50 Adorable Feather & Bird Tattoo Designs You'll Fall In Love With

Are you interested in getting a bird or feather tattoo? Check if these 50 tattoo ideas below for you inspiration. You'll love them!

By Katherine P. Haley
50 Adorable Feather & Bird Tattoo Designs You'll Fall In Love With

Feather and Bird Tattoos

When getting a feather tattoo, you often have a difficult decision to make. What feather tattoo should you get? What feather tattoo should you specifically get? Sometimes, you may have a general idea of the feather tattoo you want, but you may be having trouble with the specifics. Well, if that's the case and if you know you want a feather tattoo that either has to do with a bird or a feather; or both, then you are in the right place. This article will give you 50 ideas for bird and feather tattoos - 25 feathers and 25 bird feathers. If you have your general idea, hopefully, you will come out of this article with a more solidified idea of you next feather tattoo.

Below, check you 50 bird and feather tattoo ideas. These feather tattoos are super cute, and many of the bird feather tattoos have many deeper meanings associated with them that you can look up. You can get the feather tattoos in black, white, or every color of the rainbow! Have fun looking through these feather tattoo ideas and finding your inspiration for your feather tattoo.

Feather tattoos

Feather tattoos may seem pretty straightforward. However, these feather tattoos often have deeper meanings. For example, if you get ink and a feather quill tattoo, you may be an aspiring writer, or if you get a colorful feather tattoo, you may be an artist. Feathers are also very versatile, meaning you can attach your meaning to the feather tattoos.
If you are interested in getting a feather tattoo, check out these feather tattoo designs below. These feather tattoos are adorable and great ideas for your next feather tattoo.

1. Feather with hidden flowers tattoo:

The flowers are used in the design within the feather tattoo.

2. Feather quill tattoo:

This feather tattoo depicts a feather pen.

3. Feather wings tattoo:

Feathered wings can show an angel or a bird of choice for your tattoo.

4. Down feather tattoo:

This feather tattoo is the feather of a baby or molting bird.

5. Feather with words down the spine tattoo:

This is a feather tattoo for writers and word buffs.

6. Curled feather tattoo:

Make this feather tattoo twist and turn in a great design.

7. Peacock feather tattoo:

This colorful feather tattoo could be the one for you.

8. Jagged feather tattoo:

The edges of this feather tattoo are sharp.

9. Large feather with a small flock of birds tattoo.

This tattoo depicts a small bird flying away from a larger feather. Or you can do feathers flying away from a bird for a tattoo.

10. Tribal design feather tattoo:

Instead of a normal feather, this feather tattoo is created with tribal designs.

11. Colorful feather tattoo:

Put all colors of the rainbow in this feather tattoo.

12. Mixed feathers: peacock, hawk, etc., tattoo

Combine feathers of your favorite birds for this tattoo.

13. Birds flying away from feathers tattoo:

This feather tattoo shows bird emerging from feathers.

14. Native American feathers tattoo:

Good feather tattoo for those of Native American heritage.

Want to see some more feather tattoos? Check out more feather tattoo ideas below. You will love these feather tattoo ideas.

More feather tattoos

Were the 14 feather tattoos above not enough inspiration for you feather tattoo? Well, if that's the case, here are 11 more feather tattoos for you to consider. They are super cute tattoos! 

15. Curly feather tattoo:

Combine some feathers for this tattoo and make them curly.

16. Feather and anchor tattoo:

This tattoo shows a feather and an anchor side by side.

17. Feathers all down the arm tattoo:

This is sort of like feather wings, but this feather tattoo goes down both your arms.

18. Tiny feather tattoo:

A small feather tattoo placed behind the ear, on the wrist, or on an ankle.

19. Feather with intricate designs tattoo:

Inside the feather tattoo, there are intricate designs for unique quality.

20. Feather with butterflies tattoo:

Use a feather tattoo and depict butterflies emerging from it.

21. Feather quill with words tattoo:

Show a feather quill feather pen writing out words for this tattoo.

22. Watercolor feather tattoo:

This feather tattoo is colored with watercolors.

23. Feather and a leaf tattoo:

Show a feather and a leaf tattoo as a way to show a connection.

24. Feather ankle bracelet tattoo:

This tattoo is an ankle bracelet with a feather hanging from it.

25. Pastel feather tattoo:

This feather tattoo is colored with pastels.

