100+ Super Cute & Sweet Meaningful Sister Tattoo Ideas

Sister tattoos are not only the cutest but also come bearing deep, personal meanings. Without further ado, here are 100+ ideas you can steal:

By Auntrone89
100+ Super Cute & Sweet Meaningful Sister Tattoo Ideas

Cute sister tattoos and ideas

There are literally thousands of cute tattoos designs that sisters can choose from and have them tattooed on their skin. Of course, each of these tattoos come bearing different meanings meaning that they ought to be selected carefully. Here are 101 creative tattoo designs that you and your sister(s) can choose from:

1. Matching “stick sisters” leg tattoos

The best thing about matching “stick sister” tattoos is that it can be customized into more personalized designs with ease. These designs come either in plain black or colored for animation. Either way, they all look breathtakingly beautiful. 

2. Identical flower tattoos

Floral sister tattoos are probably the most popular tattoo designs sisters use to show just how much they love and cherish one other. The identical floral designs can either be plain or colored differently.

3. Matching constellation tattoos

Apart from getting the usual matching “quotes” tattoos, sisters can get a tad creative and go for the constellation tattoos which, in my opinion, look fabulous as hell. For instance, twin sisters can settle for the beautiful Capricorn tattoos.

4. Matching “endless love” quote sister tattoos

The “endless love” quote sister tattoos are as cute as they are self-explanatory. You and your sister, or sisters, can also choose the most appealing fonts and have this awesome quote tattooed wherever you please.

5. World map tattoo designs

If you and your sister(s) are out hunting for unique tattoo ideas, you should consider having different continents tattooed on each sister’s arm. As creative and important as this unique idea may seem, getting an accomplished tattooist to work on your individual pieces is equally important.

6. Pinkie swear sister tattoos

A pinkie swear is a symbol of loyalty and trust. And that’s why sisters getting matching pinkie swear tattoos is one helluva brilliant idea.

7. Birthday date tattoos for sisters

Apart from getting the usual matching infinity tattoos, you and your sisters can opt for write each other’s birthday dates on a specific place on your hands. Birthday date tattoos are not only cute but also shows your strong bond of sisterhood existed since birth.

8. ‘No better friend than a sister” quote tattoos

“No better friend than a sister” quote tattoos are not only cute but heartwarming as well. Therefore, you and your sister(s) can get identical “No better friend than a sister.” quote tattoos on specific areas of your arms and in different fonts as well.

9. Cute Powerpuff Girls tattoos for sisters

Sisters have a bond as powerful as the Powerpuff Girls. Therefore, getting these cartoon characters tattooed on each other’s arms, legs or wrists is a beautiful way of acknowledging each of your sisters’ unique strengths/personalities.

10. Matching dragonfly tattoos

Sisters go through a lot. But as long as they stick together, they always came out the other side stronger than ever. If this seems to be your case, then you and your sister should consider getting matching dragonfly tattoos. A dragonfly is a totem for strength, control and cutting-edge focus/precision.

11. The sister portrait tattoos

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Identical quotes aside, sisters can also go for their portrait tattooed on the other’s wrist/arm or leg. To pull this off perfectly, you and your sister will definitely need the services of one incredibly gifted tattooist.

12. “You’re my person” Grey’s Anatomy tattoos for sisters

The beautiful thing about matching sister tattoos is that you can never run out of ideas. And “You’re my person” Grey’s Anatomy tattoo idea is just one among the many creative ideas.

13. The matching wind rose tattoos for sisters

Windrose tattoo ideas happen to be very popular amongst sisters – and it’s so with good reason. One of these reasons is simply because windrose tattoos are cute and at the same time can carry many different personalized meanings.

14. Cute matching tattoos on the foot

You and your sister can either get matching uniquely creative quotes or symbols tattooed on or along your feet. What’s more bonding than getting matching foot tattoos is going through the tattooing experience together as sisters?

15. Identical dream catcher tattoos for sisters

If intricacy is what you and your sister are looking for in a matching tattoo design, then you should both consider the cute dreamcatcher tattoos. Having identical dream catcher tattoos on your backs is far much better than the infinity symbol which is way too mainstream.

