DIY Your Very Own Baby Shower Banner With These Great Ideas

Unleash Your Creativity And Work On Your Own Baby Shower Banner

By Diana Nadim
DIY Your Very Own Baby Shower Banner With These Great Ideas

What Are Baby Shower Banners?

Banners are pieces of clothes or even flags that bear slogans, symbols, logos or other messages. They are made for various reasons most of which involve business and advertising but they also have another important use; they are used to celebrate moms to be. Banners which are used in mom-to-be-bashes are the ones that are referred to as baby shower banners.

Baby showers are very essential as they help moms-to-be to feel less overwhelmed and also to prepare them for the long and challenging parenting journey ahead. Baby shower banners come with many designs and sizes but they all have one thing in common; they are all colorful, elegant, and contain sweet messages which make them keepsakes.  

Be Creative When Creating Baby Shower Banners

It is often said that the chief enemy of creativity is good sense! So why not throw your good sense out through the window and instead of buying ready-made baby shower banners, you unleash your creativity and create your masterpiece. It will be fun and a wonderful experience; one you will never forget as your baby shower banner will be a keepsake.

There are no rules, so can use anything at your disposal to make your very own exquisite baby shower banner. Another advantage of creating your own baby shower banner is that the process is one of a kind as it will enable you to really express yourself giving you immeasurable joy. You will also get the chance to showcase your talents to your friends and family, who would not want that! Baby shower banners help to lighten up the mood during the bash since they are the primary decorations.

Get these Free Template Printable for Parents on a Budget

In case you are on a budget, you don’t have to worry as there are many free baby shower template printables which you can use to make your bash lovely, unique and for less. These are the kind of printables which will blow your guests away; they will never know you got them for free!

1. Baby shower Thank You cards

This splendid free baby shower printables will enable you to properly thank all your friends and family who turn out for your bash. These printables will make all your guests feel special and appreciated as you can be able to customize them, making it possible for you to thank each one of your guests in a special way for their gifts and their attendance.

2. Baby shower invitations

These amazing free printable baby shower invitations are a great way of saving money! What makes these free invitations even better is that they are just as good as the ones sold at stores and they can be customized.
They also provide you with a lot of options as they come with many designs and styles for both boys and girls showers.

3. Baby shower word search puzzle

Word search puzzles are perfect for baby showers and these free printable baby shower word puzzles will keep your guests entertained throughout. These elegant puzzles normally come with a variety of shades and themes which makes it easy for you to find one that will be perfect for your baby shower.

4. Baby shower checklist

The last thing you want is to forget important details of your baby shower as it can totally ruin your bash. This is why having a checklist is important as it helps you to be organized at all times. This free printable checklist will enable you to plan for your baby shower in a systematized manner as you will have the chance to put down your to-do list. 

5. Baby shower bingo cards

Bingo is one of the games which can be used to keep the guests entertained during the baby shower. These cards are gorgeous and absolutely free and they can make your baby shower to be fun.

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Baby Shower Banner For Boys

A perfect baby banner is your baby shower banner sets the foundation for the theme of your whole bash. Banners for boys are different from those of girls in terms of color and some of their examples are such as:

Blue baby boy banner

In order for you to make this beautiful baby shower banner, you will need materials such as pencil, star stickers or cut-outs, blue papers cut into specific designs, letters written on circular white papers, ribbon, and glue.

How to make the banner

  • You will start by writing the letters “IT’S A BOY” on circular pieces of white paper.
  • Then stick them at the center of the blue paper designs using glue.
  • Stick the blue papers on the ribbon
  • Lastly, hang some stars cut-outs for decoration.

Mustache-and-tie banner

This banner has ties and mustache designs attached to a string which makes it be adorable. You will need materials such as pencil, a string, blue and black craft paper, and scissors.

 How to make the banner

  • The first step requires you to get creative juices flowing as you will need to draw mustache shapes on a black craft paper and cut five or six pieces.
  • Draw tie shapes on a blue craft paper and cut five or six pieces.
  • Punch one hole at the center of all the shapes you have made so far.
  • Then string them all together using a thread and your banner is ready!

Garland banner

This is one of the simplest boy baby shower banners you can create. The materials required include; a hole puncher, a string, and craft papers of about two to three different shades.

How to make the banner

  • Start by punching big circles on the craft papers you have selected. Cut as many circles of different sizes as you will need.
  • Cut the letters that you will use to create your message and glue them at the center of the smaller circles.
  • Glue the smaller circles wirth letters to the bigger circles.
  • Lastly; line them up and punch a hole at the top center of every circle and string them together. Your banner is now ready!

Baby Shower Banner For Girls

Girl’s baby shower banners are more demanding than boy’s banners as they supposed to be more colorful and eye-catchy. The following are some of the ideas for girl’s baby shower banners:

Pink & blue hearts banner

This is an elegant girl’s baby shower banner that is simple to make. All you need is a sky blue and pink paper, a string, and a razor.

How to make the banner

  • The first step is to cut both the pink and the blue papers into equal heart shapes.
  • Then cut of the edges of the hearts in a design of your choice.
  • Cut the center of hearts to create letters you will use. You can opt to use the name of your baby or just use “it’s a girl”.
  • Lastly, create holes at the two top corners of the hearts and string them up.

Onesie banner

An onesie banner is easy to create and it looks amazing when it’s done. All you need is onesies that are printed with girlish figures or designs, pegs, glue, a string, and letters.

How to make the banner

  • Start by cutting the letters you will use to create your message.
  • Attach the letters on onesies using glue and align them properly so as to spell, for instance, the name of your girl or any message such as "It’s a Girl".
  • Then hang the onesies on the string using the pegs and your banner is complete! Simple but effective.

Balloon banner

A balloon banner is very simple to make as all you need are pink letter shaped balloons and a string.

How to make the banner      

  • Blow and arrange the letter shaped balloons so as to have the message say something like, “It’s A Girl” or “Oh Baby”.
  • String the balloons together and hang them.

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Baby Shower Banner Wording Ideas

There are plenty of words that you can use so as to make your banner to be more appealing. The following are some of the common examples:

Celebrating the mom-to-be


Showered with love


Baby showers are fun and that’s the main point as they are meant to help the moms-to-be relax. It does not matter which style of banner you will choose for your baby shower, just make sure you are having a good time with your friends and family. You will also get the guidance you need to prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy. Therefore, try out the above simple and elegant baby shower banners ideas and look forward to the long but rewarding journey of motherhood.