30 Hottest Texts To Send A Guy And Make Him Beg For You

Yes, you read the title right. There are some texts you can send a guy that would him wanting you badly. Check out the hottest of those texts here.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
30 Hottest Texts To Send A Guy And Make Him Beg For You

Hottest Texts To Send Your Guy: Overview

Ever since our mobile phones included the texting option on their features, communication has never been the same. Even if one has all the time in the world to talk, it's not all the time a person can feel like talking. In such scenarios, a text of not more than 160 words is enough to get the job done. It's even easier nowadays with the advent of WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger, and the like.

So, whether you've stayed long in a relationship or you are just getting to know each other well, you cannot overlook the power of texts. Sexting is the in-thing now to get your guy rock hard and begging for you. You don't have to be explicit about the content of your texts before he gets the message. Texts are easy to send and in certain cases, even free.

In this article, be prepared to learn at least 30 of the hottest texts you can send to your guy that would make him want to see you right away. These texts have been divided into categories because while all of them are hottest texts to send, some are dirty while some are naughty. So, here we go!

Hottest Texts To Send Your Guy

1. Can't Believe I'm missing You This Much Honey. Hot texts like this would make him think about you throughout the day. And which guy wouldn't be happy hearing that he's being missed badly by his girl? Be sure he'll send back a response immediately and do his best to see you soon.

2. Quick Question -  What would you love that I Wear Tonight? It's almost impossible for guys to see texts like this and not respond immediately. His response might be a bit freaky such as "nothing." But isn't that what you want to hear?

3. I'm Not Even Sure If It's Because Of Cold or You That I'm Shivering Right Now. Now, you have got him thinking by this very text. Imagine sending texts like this during a cold winter afternoon. Your guy isn't a dullard not to have known what the reason for your shivering might be. You've just sent a significant signal.

4. I'm Dying Here For Your Sensual Massage. Maybe you shouldn't send hot texts like this to your guy when you know he'll be in the middle of a very important assignment. No guy sees texts like this and remains the same.

5. Get A Thermometer While Coming Back; I'm Feeling Hot! This is a cute text to send your guy into the thinking world. He'll be wondering why you're hot. You can delete sickness off his option by following the text with this phrase, "For You."

6. Just wondering Here If I'm Normal At all; Every Thought Of You Turns Me On! Now, this is what is called sexting. You might just have made his day by this text. You can picture a guy filled with joy and pride and who would run down to your place at any available opportunity.

7. Make Me A Promise On One Condition - That It Would Be Naughty. Haha! Now sit back for your naughty promise. He surely has a ton of them that would make you go gaga.

8. It's Not Only Your Tongue I Love About You. So, what other things about your guy do you love? This is one of the hottest texts to get him imagining himself with you over again.

9. Enough Of These Imaginations; I Need You To Be Right Here With Me Now. To your guy, his entire after receiving the text would be filled with thinking about you. You've got him thinking about what you have imagined all along.

10. I Need Your View On How Black Bras Look On Me. As soon as you send him this text, you should be prepared to receive his response. You may even ask your guy to help you fix it.

Dirty Texts To Send A Guy (Hottest Sexting)

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11. Me. You. Us. Naked. Send your guy this dirty text to get him hard and craving you right away. It is one of the hottest, sexiest texts most guys cannot resist.

12. But You Are Supposed To Be Between My Legs Now, Why Are You Late? Texts like this take sexting to another level. Your guy would barely be able to complete what he's doing before rushing to meet you.

13. For Our Meeting Tonight, We'll Be Following This Rule - All Clothes Must Be On The Floor. Your guy cannot agree less with you on this and to him, the night should just come quickly so he can obey your rule.

14. I'm Sure You'd Love Me With This Short Skirt I'm In Currently. Texts like this aren't freaky, but you can be sure he'll appreciate you further even without the skirt.

15. I'm Still Thinking On How To Send My Dirty Thought About You. It's great and sexy when you send guys texts that leave them imagining what the "dirty thought" is. So, keep him longing and never send him what the thought is until he comes.

16. Just Be Ready; We've Got Something New Methods To Try Out Tonight. Only a few texts can beat this one in creating anxiety in a guy. Only send your guy texts like this when you have something to offer or else...

17. I'm Just Getting Out Of the Shower. Texts like this send guys into the world of imagination. Your guy would definitely spend some time thinking about how you look like wet and nude.

18. Guess Where I'm Missing You Right Now? Between My Legs! "You can't be serious!" That'll probably be your guy's first response. Your guy would almost be off his feet seeing texts like this. Send texts like this only when you are sure you want a guy's trouble.

19. In All You Do Today, Just Ensure You Aren't Too Tired For Tonight. This is among the hottest texts to make a guy careful of how he uses himself so he can "service" you well at night (at least in his mind).

20. I Only Have You To Blame For The Way I'm Feeling Right Now - Very Wet. This is one of the hottest texts to send a guy to make him rock hard and think uncontrollably of you.

Cute, Sexiest, And Hottest Texts To Send A Guy

21. How I Wish You Were In Bed With Me Right Now. Texts like this aren't naughty, dirty, or freaky but they are cute in making you guy feel good and thinking about you all day. He'll surely send back a nice response full of promises.

22. Touching My Thigh Just Reminds Me Of You: you've both had nice times together before; sending him texts like this brings him back to the good memories, and sends him into the world of new imaginations.

23. Came Out Of The Bathroom Just Now And Can't Find My Towel, Do You Mind Searching With Me? This is naughty and nothing more. Sit back and watch him send his response!

24. Can We Exchange Our Dirty Thoughts About Each Other? Texts like this get the two of you talking for a while. Though naughty, it's cute and cool too.

25. Just Wondering How A Naked You Would Look Like On Top Of Me. Send your guy this text and send him into a world of sexual fantasies. It's one of the hottest texts to drive a guy crazy.

Naughty Texts To Make Your Guy Beg For You (Sexiest)

26. Tell Me The Hottest Part Of Me And You Have An Unrestricted access To It Tonight. What a naughty offer! It's left to him to determine what he considers your hottest part. Wait as he sends in his reply.

27. Just Know That You Would Have Lipstick All Over Your Body Soon. This is quite huge! Your guy knows exactly what you're saying and sending him this text makes him think about how it feels receiving your kisses all over his body.

28. Looking Forward To Spending A Whole Week At Your Place, All Naked. You think this looks like desperation? Never, he's going to be the one looking for this day more. Send him this text and see how he'll want to make the day happen quickly.

29. You Look Sweetest And Hottest When You're Moaning And Sweating. Sending a guy texts like this would make him look forward to another time with you.

30. Very Hungry Right Now... But I Don't Need Food. So, what is it that you need to deal with hunger outside food? Of course, that would be thought in his head after sending him that text message.

Hottest Texts To Send A Guy: Conclusion

So, we're already on the 30th hottest texts? It's just like it should continue. Texts are powerful ways of sending coded messages in a relationship, and it surely adds a lot of flavors to a relationship's dynamics.

Sexting is sweet, but you need to know how to craft those words such that they are not devoid of intelligence, sensation, humor, reality, and romance. Start using these freaky texts with your guy and come thank Panda Gossips later - one of the sexiest things you can do after your sexiest texts work.


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