15 cute tongue-in-cheek personalized baby clothes

The cutest personalized baby clothes that make passerbys goes aww

By Rosemary Zenith
15 cute tongue-in-cheek personalized baby clothes

The option to go for personalized baby clothes

Are you ready to stylize your little superstar to be the cutest with personalized baby clothes? You know your baby is special, maybe now it is time to awe the onlookers as well with the unique clothing collection of your adorable baby.

From birthday parties to nap time, it is time to get creative and customize designs for your baby so that you can capture every moment of their life in fashion. You can go for onesies, hoodies, dresses and even costumes to make your baby look like a little fairy-tale character.

We are here to help you choose from some of the top designs that can guide you to personalize your own superstar, mythical or simply cozy baby clothes for your baby.

Personalized baby clothes for first birthday

It is time to dress your baby up for his/her special day! Yes, we are talking about your baby’s first birthday party. This day alone has enough reasons to look for something extraordinary for the baby. S/he is the star of the day and why not go for something special, like a personalized bodysuit or dress?

Let us go over some of the options you can try on your baby’s birthday -

1. 1st Birthday Monkey Personalized Bodysuit

You can make your baby’s birthday more exciting my gifting him/her a monkey bodysuit. This 100% cotton personalized monkey designed suit is both cute and comfortable for your baby. It also includes a three-snap closure and lap shoulder neckline which makes the bodysuit easily wearable.

You can play with your creativity and go for a unique design that will make your child, or maybe someone you are gifting it to, smile with funny, cute, vintage, or expressive artworks on their bodysuit.

2. Little Monster 1st Birthday Toddler T-Shirt

This quality short-sleeve crew-neck t-shirt is 100% cotton and a fashionable clothe to wear. Little monster t-shirts can be worn by both girls and boys so you can even purchase it for your twins!

The graphics artworks on the tee are professionally printed which helps you to go for something unique and get the quality t-shirt for your baby’s birthday. This casual yet comic design will make your child feel special among the crowd.

3. Personalized Blue Checked Pajamas

Looking for something comfortable yet different to gift a child or want your child to enjoy his birthday casually? Whatever the cause is, these adorable blue checked pajamas have been given a majestic touch with a crown design to make your child feel like royalty.

Your little Prince will adore the clothes when he will see his initials on the pocket of these luxurious, soft, and cozy pajamas. The classic blue and white checks are perfect for winter evenings and breakfast time.

The crown on these pajamas has been designed as part of My 1st Years Exclusive Royal Range and will only be available for a limited time.

4. Personalized 1st Bib

It is your baby’s first birthday and how will it be complete if you do not gift the child a bib? On their first birthday, s/he will learn to play with food and also enjoy some mouth-watering cake. Your baby deserves to cherish this experience with a custom-made bib, especially for the birthday child!

This stylish bib not only provides great coverage from all the spills but also gives comfort to your child with its 100% combed ring-spun cotton doubled layered texture. It has hook loops to give you a more manageable experience.

5. 1st Birthday Dragon Baby Bodysuit

Who does not like a strong warrior dragon on their clothes? Yes, children are no exception. Dragons make them feel brave and special. Be it a girl or a boy, personalizing a playful dragon design can surely make your baby get hyped for his/her birthday.

The half-sleeve bodysuit with three-snap closure allows the bodysuit to be manageable throughout the day. If you want an in-house birthday party or an outdoor celebration, this dragon bodysuit for your baby’s 1st birthday can surely make your child the star of the show.

6. Lovely 1st Infant Bodysuit

Designed by a brand named Lovely 1st - especially focused on baby’s’ first birthday experience – the infant bodysuit concentrates on the comfort than style. This personalized bodysuit can be customized by the buyer to create a unique first birthday gift for the child.

7. 1st Birthday Princess Infant Bodysuit

Kids love to daydream and build a world of fantasies in their minds. Why not make their memories more magical by giving them a ticket to the world of imagination via their clothes?

This first birthday princess bodysuit has a customization option where you can design unique quotes for your little princess. It also has half sleeves that will keep your baby warm on cold evenings. The soft material has double-needle binding all over the suit with flatlock seams.

