50 Most Common Flirting Body Language Signs Men Give

Any keen woman will notice when a man is flirting with her. This is simply because there are certain signs or signals that men give that are hard to mistake.

By Auntrone89
50 Most Common Flirting Body Language Signs Men Give

50 unmistaken flirting signs that men give when interested

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When men are interested in specific women, there are certain signals they often display either consciously or subconsciously. Without further ado, here are the top 50 flirtingsigns that a man displays when he’s interested in a particular woman:

1. Men will have those flirting, dreamy eyes

Women can tell when men are really into them whenever they lock eyes and they notice those half-closed lustful eyes staring right back at them. You can never go wrong with this kind of stare since it happens subconsciously.

2. He’ll always give you a shoulder to cry on

When men give women a shoulder to cry on and do so all the time, chances are that they like them. Sometimes the women might not even ask for support but that won’t stop the men from extending that olive branch, you know, just in case.

3. When he always gives you a gentleman’s treatment

When a man is always opening doors, and pulling chairs for you, chances are that he likes you very much. He’s just trying to show you, and from a subconscious level, that he’s capable of taking good care of you.

4. Flirting through perfectly timed compliments

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You can always count on the guy who likes you to not only notice every little detail but to also find the right words to compliment you with.

5. Interested men will always maintain strong eye contact

Men use strong eye contact to affirm their strong attraction to the women they want. This might also show that they are dominant or just that they can’t get enough of their beautiful eyes.

6. He’ll always give his brows a raise

When a guy keeps raising his eyebrows especially when you’re speaking, it simply shows that his interest in you is off the roof. And that’s exactly what makes raising of eyebrows one of the most reliable body signs of flirting that you ought to look out for, always.

7. He’ll give his phone a rest when he’s with you

Apart from the obvious body language of flirtation, you can also expect a guy who truly likes you to focus more on you than his phone especially when you are chilling.

8. He’ll never freak you out, or will die trying not to

Being a gentleman is a very important aspect of flirting. And that’s why men will tend to be less “chaotic” with his friends especially when you’re around.

9. When he gives flirting hints over text

Flirtatious texts are among the many signs that point to a man who wants a woman he finds to be incredibly attractive. Flirting is usually a man’s safest bet when testing the waters right before taking the plunge.

10. Men sit facing the women they like

Men know jolly too well that women love having their undivided attention. And this explains why they’ll sit facing women they like.  The same applies to when they are talking to each other while standing.

11. He’ll clean up nice just for you

When men like and want to be with you, their first order of business will be to give you the best first impression. They’ll get to do this by making an effort to stay neat whenever they are around you. This will include cleaning up their apartments when you visit.

12. He’ll introduce you to his trusted friends and family

 If a man introduces you to his close friends and family, then there is a great chance that he really, really likes you. Otherwise, he won’t even bother or worse, will keep coming up with excuses not to do so.

13. He’ll take care of you whenever you’re sick

From a genetic standpoint, men aren’t really good caregivers. And that’s why when a guy goes out of his way to take care of you whenever you fall sick, then the writing that says he likes you is definitely on the wall.

14. When he likes to hang out

Another one of the strongest signs of attraction is when a guy likes to hang out with you in specific. Simply put, men don’t seldom spend time with women they aren’t attracted to unless they have no other choice. That said, if he keeps finding excuses to be around you, then don’t ignore the signs because they will be rather too obvious at this point.

15. Laughing at all your jokes is his way of flirting

Apart from the obvious body language and other subtle signs, you’ll also know when he’s flirting with you especially if he keeps laughing at all of your jokes, including the not so funny ones.

16. When his hugs are warmer and last much longer

Men who like specific women will always look for reasons to hug them, and this will also include the lamest reasons. And when they get the opportunity to hug, they always tend to linger. It’s just how the flirtatious body language works especially on a subconscious level.

17. When he’s a tad bit jealous of other guys

Whenever other men attempt flirting with you, because they will, chances are that the guy who likes you will not be happy about it even if he won’t be vocal about it. All you have to do is watch and you’ll know.

18. He’ll always be nice and polite to your friends

Men who like women often extend the same courtesy to their bevy. And that’s why you’ll need to consider this as one of those important signs to watch out for.

19. He’ll always touch you innocently and tenderly

When men like women, they always try to break the touch barrier by any means necessary. For instance, a guy who likes you will always touch you on the arm especially when he wants to talk or go for a high five whenever you say something funny.

20. Signs of flirting 100: Men deepening their voices

Some men will subconsciously deepen their voice and talk a tad bit slower in a bid to give the women the impression that they’re much more aggressive and dominant.

21. Over texting is definitely one of the signs of flirting

When a man likes a woman, he’ll always want to keep the conversation going. And this will, more often than not, result to over texting. 

22. There will be reluctance in his goodbyes

When a guy really, really likes you, always expect him to be reluctant when saying goodbye. This is simply because the thought of seeing you go kills him inside especially if he won’t be seeing you in a long while.

23. His phone calls will be longer

When a guy is attracted to you, expect him to fall in love with everything about you, including your voice. And that’s why the phone calls are usually a tad bit longer.

24. The Mirroring Effect

When a guy likes you, his body language will almost always mirror yours especially when you are seated facing each other. Again, this usually happens on a subconscious level which makes it one of the most reliable signs to always look out for.

