Here Are The Top Popular 40 baby Names in 2018

Unique baby names and meanings for boy and girl in 2018

By Diana Nadim
Here Are The Top Popular 40 baby Names in 2018

Introduction to Baby Names

Choosing a name for your baby is usually more difficult than expected and it is a process that is overwhelming. Family members and friends do not make this any easier as they all have their suggestions on which name is the best for your bundle of joy. Choosing the right name for your baby is very important as that name will be part of your child for the rest of his/her life.

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a name for your baby is that there is no wrong or right name, therefore, all that is needed is for parents to find the name they love. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing your baby’s name

It’s uniqueness

Even though the name distinguishes the child, parents have to be cautious when looking for a unique name so as to avoid settling on a name that will bring their child unwanted attention. This means that parents have to consider a lot of things such as how the name they are considering is pronounced. If it is the kind of name that will always be mispronounced, then that will not be an ideal name for the child.

The initials

Initials are also important since the child might be required to use his/her initials later in life or in school and if they are unusual, this can lead to the child being made fun of.

The sound of the name

This is the most common factor that most parents take into account when looking for a name for their child. This is essential because you have to know how the name will sound when calling your child. You have to consider if the name sounds sweet, or if it fits perfectly with your last name. 

It’s significance

Every name usually has a meaning and it is important for you to ensure that you know the meaning of the name you have chosen for your child. Knowing the meaning of the name helps to ensure that you chose a name that you can treasure.  

Unique boy names and meanings

There are many unique names for boys and some of them are as follows:
  • Abayomi: This beautiful African name means ‘brings great joy’.
  • Abderus. This is a Greek name which means a friend of Hercules.
  • Baldrick. It means a bold ruler.
  • Balendin. This name means a healthy and physically powerful individual.
  • Liam. Means a determined protector.
  • Hannan. This name means a compassionate individual.
  • Kedrick. This name means a loved and kind person.
  • Truman. It means ‘loyal one’.
  • Fredrick. The name means peaceful ruler.
  • Ingram. It stands for ‘raven of peace’.
  • Hamlin. The name stands for ‘little home lover’.
  • Zachary. This is a Hebrew name with a beautiful meaning as it stands for ‘God has remembered’.

  • Yavin. This is another Hebrew name which means understanding.
  • Rocco. It’s an Italian name which means to be stable or to rest.
  •  Ryker. This German name means ‘to be wealthy’.
  • Payton. This name has American roots and it means ‘royal’.
  • Orion. This beautiful and unique name means the hunter.
  • Maximus. This name is Roman and it means ‘the greatest’.
  • Leighton. It means ‘herb garden’ and it has English roots.
  • Klemens. This amazing name means mild and merciful.
  • Jasper. It means the bringer of treasure.
  • Idris. This name has Welsh roots and is a synonym of Lord.
  • Finn. This name means enormous power and energy.
  • Deniz. This is a Turkish name which stands for sea or waves.
  • Crispin. Means curly haired.

Interesting girl names and meanings

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby girl, it is very important for you to ensure that you give your daughter a name which will not only match her character but also complement her nature. The following are some of the interesting and pretty names available for girls:

  • Aimee. This name is French and it means a beloved friend.
  • Amber. This is a name of a jewel and it’s English.
  • Alexandria. It is a Greek name which stands for the defender of men.
  • Amelia. This beautiful name simply means industrious.
  • Aria. This is a Hebrew name which means air.
  • Athena. This is was the name given to the Greek goddess of warfare and wisdom.
  • Celine. This is a French name which stands for Heaven or sky.
  • Clara. It means famous and bright.
  • Ella. Means light.
  • Grace. This is an English name which means ‘God’s favor’.
  • Ivory. It means pure.
  • Jayla. This name has African-American roots and it means ‘one who is special’.
  • June. It means young.
  • Kiera. This beautiful name means ‘little dark one’.
  • Lila. It simply means dark beauty.
  • Lulu. This is a Latin name which means ‘famous warrior’.
  • Nora. Means reputation and honor.
  • Opal. This name means jewel.
  • Pearl. This elegant name stands for precious.
  • Quinn. It has Irish roots and it means intelligence and reason.
  • Romily. This is a Hebrew name which means ‘God’s beloved one’.
  • Rosemary. It’s a Latin name and it stands for ‘dew of the sea’.
  • Sahara. It means dawn.
  • Vienna. This name has German roots and it means ‘white and fair’.

Other unique baby names for boys and girls popular in 2018

  • Albie which means a bright and brilliant person who holds my heart.
  • Avarna. This name stands for a meek person who with a fun loving nature.
  • Elton. This is the name meant for a God’s fighter.
  • Embry. This name stands for a well-loved person who is exceptional at winning people’s hearts.
  • Farron. Means the one who lives to serve.
  • Fletcher. This name is for the one who is known as the maker of arrows.
  • Gabriella. This beautiful name means a woman of God.
  • Jaedyn. This is a humble individual who embraces gratitude.
  • Jayla. This is for those who are happy with everyone around them and also with themselves.
  • Jina. This means a natural born investigator with strong leadership skills.
  • Keagan. This name is for individuals who are generally a force to reckon with.
  • Kinta. Means a life lived with laughter.
  • Layla. This is a definition of one who is born at night.
  • Lennon. This name means a person who is very clear.
  • Lucia. It means light in Spanish.
  • Maya. It means the daughter of Atlas. This name is perfect for the family that loves to travel.
  • Mel. Means one who is daring and also fearless.
  • Neo. It means a person who possesses a lot of talents.
  • Nikita. Means a lady who is strong and supreme.
  • Nuaim. Means a forgiving and gentle person.
  • Reiley. It means a courageous and brave individual.
  • Solace. Means one who brings peace and comfort to others.
  • Teshi. It means one who is full of laughter.
  • Tamika. This is a Japanese name which means ‘child of the people’.
  • Terrell. This name means the ruler of thunder.
  • Zayda. This is a girl’s name that means a prosperous huntress with unimaginable luck.
  • Truman. It means an individual who is loyal and faithful.
  • Aaric. This is an English name which means rule with mercy.
  • Ace. It’s an English nickname that is given to those who excel.
  • Ada. Means a wealthy individual.
  • Aeccestane. It’s an English name which means ‘swordsman’s stone’.
  • Aegelweard. Means a noble protector.
  • Aldwin. It means a wise friend.
  • Delvon. It’s a boy’s name and it means Godly friend.
  • Dacey. It’s a boy name meaning ‘of the nobility’.
  • Keane. This name means ancient.
  • Taitt. Means a cheerful individual who lives to bring happiness to the society.
  • Pyralis. This name means one who is made of fire.
  • Nihara. This beautiful name means a flowing body of descending water.
  • Jinan. Means one who easily overcomes life’s hurdles.

Find 2018 baby names in these books

The following are some of the best baby names books to buy in 2018:

  • Beyond Ava & Aiden

beyond Ava & Aiden book

  • The Baby Name Wizard

The baby Name Wizard book

  • Baby Names Now

Baby Names Now book

In conclusion, the amount of time that parents use when it comes to finding a perfect name for their babies is a testament of how important this process usually is. In the end, parents might decide to settle on a particular name because it has a certain meaning they treasure, that it honours someone close to them, or simply because the name is unique and beautiful. Whichever factor that influence you in the naming process, make sure that you choose a name that will be as beautiful and as special as your bundle of joy.

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