Did you like those 25 feather tattoo ideas?
Well, if you decided on one of the feather tattoo ideas above, here's a tattoo tip. If the feather tattoo you want is not one that is listed in your professional tattoo artist's portfolio, it is an excellent idea to bring a tattoo picture or a drawing of the feather tattoo you want.

Bird feather tattoos

So, the feather tattoos aren't exactly what you want. What about a bird feather tattoo? Below are some awesome bird feather tattoos to choose from. A lot of these feather tattoos look really cool with white ink and super cute if they look like a simple drawing. Check out these great feather tattoos!

26. Peacock feather tattoo

You saw the feather idea above, now show the whole peacock tattoo. Show their tail feathers flairing in this tattoo.

27. Birds on a fence feather tattoo

Show these feathered birds sitting on a fence in this tattoo.

28. Geometric bird feather tattoo

The feathers of this bird tattoo are made with geometric shapes.

29. Blue bird feather tattoo

Blue feathers for this wonderful blue bird tattoo.

30. Crow feather tattoo

Black feathers for this ominous bird tattoo.

31. Owl feather tattoo

Fluff up the feathers for this intelligent bird tattoo.

32. Bird in a tree feather tattoo

Show this bird and all its feathers sitting in a tree in this tattoo.

33. Humming bird feather tattoo

Humming birds have beautiful colors in their feathers. Show that in this tattoo!

34. Toucan feather tattoo

Show these black and white feathers with this tropical tattoo.

35. Eagle feather tattoo

Good feather tattoo for anyone who loves America or love eagles.

36. Sparrow feather tattoo

Show the beautiful feathers of this bird for your tattoo.

37. Phoenix feather tattoo

This wonderful mythic creature has feathers of flame. Show off this feathers in your next tattoo.

Were these 12 bird and feather tattoos not enough for you? If so, check out the thirteen more bird and feather tattoo ideas below. I'm sure you'll find a feather tattoo idea that you love.

More bird feather tattoos

Here are thirteen more bird tattoo ideas. You can mix the tattoos with words and quotes; you can get them done in solid black or white ink or even with every color of the rainbow for the tattoo. It's up to you! Just make sure to bring a picture or drawing of your desire tattoo to your tattoo appointment.

38. Outline of a bird feather tattoo:

Show an outline of a bird for this tattoo. You won't get the feathers, but it will still look great.

39. Crow with exploding color feather tattoo:

Explode this crow with colorful feathers for this tattoo.

40. Finch feather tattoo:

Show the wonderful and many colorful feathers with a finch tattoo.

41. Origami birds feather tattoo:

The origami birds make their feathers look like folded paper. How cool is that tattoo?

42. Watercolor bird feather tattoo:

Paint the feathers of this bird with some watercolor for this tattoo.

43. A flock of birds feather tattoo:

Birds of a feather for sure! This is a great tattoo idea.

44. Small bird feather tattoo

A small bird with small feathers. How cute of a tattoo!

45. Floral bird feather tattoo:

Instead of feathers, add some flowers for this tattoo.

46. Cardinal feather tattoo:

Red and black feathers for this great bird tattoo.

47. Bird with words feather tattoo:

Make the feathers out of words with this tattoo.

48. Baby bird feather tattoo:

Show a baby bird with down feathers for this tattoo.

49. Hawk feather tattoo:

Show this dominant bird of prey and its beautiful brown feathers for this tattoo.

50. Bird and a cage feather tattoo:

Put this feathered bird in a cage or even set it free - for this tattoo.

Alright here are 50 feather and bird tattoos that might have given you some inspiration for your next feather tattoo idea. Take one of the feather tattoo ideas above as is or mix and match and create a feather tattoo that is unique and special to you. 

Before you go, some tattoo advice for feather tattoos

Remember to go to a tattoo parlor for your feather tattoo with a pretty specific idea of what you want for your feather tattoo. You should come prepared with a drawing or a picture of your desired feather tattoo, or even a couple for them to work with to make it your feather tattoo.

If you are asking the artists to draft an idea of a feather tattoo that you have in your head, make sure you look at it and agree to the feather tattoo before you let them put the feather tattoo on your body. These bird and feather tattoos; along with all the other tattoos are permanent. Feather tattoos with white ink look cool, and these feather tattoos are less noticeable but have been known to fade over time, so consider your tattoo colors carefully and do the research before to make sure that you are 100% happy with your feather tattoo.

Good luck on your feather tattoo adventure. I'm sure the feather tattoo you choose will be the best one for you.



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