Burgundy Hair Color: Choosing The Right Shade & Highlight For Your Hair

Bored with your traditional hairstyles and considering going for a burgundy hair dye? Welcome. We have the info you need whether for black or wine burgundy.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Burgundy Hair Color: Choosing The Right Shade & Highlight For Your Hair

Black-Red Burgundy Hair Color: Overview

The name "burgundy" can serve a dual purpose; first, as the name of a popular wine made in France, and second, the name of the region where the wine is brewed. Specifically, burgundy is an eastern region in France. It's possible you have tasted or drank the burgundy wine before; as such, you may already be accustomed to its dark-red color.

But more than just the wine and its color, do you know that your hair can carry exactly the color of the wine? Yes, it is the in-thing today when it comes to hair styling. It doesn't matter whether you are dark-skinned or golden-skinned, there is a burgundy hue for your hair which is capable of highlighting your outfit and overall outlook.

The dye is usually arrived at by mixing several colors together, and for this reason, it is advisable that when you are considering dyeing your hair to any of the burgundy variants, you should seek the services of a professional hairstylist.

Also, like it has already been implied, there are different ranges of burgundy and it would be nice for you to be clear on which one you have in mind before walking into a stylist's shop. We shall consider the variants in the next section below.

Black-Red Burgundy Hair Color: The Ranges

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Here are some possible variants of burgundy that you can choose from based on the color of your skin and also on the length and texture of your hair.

1. Claret - This color is largely reddish but it has some brownish interjections.

2. Maroon - Also largely reddish burgundy with chestnut-y

3. Cabernet - the color is a bit deeper than the traditional burgundy.

4. Cranberry- It differs a bit from the traditional burgundy because of its slightly deeper pinkish color.

5. Merlot -Another burgundy variant that is a bit redder.

6. Cordovan -  A brownish burgundy.

Benefits Of Dyeing Your Hair Burgundy

1. Burgundy blends with your natural hair color to give you a unique outlook. As such, if it has been your desire as a woman to be the cynosure of all eyes, burgundy hair color is surely a way to go.

2. The hair dye is compatible with any hair length be it short or long. 

3. You can pretty much style your burgundy hair any way you want it.

4. It helps to highlight your outfit and skin to give you a more beautiful look.

Which Burgundy Shade Is Best For Your Skin Tone?

One of the good sides of burgundy hair dye is that it presents you with numerous options from which you can choose from depending on the tone of your skin. But then, it may be a challenge deciding which of the numerous shades or burgundy you should go for. As such, there is a general rule or guideline in this respect to help you settle for the right shade.

If your skin tone is any of ebony (black), pink, or olive, your outfit would be best with a cool burgundy shade that has an appreciable mix of violet and red color. However, if your skin tone is golden or peach, you would be better off settling for a warm burgundy shade that has a mixture of brown color with it. Depending on the expertise of your hairstylist, burgundy hair color can be modified to fit your skin tone perfectly.

Burgundy Shades & Highlight At Home: How Viable?

Burgundy hair dye is typically technical because it requires the mixing of different kinds of colors. And because of this, it is not advisable that you have your burgundy hair shades and highlighting done at home. Endeavor to see a professional hairdresser who knows about burgundy hair shades to help you out. 

A proper highlighting for burgundy would require that your hair is carefully prepared and the burgundy dye carefully and uniformly applied too. Even if you are gifted in mixing the hue, you still need an experienced hand to assist in applying the dye; hence, the emphasis on consulting a pro.

Have A Burgundy Picture In Mind

Before you present your hair for a burgundy hair shade, you should have a color in mind. That is because there are many types or variants of burgundy hair colors. And unless you give your hairstylist a picture to work with, he or she might end up not giving you exactly what you want. 

For the different types of burgundy hair color available, you can search online and download specific burgundy style of your choice. You may want to consult matrix.com in this regard as it has an abundant collection of red inspirations for burgundy.

