Top 10 Traits In Women All Men Secretly Want

Men want different things when it comes to women. But when it comes to a long-term relationship, here are some traits they will always look out for:

By Auntrone89
Top 10 Traits In Women All Men Secretly Want

What amazing traits do men want their women to possess?

In order to attract your man sexually and make him think of jumping in bed every time they see you, all you need to be is physically attractive. But that isn’t the only thing men look for when they are considering to have a long-term relationship with you. Men are more into preselection than we are given the credit for and that is where women go wrong. Here are 10 things that men are always looking for when looking for a woman they can proudly refer to as “Mrs. WhateverHisNameIs”:

1. Be the Bonnie to his Clyde

Being the Bonnie to his Clyde doesn’t mean that if he is a bank robber, you should pick up an M-16 and accompany him. What I am saying is that you should offer him a shoulder to cry on. Though men won’t say it to your face, they secretly want their women to have their back. Teamwork is what makes a relationship work out and so it would be nice if women stuck their neck out from time to time. I perfectly understand that it is a man’s job to be the protector in any relationship. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to feel like our women have our backs from time to time. So, how can women have their men’s backs? Well, it’s simple. Try encouraging him from time to time and it just doesn’t apply when things are bad. Even if things are good and you want to show him appreciation and support, always show him that if he ever needs to worry because you got his back. Do that, and you will reap the sexual benefits. And the thing about promising is that you don’t just use your words. Try and put your mind, soul, and body and he will believe and love you even more. And now that you have gotten the point if your man is a bank robber, kindly report him to the police. We will find you another one, we promise. I know love doesn’t have a return policy, but in your case, we will make an exception. Ok, I am just being flippant. Moving on swiftly!

2. Thou shalt not be needy

I had to write the title in old, biblical English just to put an emphasis on how serious this point is (no offense to our esteemed Christian readers). A lot of women tend to lose a lot of good men because of one thing — being too needy. And the worst thing about being way too needy is that it doesn’t matter how many times you are told that you are the one. You will always want to be attached and that is such a turn-off, just in case you didn’t know. Men want to be in a relationship where they are allowed to roam free like the natural hunters they were born to be. But when with a needy woman, it is difficult for them to feel the freedom that they need. They feel trapped because their women have to breathe down their necks and ask a lot of questions when they just wanted to spend time with their boys. Men want some time off so that they can miss their women and that is exactly what they get denied when they are dating needy women. As women, or men, being needy just shows that they have no value and that’s why they seek validation all the time. You can get rid of that by finding something to keep you busy. Women that make their men miss them, even if it's intentional, will always have them wrapped around their little finger because they exhibit high qualities.

3. Men love being told the truth

Men are hardwired to take the pain and that is why they prefer the truth over lies. If you did something and are ashamed to admit it, try telling your man and see how he handles it. and don’t just stop there, always make it a habit because, in the long run, you will not only win his trust but his respect as well. A lot of women miss the opportunity of dating good men because they lie a lot. And if there is anything that all of us know about the truth is that in the end, it always comes out — mostly in the most embarrassing situations. If he is not good in bed or he isn’t putting any efforts to look physically attractive because he already married you, don’t be afraid to tell him. If he isn’t taking good care of his body, tell him. At the end of the day, a relationship that is founded on love, respect, and truth is one that will surely withstand the test of time. The good thing about telling the truth is that it’s a virtue that can be learned. It might be a tad difficult in the beginning especially if you are a pathological liar. But you can start by frequenting a confession booth because a padre can’t judge you. From there, you can extend the same courtesy to your man. And as you get to do that, also try and encourage him to do the same and you will have the time of your lives.

4. Men want their women sensuous

Well, this one is definitely going to be a bummer to most, but having a pretty face and a banging body can’t keep a man. Let’s just be frank for a minute, how many hot celebrities in Hollywood get cheated on or dumped despite rocking a body the semblance of a goddess? The answer is countless. So, what seemed to be the matter? Well, it’s kind of simple — they didn’t work on being sexually seductive. Ladies, sitting there and letting your beautiful face and body to work for you just won’t make the cut as far as men are concerned. Men, in the real sense, want to be in a relationship with hot women who make an effort to seduce them and make their relationships sexually exciting – period. The good news about mastering the art of being sensuous (yes, you heard me right it’s an art) is that you don’t have to be a 10. Once you have that aura of sexiness floating around you, you can get any man eating from the palms of your hands. It all starts with you being comfortable in your own skin and then the rest will follow. The key is not overdoing it and letting everything to flow as naturally as possible and you will be good to go. Carrying out a little bit of research will not be such a bad idea because, in the end, you will become better and better. You will also be better off if you have a friend who can help you out with being sensuous. Now, take a minute and let that sink in.

