50 Cute And Funny Good Morning Texts For Her

Truth be told, girls love waking up to cute and funny good morning texts. Here are 50 great examples you can use to text her and end up in her good graces:

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50 Cute And Funny Good Morning Texts For Her

Samples Of Funny Good Morning Texts For Her

I bet you’ve already heard of a saying that goes, ‘the funny guy always gets the girl” or something along those lines. Humor has, does and will always work like a charm especially when it comes to girls. Simply put, girls love it when their guys make them laugh at every chance they get. Without further ado, here are some good examples of funny good morning texts you can send your girl and get her falling in love a tad bit more.

1. Send Her Sweet And Funny Images

Needless to say, every girl looks forward to sweet, unexpected good morning texts. It would, therefore, do you some good to choose a creative, more interesting approach in a bid to not sound like every other guy. For instance, you can send her a cute but funny image via text as opposed to the usual good morning texts. Choose an image that will make her laugh and for that matter, make her morning a little brighter.

2. Send her a photo of breakfast

Apart from sending funny good morning texts or images and being like everybody else, you can do one better by sending her a photo of the breakfast you just made. You can then add a cute caption on the photo just to complete the charm. For example, you can tell her that since you can’t have her for breakfast, you opted on making the second best, most delicious meal in your life as a consolation.

3. Flirty Good Morning Texts For Her

Apart from funny photos and short humorous messages, how about sending your girl or crush flirtatious quotes for a change and end up making her morning? For instance, wish her a morning as bright as her smile and make her melt while reading it. Feel free to check the internet for some more examples of flirtatious quotes.

4. Funny Good Morning Texts For Her: The 7 AM Rule

The 7 am rule good morning text is not only funny but also comes with a fair share of truths about it. The 7 am rule simply states that getting up at 7 am is much harder than waiting to get up at 7 am. Therefore, using this quote as your good morning text to her isn’t such a bad idea as it is funny but also encourages her to plan her day and she’ll end up doing just fine.

5. Funny Good Morning Texts For Her: SOS

Another cool and creative idea of the perfect good morning text comes in the form of an SOS. You’ll start by simply texting and asking her to get up immediately. Reason? You saw her coffee mug steaming and you though her coffee might be in grave danger especially if she doesn’t get up and intervene.

6. Funny Good Morning Texts: The Warning

If you want to impress your crush in the morning, then how about sending her that cute good morning text right before asking her to watch out for the idiots who might be out to ruin her entire day. We all have that one annoying person that we all want to avoid and that’s exactly what makes this particular good morning text as funny as it is relatable. 

7. Funny Good Morning Texts For Her: Chatterboxes

Instead of restricting your good morning texts to cute and funny quotes only, how about tweaking them a little and make them all about fun and games. For illustration, imagine wishing her a good morning right before adding that its ok to kill anyone who tries to ruin her peace and quiet by talking too much as a side note. Hilarious, right?

8. Funny Good Morning Texts For Her: The Allergic Text

Another example of a funny good morning text is the one about allergies. For this particular text, you’ll start by sending her all the positive vibes couple with superhuman strength simply because you know she’s allergic to mornings. This will end up giving her composure in remembering that she isn’t the only person who looks forward to waking up early, except for the early bird who wants to catch the worm.

9. The Funny “Two Kinds Of People” Good Morning Texts

Another funny and creative example of a good morning text is one where you differentiate everyone in the world into two groups. These two kinds of people include the morning people and those who wish to shoot the morning people. You can then conclude by asking her which of these people does she belong to.

10. Funny Good Morning Texts: Today Is No More

Again, if your goal is to stand out from the crowd – because you aren’t the only one with eyes for her – then, by all means, try approaching the good morning text thing in a totally different way. For example, you can let your crush know that today has been officially canceled, meaning she’ free to go back to bed.

11. Funny Good Morning Texts For Her: Alarm Clock

Another example of a cute good morning text is one about her alarm clock. You’ll be expected to simply text her starting “as-a-matter-of-factly” that her alarm clock has been laid off due to an unavoidable circumstance.

Then tell her that she can go back to sleep while you're looking for a more “qualified” alarm clock as a perfect replacement. Trust me, this rather simple good morning text works way better than most of the cute quotes you might be having in mind.

12. Funny Good Morning Texts: Night Running

Another example of a short but extremely funny good morning text is one that starts with you asking her if she woke up tired, you know since everyone always wakes up tired. And when she says yes and proceeds to ask you why you asked, tell her it’s because she’s been running in your mind all night. Finish it off by wishing her a productive morning.

