The Best Unique & Unusual Leather Anniversary Gifts For Him

The leather anniversary is the third you are celebrating with your husband and it's good you get a nice gift for him. Check here to see some leather gift ideas.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
The Best Unique & Unusual Leather Anniversary Gifts For Him

Leather Anniversary Gift: Make It Great

Three years down the marriage line isn't a joke and if you are looking for an unusual leather gift to mark this anniversary, you aren't on a wrong course. The wedding and honeymoon might have come and gone but you can always bring back the good memories you have had with your husband by presenting him a unique gift to further strengthen your love.

There are certain qualities of leather that make it apt for a third-year anniversary gift. Some of these are durability, flexibility, warmth, and even strength. So, apart from the exact leather gift that you might end up selecting from our suggestions here, you are as well wishing your marriage and husband these outstanding qualities of leather too.

So, let's get started with some fine leather anniversary gift ideas right away hoping that you would make our ideas yours and make your leather anniversary something your husband would love to remember some years down your wedding day. They are 8 gifts in all and here are they.

Third Anniversary Gift For Him #1: Leather Toiletry Bag

If your husband travels a couple of times, this leather toiletry bag is an appropriate third-anniversary gift you should consider buying for him. The Vitelli leather bag is not only durable but can house quite a number of things that no other package can possibly contain.

And more than that, you are presenting a portable gift to him with this leather bag. Make it your anniversary signatory gift for him and see how he'd appreciate it.

Leather Anniversary Gift For Him #2: Leather Belt

What man doesn't use or need belts? In fact, females use and need them, too. But then, not every belt is as durable as leather belts. And even amidst the numerous leather belts available out there, the Carhartt's men leather belt stands out. The durability of this gift is great and it's a worthy third-anniversary gift that your man would really appreciate.

Leather Anniversary Gift For Him #3: Leather Wallet

You can hardly get it wrong presenting an original Italian leather wallet for your hubby as an anniversary gift. He needs it. In fact, it is one gift that would keep you in his mind for as long as the leather wallet remains because he spends money every day. You can even take a step further by having the leather wallet gift customized with his name; it would add some spice to the anniversary itself.

Leather Anniversary Gift For Him #4: Leather Journal

Every writer loves to hold a journal just in case something pops up in their mind so they can easily scribble it down. As such, if your husband is a writer, look no further for a great anniversary gift. An original leather ledger would be a fantastic third-anniversary gift to present to him. He is surely going to appreciate this thoughtful gift. This quality leather ledger can be bought at any gift shop around for a reasonable price.

Leather Anniversary Gift For Him #5: Leather Travel Tote

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Here is another super third-anniversary gift that your husband cannot say no to. The leather travel tote is not only spacious but also worry-free. There are many spaces in the leather travel tote that would help him to organize his things should he decide to go on a long journey.

The shoulder strap available with the leather tote is another reason he would treasure this gift beyond the anniversary celebrations. That's because most men prefer to carry their bags on the shoulder. 

Leather Anniversary Gift For Him #6: Leather Boot

Get his colleagues talking by getting your hubby a luxurious leather boot as a gift on your third anniversary. If you know his size, you can easily order it online, but to get the best, you could contract a shoe-making company to help craft a nice leather boot for your man.

With this approach, you get to customize the gift to your taste. Since it's a leather product, you can be sure he'll treasure this gift for a long time, and isn't that what you want?

Leather Anniversary Gift For Him #7: Leather Jacket

Do you know those men's jacket made of leather? It's a good gift to present to your hubby on your third anniversary. In fact, with the quality and durability of this leather jacket, you can be sure he'll still be wearing it for many anniversaries to come. Just imagine how lovely it would be if you get some nice shots with him with the leather jacket.

Leather Anniversary Gift For Him #8: Leather Pen

One of the very unique leather anniversary gifts you can give your man is a leathery pen. This pen, just like its name says, is predominantly covered with leather and this makes it firm when held. It's a gift like no other and though you may see the leather pen as small, it can turn out to be the gift to make your hubby look forward to celebrating another anniversary with you.

Leather Anniversary Gift For Him: Conclusion

Counting and marking of years one has spent with one's partner is a very good way of knitting the hearts of couples together and expressing love. Gift giving is one language of love that is common to both sexes and a good way of marking an anniversary you consider important. 

The leather anniversary is the third anniversary you are celebrating with your husband and for many reasons, it is signaling that barring any unforeseen negative event, your marriage to him is bound to last. Hence, the leather anniversary name it has been known and called to date.

Here in this piece, we have highlighted 8 unique leather anniversary gifts you can present to your darling husband. These gifts are not only unique but also thoughtful. And guess what? The gifts aren't too expensive too. So, let the gifts start rolling in for him even as we wish you a happy third anniversary celebrations.