To Trust Or Not To Trust: 20 Signs That Say You Can Trust Him

To trust or not to trust? This is an important question in any relationship. Here are 20 signs that say that you can really trust your boyfriend.

By Magda du Plessis
To Trust Or Not To Trust: 20 Signs That Say You Can Trust Him

20 Signs That Say You Can Trust Your Boyfriend

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To trust or not to trust? This is the one question that every relationship struggles with at some point in time. Too many people are not faithful these days, and that makes it hard to be in a relationship where there is complete trust between partners. You need to make sure that you are able to trust him, especially if he never gives you any indication that you can’t do so. These 20 signs that say you can trust him will give you everything you need to ensure that you are in a healthy, trustworthy relationship. Even if you have a long distance relationship!

Trust in relationships

So many good relationships have been broken because of trust issues. A girl that can’t trust a boy and vice versa, for whatever reason. In long distance relationships, it can be even harder to trust your partner because you don’t know what the other person is doing all the time. If you don’t have any reason not to trust your boyfriend, then you need to be grateful. Cherish him for he is an honest man. Similarly, don't go around creating issues. Don't get overly jealous and accuse him of cheating when he hasn't done anything of the sort. The moment that trust issues come into your relationship, then the chances that the relationship is doomed are huge. It doesn't whether you were married for a long time or if you have a stable long distance relationship. Trust is the one thing that keeps a relationship together. However, you need to remember that you should not only trust him, but he should also trust you. Trust is something that needs to go both ways.

The importance of trusting your boyfriend

It's really essential to be able to trust your boyfriend and not have any issues with him. The last thing that anyone needs or wants is a boyfriend that is cheating on you. If you know that he has cheated before, then the chance that you shouldn’t trust him is really high. In fact, entering into a relationship with a known cheater isn't advisable. If you're really against cheating, the best thing to do is to break up with him immediately. The fact that he cheated once means that he has no integrity and cannot respect the woman he's with. Save yourself from constantly worrying if he's going to cheat again and just break up with him. A relationship shouldn’t be stressful at all. Rather, it should be the happiest time of your life. If you don't trust your boyfriend, you're going to put a lot of stress on yourself and on your relationship. This is why you should make sure that you are going to get the truth as fast as possible regarding if he has ever cheated before.

Benefits in trusting your boyfriend

There are many benefits when you are able to trust your boyfriend and when he is able to trust you. The first and most important benefit is that the relationship will be at a great place where you can just enjoy each other’s company. You will have someone that you can go to, to talk about things that might be worrying you. And he will have someone to listen to him when he has his own problems. In a long distance relationship, you should not always be worrying about what he is doing and if he is cheating on you.

Signs that you can trust him

The one thing that is really important is to know when you can trust him and when you can’t. These are the top 20 signs that show you can trust him and that you have a great thing going. These are the most common signs that will make you believe in your boyfriend and know that you can trust him with your life and with your relationship.

1. He isn’t hiding anything from you

He tells you the truth about where he is and what he is doing. He also makes sure that you know what is going on in his life. If you can’t get ahold of him, you will know why he can’t answer his phone right now and you'll have a guarantee that he's going to call you back. Not hiding anything from you means that he is honest and trustworthy. It will be easy to see if he is hiding something from you. He will be stressed and really uncomfortable when you two are together. If he's calm and totally himself when he is with you, you can know for sure that he isn't hiding anything from you. (Unless he's a brilliant liar.)

2. Your boyfriend has never lied to you before

Your boyfriend has never lied to you in your whole relationship and you don't have any issues. If you're in a long distance relationship, he tells you when he needs to go to a work function and if he'll take someone as a plus one. If you ask him how you look, he will tell you honestly but gently when there's something wrong with your clothes or makeup. The moment that he starts lying to you, you may start to suspect all the other things he may have lied about before.

3. You can trust him if he didn’t cheat before

He is one of those men that doesn’t believe in cheating. He has never cheated before and he never will. The moment that someone cheats, it is hard to trust him completely. If he has never cheated on other, previous girlfriends, he will never cheat on you. The saying that if someone has cheated once they will cheat again is true.

4. Your boyfriend has strong morals

Men with strong morals know the importance of being faithful. They don’t even consider cheating on the one they love and they have issues with other men that cheat. If you know that your boyfriend has strong ethical standards, there's no need to worry about trusting him. This is the type of person that you can trust forever. Boyfriends with strong morals don’t cheat, it's as simple as that. This is because they know that this is wrong and can be really hurtful to the one they love most.

5. He trusts you with his phone

One of the easiest ways to know if you can trust your boyfriend is to ask him if you can play games or listen to music on his phone. If he says it's okay and he hands his phone over to you without a fuss, there isn’t anything fishy there. People that can’t be trusted will never give their phone to someone else. They know that there's some pretty incriminating evidence on their phones that will show that they can’t be trusted. A trustworthy boyfriend will put his phone down anywhere without caring if it's within your reach, and he won’t suddenly walk out of the room while talking on the phone.

6. Your boyfriend acknowledges you on social media

With social media getting so popular, this makes it easy to see if you can trust him or not. Not only can you see who's friends with him on social media, but he can acknowledge you on social media as the one he loves. He will not do something like this if he is lying to you. He might even send you a message on social media to tell that he likes you and that he misses you when you are not together.