13. Funny Good Morning Texts About Her Smile

Another example of a creatively funny good morning text is one about her perfect smile. Remember to use this one only if your girl happens to have the cutest smile in the whole wide world or else she’ll call you a bluff. You’ll start by informing her that the reason your reason for texting is to remind her that she needs to smile ASAP as the world needs for the sun to shine.

14. Funny And Naughty Good Morning Texts For Her

For the umpteenth time, always strive to send your crush the kind of good morning texts she’ll never forget about. And one way of doing that is by simply asking her if she woke up feeling tired. If she affirms and then proceeds to ask you why to tell her its simply because the two of you have been making psychological love for the entire night.

15. Funny Good Morning Texts About The Early Bird

Still, on that creativity tip, you feel free to alter any famous quotes and/or proverbs to your liking. For instance, you can begin by text her the “early catches the worm” dictum right before adding that she can simply roll over and continue sleeping since she isn’t on a worm diet.

16. Funny Good Morning Texts: Public Holidays

Another example of an extremely funny good morning text is one about declaring random public holidays that don’t even exist. The catch here is making sure you are sending it at that time of the morning when you are 100% sure she is up and preparing for work/school. Remember to use funny names for your “pseudo-holiday” in a bid to leave her in stitches.

17. Funny Good Morning Texts: The Special Message

Another creative, and to some level a tad bit naughty, example of a good morning text involves wishing her a day as special as her firm set of boobies. This rather funny and raunchy text is only reserved for a girl you’re intimate with or else it will end up backfiring right in your face.

18. Funny Good Morning Texts: Wish Her Luck

Feel free to wish your crush nothing but luck throughout her day and promise to hold her firmly when she comes back home the same way her favorite bra does her breasts. Again, remember always to save such kind of funny morning texts for when you and your girl are intimate. This is simply because you’ll come off as a pervert texting with such naughtiness especially when the relationship is still young.

19. Funny Good Morning Texts: An Emoji Text

Needless to say, the perfect emoji will communicate way better than most, if not all philosophical quotes you have on your arsenal (drafts). Truth be told, no one is really excited about reading long texts especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Therefore, trust me when I tell you that wishing her a splendid morning accompanying it some few winks and kisses will do the trick. And if she truly loves you, then she’ll not only you’re your thoughtful emoji texts funny but cute as well.

20. Funny Good Morning Texts: William Blake Quote

You can always personalize William Blake’s famous quote into one funny good morning text that your girl just can’t resist. For example, you copy the exact quote and text her saying how important it is for her to think in the morning, take action in the noon, eat in the evening and “sleep at night.” You should put the “sleep at night” in quotes especially if she’s nocturnal of sorts. 

21. Funny Good Morning Texts: Distorted Proverbs

Some of the funniest good morning texts are coined from simply distorting popular dictums/proverbs to achieve some twisted sense of humor. For instance, instead of texting her ‘the early bird catches the worm’ proverb, you can do one better by distorting the whole thing and instead of texting her ‘the early girl catches the bus’ just to remind her that she’s running late.

22. Funny Good Morning Texts: The Sunrise Text

In order to craft the perfect good morning texts, you should always try to engage your creativity as much as you possibly can. For example, texting your crush that if she woke up and couldn’t find the sunrise, then she ought to look in the mirror and just smile and sheepishly as possible.

Such funny good morning texts and their ilk are so important since your girl, whether she told you or not, loves being praised for her beauty especially if it’s the first thing she hears or reads in the morning.

23. Funny Good Morning Texts: Be Her Pep Rally

Girls, just like the rest of us, could use some motivation especially in the wee hours of the morning. Honestly speaking, a good chunk of the adult population would rather stay warm and cozy in bed. But just like time, bills and responsibilities wait for no man…or woman. Therefore, sending her cute and thoughtful quotes of encouragement from time to time will be highly appreciated.  

24. Funny Good Morning Texts: Henry David Thoreau’s Quote

This extremely funny good morning text also comes in the form of distortion. Henry David Thoreau was once quoted stating that an early morning walk is indeed a blessing for the entire day. One way you can distort this rather meaningful quote is by texting her this: An early morning walk is important, but sleeping in is more “importanter.”

Bad English is always, especially when used in the right context.

25. Funny Good Morning Texts: Weekend Extension

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Send your girl that good morning text informing her that the weekend has just been extended. So, if it’s a Monday, then you can text her urging her to sleep in simply because the days of the week have been reshuffled and it’s Sunday all over again. She’ll definitely find this one super hilarious especially if your girl has a sense of humor. If not, then at least you tried.