16. Matching butterfly tattoos for sisters

Butterfly tattoos are cute, adorable and also come bearing a plethora of meanings. Identical butterfly tattoos may represent your admiration for each other’s beauty and grace as sisters.

17. Connecting ankle tattoos for sisters

Needless to say, all sisters have a strong bond that they only can understand. This, therefore, makes connecting ankle tattoos the perfect way of not only showing but acknowledging the existence of such a strong bond.

18. “You keep me safe”, “You keep me wild” tattoos

Another amazing idea of matching sister tattoos is one that quotes “you keep me safe” and the other that reads “you keep me wild”. You and your sister(s) can have these quotes written in different colors as well as fonts.

19. The puzzle tattoos for sisters

Instead of the cute but usual sisterly quotes, you and your sister can opt for the floral puzzle tattoos. Apart from being also cute, floral puzzle tattoos are seemingly perfect for sisters who have either just reunited or are in the process of reconnecting.

20. Heart tattoo designs

Matching heart tattoos are arguably the most common sister tattoo designs out there. But even so, they will never go out of style… not in a million years. This is probably because the heart shape tattoos can be customized into thousands of specific designs and with so much ease.

21. Matching fox tattoos for the cunning sisters

Sisters have a lot of secrets of mischief between them. Therefore, you and your sister(s) can get identical fox tattoos just to show the world how dangerously witty the both of you are. And the fox tattoo is just one of the many ideas you can use.

22. Identical ribbon tattoos

A ribbon is often used to symbolize a gift or a present. Therefore, sisters can decide to get matching ribbon tattoos to symbolize that they are a gift to each other.

23. Watercolor tattoos for sisters

The best thing about having watercolor tattoos is that irrespective of the form or shape they take, they’ll always look cute. Your watercolor tattoos can either take the form of identical infinity symbols or a simple identical feather design.

24. The common infinity tattoos

We can all start by agreeing that the extremely common infinity tattoo designs for sisters are undeniably cute. Thankfully, these designs can also be customized into beautiful infinity anchors, infinity feathers or just about any other design that comes to mind.

25. The adorable “big sister – small sister” tattoos

Sisters can also get tattoos the “big sister – small sister” tags either on their legs or wrists. The cutest “big sister – small sister” tag tattoos are those that are accompanied by images of “stick sister” characters.

26. The chain link tattoos for sisters

Chain link tattoos are usually a testament to the existence of a strong bond forged by love and friendship. For that matter, you and your sister can get identical designs tattooed on your wrists and look fabulous.

26. The peace symbol tattoos for sisters

If you and your sister aren’t feeling quotes as your tattoo of choice, then I suggest you both the peace symbol, which is not only cute but self-explanatory.

27. Matching Celtic trinity knot tattoos

Sisters can use matching Celtic trinity knot tattoos to show that they are connected on a spiritual level.

28. Crazy abstract tattoo designs for sisters

The best tattoo ideas are the ones likely to leave people puzzled. Therefore, you and your sister can do one better and get a crazy identical abstract design that only the two of you can understand.

29. The Farsi Sister tattoo designs

A Farsi sister tattoo involves tattooing your respective names on each other’s wrists but in a native tongue. Farsi tattoos are usually a symbol of spontaneous oneness.

30. The diamond heart tattoos for sisters

Identical diamond heart tattoo designs are perfect for sisters who love each other to infinity and back. This impressive design usually represents the strong and unique bond that exists between sisters.

31. Cute chariot tattoo designs for sisters

In as much as chariots are cute, their meanings are always serious as they are deeply personal. For one, sisters can get matching chariot tattoos as a way to acknowledge their elegance.

32. The heartbeat sister tattoos

The cute heartbeat sister tattoo is more or less a self-explanatory design. This design is often perfect sisters who just can’t live without each other.

33. The creative connecting foot flower petal design

The beauty of getting floral sister tattoos is that they always leave room for creativity. Your tattooist can have the floral design start from your foot and end on your sister’s.

