30 Flirty, Dirty Questions To Turn You BOTH On

When flirting with your girlfriend, you can try play the question game where you ask each other flirty questions that will get you both turned on.

By RuelB
30 Flirty, Dirty Questions To Turn You BOTH On

30 Flirty, Dirty Questions to Turn You Both On

Every love relationship requires couples to familiarize with each other. There are several ways to do so, but the fun way to achieve this without so much attention is through playing flirty and dirty questions game. This game enables couples to clear any lingering doubts about their relationship issues. It is common to find some couples shying away from asking each other dirty questions. These questions are important since they will help you two understand each other well. They will also help the lovebirds to become closer to each other. These sexy, flirty, and dirty questions will not only turn you both on but will also help you, and your spouse discover each other on a new level.

It is human nature to want to flirt and express both romantic and sexual feelings to the opposite sex. However, not everyone is up to playing flirty and dirty question game, but these questions are of much help. Be prepared to hear some unexpected answers that will shock you. Remember, it is a game so no hard feelings. Here is a compiled list of dirty questions that you will both enjoy and discover each other.

1.What are You Wearing Right Now Question

Both parties can ask this question. It is best done through the phone to achieve the sexy, flirty effect. This flirty and dirty question has several answers that you can reply. For instance, if asked by your girlfriend, you can reply that you are in your birthday suit. Your girlfriend can also respond that she is wearing something in red. This will turn you both on. Such a question will bring intimacy to your relationship.

2.What Is Your Favorite Way to Be Seduced Game


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Couples who are about to be intimate with each other for the first time, this is the best question for them. You will both get to know the favorite way or ways to seduce each other. This flirty and dirty question will entice you both and make you blush. If you feel shy about asking your girlfriend or your guy face to face, you can always do it through the phone.

3.What Do You Do When You Get Horny in Public?

Just the idea of the question will make anybody blush from answering. If you are the shy type, you can always play this game through the phone. This flirty question will cause you both to feel closer to each other, and probably you will burst out laughing at each other.

4.What Time Do You Prefer Having Sex?

Sex is a natural thing that everybody experiences. You as the couple should not shy away from asking each other this question. Couples who are in a relationship have different tastes and preferences. Therefore, it will help you both to understand each other better.

5.When Was The First Time You Felt Aroused?

Asking this flirty question does not mean you are probing on your lover's past life. Remember, this is a game, and it is meant to be fun and loving. When asked such a dirty question it is intended to help your guy or girlfriend to know what stirs you. Therefore, it is best to answer genuinely.

6.What Is The Dirtiest Thought You Have Ever Thought About A Stranger?

This dirty and sexy question is meant to help your spouse understand you better. It is a way of creating intimacy between you two. The question is flirty and sexy at the same time. Recalling back to the question will bring other naughty thoughts. If your girlfriend answered this question, you would be able to discover how freaky she can be. This is not a bad thing. And, you will love her more for it. 

7.How Was Your First Orgasm Question

When answering this question, it will make anybody blush. When your girlfriend answers such a query, you will learn if she enjoyed it or not. Both of you will become closer and open to each other. You will also try your best to give her another beautiful experience like the one she had before.

8.What Is Your Favorite Thing About A Quickie?

The answer to this freaky, flirty, and sexy question is to help your loved one know if you love quickies or not. He or she will get the general overview on how you view quickies. Perhaps your spouse loves having quickies and is unsure if you do too. Therefore, this question is essential to the lovebirds to clear the issue before it ruins the relationship.

9.Have You Ever Had Sex With A Stranger?

When asked such a flirty query, probably your spouse wants to know if you have any commitment issues. This question will clear the air between you two. It is important that you do not judge your spouse harshly. Your spouse had a life before meeting you. Therefore, expect the unexpected. 

10.What Is The Most Daring Sexual Act You Have Ever Done?

This question helps your partner to know how bold you can be. It will also help you both experiment more during intimacy. Your partner will also know if you love trying out new positions during intimacy. This will spice up your sex life.

11.Have You Ever Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex?

Some people would be shocked by a response to this question. The question makes a couple know each other better and becomes closer to each other. As a guy, you will know how freaky and bold your girlfriend can be.

12.In Your Opinion, What Does It Mean To Be Good In Bed?

This question will help both spouses know what their loved ones like in bed. They will try their best to please each other during intimacy. This question will enable both lovebirds to become open to each other and learn new things together. Their relationship will have a strong bond.

13.What Kind Of Porn Turns You On?

The answer to this query will enable both lovebirds to know what turns the other on. This will help take their intimacy to the next level. A couple will be open to each other on issues relating to intimacy.

14.Does The Dirty Question Game Arouse You?

