20 Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day will be here soon. Why not plan a surprise for your boyfriend? Here are 20 romantic ways to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

By Amanda Palmer
20 Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend On Valentine's Day

The festival of love

The most romantic day of the year is approaching soon! Valentine's Day is around the corner and it is a wonderful opportunity for all those love-struck people out there to propose your love to your beloved and for those already in love, it is the time to show each other how much you care! While you may think that love should be cherished every day, take this day as a special opportunity to do something special for the man who has brought so much love and happiness in your life. Though there is no reason to celebrate love on a particular day and love should be celebrated every day, but Valentine's Day has become a tradition of sorts and people make it a point to do something special for their loved ones on this day. Here are 20 romantic ways in which you can surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

1. Send him a personalized card for Valentine's Day

A personalized card is a cute way to show how much you love and care for someone. Grab some sweet pictures of both of you, get ribbons, color, paints and try to get as artsy as possible. Turn this Valentine's Day into a sweet memory forever. Make a beautiful card that speaks volumes about your love for him. Make is so special that he will want to frame it and keep it close to him forever. Try this; it is a sweet an inexpensive way to tell your boyfriend how much you love him.

2. Send him gifts equal to the number of his years

Not only will your boyfriend be thrilled but also amazed at this gesture of yours. If he turns 25 this year, gift him some small but meaningful 25 gifts on this Valentine's Day. Items like a handkerchief with his initials, a cap, a tee, a CD and stuff like these is a good way to show him how much you care. He will be fascinated with the number of gifts and will highly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Set up a budget and buy the items according to your budget. It need not be very costly.

3. Blindfolded surprise somewhere outdoors

Blindfold him and take him for a drive to a secret mission that you have planned. It is a beautiful way to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Who does not like surprises after all! Pre-plan a dinner or a lunch in a secluded place for just the two of you; maybe a music band playing some of your favorite numbers while you two enjoy a gala feast in a beautiful location. Not only will he be surprised at your thoughtfulness but you two will be able to cherish this Valentine's Day forever in your lives.

4. Gift your boyfriend a surprise adventure rush

Perhaps you could plan an adventurous outing with your boyfriend on Valentine's Day to give him the thrill of his life. Book the tickets in advance and you both can go bungee jumping, sky diving, diving off a cliff and such great adrenaline pumping activities together. Though not a very conventional way to celebrate Valentine's Day, it would certainly be the best day of your lives especially if you both are adventure freaks.

5. Go the conventional way on Valentine's Day

A traditional way of celebrating Valentine's Day is forever beautiful and something that all of us still love and prefer doing. Dress up, go for a romantic long drive and then for a sweet rom-com where you both can hold hands and romance. Follow up with a lip smacking dinner at a posh restaurant and then a wonderful and exciting night at home. What more could one ask for? It sounds like the perfect date with the love of your life.

6. Surprise him with a picnic plan

Do something crazy like going for a picnic, something that you have not done since childhood. Just tell him to pick you up in the morning while you get all your food baskets, fruits, candies, goodies, bed-sheets, towels, and other items neatly packed for your picnic. If going for a picnic on the beach, do not forget to take your swimwear and suntan lotion along! These are cute ways to fill in excitement and fun elements in your love life. These ideas should be done often even when you have no reason to celebrate!

7. Surprise your boyfriend with an exotic trip

If your boyfriend had always wanted to go to a special exotic destination then surprise him with a trip to that place this Valentine's Day. Nothing would mean more to him than this thoughtful gesture of yours. Keep the surprise factor till the end moment and do not let him know the destination you both are heading off to until necessary. Keep him guessing like a child while you cherish this Valentine's Day forever in your memory.

8. Be a seductress

If you are particularly shy while making love with your boyfriend, then perhaps this is the time to show him your seductress side. Enchant him, tease him, seduce him and do all that you can while gapes at you with an open mouth wondering whether it is the same you or not! A pole dance, 50 shades of Grey or a sexy dance, do whatever you think will make your boyfriend go crazy with lust and desire. This Valentine's Day, let him have the time of his life with the love of his life!

9. Gift him your photos

This is a cute way to show him how much he means to you. Great photos could be your cute childhood pictures or it could also mean some flirty pictures of you that will have him craving for more. Perhaps you could ask your friend to do a photo session for you while you dress up and pose in all the sexy ways you know of. Make a collage and just hide these pictures of you in his bed while he sleeps or perhaps in his cupboard. Your boyfriend would not be able to stop smiling with love and affection thinking all day about your lovely gift!

10. Gift your boyfriend some great photos of both of you

Collect and enlarge some cute pictures of both of you together over the years of your relationship and make a collage. Go year by year and pin the best pictures that remind both of you of your amazing journey so far.

11. Send him a personalized video card

Today, everybody captures moments on their phones and the era of printing photographs is long gone. With amazing apps coming up every day, you can compile a beautiful video card from your phone and send it to your boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Come up with sweet ideas like these to show each other how much they mean to you.

12. Surprise him with cute love notes

Pep up your Valentine's Day with naughty and funny ideas. Make some cute and naughty love notes and hide them in your boyfriend's car, his wardrobe, in his underwear and places like these. Let him find each one and smile. He will love your funny ideas. You could also play treasure hunt with him like leaving hints all over his place to find his special gift on Valentine's Day.

13. Surprise your boyfriend with a ring and a proposal

If you know for sure that he is the one for you and you have been putting away his proposal for quite some time now, then Valentine's Day it is to propose your love to your boyfriend. Buy a beautiful ring and get on your knees and propose your ever-lasting love and marriage to your beloved this Valentine's Day.

14. Book him a hotel room

Treat your boyfriend to some ultimate luxury on this Valentine's Day. Treat him like a VIP and let it be an experience that he would never forget in his life. Book a cozy room in a posh hotel and take him there by surprise. Request the staff to call him 'Your Highness' and you too could play this game with them! A Lavish dinner, a luxurious room with you by his side, he sure will have no reason to ever leave you if you treat him like this!

15. Cook him a meal

This is a cute and homely way of professing your love to your boyfriend. Show him your homely side by cooking up an exotic meal for him. Show him your talent and tantalize his taste buds with your magical hands. Whip up some fabulous cocktails to go with the meal and he sure will never forget this special Valentine's Day.

16. Accompany him for an activity he loves

If your boyfriend is an adventure freak or a sports lover then accompany him to a game of soccer or an afternoon of skiing. This will thrill him and make him very happy. He will also have no reason to ever refuse if you ask for a favor in return!

17. Send him a hand-written letter

A hand-written letter is always very special because it has the fragrance of your love and feelings. Each and every letter that you write comes from the depths of your emotions and in the world of digitalization today, a hand-written letter becomes even more precious. Write all that you feel for your boyfriend in a letter and post it to him the traditional way on this Valentine's Day.

18. Sing him a song

If you can sing well and your boyfriend is fond of music, then record a favorite song of him in your own voice and send it to him. It will be his most cherished gift ever. Such a personal and thoughtful gift speaks volumes of your strong bond and deep connection with each other.

19. Take him to meet your parents

If your boyfriend has been wanting to meet your parents for long and if he intends to take the relationship further, then Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to introduce him to your parents. Let them get to know each other and let your parents see the guy you wish to marry.

20. Go gaming together

If your boyfriend loves video games or car racing games, then take him to his favorite sports arena this Valentine's Day. Though this is hardly a common way to celebrate Valentine's Day, why not do something different this time! After all, Valentine's Day is all about spending some great time together!