21 Romantic and Special Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Looking for a way to surprise your boyfriend? Read this article and discover new ways to explore your sexuality and romance with him!

By Dorothy
21 Romantic and Special Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

21 Romantic and Special Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Has your boyfriend or husband been acting particularly nice recently? Do you want to give him something special for an event or holiday occasion? Surprising your boyfriend or husband with something special can be a daunting task. Many women have found themselves asking the same questions over and over again. “Will this surprise be enough? Will it make him happy and satisfied?” The big thing is that most of these will keep them happy in the short term. If this is your goal, then go right ahead. If you need to fix or mend your relationship, another article might be the best choice for you learning what that is. It can be anything from opening a relationship to closing one. Regardless, choose what the best is for you without doing anything too off the handle. Surprises, especially giving them, can be a doozy. But receiving them may be not that amazing as well. If all of this click then continue to reading! Well, fret no longer. There are different ways for different men to feel special and get surprised. Whether your man is a gamer or a classic bro, there are different ways to make your man feel special. Doing this may be hard or easy depending on how good you are at taking care of yourself in relationships. From taking him to the movies to giving him a special meal, here are 21 Romantic and Special Ways to Surprise, Your Boyfriend.

1. Take The Boyfriend To The Movies

Your man might appreciate the role reversal and the easy-going feel of a movie night. This is a good way to surprise your boyfriend and keep it easy for the night. Not every night needs to be something fancy and crazy.

2. Surprise Him With Naughty Pictures

This is the perfect way to surprise your boyfriend without much effort and from a distance! Show him the naughtier parts of your sexuality with a cute butt pic! Other non-nude pictures such as arms and feet are viable too! This shows you can be a girlfriend with both a naughty and nice side!

3. Boyfriend Massage

Give your boyfriend a massage and surprise him with something more at the end! Doesn’t have to be naughty, even some food works! Not all of these have to be sexual. Keeping it naughty but the light is an art in itself.

4. Put The Moves On Him

A good surprise is putting the moves on him! Arouse him with your sensual side and surprise him by taking the reins! Men may sometimes feel like they are doing all of the work or initiating all of the time.

5. Sports Game With Your Boyfriend

Take your boyfriend out for a basketball game or baseball game! The sports aspect doesn’t even matter. The surprise that you’re willing to spend time might be enough! Boyfriends and husbands always enjoy you sharing their passions with them.

6. The Nostalgia Night Way

A good way to surprise that special someone whether it’s a husband or boyfriend is to reminisce about some good times. Doing it drunk makes it extra fun. Take out the photo albums and remember the good times. Surprise your husband with photos from before the wedding! Remember when you were his girlfriend and not his wife?

7. Fancy Dinner Along the Way

A fancy dinner at a beautiful local restaurant or celebrity chef joint might be the perfect way for a girlfriend to get into her boyfriend's heart. A food surprise might be the best way to his belly and his heart.

8. Snack Surprise

You can surprise your man by getting his favorite snacks and drinks. This is a simple surprise but one that works especially well with the rounder husbands and boyfriends! A lot of these foods may be similar, but each will have a different effect on your man!

9. Sexy Surprise

A great way to show your appreciation and surprise your husband or boyfriend is through lingerie. A sexy surprise can life anyone’s spirits after a long day! Your sexy surprise can be as kinky and as naughty as you want it to be! Do something you’re comfortable with or go all out! However, if your man is trying to force you to do something you don't want, don't feel obligated to either.

10. Beer Time

Beer is a cheap way to get into your husband or boyfriends good side and surprise him with some good beer. Get his favourite kind and give him a surprise that he will always appreciate. You may find that mixing it up and getting him something new to try may be the most exciting.

11. Fill Up His Gas Tank

The car is usually a big deal for a man. Your husband or boyfriend may appreciate you filling up his gas. A full gas tank is a good surprise for everybody. This is also a cheap way to surprise him. A gas surprise is easily accessible and appreciated by most people!

12. Cook Something Good

Another food surprise is to chef up something heavy. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A surprise that will make his belly full will definitely keep him content. His stomach will be satisfied!

13. Make Him Lunch for Work

Make some delicious lunch to surprise your boyfriend at work! Make it even more of a surprise by using dishes from other countries. This is a good way to expand both of your horizons! Surprising him with food is really easy, and recipes can be found online. You can find bento recipes or Korean box lunch recipes on Google!

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14. Leave Him Notes

Leave your boyfriend or husband notes around the house and surprise him with love messages. This is a good way to make him feel special and an easy surprise. Surprises with writing on can be really effective at communicating feelings and passions. He will be thinking how lucky he is to have you as his girlfriend

15. Learn His Mom’s Recipe

Surprise him with a home fashioned meal straight from his mom’s kitchen. Learn the recipe and make him feel special. Your boyfriend and husband will appreciate this more than ever. Mom can be your husband's or boyfriend's weak spot and exploiting it may be good for both of you! You can also bond with his mom. Who doesn't love an attentive, family oriented girlfriend?

16. Barhop

Barhopping might be a surprise for your husband or boyfriend because many girls don’t do that. This is a good way to bond, get drunk, and surprise your boy all at the same time. You can even setup a surprise in the bar. Maybe take him to an event or set up a quick surprise party. Barhopping is also a good way to get to know the city and the people around you!

17. Waterway

Take your man out to the waterpark and get some sun! A good amusement park outing is a wonderful surprise and a good way to get out of the house! Water parks are a good way to show your partner that your surprise abilities can be taken outdoors!

18. Rub His Feet

A good surprise after work is to rub your boyfriend’s feet. This is an excellent way to touch each other in a sensual but not a sexual way. Feet rub is a surprise that everybody wants! The feet rub surprise may turn into something else entirely if you get sensual enough!

19. Play Videogames

A wonderful surprise for every boyfriend is a girl that is willing to play video games with them. Run through some Overwatch or League of Legends and surprise him by beating him! You can surprise him also by combining video games with some of the food surprises mentioned above.

20. Write A Letter

Writing a letter is a good way to show affection and tell the special someone how you feel. A letter is a classic surprise from the ancient days of dating. Writing a letter can truly bring a couple together. Writing letters are a good way to surprise your boyfriend while keeping it emotional and fun at the same time.

21. Take A Shower Together

Take a shower together and surprise each other with physical comforts. This is an amazing way to explore each other’s bodies while keeping up with personal hygiene. Dive into your sexuality and find out what makes both of you happy.

Well, there you have it. Men can be fickle and weird creatures sometimes. The things that make him happy one day may annoy him the next. The best surprise you can give him is, to be honest with your feelings and love. If they can’t appreciate that in the first place, they will not appreciate any of these things on the list. However, if you have a man that already respects you, he will love all of these different methods and surprises. Love needs to be present before you surprise somebody. If not you will be kicking a dead horse and these surprises will fall back. Many stories have been told of women trying their hardest for their man and it coming completely apart at the seams. The biggest thing is to make sure that the people you are going to surprise are also okay with you surprising them. Some husbands and boyfriends simply don’t like surprises. I have had an experience surprising a sexual partner by showing up on a bad day, and it wasn’t pretty. Surprises need to be backed by trust, love, and support. If there isn’t a history of that in play before you surprise some, it may come off as creepy. If you find yourself in one of these situations, the best thing to do is apologize immediately and leave. You can explain yourself or talk it out at a later time, but the person you just wrongly surprised may be in a bad place. Try all of these out. It may be difficult to attempt to even give a surprise in the first place. When you master the art of surprising your boyfriend or husband, you will know the satisfaction of giving a great gift of love.