Budget parents: Used baby clothes that looks just as new

Trade used baby clothes online to reduce environmental impact

By Rosemary Zenith
Budget parents: Used baby clothes that looks just as new

Trading: a better option than buying baby clothes

Welcoming a baby can be the best blessing for a couple, but it requires parents to think about their budget and plan accordingly. Starting from the baby foods to the doctor’s bills, it initiates a lot of adjustments to accommodate all these costs. Unfortunately, parents often overlook the budget problem by getting distracted by the excitement of giving the little prince/princess the best of everything.

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Welcoming a baby into the family does not only mean happiness but a lot of responsibilities as well. It becomes necessary to make some adjustments regarding your lifestyle and plan your future budgets accordingly.

As a parent, you are allowed to give your baby the best things you can afford. Maybe that is why baby products are so expensive because the companies know the price will only be a set of numbers to you when it comes to your child.

However, you need to realize, as the baby clothes will be unserviceable to your baby within a year or two, why spend hundreds of dollars on it when you can get almost new clothes at a very cheap price?

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Trade used baby clothes online to reduce environmental impact

The increasing rate of clothes manufacturing has given a lot of scope for employment but it is also affecting the environment in a negative way. The number of chemicals used to produce non-organic fibers is damaging the agriculture. Not to mention the rising amount of waste that we do not even pay a heed to is immensely wide. 

In such a case, buying expensive non-organic clothes for your baby and throwing them away within a year or two is irrational. Instead of purchasing baby clothes multiple times and wasting both money and the products, why not trade them with someone who can utilise it and help you earn some cash as well? There are many online stores that can help you to trade your baby’s clothes without any hassle.

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Reasons to trade, sell swap used baby clothes

Have you ever noticed how many used clothes you have in your house? A lot, right? Having a baby means, buying clothes for them for their 1st birthday parties, festivals, and every other program. Unfortunately, these clothes are useless to them within a year. And then, you buy the same number of clothes again of a different size, for a different occasion.

Instead, if you go for trading or exchanging baby clothes online or at a thrift shop, you get clothes that are next to new at a very reasonable price. That is not a bad deal! You get both of best worlds by saving money and giving your baby pretty clothes.

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You can also ask your relatives or friends - who have children - to trade baby clothes with you. That way, you can exchange and sell within your community with the surety of quality second-hand clothes.

Here are some basic reasons why trading, swapping or selling used baby clothes is a good deal –

  1. It is easy and hassle-free
  2. You get quality clothes at a good price or in exchange of old baby clothes
  3. Your house does not turn into a "clothes dumpster"
  4. Your child gets new collection every year or so without you spending a fortune
  5. It is environment-friendly

Online sites to sell gently used kids’ stuffs

Here are some online sites that trade used baby clothes –

1. Thred Up

This online shop is designed for exchanging baby and toddler clothes. You can trade individual items from here. Brands including Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Osh Kosh, Gymboree, and Carter's etc. are available for second-hand purchase here. They also have a box system where you can add up your old baby clothes for trading with a hassle-free shipment procedure.

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2. Baby Outfitter

From J Crew, Baby Gap, Circo, Diesel, and many other brands, this online store has created a platform for parents to trade their used baby clothes with the second-hand designer clothes. The store has more than 2000 clothes for sale and you can choose the best ones according to size and colour.

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3. Swoondle Society

This is another platform for parents to purchase used clothes for their babies at a cheap price. This shop has a different operating system though. You can pay an annual membership fee to the website and gain access to their marketplace. Then you can give away as many old clothes as you want and purchase other used baby clothes from the website.

They also give Trading Credits which can help you buy clothes and the first five items are traded for free.

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4. Berri Kids Boutique

This buy-and-sell online shop is known for its high-quality used baby clothing. Brands like Tea Collection, Mini Boden, Nordstrom brands, Gap are most purchased from here. Although they are only buying locally now they are updating their system to reach a worldwide audience.

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5. Wildflower Kids

Founded by two moms, this site aims to help moms and dads get rid of that baby clothes dumpster and earn a little cash in the process. You can earn up to 40% when you consign to the site. The website has a collection of used clothes from the size of 0 to 16. You can ask for an online bag in their site and trade clothes from your closet. It might take the highest 6 months depending on your region but the trading itself is easy and fun.

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Apps to sell used baby clothes

To make your trading experience convenient, there are some online and physical stores who have provided mobile apps that help to exchange baby clothes with one or two clicks.

Here are some of the top apps to sell used baby clothes for you -

1. Varagesale

This app is like any other Facebook group where you join in and form a trading relationship with your nearest community. You can post your used baby clothes there and choose something suitable for your baby from the categories mentioned in the app.

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2. Kid to Kid

This app is mainly designed to help you locate the nearest thrift shop around you. It finds out the physical local shops where parents can buy or sell used clothes for babies. This way not only you save some extra cash but also receive some in return. 

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3. TotSpot

TotSpot offers prepaid shipping offers for the sellers so that they can send packages from anywhere, anytime. You just need to open up a profile on your child’s name and input the age and size. Then you can choose from a variety of collections including festival clothes for your babies within a very short time.

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4. Kidizen

You can open a profile here and list the items you want to sell. In the same way, you can see other people’s accounts and choose from the things they want to trade or sell. You can follow specific users and create a buyer-seller bond with them. That way you can exchange quality second-hand baby clothes every time.

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5. Yerdle

This app is especially for those who want to get rid of all the old baby clothes for free. If you are one of them who does not bother about trading but just want the old clothes out to purchase new things then you can open an account here and list up your items for locals to see and choose from your account for free.

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Physical stores in NYC to trade and swap

If you are looking for shops in New York City where you can go and check the quality of the used baby clothes before buying then we have prepared a list for you.

1. Flying Squirrel

This shop in Greenpoint is filled with toys, clothes and baby products for parents who are looking for baby items in a budget. The offers trading where you can sell your used baby clothes for cash or exchange of any other item from the shop.

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2. Clementine

Situated in Greenwich Village, this shop is filled with gorgeous clothes that fit new-borns to 4T. They have baby clothes for trading and the unsold clothes go to charity.

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3. Once Upon a Child

This shop in Staten Island has gently used baby clothes, costumes, sleepwear, partywear and so on for babies to teens. You can purchase, sell or exchange baby clothes for quality second-hand products from here.

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Donate the used baby clothes instead

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Buying second-hand baby clothes can be a life-saver at times. With the rising expenses with your growing family, it is a wise choice to go for used baby clothes instead of mounting your house with new clothes every year.

Just like used products can help you, why not help other families to give their children amazing clothes? Yes, we are talking about donating clothes to the online or physical shops, or maybe just give them away for free. This way you can manage space in your closet and prevent wastage of quality clothes.