle is simple and cute and doesn't appear to require loads of professional upkeep. 


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My conclusion is all of America's sweetheart celebrities get asymmetrical short hairstyles. Hayden Panettiere is no exception. Starting her career as the daughter in Remember the Titans, Hayden quickly became the lead role in teen movies such as Ice Princess, Bring It On: All or Nothing, Heroes, and most recently, Nashville. 

Hayden keeps it simple but spices up her hairstyle with the asymmetrical cut. Every one of her hairstyles accentuates her best features!


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Carrie Underwood won the 4th season of American Idol. Unlike most other winners of the show, Carrie has been a huge success in her singing career. She also designed her own athletic wear which she puts to good use! 

Carrie also has an amazing hair and makeup team, as evidenced by this hairstyle. She often thanks her team on her Instagram, but this asymmetrical cut is perfect for her facial features and shape. 

Celebrities With Pompadour Hairstyles

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I'm going to try and talk about Scarlet Johansson unbiasedly, because otherwise I will go all crazy thinking about her (Scarlet has been and will always be my female celebrity crush!). Scarlet began her acting career when she was 10 and did quite a few movies before she was even 20 years old. There is controversy over her next film, Rub and Tug, as she is set to play a transgender male, which has angered the LGBTQ community, as they feel an actual transgender should play the role. She still shines in any role she plays, so I am sure she will do this role justice!

Scarlet seems to play with her hairstyle a bit, as there are no two pictures that look exactly alike. This pompadour is made womanly and elegant. She plays with short hair and long hair, curly hair and straight hair, blonde hair and brunette hair. Currently, Scarlet is donning a dark brown pixie cut, most likely getting ready for her new movie. 

Pink, or as she puts it, P!nk, has been misunderstood since her album “Missundaztood” came out. Pink has had a number of hits since that album. She has been rocking the pompadour since then as well. 

Pink has made the pompadour her signature hairstyle, incorporating pink curly hair into the style. This is a girly spin to the otherwise men hairstyle, but also looks punky doing so. 

Jaimie Alexander had a few minor roles before taking on the major role in the TV series, Kyle XY (do we remember that show? I tried to forget it after they ended the series with the biggest cliffhanger known to man). Since the show’s wrap-up in early 2009, Jaimie landed a few more small roles before getting the lead role of Blindspot.

Jaimie’s play on a pompadour (which is a faux pompadour, as the sides are just sleeked back rather than cut) is unique and playful with her punk style. 

Female Celebrities with Buzzcuts

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Amber Rose is an American model and has participated on a number of competition shows as both a judge and contestant (she was on Dancing With the Stars in 2016!). She also married and had a son with rapper, Wiz Khalifia, but the couple split and co-parent their son with joint custody. Although she is not a spokeperson for black celebrities, she is a feminist and speaks out for girls who are often criticized for being sexual. She also associates with the LGBTQ community. 

Amber has rocked this buzz cut look for a while now. Although she has had different hairstyles in the past, I prefer this platinum blonde buzz cut. I think it sets her apart from everyone else, which is important in show business!

Samira Wiley got her acting breakthrough on the Netflix original, Orange is the New Black. After she left the show as a main character, she has since been starring in The Handmaid’s Tale. She is a role model for the LGBTQ community and is one of the great black celebrities of our time. She has only been in the Hollywood scene for a few years, so keep your eye out for more roles this talented lady will score! 

Although Samira has played with her hairstyle after leaving her role as Poussey Washington, she mostly keeps her iconic buzz cut look. 

Lupita Nyong'o is one of the many inspirational black celebrities, best known for her role in 12 Years A Slave. She was one of the few black celebrities to have appeared on the cover of Vogue (and she's done it a few times!), and she is best identified by her bright smile and her short buzzcut hairstyle. She was also cast in Black Panther, which was cast of primarily all black celebrities. 

Lupita's hair is iconic and will appear decades down the line of things to remember from this time period. Although she has since grown it out a bit and now rocks a curly hair look, the buzzcut style is something we will always love about her!

Time For A Hair Cut!

After seeing all these trendy and cute hairstyles from female celebrities, I am ready to go get my own hair cut for these hot summer days. What about you?



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