8. Infant Tutu Baby Rib Onesie

Imagine your little princess dressed up as a ballerina dancing around and sweeping everyone off their feet with her beautiful pink tutu onesie. Beautiful right?

It is time to go for the one-piece bodysuit with attached nylon tulle tutu which has the option to be changed multiple times a day. Best part, the dress is made of cotton and has double-needle binding all over it. The three-snap bodysuit can be worn on special occasions like birthdays or any party whatsoever.

9. Personalized Baby Leggings

We talked about bodysuits and t-shirts, so now let us come to the most interesting one so far, customized leggings!

These baby leggings are the cutest thing you will ever find which has personalized graphic designs on them for your baby. The designs can be easily changed to anything your child likes – maybe a butterfly or a panda? Or maybe a brave little dragon? You can also customize your child’s name on the leggings.

Made from cotton and polyester, these leggings are both comfortable and easily manageable. This highly fashionable pants can make the birthday baby look cuter. How amazing is that!

Embroidered personalized baby clothes

Sometimes the casual clothes are not enough to give your baby a royal experience. You need a little more, maybe something like an embroidered graphics art or his/her initials? With the variety of color threads to choose from, you can personalize your baby’s clothes with unique artworks to awe the onlookers.

Here are some options to help you out -

10. Personalized Embroidered Baby Grows

Looking for something unique and comfortable for your baby? Why not go for embroidered designed bodysuits that have both the looks and the comfort.

These babygrows made of 100% cotton gives the babies a relaxed experience. You can customize your child’s initials or name on the clothing, fully embroidered. From the selection of different colored strings, you can customize a unique combination to design your child’s name or any other graphic art.

11. Personalized Embroidered Baby Vests

Want to make your baby the star of the show? Why not dress your little prince in a sharp vest? It not only allows you to add a personal touch to your child’s clothes but also gives him a luxurious look.

You can even design one for your baby girl and give her a modern, edgy look. These vests come with embroidery designs where you can add his/her initials or any other design, in multiple color threads, that your child will adore.

12. Hand Embroidered Baby Grows

What can be more special than a handstitched embroidery baby grows? These unique ones come with a cute, fuzzy designs. You can go for other designs like butterfly, cartoons, tom and jerry and so on.

The bee design baby grows are easy to change and gives your child the comfort to move around freely in them.

13. All in One

Introducing quality jersey fleece, all in one designs that alone can make your child look fabulous. This design comes with a hood with ears, front pouch, and a long line zip to help you easily change your baby from it.

You can also choose designs or originate your own design to embroider the initials of your child.

14. Personalised Embroidered T-shirt

T-shirts are the most comfortable and easily wearable clothes for children. How amazing will it be if such comfort combines with the uniqueness of personalization!

You can customize your t-shirt with embroidered designs with multiple options of threads. The color contrast designs everything is under your control. No wonder if you gift this to a child, s/he will adore it and receive a lot of attention from the crowd for it.

15. Personalized White Unicorn Robe

To give your child a luxurious, royal experience, you can purchase a bathrobe with his/her initials embroidered on it. This will surely make your child’s bath time experience a magical one.

The soft robe is made of 100% polyester and has a comic touch with metallic ears and a horn, just like a unicorn. Your child will adore this robe with the combination of his/her initials and a unicorn horn on the hood.

Where to buy cute personalized clothes

Here are some of the options that you can try for online customization and purchase.

Etsy Inc. – This global marketplace specializes in creative and unique customized products. From a collection of vintage to modern animation graphics art, you can customize baby clothes the way you wish. They have a variety of options to choose from. 

Café Press It is an online store for customized gifts and clothes. With a partnership with Marvel, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, ABC, CBS, Peanuts and Pixar, they produce unique products that have fun and cute animations on them. You can go for comic or graphic designs and personalize it according to your requirements. 

My 1st Years An online marketplace that dedicates itself to mainly customized baby products. You can purchase personalized clothes, toys and baby accessories from a huge range of collection. The personalization cost is free so you can play with our options as well. 


Choosing the right type of clothes to make your baby look amazing can be sometimes a bit difficult. You know your baby looks amazing in anything but why not take that little extra step and personalize his/her clothes to make your baby feel more special?

We hope you liked the options we provided you. These are budget-friendly and can be purchased online. Have an amazing shopping time!