As much as you look out for photos of the styles you cherish, pick out some relevant burgundy styles you don't cherish too so that your hairdresser would be properly guided. You can always compare the final outcome of your hair with the initial pictures you went there with.

Burgundy For Blondes: How Good Is It?

Burgundy for blondes is absolutely fantastic. It looks great on them, especially with the right outfit. Burgundy blends perfectly with your blonde hair if done by an experienced hairstylist. However, if something should go wrong during the burgundy process, your blonde hair may come out as pink hair which may deviate a bit from the result you have in mind.

In most cases, for women whose blonde hair appears to be significantly pale, hairstylists, first of all, have to darken it prior to applying burgundy on it. And this is another reason it is not advisable to carry out this process at home by yourself. An experienced hairdresser can go through these processes and help make your blonde hair into a perfect burgundy that you would like.

How Much Burgundy Is Too Much For Your Hair?

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There is actually no amount of burgundy that is too much for your hair; it all depends on your choice and taste. Of course, that is not to mean you can pour a bucket full of the dye on your hair; you've got to be reasonable. But talking about styling now, you can get an all-over burgundy for your hair. That is, your entire hair is dyed with the dark-red burgundy color.

Another way you can go about this burgundy with your hair is to apply some burgundy highlights (balayage) to your brunette shades at the base. Better still, you may just opt for a burgundy panel (peek-a-boo) for your hair and you are good. Just be creative and reason with your hairdresser.

Dyeing Extremely Black Hair To Burgundy Hair Color

There are some black hairs that hairstylist may consider apt to, first of all, lighten a bit before changing it into burgundy. This is to ensure that the final output is a bright and radiant burgundy hair. Experience has shown that extremely black or brown hair absorb or overshadow certain hair color present in burgundy thereby altering the final output.

At each point, we keep seeing the reason it might not be okay to dye your hair burgundy at home. Hairstylists would, of course, be better positioned to determine the degree of lightness your black hair should reach before it is dyed burgundy. In some cases, he or she may feel that your natural black hair needs some hair color blender to guide against damage during the coloring process.

The hair color blonder equally puts a damaged hair in order when applied before the burgundy process. So, you are going to be at the mercy of your hairdresser's experience and expertise in this regard. But if you know that you have a black hair, it's good to discuss the lightning process with your hairdresser before you start.

Burgundy Hair Care

Once you have your hair dyed burgundy, you need to know how best to take care of it so it continues to look radiant and appealing. Interestingly, you don't have to see your hairstylist in order to get this done. You can take care of your burgundy hair at home by following these simple rules.

1. As much as possible, try not to expose your burgundy hair to the sun. That's because the sun's radiation can cause your burgundy hair color to fade too early.

2. Be informed on the kind of shampoo to use on your burgundy hair. As a matter of fact, you should stick to the one recommended by your hairstylist. That's because certain shampoos are specially fitted for some colored hair than others.

3. Even with the recommended shampoo, you should not use it on your burgundy hair every day. Excessive shampooing can also lead to your burgundy hair fading off too soon. Let's assume your hair roots become dirty or filled with oil, you can use dry shampoos to clean it.

4. Create a habit of visiting your hairdresser for the retouching of your hair at least once a month.

Final Thoughts

Burgundy hair is actually a cute way of appearing unique It adds a special radiant to your person, and what's more? It can practically be done by anyone. However, you should be ready to adjust your makeups to suit this special hair color before your look can be great. Possibly, you might want to seek the opinion of your hairdresser or stylist to get the best makeup for your burgundy hair color.

It is surely an effort worth it if you decide to dye your hair burgundy. The color does not wash off easily from the hair especially when you take the precautions highlighted in this piece. And like you might have been thinking, it really takes some commitments to stay put to this very radiant hair color.

But should you decide in the future to revert to your original hair color or you want another hair color entirely, the best approach would be to consult with your hairstylist again. He or she knows how best this can be done without delivering much damage to your hair.



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