25. Being super protective is among the signs of flirtation

When he’s overprotective of you and only you, then chances are that he’s into you. He might even broaden his stance and push his chest out among other related body language postures just to assure you that he’s capable of taking care of you.

26. He’s politer especially when you are around

When he isn’t flirting with you, expect a man who likes you to always act polite especially when you are around. Pay close attention because this might not be the case when you aren’t around.

27. He’ll give you space whenever you need it

A man who likes you will always give you space the moment you show signs of being in need of it. It, therefore, is extremely important that you learn how to pick up on these signs simply because they are significant tale-tell signs of flattery.

28. He’ll keep all of his promises, or die trying

Men will do just about anything to keep a promise especially those they make to the girls/women they have a thing for. The latter explains why this is a huge sign of attraction that should never be ignored at any given moment.

29. The superman effect will kick in automatically

Let me put it like this: when a man likes you, then he’ll become almost indestructible, meaning that seemingly nothing will bother him i.e. he’ll gladly put his coat over your shivering body or put an umbrella over your head and take the pounding just to make sure you are dry and warm.

30. Flirting signs 101: men fiddle with their hair

If a man always fiddles with his hair especially when you are around, then chances are that he’s into you. Men only do this when they’re around someone who makes them a tad bit nervous.

31. When he avoids you especially in public

A guy who likes you but is a tad bit shy is likely to avoid you in public or crowded places. This is simply because he doesn’t want to ruin your day, or worse, embarrass you with his nervousness.

32. When he often licks his lips around you

Licking of lips is one of the most obvious signs of attraction that shouldn’t pass by your radar undetected. The licking of lips is often coupled with the strong eye contact and the posture of an alpha male.

33. He’ll always set his pace with yours

This is one of the cutest, most considerate body languages of attraction that a man who is attracted to you can ever exhibit – end of story. The latter just shows that he cares and is ready to take things as slowly or as fast as you wish to take them.

34. His elocution is on point especially when you’re around

Even if the language isn’t among his best set of skills, a man who likes a woman will do just about anything to be eloquent especially when she’s around. 

35. The male signs of flirting signs: Fiddling with their shirts

When men are flirting with you, chances are that they’ll get a tad bit nervous especially if the feelings they harbor for you are as genuine as they are organic. And that’s why they might end up fiddling with either their hair or shirts.

36. When he’s always quick to apologize

Being rather too quick to apologize is also another one of the many salient signs of pure, organic attraction that you can’t afford miss out especially as a woman.

37. He often leans in towards you

Men tend to subconsciously lean in towards the women they tend to find attractive. Therefore, if you notice a guy doing this over and over again, then chances are that he likes you.

38. He’ll let you in on his secrets and passions

When a man truly likes you, he won’t hesitate to give you a sneak peek into his life, and that’ll include his secrets, passions, and goals. He’ll do this in a bid to show you that he is indeed a skillful and passionate person.

39. He’s always be facing you

The only reason any man will be staring at you is that he is attracted to you – or maybe you look weird but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. Note that this will always be the case even when his body is facing away from you.

40. He’ll do his best to always be in close proximity

When a man fancies you, he’ll always find a way to be physically closer to you – end of story.

41. He’ll show off his front teeth

When a guy truly likes you, he’ll be so busy smiling that his front teeth will keep showing without him even knowing it. And that’s what makes this one of the strongest signs of attraction.

42. His breathing is a tad heavier

Whenever a guy who likes you edges a little closer, chances are that you’ll feel his heavy breathing. The latter is usually the case simply because you make him a tad bit nervous.

43. He’s likely to become a yes man

When a man likes you, chances are that he’ll start speaking ‘yes man’ language especially when he is with you. This is usually the case simply because he doesn’t want to argue with you.

44. When he sits with his legs spread out

If a guy does this when hanging out with you, then he’s simply using his body language to flirt with you. From a psychological standpoint, this posture is often used to exhibit his male dominance.

45. He’ll try to be as manly as he possibly can

Being extra manly is one of those signs you’re most likely to pick up within the first few minutes of interacting with a guy that really likes you. For instance, he will either insist on clearing your grocery bills and/or carry your shopping to the car etc.

46. He always smiles with his face

When men are in love, they often find it hard to hide it because one, they tend to smile a hell lot. And when they smile, they more often than not smile with their entire faces.

47. He’ll always walk closest to the road

The gentleman’s rule states that a man should always walk closer to the road especially when in the company of a woman. Doing so should give you the impression that he’s capable of protecting you, which is usually the case.

48. He’ll keep touching his throat

A man, especially one in the presence of the woman he fancies, will always touch his throat subconsciously. This is due to the fact that he is a little nervous.

49. His pupils will become larger

The reason why the guy’s pupils are likely to be much larger when he likes you is that you make him happy and excited.

50. If his eyes are always wide open

Men who want to be with specific women will always find it hard to hide their obvious attraction since it’s always in their eyes, meaning that when men stare, especially with their eyes wide open, chances are that they are interested.


The beautiful thing about using body language to tell whether a man likes you or not is that you can never get it wrong. This is simply because most of these signs happen on a subconscious level and are therefore reliable. All you’ve got to do is learn and everything will work out in your favor.


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