34. The identical bird in flight tattoos

Identical bird tattoos are an incredibly awesome choice for especially for sisters who value their freedom. Bird tattoo designs also go well with meaningful quotes.

35. Nature tattoo designs for sisters

You and your sister can get matching nature tattoos and look fabulous in them. Nature tattoos come in the form of trees, mountains and so on.

36. Adorable shooting star tattoos

Another one of the many unique sister tattoo ideas is getting identical shooting star tattoos. Shooting stars often symbolize the beauty in ambition. 

37. The sun and the moon tattoo designs

The fact that the sun and the moon never “meet” doesn’t stop them from shining. Therefore, you and your sister can get either the sun or the moon tattooed on your ankles. This will symbolize the beauty in your difference.

38. Space and rocket finger tattoos

This tattoo design is reserved for curious sisters who either love to explore or are intrigued by the infinity of space. One can get a planet as the other gets a rocket.

39. The XOXO symbol tattoos

The beauty of the XOXO tattoo design lies in its simplicity. Thankfully, this cute design on your wrists. Shoulders, legs or any other part of the body.

40. Chinese symbol tattoos

Sister tattoos wrote in Chinese stand out simply because Chinese alphabetical characters look amazing. These characters can also be written anywhere on the body and still stand out. 

41. Emoticon tattoo designs

Different emoticon tattoos represent different moods/personalities. Therefore, you and your sister can get emoticon tattoos that accurately represent your personalities.

42. The love + infinity tattoo designs for sisters

The reason why the infinity symbol tattoo design is so popular is that it can be crafted into many customized designs. One of these custom-made designs includes a tiny “love” included in the infinity design. This design can also blend quite well with personal quotes.

43. The heart and pulse tattoo designs for sisters

Sisters can get matching heart and pulse tattoo designs on their wrists for a number of reasons. And whatever their reasons for wanting a heart and pulse tattoo, the sisters will have to look for a very talented tattooist.

44. The matching heartbeat tattoos

The matching heartbeat tattoo ideas symbolize the strong love between sisters that makes them literally inseparable. Therefore, if you and your sister happen to be very close, then getting this design tattooed on your wrists wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

45. The colorful sisters forever tattoo designs

Apart from being a plausibly heartwarming tattoo design, sisters can have it tattooed on the wrists as it symbolizes the unconditional love you and your sister(s) have for each other.

46. The cute sibling dragon tattoos

If fierce and aggressive are two words that perfectly describes you and your sister, then getting identical sibling dragon tattoos on your shoulders instead of the usual infinity symbol tattoo will be such an incredible idea.

47. Little birdies on a branch tattoo

The little birdies on a branch tattoo design are not only cute but also used as a symbol of pure, organic love between two souls. The designs beauty also lies in its simplistic design.

48. The ancient Maori tattoo design for sisters

The ancient Maori tattoo design, AKA the Koru design, is perfect for sisters especially those that are either seeking growth, strength or new beginnings. 

49. Cute roman numerical tattoos

Feel free to write your sister’s birthday, favorite or passport number in Roman numerical simply because they look hella good. She’ll obviously be expected to return the favor.


50. The yin and yang sister tattoo designs

If quotes as tattoo designs aren’t your thing, then you and your sister can opt for the cute yin and yang sister tattoo designs. The yin and yang tattoos symbolize the perfect unity between the opposites.

51. Matching Russian dolls

Russian dolls are arguably the most adorable dolls in the world. That said, getting matching Russian doll tattoos may symbolize how adorable you find each other as sisters.

52. The insanely creative conjoined hearts tattoos

As earlier mentioned, heart tattoos can be easily broken down and turned into a plethora of creative ideas. That said, sisters may get identical conjoined hearts tattoos in a bid to show the world that they’re joined by the heart.

53. Identical flying broomstick tattoos for sisters

Flying broomstick tattoo designs symbolize the magic that both you and your sister possess. Note that this tattoo design is only used as a symbol and has got nothing to do with witchcraft/magic.

54. Matching ladybug tattoo designs

Ladybugs are as beautiful as they are colorful. Therefore, getting ladybug tattoos instead of the cute infinity symbols every other sister has would seem like a much better option. Ladybug tattoos symbolize just how colorful you’ve made each other’s lives.