7. He introduces you to his friends

Guys are really serious about their friends. They don’t introduce just anyone to them. If he introduces you to his friends and you all go out together, there isn’t any reason for you to not trust him. People that can’t be trusted will not bother to introduce you to their friends because they'll only be playing games and won't care about you.

8. He doesn’t have lame excuses for not showing up

If he can't show up for your date, he will phone ahead and not have some lame excuse on why he can’t make it. He will have a good reason and will only postpone dates for something really important that can’t wait. If he doesn’t even consider phoning or cancelling in advance, there is something wrong for sure. This is then when you can’t trust him. A guy who doesn't consider your feelings and ditches a date for no good reason will be unreliable for more important matters as well.

9. Your boyfriend trusts you

If your boyfriend knows that he can be trusted, he will also trust you. And you need to make sure that you are worthy of his trust. If someone trusts you, you will know that they are also honest and serious about the relationship. He would want you to trust him as well and would never willingly do anything that might hurt you.

10. Your guy isn’t stressed all the time for no reason

It is stressful to date two women at the same time. This stress will start to reflect on his behavior and facial expressions if he has cheated or is cheating. He'll constantly worry about you discovering his dirty little secret and will become paranoid. However, if your boyfriend isn’t stressed all the time when he is with you, or when you calmly talk to each other if you have a long distance relationship, you will know that he can be trusted.

11. You have great communication between the two of you

Communication is important and the key to a healthy relationship. If you are able to communicate clearly and openly with your boyfriend, even in a long distance relationship, then you will know that you can trust him. Someone that can’t be trusted won’t able to communicate correctly.

12. He maintains eye contact when you are talking

When you are talking to someone that is honest, he will be able to maintain eye contact during your conversation. People that have trust issues often can’t look others in the eye. Next time you talk to your boyfriend, see if he is directly looking at you.

13. Your boyfriend is treating you well and with respect

Normally when someone is cheating, they don’t treat the other person with respect. This is because you might be irritating him, or he feels guilty so he takes out his feelings on you. So if your boyfriend is still treating you well and with respect, then you'll know that he can be trusted and that he hasn't cheated on you.

14. He is there for you when you need him

When you need him, he is always there for you. This is someone that you can trust with your life. Only people that can’t be trusted will come up with dumb excuses to get away when you need him emotionally or physically. A man that makes sure that his girl can count on him is a trustworthy person.

15. He isn’t avoiding your friends

He is really comfortable with your friends and doesn’t find excuses not to go out with them. Your friends aren’t in love with him, so they will realize a lot sooner if he can’t be trusted. An untrustworthy guy might be avoiding your friends because he's afraid that they will see that you don’t deserve him.

16. You feel comfortable around him

When you really feel comfortable around him, even if you just woke up and you don’t have your makeup on yet, then you know that you can trust him.

17. He says he loves you and he means it

He can say that he loves you, but you need to make sure that he means it. You need to feel that he loves you in the way he talks to you and handles you and your problems. If he says that he loves you and he means it, then you can trust him for sure.

18. You know where he is all the time

Even in a long distance relationship, you know where he is all the time. He tells you where he is and with whom. Just remember that you should do the same. Let him know where you are and with whom you are. It's only fair.

19. He surprises you with something special

It's nice to be treated well and to receive something special sometimes. However, if he suddenly starts bringing you gifts, then you need to know that there is something wrong and he's trying to make up for it. However, if it's always been his habit to bring you a surprise when he visits you, and he still does it, then it's a sign that you can trust him.

20. He doesn’t mind spending time with you

When you are in a serious relationship, you're going to spend a lot of time together. He won’t mind giving up a boys' night out to be with you. He prefers you over everyone else. This is someone that you can trust your whole life.

There aren’t many trustworthy guys out there

If you find that he is trustworthy, you should make sure that he can trust you as well. There aren't many men out there that are trustworthy these days. So many men get away with cheating on a woman. Don't give him a reason to leave you. Don’t create trust issues with your man if he didn’t give you any reason not to trust him.

What to do when you suspect that you can’t trust him

The moment that you suspect that you can’t trust him, you need to talk to him. You need to ask him to tell you the truth. You need to know the truth because you don’t want to be in a relationship where your boyfriend is seeing another woman on the side. Talking to him and keeping communications open are essential for a good, trustworthy relationship.

What if you can’t trust him?

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He cheated on you, and he admitted it. This is when he proves that you can’t trust him because he really did cheat on you. Do you really want to go out with someone that you can’t trust and that cheated on you? He might even do it again, and with even more people. You deserve better than a two-faced liar. Don’t think for one minute that he will change for you. Remember the saying: "once a cheater, always a cheater”.

Make sure that he can trust you as well

Trust goes both ways. You need to make sure that he can trust you the same way that you are trusting him. A good relationship is all about mutual trust and respect. If one partner loses these qualities, the relationship will be doomed. Don’t settle for second best. If you are in a relationship where your boyfriend cheated on you, you need to leave him and not look back. He isn’t right for you, and you need to start looking for a life partner that you can trust. The moment that someone's broken your trust in them, it will be practically impossible to rebuild. This is why you should break up immediately and start looking for someone that will be worthy of your trust and love. It can be hard to trust someone, especially if you've had your heart broken before or if you're in a long distance relationship. To have trust, you first need to have communication. Being honest and open with your partner is the best way to establish a strong and loving bond. If neither of you are hiding any secrets from the other, it will be much easier to trust one another, no matter how far away you might be from each other.