20 Most-Wanted Baby Products of 2018 For All Parents

Best baby products for newborns, for twins, toddler, working moms

By Rachel
20 Most-Wanted Baby Products of 2018 For All Parents

We heard that your baby is arriving soon and do you know that with the arrival of a baby, what other items are going to occupy your home? Well, you can't even dream about the amount of stuff which will be added to your home once the baby has arrived! It is really interesting that the baby market has been constantly upgrading and providing fresh offerings on baby products and tempting new parents to want to check and try them all. So we have handpicked the top most desired baby products which will enrich your day-to-day life.

It is tough following and keeping up the pace of all the latest baby technology and trends, the baby products just keep on getting more innovative and cooler day by day. They have become more sleek, stylish as well as practical. In fact, they have taken upon the options by providing a vast choice for the newborns, for twins, the toddlers as well for the working parents. So with these must-have products, you can save time, space and efforts. Check out the most brilliant and innovative baby products which are trendy as well as stylish and are the best for safe parenting.


5 Baby products suitable for newborns stage

As newborn babies are most sensitive and require special attention, here's a list of baby products that are best used during this stage:

1. DockATot

Source: DockaTot.com

It is perfect for your baby’s sleep in at nights as well as during naptimes. It is comfortable and safe for your baby plus it is easy to transport around the house. It can even be transported from your place to gramps for a stayover!

2. Infant Seat

The luxury must-have for newborns, MAMAROO from 4moms offers some precious me-time for new parents. An infant seat that replicates the motion of parents, providing the utmost comfort for all babies. Further to that, it is smartphone compatible, comes with adjustable seat recliner and can easily be detached for washing.

3. Smart Milk bottles

Forget about the world's most expensive milk bottle. Buy the feeding bottle which is equipped with an internal venting system as it helps in preventing gas and also reduces colic and spit-up. The constant flow of milk or water from the bottle encourages the babies to feed at their own pace which in turn help them in promoting good digestion and also reduce feeding problems.

4. Car Seat and Stroller

While buying a car seat or the stroller for your baby, make sure that you do your research about its safety features. You can also opt for the two-in-one. Keep in mind that the stroller is lightweight and is comfortable for your newborn.


5. Baby bathtubs

The baby bathtub that comes with an inbuilt thermometer to measure the temperature of bath water and a unique shape to support the infant. A comfortable bath tub makes bathing the baby more of a playtime and less of a struggle.

5 Baby products suitable for twins

Now that you are blessed with double joy, your twins babies will require the things which are twinning with safety and comfort. So here are some of the most wanted items for twins:

1. Double strollers

A double stroller is mandatory for your twins as it will keep both of them safe and comfortable where ever they go. The strollers are usually equipped with a canopy and two sides so that your twins can rest on them. They can be a bit bulkier as compared to the usual stroller but are very roomy so as to provide comfort to your twins.

2. Portable play yard with twin bassinet

A play yard is perfect for the babies who can sit and crawl around. A portable play yard with bassinet means that your twins can nap side by side without any disturbance!

A play yard is a must for your babies as it allows the babies to develop their motor skills rather than letting them spend their entire time sitting in the crib. This would come in handy when the twins gets a little older. The advantages of having a portable play yard are that it can easily be packed and set up where ever you go and is the best for the families who are often travelling.

3. Baby carrier for twins

For parents on the go, sometimes it is easier to simply carry both babies out at the same time for that quick errand run, after all, strollers are lighter on the shoulders but are not accessible to most places quickly. 

4. Breastfeeding pillows

Yes, there are specific breastfeeding pillows which are designed to fulfill the needs of twins. It saves a lot of time plus is comfortable for the breastfeeding hours. They can fit both your babies while they are feeding on both nipples.

5. Twin Highchair

It is better to buy a twin highchair rather than buying a separate chair for each of your babies as it helps in saving money plus they are perfect for feeding your twins in one go.   


5 Best baby products for toddler

A toddler is a stage in which the child is between 12 to 36 months old. It is a stage where the child develops emotionally and socially and also goes through their cognitive development. Thus there are certain baby products which are to be used during this stage. Here are some of them:

1. Convertible car seat

Source: Babylist.com

If you plan to buy a car seat, prefer the ones which are convertible, as they can be used in four modes plus they can last up to 10 years, or till your baby is 120 pounds. Its recliner can be adjusted according to the growth of the child and its headrest gives a proper fit at every stage.

2. Baby toy

This is the stage when your baby will require the appropriate toy as his/her development is in process. Thus buy them the ones which are fun to play as well as it is colorful plus enriched with some nice music so as to develop all their senses.

Items like balance bikes that initiates development in motor skills are great at the toddler stage as well.

3. Baby monitor

Buy a  baby monitor which allows you to keep track of your toddler when he/ she starts sleeping on their own. Also, the best ones come with audio support, motion detector and are wifi enabled.


4. Activity Mat

Source: skiphop.com

Now that your baby is walking around and playing, it is necessary to have an activity mat which can be used for various purposes. Therefore pick the ones which are versatile and can be used at beaches or park or playrooms.


5. Toddler high chair

Make meal times a walk in the park with these aesthetically pleasing and convertible high chairs. 

5 Luxury products for working moms

There are some must-have products for the working mom’s so that it can make their life easier plus save their space, time and efforts. Here’s a list of some of them:


1. Baby monitor

Source: MotherCare.com

Working moms can rejoice now with the newly updated baby monitor which is portable, tiny, tough and cordless plus it is waterproof. Thus you can ensure your baby's safety from anywhere.

2. Bottle warmer

It is understandable that you will not have enough time to heat up your baby’s milk between work, so now you can buy the bottle warmer which will do it for you plus sterilize it as well. 


3. Reusable nursing pads

Source: Amazon.com

They are the perfect nursing pads which are designed from the fabrics which are super absorbent, leakproof, antibacterial as well anti-odor. Plus they are completely washable.


4. Formula maker

The formula maker blends in the right amount of formula and the needed water to prepare the perfect bottle all in just seconds.

5. Pump on the go

Make pumping easier at work with these small and portable breast pumps.

While these are the most-wanted items for most parents, there are also plenty of alternatives and options for each product. Write down your checklist, set your budget and start shopping for these items before baby's arrival!