55. Skull & Crossbones

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If you and your sister, or sisters, are adventurous and therefore always in search of new thrills, then getting identical skull & crossbones tattoos wouldn’t qualify to be counted among your many bad ideas, not by a longshot.

56. Cute, identical mandala tattoos for sisters

Apart from getting the rose flower tattoo, which is a cliché, to say the least, you and your sister(s) can opt for the identical, extremely gorgeous mandala flower tattoos.

57. Identical Voldemort tattoos

Harry Potter tattoos will only make sense if you and your sister happen to be huge fans of both the Harry Potter films as well as books.

58. The identical anchor tattoos

Anchor tattoos are the perfect pick especially for sisters who rely on each other for emotional support. The cute little anchor tattoos can also be accompanied by meaningful quotes.

59. Matching alligator tattoos

Getting matching alligator tattoos might be the best idea especially if you both make calculated moves. For instance, when you and your sister know when to be patient and when to be aggressive.

60. The identical henna tattoo on the shoulders

Simply put, henna ideas make the greatest tattoo designs for sisters. Besides being simple and breathtakingly beautiful, sisters can have it customized in a bid to achieve the desired personal meaning.

61. The memory tattoos for sisters

Since you and your sisters have accumulated a ton of fond memories over the years, you can deliberate on the best one and have it tattooed on your bodies to symbolize togetherness.

62. Matching snowflake mandala tattoo designs

If you and your sister love winter - and everything about it – then having matching snowflake mandala designs tattooed on your feet or wrists can be a good idea. Snowflakes mandala designs symbolize togetherness to infinity and beyond.

63. “together forever” infinity tattoo designs for sisters

Phrase tattoos can be as cute as they are meaningful. To accentuate their already plausible beauty, these designs can be infused with other symbols like in this case, the infinity symbol.

64. Birds in flight + infinity symbol tattoo combo

Combining more than one tattoo design is without a doubt among the most brilliant ideas as far as sister tattoos are concerned. The birds in light + infinity combo may symbolize sisters who will always flock together, no matter what.

65. Matching origami tattoos for sisters

The fact that origami tattoos can come in different colors translates to giving you and your sister a hell lot of options to choose from. Just remember to get a good tattooist to do the job since the shading and edges have to be done right.

66. The floral sister tattoos

Apart from having flowers and quotes tattooed separately, you can easily find a gifted tattooist to creatively blending the two designs together, giving it a whole new meaning.

67. “to infinity… and beyond” sister tattoo designs

Sisters don’t have to get matching tattoos in order to make sense. Sometimes all they need to get a “to infinity… and beyond” tattoo that starts from one sister’s and ends on the next.

68. Same colored feathers on the shoulder blades

Feather tattoos on the shoulder blades are just one among many cute and creative sister tattoo ideas out there. Colored feather tattoos symbolize that they are birds of a feather who will always flock together.

69. Cute matching compass tattoo designs for sisters

Cute compass tattoos symbolize sisters who simply rely on each other for direction as well as guidance.

70. Pyramid tattoos for sisters

Matching pyramid tattoos are reserved for sisters who love each other to infinity and back. This is so simply because a sister’s love is here to stay for the long haul, you know, just like the pyramids.

71. The conjoined sun and moon tattoo designs

Instead of getting the sun and the moon tattooed separately, sisters can ask their tattooist to get a tad creative and join sun and the moon. The end result will not only be uniquely cute but also out-of-the-box creative.

72. The kiss tattoos

Getting lips or kisses tattooed on each other’s arms is another way that sisters can show their love for each other. All they’ll need to do is allow the tattooist to get their “kissy lips” designs drawn and converted to tattoos.

73. Eye of Horus tattoo designs

Getting matching Eye of Horus tattoos might be the coolest idea especially if you and your sisters are into Egyptian mythology. Thankfully, there's plenty of ‘Eye of Horus’ designs to choose from especially on Instagram and Tumblr.