26. Funny Good Morning Texts: The Lazy Text

As earlier mentioned, everyone – or at least most of us –  would rather sleep in but can’t thanks to a ton of responsibilities that need our attention. That said, be the caring guy who texts his crush in the wee hours of the morning giving her some survival tips but doing so in a funny way.

For instance, you can tell her that even though she’s going through the challenges of waking up, she can always embrace reality, go to work/school and continue with her beauty nap there.

27. Funny Good Morning Texts: Beauty Sleep

Instead of sending your girl those cute but overtly conventional funny quotes that every other Tom, Dick, and Harry is using, you can do one better by coming up with your own creative and waggish content and still nail it. For instance, you can text her asking if she has completed her full beauty sleep treatment. If she says no, then politely ask her to go back to sleep because you’ll cover for her.

28. Funny Good Morning Texts: The Fake Buddha Text

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For the umpteenth time, you can never go wrong with distorting famous quotes especially those from Buddha himself. Pick any famous quote from Buddha i.e. the one about how the beauty of a flower can change one’s perception and turn it into one funny good morning texts. For instance, you can text her revealing just how her nice butt changed your entire view of the world.

29. Funny Good Morning Texts: Today’s A Blessing

No matter how your girl feels any particular morning, waking up in the morning is in itself a blessing. And that’s why reminding her of this through a well-crafted good morning text message will always be a winner. And while you’re at it, adding that you’re also blessed you are having that fine ass got into your life will achieve that funny aspect that you’re looking for.

30. Tell Her She’s Beautiful In Funny Morning Texts

The best good morning texts are those that always remind your girl of just how beautiful she is. You can then proceed by wishing her nothing but the very best in the day ahead of her. Again, don’t forget the importance of adding a little bit of humor to complete the charm in your good morning text i.e. you can tell your crush that you’ll be watching over her for the rest of day using your magical powers.

31. Funny Good Morning Texts: Wake & Bake Hun!

Instead of sending the usual – and sometimes boring – “cute and adorable” good morning quotes, feel free and text her a simple “wake and bake” and watch her eyes widening in curiosity. Note that a simple “wake & bake” text does not necessarily mean that she is a ganja smoker and what not. Heck, it can point to her like for waking and baking something every other morning.

32. Funny Good Morning Texts About Her Sweet Smell

Another idea of a funny and adorable good morning text is one hinting at her sweet. For instance, a simple text pointing to how your pillows smell of her especially if you to date but happen to live separately. Again, always remember to keep the text as short and as straight to the point as possible. Do this and you’ll definitely make her entire day without even trying.

33. Morning Texts About A Previous Encounter

As hinted many, many times before, good morning texts aren’t just about thoughtful quotes and wishing her a day as amazing as her smile. Sometimes, all you need to do to light that fire in her underbelly is by simply telling her just how crazy or freaking hot she was the other day.

Tell her how much you enjoyed it – or her company if you aren’t a perv like me - and how much you’d love to meet with her soon! Again, always remember to be short and precise especially if your ultimate goal is getting her to think about it and by extension – about you.

34. The Straightforward & Funny Good Morning Texts

Sometimes all you need to do is reassure your crush over a morning text in order to make her entire day. For instance, a good text that is as simple as “Morning gorgeous” or “morning sexy” or “morning queen” will be enough to make her fragile little heart skip a beat. For the umpteenth time, keeping it short and precise is the best way of making her tick. It won’t be a bad idea to also throw in a funny emoji or two.

35. Funny Good Morning Texts: Hey Sleeping Beauty

If you’ve been using the same tactics of sending cute “good morning” quotes and not getting the desired results, then it’s about time you spruce your game up a little and surprise her with something out of the box. For instance, you can send that good morning text but this time, try describing just how much you love watching her sleep.

36. Funny Good Morning Texts About Cuddling

With a little motivation, anyone can turn a normal good morning text into a funny state of affairs which will, in turn, make their relationship a tad better. For example, you can inform her of how much you miss cuddling with her to the point of waking up cuddling with the pillows. To complete the “nostalgic aroma,” feel free to add a tearful emoji right before you hit the send button.

37. Funny Good Morning Texts Teasing Your Sunshine

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Instead of being the basic boyfriend who keeps telling her to smile because the world needs their sun to rise, you can do one better by simply using sunshine as her cute nickname. When all is said and done, girls will always love being adored or likened to valuable things. And that’s why referring to her as your sunshine morning texts will always be very effective.

