6 Valentine's Day Crafts You Can Do With Kids Help

Exciting valentine's day crafts ideas that you can do at home

By Sophia R
6 Valentine's Day Crafts You Can Do With Kids Help

Teaching The Meaning Of Love: Simple Acts Of Expression

Who says that Valentine's Day is a holiday in which you have to spend loads of money on gifts for the loved ones? Who says that a handmade craft isn't enough to show love? The world has a huge misconception about gifting and expressing love. We all think that buying something expensive and very beautiful is the only way to do so. That is where we are all very wrong! Sometimes, doing something yourself and gifting it can show a thousand more times love than any other thing you can quickly get at a store.

Crafting and doing a gift at home means time and thought spent for that someone who will be receiving it. Doing it with love and care is also something that goes on in this process. What better way to show appreciation than spending time, energy, and thought rather than money in a gift? None. That is why we encourage you to change things up this V-Day! Instead of buying your mom a pretty blouse at the mall, or your girlfriend a cute bag, try to do a craft and homemade gift for them. We assure you they will appreciate it more than anything else you could have ever gifted them. 

Want to, but don't know how to? Well, don't worry, we got you the cutest, simplest V-Days crafts:

Simple Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids To Try

Kids are the ones that are mostly known for making crafts for basically any holiday. Whether it is in school or at home, creative handicrafts gifts are always made by them. Valentine's Day is one of these holidays were talking about. This year, we invite you to take those crafts a little further with these 4 simple ideas for kids to try. Here they go: 

1. Print flower vase

Vase of flowers with traces

This vase of flowers made with footprints is a perfect handicraft gift for Valentine's Day this year. It is also great because it can be done with really small kids or babies, to bigger kids, so it works for all. Of course, any of them will need some of your help in order to make the best footprint flower vase of all! Now, let's start with the process: 

 You will need:

  • cardboard or papers, 
  • white and colored,
  • paint (washable),
  • scissors,
  • straws or chopsticks,
  • glue,
  • tape
  • sponge. 

First, tamp the children's footprints or handprints on paper or white cardboard. Distribute the paint with a sponge and immediately stamp the hand or foot on the paper. Let the prints dry.  Once they are dry, cut them, leaving a white margin around. It is not necessary to be very precise. Kids that already know how to use scissors can do this by themselves. Now, choose the colored cardboard. Take two or three green painted straws, and in one of the tips stick a handprint with a piece of tape (you can stick a heart on top and add leaves to make it more beautiful).  Paste these flowers on top of the colored cardboard you chose before. Finally,  stick a footprint on the bottom of the flowers as if it were a vase, and voila! Such a cute handcraft!

2. Card

Who doesn't love a good classic handmade Valentine's Day card? For this Valentine's Day, let your kid's imagination flow and make a card by themselves. You will just need some colored cardboard (red, pink, purple), markers or colors, and that is it! They will surely come up with something beautiful in no time!

3. Hearts

Paint hearts with young children

This craft is better for the smaller kids out there who aren't that skilled yet. For it, you will need heart-shaped papers and colored cardboards, which you can cut to this shape a minute. You will also need some washable paint. What the kids will do is color and doodle on their hearts with their fingers and hands. It will get messy but is a very stimulating exercise for them. 

If you need a step by step guide do check out the link above!

4. Heart lollipops

Candy and children literally go together. For this handcraft, we decide to combine Valentine's Day, kids, and sweets to create these beautiful heart lollipops. Not to mention it is also extremely easy! You will need small flat lollipops (make sure that they come in a see-through packaging), small heart-shaped red cardboards, small leave-shaped green cardboard, and glue. All you have to do is paste the little green leaves around the lollipop's sticks, and then paste the actual lollipop behind the heart-shaped cardboards. That's it!

If you need more small gift ideas do check this out!

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Crafts For Seniors

Seniors also celebrate and enjoy Valentine's Day! Who says they can't be creative and do some fun creations for this year's love-related holiday? After all, many seniors can be very skilled when it comes to handcrafts, as many things in the past where DIY. Now, we will give you 3 easy DIY Valentine's Day crafts for seniors to do on this important day: 

5. Paint chip Valentine's Day bookmark

What senior doesn't love reading? With these Valentine's Day bookmarks they will love it even more! All you need is pink or red tones paint chips, a heart-shaped hole punch, and ribbon. What you will need to do is open a heart in every color of the paint chip with the hole punch. Then, open a bigger on at the top of the bookmark, where you will pass and tie a ribbon piece. Ta-da! Your bookmark is ready! 

6. Love rocks paper weights

What better way to keep papers in place than with a cute love rock you got this Valentine's Day? That is exactly what this DIY is about. For this extremely easy but extremely cute craft, you will need clean pocket size rocks, clear glue, heart-shaped printed or colored cardboard, and a brush.  First, take the hearts and glue one to each rock. Then, with the brush, cover the heart and the rock with glue. Let dry and it is ready to gift or use for yourself!

Easy Way Out: Free Printables You Can Find For Valentine's Day

Printables are basically live savers in almost every holiday crafting situation. Whether it is a Santa Claus' picture, a jack-o-lantern, or a turkey, it is as easy as printing and coloring in a matter of minutes. They are perfect for when we run out of ideas for pretty much any situations, and Valentine's Day doesn't stay behind. There are million free heart, Cupid,  or any other Valentine's related free printables online, the reason why we decided to give you the cutest best 4 we could find!

1. Love coupons

Free Printable Love Coupons for Couples on Valentine's Day!

Love coupons are a super trendy and cute idea to gift on Valentine's Day. They consist of passes for different situations, like fair tickets. These ones here got a bunch of different things you can use them for with your partner, such as back rubs, homemade meals, date nights, etc. When you don't have any time, creativity or skills to do them yourself, just print these and cut them individually. Can't get easier than this!

2. Funny cards


Landeluu has the funniest free printable Valentine's Day cards ever! They have 6 different jokes than you can choose from, which are:

  • You're my favorite person to lay next to while I read my book.
  • I'm so glad you settled for me.
  • You are pretty much my favorite husband.
  • There's no one else I'd rather lay in bed and look at my phone with.
  • You're my favorite person to get a Redbox With (and then fall asleep on five minutes into it.)
  • You're the one I want to be next to while you're on your computer and I'm on mine.

Just hop on their page, print the one you like the most, and give it to your other half this V-Day! 

3. Labels


Valentine's Day labels for gifts and such on this day are extremely important! If you have no time to buy them, we have the cutest design you can easily print in seconds at home. They have rectangular and circular labels that you can print in any size you wish. Check them out!   

4. Coloring printable

What a better idea than coloring printables for kids in Valentine's? Every kid loves to color and having a cute beautiful template makes it way easier. There are literally millions of coloring Valentine's Day templates on the internet, so, we just advise you to type: Valentine's Day printables for coloring in Google and choose the one you like the most! 

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Valentine's Day has never looked so thoughtful and cute after having all of these beautiful heartwarming craft ideas to make yourself. I am completely sure that all of your friends and family will appreciate these handmade gifts more than something you could buy anywhere. Good luck on handcrafting and have a nice Valentine's Day!