5. Men want a silly relationship

Being silly can make men feel physically as well as sexually attracted to women. Ever heard the dictum ‘boys will always be boys’? Of course you have (unless you live under a rock). The dictum is true because, for some reason, becoming bigger and hairier with deeper voices and maybe getting a job doesn’t mean that men grew up. We just graduated from drinking from a milk bottle to a beer bottle. And even when you look closely, the beer bottle closely resembles the milk bottle. What am I driving at? Well, men aren’t that different from boys, meaning that their playful nature is still hidden somewhere in there. And the woman who will manage to reach down there and bring the little boy out will be loved for an eternity. And it’s not rocket science because anyone can do it and all they need to do is be as playful as possible. Men get sexually aroused when women play with their bodies. Does your man have a hot, banging body? Play with it. Do some silly stuff together and he will never leave your side. And just like it is the case with doing other fun things including sex, make sure that it is all coming in the most natural way possible. Any signs that you are trying too hard will not have the desired effect. And the good thing about being silly and playful is that it will end up making you a happy, less stressful person at the end of the day.

6. A relaxed relationship is always the best for men

Let’s just face it. No one wants to get into a relationship where fighting is the order of the day. The less the drama, the more like a relationship will succeed, that’s word from the wise. If you are keen enough, a relationship with a man who is less stressed with always makes things escalate sexually which is always a good thing. Make it seem as though your home is his sanctuary because, well, men go through a lot of things out there just to make sure that the bills are paid. And the reason you have no clue about it is that they never tell you for the most part. They don’t just want for their queens to worry and that’s it. So, by being relaxed, you will always make him look forward to jumping in bed with you and you will get the regards for doing that to him. So, how does one make the relationship relaxed? Well, it’s pretty easy. First and foremost, you need to stop yelling and blaming him for petty things. And even if you have to complain about something, try and lower your voice. So, he ate your chicken in the fridge because he was out fixing cars all day and his boss was yelling at him. Don’t yell at him, just fix another one and spare him a piece or two of that juicy steak. Always compromise and you shall be rewarded.

7. Men want to be appreciated in a relationship

Still, on the point I just made a while back, men always do a lot of sacrificing that always goes unnoticed. For instance, they might borrow some money in order to take you to that fancy first date and you’ll never notice it. Men will get rained on or get scolded for not being at work on time because he was looking for the perfect birthday present. Men will forego watching the most anticipated game in the playoffs just to be with you when you are down with a cold. And why do we do all that? Because we love you. But one thing you need to know about men is that we give up too especially if we aren’t shown love especially after doing all that. So, in order to make sure that your love story has a happy ending, then you need to make sure that you are appreciating them, either directly or indirectly. Since men want a nice, naked and sexy body at the end of the day, how about you spruce up your sexual relationship a little bit as a way of showing appreciation. The good thing about doing this is that the options are limitless. That said, show your man a little appreciation before another woman shows her appreciation. And before you realize it, she is calling you the side chick who should stay away from her man, who was your man just three days ago. Crazy, right? Yes, but it does happen.

8. Men want women who aren’t materialistic

The truth is that everyone likes a little bit of jewelry here and there. And I am not complaining about that. But there are some women whose lives revolve exclusively around materialism. You can simply step out of a Lamborghini and go on one knee and she will say yes, even if she is seeing you for the very first time and the reason you went down on one knee was to tie a loose shoelace. These women can be stimulated sexually by an expensive handbag or a shoe and guess what? No man in his right mind is going to get turned on by you. That’s just a no-no. when a woman is overtly materialistic, it shows that they can be with just about anyone as long as they have the money to support their flashy lifestyle. And even if someone is willing to spend money on such a woman, they won’t commit. In fact, the first chance they get, they will pull a Houdini out of the relationship. If you are a woman of value, then you know that there are much more important things in life than what you own, and that is exactly what men want at the end of the day. So, if you happen to be an accessory to your own handbag, no man is going to find you physically attractive, let alone getting turned on by you when in bed. Sorry.

9. Men want a relationship with a smart woman

A smart woman is an investment — end of story. From a biological point of view, a man is the leader of the home because he can take the pressure and as the muscle to reinforce. But what are the usually enforcing? Well, they are just enforcing what the woman has said. The intelligence of the woman is usually passed down to the children because children always learn from their mothers. And woe unto your children if their mother so happens to not be the sharpest tool in the shed. And since men want their children to thrive and to also get assistance when it comes to solving life problems, they want to be in a relationship with a smart woman. P/S Wearing thick rimmed glasses won't make you smart. Try throwing some brains into the equation and you'll do just fine.

10. A confident woman is good for a long-term relationship

Finally, your confidence as a woman is what is going to make him look forward to bed you. Confidence makes you sexually as well as physically attractive to your man and as such, you ought to work on it. It all begins with being comfortable in your own body and then it pans out from there. If you are having some confidence issues, try starting off your day by looking into the mirror and telling yourself that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Keep repeating the ritual until it becomes a mantra, one that you believe in. and the rest will be a tad easier. And before you know it, your man will be into you just the way you are!

Parting Short

When all has been said and done, it is important that women realize that it’s not too late to turn to your new leaf. Women are several times smarter than the proverbial old dog who can’t be taught some new tricks. Women should therefore not worry too much and should be a tad patient when it comes to learning about the above started good qualities. If an effort is put towards making men happy, everything will change including when in bed with him. You will appeal to them physically and they won’t stop fantasizing about your body. And it’s just not going to give your relationship a boost from a sexual point of view but on every other thing, you do with them. But as you are trying to improve your qualities in the eyes of men, always remember that you are actually doing it to improve your quality as a human being and not to seek approval.