74. “together forever…. Never apart” quote tattoo

Another one of the many sweet continuation quotes/tattoo ideas for sisters is none other than “together forever… never apart”.

75. Small heart tattoos for sisters

Sometimes the simplest heart tattoo designs are way better than the complex matching hearts tattoo designs.

76. Matching Orion constellation tattoos

Let’s just say you can never run out of tattoo ideas especially when it comes to the constellation, the Orion constellation being one of the many.

77. Dice tattoo designs for sisters

Matching dice tattoos symbolize sisters with a knack for taking risks or chances.

78. Cute, personalized neck patterns

Instead of having the usual infinity designs, sisters, especially those who are artistic, can come up with their own cute, personalized designs.

79. Matching phoenix tattoos

The rising phoenix symbolizes sisters rising from the ashes or simply put, rebirth.

80. Billy and Mandy tattoos

Sisters who love one another but have a strange way of showing it can get the Billy and Mandy tattoos. This would be cool if they both match these characters individually.

81. “everything goes away” quote tattoos

The “everything goes away” tattoo design perfectly describes the time sisters spend together. They always have a tendency of getting lost in time doing whatever sister do.

82. Cute spider web tattoos for sisters

Spider webs tattoo designs come with many personalized meanings attached to them. Sisters should, therefore, feel free to pick one that has meaning to them.

83. Identical cat tattoos

Cat symbolize good fortune and friendship.

84. “hearts know what to say” tattoo designs

In a bid to encourage creativity, this amazingly cute quote can be blended with heart shaped design. Needless to say, you’ll need a very gifted tattooist to pull this one off.

85. Swallow arm tattoos

Swallow arm tattoos symbolize the vow between sisters to always stick together.

86. Lifecycle tattoos

Lifecycle tattoos symbolize sisters who’ve gone through a lot but managed to stick and therefore evolving together.

87. Apple tattoo designs for sisters

Red apple tattoos symbolize sweetness… lots of sweetness. 

88. ‘there is no better friends than a sister” quote tattoo

Needless to say, this quote is as self-explanatory as a quote can get.

89. Tattooing each other’s eyes

Having the image of your sister’s eyes tattooed on you (and vice versa) simply means she’s always watching over you.

90. Little matching padlock tattoos

Adorable little padlock tattoos symbolize sisters are simply on lock, meaning that nothing can ever separate them.

91. “always in my heart” quote tattoo

It doesn’t hurt letting the world know that you love your sister so much you have a special place in your heart reserved just for her.

92. Identical soccer balls

Getting identical soccer balls tattooed on each other might be an amazing bonding experience especially for sisters who have a thing for soccer.

93. Quotes with a twist designs

Instead of getting the usual quotes with uniform fonts, try writing the same quote but with each letter written in a totally different font.

94. Matching tortoise tattoos

A tortoise is a symbol of wisdom.

95. Matching fallen feather tattoos

A single feather tattoo symbolizes luck, birth or new beginnings - which automatically makes it the perfect tattoo idea for sisters looking forward to a better tomorrow.

96. Matching stiletto tattoos for sisters

Matching stiletto tattoos are incredible especially for sisters who share a huge fetish for stylish shoes.

97. Identical clover tattoos

Clover tattoos either on the wrists or arm symbolize luck, meaning you’re both lucky to have each other.

98. Cute cherub tattoos

Cute cherub tattoos symbolize the immense love between two sisters.

99. Sign language tattoos

Sign language tattoos are not only cute but also have an effective way of speaking much louder than words. The most popular sign language tattoo design is one that says “I love you”.

100. Identical Santa tattoos for sisters

Adorable Santa Clause tattoo designs may symbolize the fact that your sister is not only a gift but also makes you happy.

101. The key tattoo designs

A key tattoo simply means that your sister has the key to your heart (and soul).


As you’ve already seen, there are plenty of cute and meaningful sister tattoo designs to pick from. In addition to that, you should not shy away from thinking out of the box especially when you are looking for that perfect design. Another thing you’ll have to consider is finding an incredibly gifted tattooist to work on your piece. This is extremely important especially if you and your sister want to walk around wearing masterpieces. 


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