38. Funny Good Morning Texts About Daydreaming

Still on that adoration tip, texting your girl about how you keep daydreaming about her will without a doubt give her a boost. Such a simple text will not only make her entire day perfect but will also, more often than not, leave her thinking about you as well.

Such texts will also end up triggering her curiosity as she’ll definitely want to know exactly what triggered you to daydream about her in the first place. And that, my fellow gents, is how you keep her interested for infinity.

39. The Funny “I Love You” Morning Texts With A Twist

If you ever find yourself running out of intriguing good morning texts ideas, then feel free to send her that cliché “I love you” text and let it work its charm. You can also add a crazy emoji just to bring the funny aspect to the entire text. As stated many, many times before, texting your girl some cute morning quotes, as effective as they may be, for the most part, can sometimes get boring due to their monotony.

40. Send Nudes

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As crazy as the “send nudes” text is, it can be tweaked into a funny one as long as you spin it the right way. And assuming you tweak it properly, the “send nudes” good morning text will not only reveal your humorous side but also show your girl just how adorable you find her. And needless to say, the more you adore and appreciate your girl, the more your relationship will flourish.

41. Funny Good Morning Texts About Her Sleepy Face

Every girl has that cute, lovable sleepy face that she somehow loves to hate. And that’s why sending her a “morning, my adorable sleepy face” message including a funny emoji in there somewhere will always be effective. This is usually the case because it simply shows that you will always love her even at her “worst.”

42. Funny “I’m Lucky” Good Morning Texts

Let’s be honest for a second here; if you do have an amazing, beautiful girl – both in the outside and on the inside – then you are one lucky guy. And that’s why it’s very important for you to constantly remind her of just how lucky you are to have her in your life. Make sure you’re sending this message before she wakes up so that it’s the first thing she sees the moment she opens her eyes.

43. Funny Good Morning Texts: “Hi Cupcake!”

Christening your girl as your cupcake is perfect especially if she happens to be as sweet as she is beautiful. And apart from christening her as your lawfully wedded cupcake hehe, always remember to text her early so that she’ll always feel special every time she wakes up to your adorable text. The good thing about sending positive vibes to your girl is that she will always reciprocate it a hundred times over. 

44. Funny Good Morning Texts: “Hi Sugar!”

The same way your sweet girl feels when you refer to her as your cupcake is the exact same way she’ll feel when you call her sugar. Simply put, the more you call her sugar, the more she’ll end up falling in love with you. You can also refer to her as sugar for as many times as you wish without it ever getting old.

45. Tell Her You Can’t Wait To See Her Again

Apart from making your girl feel loved, you should also strive to make her feel happy and desired. You can do so by reminding her of just how much you crave her. It is very possible to love someone but not crave them and that’s why it is important for you to put an emphasis on the craving part. Thankfully, the more you make it clear that you are craving her, the more she’ll crave you too which is exactly what you want… right?

46. Funny Good Morning Texts About Happiness

Another rather simple but superbly effective idea of the perfect good morning text message is one that simply says “you make me happy.” As hinted severally throughout this article, you don’t have to be a poet for your messages to hit home. As a matter of fact, chances are that your girl is still feeling sleepy and the last thing she wants to do is straining to read through your paragraphs.

47. I Love Your Groggy Morning Voice

The fact that most girls don’t know just how much we love their groggy morning voices is quite disheartening. Everything in and on a girl seems perfect especially in the morning; from their sleepy faces, their nice, panty-less bums all the way to their groggy voices in the morning.

48. “I Wanna Be Inside You Right Now!”

As mentioned much earlier, sometimes all you need to get your girl’s attention is by being straightforward. Therefore, don’t shy away from doing this and your crush will inevitably fall in love with you.

49. “You Forgot Your Panty In My Bed!”

By simply telling your crush that she left her sweet-smelling panties in your bed - even if she didn’t – will effectively trigger her emotions for you.

50. “You Left Me Hard!”

Again, feel free describing to her just how hard she left you the previous day especially if your goal is to make your crush feel attractive as well as appreciated.

A Final Word On Funny Good Morning Texts For Her

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Your girl, just like everybody else in this cold world we have no other choice but call home, can do with some motivation especially in the morning. Therefore, it is important for you to be the one motivating her and she will definitely appreciate you. Also, being a tad bit creative and not sounding like every other horny guy out there will always end up doing you some good.


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