Get a safer night's sleep with baby sleeping bags

Advices and recommendations for baby to toddlers sleeping bags

By Rachel
Get a safer night's sleep with baby sleeping bags

The innocence of a human intensifies when they are put to sleep and given how innocent babies already appear to, we cannot emphasize it enough that we fall a little more in love with them. You know what each parent's goal is? To prolong baby's naps and to get them to sleep through the night. But do not forget, putting a baby to sleep is amongst the most difficult task you are to come across. You need to make sure they rest easy no matter where you all are.

As exciting as sleeping on a couch with your baby wrapped in your arms sounds, that is one thing that you should completely slash outside the list because co-sleeping on a couch is away from advisable! However, co-sleeping, while you and your baby share the bed, is number one on the list as long as the baby is under 6 months of age. Beyond that, they grow in size and begin to fidget a lot and this may put them under several risks and that is why the babies will be better accommodated in separate rooms.

Having said that, sleeping alone for a baby has a lot of risks associated with it because independent sleep is one hard thing to achieve. Another important thing for the parents to consider when they make their babies sleep alone is that babies are going to kick their covers off through the night and might be met with a temperature that can put their life at risk. Or the babies might end up covering their heads and become prone to the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

This is when you can rely on sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are growing in popularity and that is for good reason! It helps parents do away with the thought of baby constantly kicking the cover off and it helps in maintaining the required temperature for the babies.

It is recommended that parents begin to use sleeping bags for their babies after a few weeks of their birth and when you intend to shift your baby to a new room by themselves when they are 6 months old. The most intriguing thing associated with sleeping bags is how they reduce the number of risks for their parents.

Advice on using baby sleeping bags

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Since we have been going on and on about sleeping bags, we want you to know about the various benefits that are associated with using a sleeping bag.

1. The first and foremost thing is that a sleeping bag promotes a sleep filled with peace

2. Sleeping bags are easy to use and qualify for the utmost amount of comfort for your baby.

3. Sleeping bags promote faster growth of the child because it allows the babies to sleep comfortably through the night. This means they are going to cry less, sleep more and feed better.

4. Most importantly, baby sleeping bags are going to keep you and your family together because the baby sleeps well and so do you!

1. For camping

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Some parents are adventure enthusiasts and do not want to get rid of the adrenaline rush that they are so fond of. In the same manner, the parents also prefer camping around and with a baby, for a couple to handle, it may get a little difficult. But you know who is to your rescue? A sleeping bag.

There are sleeping bags which have especially been designed for your baby to be at ease when they are camping Here are some recommendations:


The first recommendation that comes to our minds when you prepare to take your baby along with you to camp is you make them accustomed to a different sleeping environment apart from their bedrooms. Maybe, plan a mock-camp in your garden.

Make note of the temperature

You will also have to take into account the temperature of the place you are going to camp in. The temperature may stoop low and it may become hard for you to keep your baby comfortable. Therefore, a precautionary measure would be to buy a sleeping bag which is slightly smaller in size so that the cold air cannot seep inside the sleeping bag.


Double check the material

You must also take note of the material of the sleeping bag because a child’s skin is too sensitive. You do not want them to catch hold of a skin condition, do you? Merino wool remains our number one recommendation because of the satisfaction you are going to derive out of it.

2. For swaddling

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Swaddling gives your baby security and comfort which their systems are not equipped with at the beginning of their lives. They lack the natural thermostat which is going to keep them warm. Given that they have just made their way out of the womb, which is a pretty cuddly and confined place, swaddling may help them gain additional support.

Switching to Sleeping Bag

Once a few weeks have passed, you may want to switch to sleeping bags because you no longer want their movement to be restricted. Or you can use a combination of wrapped arms and sleeping bags. The wrapped arms allow your baby to settle in quickly and the sleeping bags provide their hip and legs enough movement to not be under any risk.


Sleepy Wing: Another Great Alternative

An alternative to swaddling can be sleepy wings which are going to put their hands in the position they find comfortable throughout the night and the sleeping bag provides the required comfort in their leg and hip movement. But if you are genuinely considering a sleeping bag, you are going to have to find the right neck sizes otherwise the baby is going to be in trouble of slipping in. The dangers can be many and you have to be very wary in your selection.

Baby sleeping bags with sleeves

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As different seasons approach, your needs with regard to baby products are going to change. Peaceful sleep is questionable when it comes to babies and with the changing weather, you will be troubled. But you must do whatever you are capable of doing without doubting this opportunity.

The babies may wake up because they are feeling too cold or are deprived of the right body temperature and that calls for you to be on their doorstep at all times. But with a sleeping bag which is equipped with sleeves, you do not have to panic so much. While you are out to shop for baby products you must look for sleeping bags which are equipped with detachable sleeves, so you can use the same sleeping bag around the year without having to fret a lot.

Baby sleeping bags for toddlers

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With the increase in the age of your baby, they may begin to get annoyed by having their legs constricted while they are sleeping. Their inquisitiveness knows no dimensions and you are going to have to look for alternatives which are going to help your baby be at ease and we have got just the right one! 

The market is filled with body blankies – similar to sleeping bags but has apertures for the leg to be mobile. These allow the baby to be warm while they enjoy the freedom they have been looking for since so long. These blankies are available for children between the age of one to five, so why not just grab the most amazing deal out there?

Outgrowing baby sleeping bags

No matter how stressful a task raising a baby can be, it is going to pass in a jiffy and we assure that you would be sitting by yourself pondering over how time flew. However, sleeping still remains an issue when the baby is growing. While all the parents endeavor to buy the best of the products for their little dumplings, it is not always feasible to keep shopping for their sleeping bags as and when they outgrow their present sleeping bags.

Sleeping bags typically have enough room and flexibility ensuring the overall comfort of the baby and hence, can be used even when the baby outgrows them slightly. Until and unless the baby does not begin to feel that they are being tangled in the sleeping bag, it is recommended to continue using it. 

All in all, your kid is going to have a time of their lives when they are being tucked in a sleeping bag because of the many benefits and convenience associated with it. And an important thing for you to keep in mind is that you must always have two bags to your disposal because you never know when an emergency strikes. There may be times that your little ones would leave their sleeping bags wet or when you would not have enough time to get the laudry done, in such a scenario the comfort of your baby can get compromised. So, its better to be safe and have two sleepings bags for your little munchkin. 

Happy Shopping :)