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This query will help a couple to know if their significant other can be turned on by the dirty question game. This dirty game is not for everybody. Therefore, before introducing the game, ensure your spouse is up to it.

15.What Is The Naughtiest Thing You Have Been Told During Sex?

Your spouse wants to know which kind of sex talk you like. Knowing about the sex talk will help you both clear the issue when it comes to intimacy. People have different preferences. It is best to know which kind of sex talks your guy or girlfriend likes and dislikes.

16.Do You Like Spying On Couples Having Sex?

This question is freaky but very naughty and dirty at the same time. The answer to this question is to let both lovebirds know if they are freaky and adventurous or not. If you are the freaky type, answering this question will turn you both on.

17.Do You Like a Threesome as a Girlfriend?

A threesome is not for everybody. It is best to find out if your partner loves it or not. It will also let the lovebirds know if they have the same taste in sex or not. This will help you have a healthy and trusting relationship.

18.What Does Your Ideal One Nightstand Looks Like?

This dirty question game will help your man or your girlfriend know about your taste in men or women. This question shows how good you are with your fantasies. You will both be turned on just fantasizing about it. It will also help form a strong bond between you two.

19.Have you ever had an Orgasm in Your Sleep?

Just the thought of it will turn you both on. This question will show your spouse how adventurous you can be. It will bring you two closer since you can talk about anything without fearing any judgment. In case you are the shy type, you can request your spouse to play the game through the phone.

20.Have You Ever Woken Up Humping Your Pillow?

While this question may seem funny and silly, it is not. The question shows the level of your fantasy. Your partner will be glad to know he or she is not alone and that you share the same experience. This question will turn you both on by recalling it and how often it has occurred.

21.What Is The Dirtiest Text That You Have Sent Or Received from your Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

At one time or another, we all have received or sent a dirty text. Therefore, this question allows both lovebirds to know how freaky they can be. Recalling back about the naughty text arouses many naughty memories that can turn you both on.

22.What Is Your Favorite Blowjob Technique?

This dirty question enables couples to know each other better, especially during intimacy. Different people prefer different blowjob techniques. Therefore, you should know what your partner prefers. You can always research more about his or her technique and show her or him your expertise. This query will bring the lovebirds closer to each, and their relationship will grow stronger.

23.Which One Do You Prefer a Dominatrix or a Submissive?

Kinky sex is very dirty. It needs creative people. However, you cannot have kinky sex if your partner does not enjoy it. Therefore, you should inquire if you both have the same taste or not. Also, both lovebirds will know who likes being submissive and who likes being the leader. You will both know who will lead your relationship in the bedroom and outside it. This is something couples would enjoy doing together.

24.Is There Anything You Would Not Do In Bed?

Well, this is common to most people. Some people are more reserved than others are. It is always advisable to ask this dirty query to know where your spouse’s limit lies. You will both know who is freaky and adventurous than the other. This question will also turn both you on, especially if you are playing the game in the same room.  Also, you will both be able to experiment in bed and have a fulfilling sexual life.

24.What Is Your Favorite Body Part On Your Spouse?

The answer to this question enables the lovebirds to know each other intimately. You will learn what your spouse likes about you and vice versa.

25.What Is The Sexiest Outfit That Turns You On?

This question enables a couple to please each other. If your man is turned on by a red fitting dress, then you will wear it to turn him on. You will be able to communicate your sexual needs without talking to each other. One look at each other is enough to tell you what your partner desires.

26.Have You Ever Sexted Your Picture?

This is a way of finding out if your partner is freaky, adventurous, and bold enough. You will also know if both of you will be sexting each other or not. A couple will also know who among them is comfortable with their body. Some people are shy, but it is always a good thing to be adventurous.

28.Do You Enjoy Sex With Lights On Or Off?

The answer to this query is a way of finding out if your partner is bold to have sex while the lights are on. You will also know if he or she is comfortable in his or her skin.

29.Who Gave You Your First Orgasm?

This dirty and sexy question will help you both know each other. If your guy or girlfriend has never experienced orgasm before, you will make a point of pleasing her. Most couples shy away from this question for fear of being judged. While this is the reasonable thing to do, the question is supposed to bring couples closer together.

30.Where Would You Love To Have Sex?


These questions help a couple to be adventurous together. The thought of having sex somewhere that is not in your bedroom will bring a sexy thrill to both of you. Since people have different tastes and preferences, it is possible that you two do not share the same things. This question will enable both of you to learn new things about each other and try them together.

These sexy and dirty questions will not only make your relationship stronger, but they will also bring you two together. Dare your spouse to answer all the questions to discover how freaky he or she can be.



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